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More Junk Autism Data From The British Government

Media Downplays Autism Rate Again

Dont_worry_clock2Calm down.  One in every 40 kids with autism is nothing to worry about.

Once again the officialdom in Atlanta [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] has announced that the autism rate is higher than previously believed, and once again, we’re told that IT DOESN’T MEAN MORE CHILDREN ACTUALLY HAVE AUTISM.

I’ve been writing on this phenomenon over the last couple of decades.

EACH AND EVERY TIME an update in the numbers came out, there was ALWAYS the caveat added by some expert and featured by all in the mainstream media that assured the public that the new rate was nothing to worry about—no real change.

When the news broke on the latest findings, I could predict that every major news outlet covering it would ONCE AGAIN deny any real increase and would ONCE AGAIN attribute the numbers to better counting and greater awareness. And this time we’re told it’s also due to different methods of gathering data.

The message to the American people ONCE AGAIN is: AUTISM IS NOT, NOR WILL IT EVER BE, A CRISIS.  

Remember back to last April when the rate of one in 59 U.S. children was announced?

THE NEW JERSEY RATE CITED AT THAT TIME WAS ONE IN EVERY 34 CHIDREN (one in every 22 boys).  You’d think people would have been in a panic to explain the NJ numbers—why the big difference?  (Or why there is NEVER a comparable rate of autism found among ADULTS.)

It was noted that New Jersey kept better data on autism, which might mean that their numbers were more accurate than the other states in the survey.

It was all just another piece in the puzzle—one big, collective yawn on the part of health officials.

So here below is the new rate coverage that also spreads the message that it’s all good. MORE AUTISM IN CHILDREN IS NOT A PROBLEM! (We’re just getting closer to the New Jersey numbers.) It’s no surprise. Sleep well tonight.

(Note that the Grand Rapids, MI story hints at a real increase—just a hint.)

UPI: U.S. autism rate up to 1 in 40 children, CDC says  

A new government study finds that roughly 1 in 40 American children has autism, a huge jump from the previous estimate of 1 in every 59 children.

The survey asked parents of more than 43,000 children between the ages of 3 and 17 whether or not their children had ever been diagnosed with autism or an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, and whether the child in question still struggled with an ASD.

Study author Michael Kogan offered several explanations for the discrepancy between the previous figure from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the new figures from the 2016 National Survey of Children's Health.

"I don't know if 'surprised' is the word I would use," Kogan said about his team's findings. "We began the study knowing that the prevalence of ASD had been increasing for the last 30 to 40 years." …

The findings were published online Nov. 26 in the journal Pediatrics.

Thomas Frazier, chief science officer at Autism Speaks, expressed little surprise at the findings.

"They are generally consistent with previous parent surveys and other direct prevalence studies where researchers directly screen for and attempt to identify autism," he said, adding that the CDC numbers are "probably a bit conservative."

As to why estimates have generally been rising in recent years, Frazier dismissed the idea that the overall share of American children who have autism is growing that rapidly, suggesting instead that analysis methods have become "more liberal and inclusive."

Wood8TV, Grand Rapids, MI:  How many American children have autism? The U.S. government answers that question at least three different ways and says the latest estimate — 1 in 40 kids — doesn’t necessarily mean the numbers are rising.

The new number, published Monday in Pediatrics, is from one of three periodic surveys the government uses to assess autism rates. It’s higher than a different survey’s estimate published earlier this year, but the surveys use different methods and measure different populations of kids so the results aren’t really comparable.

Because there’s no medical test, “autism spectrum disorder is a particularly challenging condition to track,” government researchers wrote in the Pediatrics report.

The true occurrence of autism likely ranges from about 1 in 59 kids to 1 in 40 kids, researchers say, taking into account information from all three surveys.

“All contribute different information to form a fuller picture,” said Michael Kogan, lead author of the new report conducted by the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration, a federal agency.

