Conference on HPV Vaccine London 11 November 2018
California's Senator Richard Pan Wins

Meet The Authors of HPV Vaccine on Trial in Rye, NY November 8

Hpv presentation Rye NY

You're invited to meet the authors of this important book from Skyhorse Publishing called HPV Vaccine on Trial this Thursday, in Rye New York.

A Groundbreaking Exposé to the HPV Vaccine and the Science, Safety, and Business Behind It

Cancer strikes fear in people’s hearts around globe. So the appearance of a vaccine to prevent cancer–as we are assured the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine will–seemed like a game-changer. Since 2006, over eighty countries have approved the vaccine, with glowing endorsements from the world’s foremost medical authorities. Bringing in over $2.5 billion in annual sales, the HPV vaccine is a pharmaceutical juggernaut. Yet scandal now engulfs it worldwide.

The HPV Vaccine on Trial is a shocking tale, chronicling the global efforts to sell and compel this alleged miracle. The book opens with the vaccine’s invention, winds through its regulatory labyrinths, details the crushing denial and dismissal of reported harms and deaths, and uncovers the enormous profits pharma and inventors have reaped. Authors Holland, Mack Rosenberg, and Iorio drill down into the clinical trial data, government approvals, advertising, and personal accounts of egregious injuries that have followed in countries as far-flung as Japan, Australia, Colombia, India, Ireland, the U.K. and Denmark. The authors have written an unprecedented exposé about this vaunted vaccine.

Written in plain language, the book is for everyone concerned – parents, patients, doctors, nurses, scientists, healthcare organizations, government officials, and schools. Ultimately, this book is not just about the HPV vaccine, but about how industry, government, and medical authorities may be putting the world’s children in harm’s way.


Hans Litten

"facts have no (hidden) agenda (yes they do). Real news has value (& the IT is only fake news)

CervicalCheck controversy credited with 65% rise in HPV vaccine uptake
More teenage girls getting vaccinated as awareness increases, conference hears
Mass sterilisation back on track.

Hans Litten

Public Petitions FDA to Investigate Gardasil Vaccine Fraud

And I notice a new website funded by GAVI (WE MUST BE WINNING when they have to resort to this kind of "internet traffic interception" policy) (pathetic)
They potentially did a similar thing after Colton Berrett died from Gardakil, and suddenly we had a very sick baby from flu also called Colton. Thankfully this Colton survived but the family learned their lesson and will be vaccinating-exterminating themselves from now on (so the msg goes.)

The Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium coordinates the work of several research groups modelling the impact of vaccination programmes worldwide.

The Consortium was established at the end of 2016 for a period of five years, and is currently coordinated by secretariat based at Imperial College London.

As its core objective, the Consortium aims to deliver more sustainable, efficient, and transparent approach to generating disease burden and vaccine impact estimates. Furthermore, the Consortium will work on aggregating the estimates across a portfolio of ten vaccine-preventable diseases and further advancing the research agenda in the field of vaccine impact modelling.

The Consortium is funded by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the data generated by the Consortium will support the evaluation of the two organisations’ existing vaccination programmes, and inform potential future investments and vaccine scale-up opportunities.

Of course my favourite is always made me laugh

David m burd

Since only a mere couple percent of adverse vaccine reactions are truly recorded/reported, it is logical HPV vaccines have directly caused worldwide thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of serious lifetime disabilities, and infertility beyond measure. Perhaps this MONSTROUS vaccine obscenity will be the lever to revealing all the other vaccines' evils.

Gary Ogden

Gardasil is a horror story without end. It has now become an enormous profit center for Merck, in part thanks to Obama's secret White House meeting with European drug pushers in 2014 (I voted twice for the hopey/changey guy, how dumb is that?).

bob moffit

This book is extremely educational in warning how the HPV routinely skirted critical safe-guards during the "marketing" of this dangerous vaccine. Especially troubling was reading the personal accounts of young women who had voluntarily signed up to participate in the vaccine's research trials which promised all volunteers that one control group would be receiving what they were led to believe to be a "saline placebo" .. only to find out after suffering serious physical injuries the "placebo" actually contained entire mixture of adjuvants .. including aluminum ..

Here is an article submitted by AoA commenter Hans on another subject reporting that two "Takaway" store managers were ARRESTED and CHARGED with CRIME for having delivered a meal containing PEANUTS to a customer who had specifically requested PEANUT FREE meal due to a young girl with a peanut allergy .. who DIED after eating the meal delivered to her.

This PROSECUTION is exactly what should have happened to those vaccine manufacturers who LIED to their volunteers that one control group would receive a "saline placebo" and instead administered a "placebo" containing the entire mixture of ADJUVANTS in the HPV.

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