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Maine Vaccine Exemptions Under Attack, California's AB2109 and SB277 to be Introduced in Maine

New England
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice

November 19, 2018 [email protected], 207-200-8469

Rep. Ralph Tucker Introduces Bill to Violate Mainers Right to Informed Consent in Vaccination, and Deprive Some Maine Children of their Right to an Education

Brunswick, Maine - Representative Ralph Tucker (D-Brunswick) has announced the submission of his bill to the Maine Legislature to restrict and remove the rights of parents to exercise their religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for school entry in Maine. The bill will bar some children from Maine schools, denying their right to a public education. He expects significant support from the now Democratic majority in the House, Senate and from Governor-elect Janet Mills.

Tucker said concerning the as of yet unreleased bill that, “eliminating or limiting non-medical exemptions for school-required vaccines will be one of his top priorities with Mills in office.”

“I’ve already submitted a bill,” Tucker said. “I think vaccines are very important, and I’m going to push this issue as hard as I can.”

Mills said she agrees with Tucker and others but is not completely familiar with the legislation he is proposing. ”

As it did when these attempts were made in 2015, The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice (MCVC) is organizing at the grassroots level to maintain the 1st Amendment rights of families to practice their religion, the rights of children to an education, the rights of families to adhere to their conscience without coercion, and the internationally established human right to informed consent in medicine.

MCVC consists of over 1200 Maine families for whom choice in what goes into their bodies is important, and health care professionals such as nurses, physicians, and pharmacists who are vaccine risk aware. Many members have children who have suffered a serious adverse vaccine reaction that was either denied or left untreated by their health care provider.

“For years parents, lead by mothers, have attempted to address the serious safety concerns and policy problems in the Maine Immunization Program, including the lack of education that Maine pediatricians receive on federal guidelines for vaccine safety and vaccine injury. Unfortunately efforts have been met repeatedly with stonewalling by the Maine DHHS and the Maine medical industry, who offer only bad faith responses ranging from apathy to contempt, if they respond at all,” said Ginger Taylor, M.S., the Coalition's Director. “Mothers educated on Vaccine Manufacturer and Federal DHHS information on vaccine injury, that their own doctors have never seen, are tired of being treated by their pediatricians as if they are stupid and crazy. Why should such women want to do business with an industry that engages in the gaslighting of women as a matter of policy? It appears that this paternalistic effort will again be to throw their children out of school, rather than fixing the broken vaccine program, or even holding ONE public meeting to hear and address parental concerns.”

Please join the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice today, and register for our mailing list, to be informed on how you can work to improve vaccine safety policy in Maine, to protect your right to bodily integrity, to choose the medical products that you and your children will take, and to end the bullying of parents that is taking place in Maine pediatricians offices.





Laura Hayes

Oops! I put the wrong link below for my recent presentation in UT, which I hope might for useful for Maine activists to share:

“Why Is This Legal?” by Laura Hayes


When I read stories like the above I think about "Who's Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?" WAoSE suggests just how thoroughly our national representatives are compromised and indicates that state representatives are targets as well. It's not bribery alone: when the carrot isn't enough, there's always the stick:

Edmonds only translated two languages for the FBI. We can assume that many other countries trap and blackmail government officials. Why wouldn't large corporations do the same? Or maybe they just buy kompromat from state actors.


With all that we know about the dangers of vaccination, the ability to protect our children from these products becomes not just an issue of religious freedom but that of human rights as well.

Laura Hayes

To Maine Activists,

Hoping these 2 presentations I have given, the first on 11-2-18, and the second on 11-13-16, can help you inform those in Maine about the dangers, failures, and lack of need for vaccines, in addition to the fraud and corruption that underlie them.

"Why Is This Legal?" by Laura Hayes

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes

Until our citizenry becomes informed enough to know the difference between vaccine propaganda and vaccine truth, and that this medical fascism must be stopped immediately, the battles will continue. We need enough of the citizenry to become informed, and ENRAGED, in order to effect the change that is desperately needed to stop both the Vaccine Holocaust and the escalating medical fascism.

Seems an all-out rebellion (civil war?) is going to be required.

bob moffit

If this article published on the "Bolen Report" … written by Kent Hickenlively … "PRESIDENT TRUMP DROPS NUCLEAR BOMB ON VACCINE INDUSTRY" is correct in it's conclusions .. HOPE IS ALIVE AND WELL ….. maybe Maine parents should familiarize themselves with the "Conscience and Religious Freedom Division" of the HHS office for Civil Rights .. to bolster their "religious and conscience" arguments .. against proposed vaccine mandates in Maine.

Hans Litten

Poisoning children and babies is very lucrative ........

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Posted by Mary Kom on Nov 16th, 2018

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If President Trump's administration had created the Vaccine Safety Commission discussed with RFK Jr this state by state destruction of basic human rights could been halted.
I urge his administration to act.


And he chose to submit this bill AFTER his re-election. What a surprise! Why didn't he submit it a year ago? Perhaps because he knew it could hurt his chances of re-election? The 1986 law needs to be repealed to make manufacturers and doctors and nurses and politicians and government agencies responsible for the vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths they are causing. We have the worst infant mortality of all the developed nations! And the most aggressive vaccine schedule! Our kids are chronically sick. But they have no liability so they don't give a darn! This goes against the Geneva convention. This goes against the constitution to our religious rights. In California, they were sneaky. They added the personal exemption to the religious exemption so that when they took the religious exemption away, no one would blink an eye thinking they had the personal exemption. But constitutionally, religious rights are protected.

Patricia Hilton

This is outrageous! I lived in Maine for 22 years, my daughter was Vaccine Injured by a Pediatrician in Maine, no information ever given about how dangerous vaccines were! My daughter suffers from Non Verbal Autism, Severely Intellectually Challenged, Seizures, Auto Immunity, Etc., Etc! People of Maine need to fight this bill with everything you've got! You don't want what happened in California to happen in Maine! Your Medical Freedom Is At Stake Here! I have contacted family and friends still living in Maine to fight this! FIGHT AGAINST SB277 !


Maine vaccine exemptions under attack by Democrats. I'm sorry, it is what it is. We need to face the reality. Not that Republicans are perfect either. But it seems it is most always the Democrats. Something to note and remember.


Hi, this bill was up I believe in March 2018 or thereabouts:

An Act To Establish the Vaccine Consumer Protection Program within the Department of Health and Human Services

Maybe this old one could be appended to the new industry bill referenced here?

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