Various reports in recent years have suggested autism rates are rising slightly. Experts think that’s mostly because of earlier diagnosis, an expanded definition and more awareness, but say they can’t rule out a true increase caused by unknown factors.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Dr. John Constantino of Washington University, one of the authors of the CDC report, said he expects the autism rate to stay fairly steady going forward in all of the different accounting methods.

If the rate of autism does continue to rise, there may need to be a “serious recalibration” of the disorder’s definition to avoid overdiagnosis, Constantino said.

Fox5, San Diego: Frazier said the 1-in-40 figure is “generally consistent with previous parent surveys and other direct prevalence studies where researchers directly screen for and attempt to identify autism.”

Fierce Health Care: Research has shown autism diagnoses have increased in children over the past two decades. Experts caution that while this figure is higher than a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released earlier this year estimating 1.7 % kids have the disorder, the difference in these two particular estimates more likely reflects differences in how the data was collected rather than an increase

Reuters: The current study is based on one of several different surveys used to estimate autism rates in the U.S. Another recent study in JAMA used different data and found 2.8 percent of U.S. children from 3 to 17 years old had autism spectrum disorders.

Based on yet another set of data, however, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 1 in 59 kids have autism.

Taken together, some of the recent studies on autism suggest that diagnosis rates may be leveling off after steadily climbing for years, researchers say. …

One limitation of the study is that differences in how it counted kids with autism and how it reached parents to participate make it hard to compare the findings with other data to determine whether autism rates might be changing, the authors note.

“I think that the take-home message isn’t necessarily new but is important: autism spectrum disorder is a common condition that merits screening and early treatment,” said Dr. Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, a psychiatry researcher at Columbia University in New York City who wasn’t involved in the study.

WebMD: Study author Michael Kogan offered several explanations for the discrepancy between the previous figure from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the new figures from the 2016 National Survey of Children's Health.

First, he noted that "because there is no biological test for ASD, it is difficult to track." And he added that different data collection methods can produce very different results.

CNN: "Prevalence is not growing that rapidly, although the CDC's data suggests it is still growing," Thomas Frazier, chief science officer of the advocacy organization Autism Speaks, said in an emailed statement. He was not involved in the new report.

"What is happening is that these studies use methods that are a bit more liberal and inclusive than the CDC's methods," Frazier said, adding that he prefers the CDC's numbers but understands "that they are likely a bit conservative."

Dr. John Constantino of Washington University, one of the authors of the CDC report, said he expects the autism rate to stay fairly steady going forward in all of the different accounting methods.So …if your child has autism, he or she is just one of many. The most we can hope for is early diagnosing and better treatment.


David Weiner

I very much agree with Michael S.

On the subject of boycotts, I would add that, if possible, avoid participating in "insurance" pools which pay for vaccines. These types of arrangements subsidize their costs and make vaccine usage greater than it would be if people had to pay for them on their own.

This is part of the problem we are up against with vaccine tyranny, and with our problematic medical systems in general. We are limited in our ability to financially opt out, either because they are taxpayer-funded or because the type of "insurance" plan we participate in is constrained in various ways, such as mandated coverage of various services. If you can participate in a "catastrophic" insurance arrangement, and it is suitable for your situation, you can at least reduce your contribution to the subsidy.

Susan Welch

I must concur with Laura, Michael S.

Not only excellent, but thought provoking, too

Laura Hayes

Michael S,

Excellent comment!

Michael S.

It's totally understandable that the media, our elected officials, the academic and scientific institutions and much of the medical industry are apologists for the vaccine industry because they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them. They've been well fed over the years, and they won't be changing their culinary habits anytime soon. They will continue to promote the fairy tale that autism has always been around, autism is OK, let's not argue about the cause etc. allowing the perpetrators of the autism epidemic to remain above the law mandating more mayhem.

What I feel is troubling is the lack of consensus among the parents of autistic children about the cause. Many are not convinced that vaccines could be the cause, let alone a trigger. Their minds are closed to this possibility. And I don't think it's just all the constant brainwashing and intimidation that the mainstream provides, I think it's something else. I think it's guilt. It's denial. Imagine, having to admit that a decision you made to help your child's health - following the mandated vaccine schedule - actually caused the child harm. No one wants to admit that. No one wants research to reach that conclusion in public. They are afraid of the truth! We have to continuously engage in the reluctant members of the autism community in convincing dialog.

And the next and bigger problem to tackle is the rest of the parents who don't have vaccine damaged children - they too don't want to believe that the system they are part of and support is killing our children. Until we can reach a consensus among parents that there is a real possibility that vaccines are injuring our children and causing autism, we cannot defeat the status quo. And if we get 60 - 70% of the adults in this country to agree, then we need to become hyper activists and turn the present situation around. I say hyper activists because even if everybody agrees on something, only a few - maybe 15% at best - will actually follow through with any kind of positive action.

What kind of positive action do I suggest? Boycotts! If a newspaper or TV show exhibits the typical Big Pharma propaganda, shut it off or cancel your subscription and TELL THEM WHY! Get your news from an alternative source. When you go to a local grocery store or pharmacy that's giving incentives for flu shots stop shopping there AND TELL THEM WHY! Tell them if they want to promote better health give away free organic produce and meat instead of free flu shots. When your pediatric group starts badgering and intimidating you about getting up to date on your vaccines, tell them you'll gladly find a different provider that DOESN'T PROMOTE MEDICAL TYRANNY. You get the idea - if enough people spoke up about it AND followed through on boycotting retail and entertainment businesses there would be a change – people would start to recognize it and it would encourage more people to come forward and speak up and act out.

We can MAKE this change. We CAN make it happen. And we must, because this is the issue that decides everything: If we allow our medical freedoms to be taken from us, it will snowball and they will take everything else - our health, our individuality, and our ability to fight back. Let's start making more of an effort to make a difference!


According to Dr. Jeremy Veenstra of Columbia University, "autism is a common condition that merits early screening and treatment." When I was a child autism was so RARE and not common that only 1 in 10,000 people were diagnosed with it. When I was a child no one ever heard of it because it was so rare. Now all of a sudden, according to Dr. Veenstra, it is a COMMON condition that has always been around and just a normal part of childhood! It is outrageous for him to make this statement and for the CDC to act as if it's perfectly alright that now we have 1 in every 40 children diagnosed with autism. The CDC and other medical professionals who act as if nothing is wrong are deceiving the public into believing this nonsense that there is no cause for alarm that millions of people or whole generations are being lost to a condition that robs them of a normal future life. This is a medical pandemic that we have never seen before and until the research is done to identify the cause and medications to reverse this tragic condition, we are doomed to accept that there is no hope for a CURE for our children. I am the parent of a now adult son with autism who I do not want to see live his whole life with this debilitating condition. RESEARCH NOW!

Angus Files

Thanks for the link greyone, but it wouldn`t open "due to legal reasons"..managed to get it from here below same story I think....

Hospital flu shot rule prompts protest after nurse is fired
The Associated Press
November 28, 2018 09:06 AM

Updated 7 hours 46 minutes ago

A St. Louis hospital says at least one employee has been fired for violating a policy requiring flu vaccination.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the policy prompted a protest Tuesday outside Mercy South. Protest organizer Nelia Aubuchon says the fired employee is a nurse who had been granted a religious exemption from the annual flu shot while working for St. Anthony’s Medical Center before it was acquired by Mercy this year.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

If it were a shooting murder it wouldn't matter that the ammo found in the skull of the deceased is the same rounds found in the glove box of the accused car-just as its the same virus strain found at the quacks practice thats in the skulls and kids with autism but n-o-o-oo mitigating circumstances n-o -o case to answer...

Pharma For Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

Thanks Susan Welch, encouragement goes a long way for me.

Susan Welch

What a great idea, Shelley!

Shelley Tzorfas

What if we just said "Autism is Contagious?" What if we just pose the afterthought, "Researchers now believe that Autism is Contagious" according to a scientific survey analysis..."Normal children go to the Pediatricians offices and come away with Autism." The CDC needs to conduct a full investigation of all pediatrician's offices. We don't know if we are looking for a virus, bacteria or microbiological agent. We need to inspect for mold or environmental causes. All equipment will be analyzed as well as the tables-even the wax paper might hold a clue. "All furniture, toys, and equipment will receive an "All Clear" with a government issued inspection date and an expiration date." The head of the CDC announced that analyzing doctors offices is a good place to start.

bob moffit

How difficult would it be for CDC or all the other bureaucracies claiming to be monitoring the ever "rising rate of autism" to identify any disparities of autism rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations .. to ascertain if BOTH populations are suffering the same inexplicable, continuing, unabated rise in autism .. if for no other reason than to RULE OUT any possible link to vaccinations .. which COINCIDENTALLY have risen during the very same periods that autism rates rose?

After all .. "various experts" acknowledge they cannot "rule out a true increase by unknown factors" and the single scientific "unknown factor" that is most likely the CAUSE is VACCINATIONS.

Public health bureaucracies, vaccine industry, media outlets .. will continue .. as they have done for at least 2 DECADES .. relying upon the DELIBERATE confusion of statistics to deceive the public into accepting RISING RATES OF AUTISM SHOULD BE OF NO CONCERN .. EVEN IF THE RATE BECOMES 1 IN 2. Much preferred to argue and debate how best to COUNT autism rates than actually argue and debate CAUSE OF AUTISM.

1 IN 10,000, 1 IN 500, 1 IN 250, 1 IN 110, 1 IN 68, 1 IN 40 … AND THE SAME BAND PLAYS ON AND ON AND ON AND ON ……...

Laura Hayes

A few cases of measles or chicken pox, benign infections in healthy children which last a week or so, which confer lifetime immunity, which prime and develop the immune system when contracted via natural means during childhood, which enable females to then pass on immunity to their babies during the vulnerable time of infancy down the line, and which we are learning protect against cancer both in childhood and later in adulthood, trigger our pharma-backed mainstream media to scream OUTBREAK, to manipulate the public to go into PANIC MODE, and to declare a state of NATIONAL EMERGENCY, all of which are then used to generate more vaccine mandates for more people.

At the same time, 9,333 children per month are being diagnosed with a severe, permanent, lifetime disorder of Autism (based on the previously-published 1 in 36 rate), which is breaking the banks of families, school systems, and our country, which renders the majority of its victims dependent for life, versus being able to become independent, participating, productive, income-generating, self-sufficient citizens, and which robs its sufferers of proper development and, for most, of the ability to lead an independent life, including college, driving, working, marrying, and having children...all of which is unbelievably and categorically IGNORED, DISMISSED, DENIED, SCOFFED AT, DEMEANED, BELITTLED, LIED ABOUT, and LEFT TO CONTINUE INCREASING AND DEVASTATING WITH NO PLANS TO STOP IT.

Such things led to the title and content of my recent presentation in Utah:

“Why Is This Legal?” by Laura Hayes


Interestingly, checking Richad Pan's twitter, he loves to tweet about measles and protecting kids, fostering a healthy community. Yet, even if he is a firm 'no-link' believer, why does he never tweets about rising autism diagnosis, and the need to ensure adequate services and supports for these kids?

JB said it best: Ignoring the autism epidemic hurts autistic kids!


it is a failing of journalism to ask the most obvious question about this statistic:
what is being done to reduce the number affected.
(besides Dr Constantino's idea to narrow the definition)
and another nurse fired, this time for using religious vaccination exemption.

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