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It's A Wonderful Site! Age of Autism's Holiday Giving Campaign

Retro pink typewriter thank youHi, friends. Kim here. Our November matching gift program is well underway - and a huge thank you to everyone who has donated.

We rarely go full PBS/Eyes of an angel look a hungry puppy on you when it's time to ask for support. This year feels different - I'm worried. Worried about the tone and tenor of so many media outlets where "anti-vaxxers" is becoming code word for "people it's OK to bully and possibly harm."   Social media is cracking down on posts about medical freedom and safety.

Blogs were out paced by the rapid response of "like" and "retweet" on social media. But I think we are more important than ever. 

The fact that we discuss vaccine safety hurts our ability to raise funds, despite being a non-profit that does damn good work - and that's no lie.  Every organization that has attempted it has had its hands slapped, mouth taped, wrists tied.  If we disappear, Dan's legacy of a gathering place dedicated to exposing life inside the autism epidemic was for not.  We can not disappear.  I can't fathom that. 

This community raised $25,000 in 4 days in a GoFundMe following the loss of a home in the California fires for a family we all know and appreciate.  I hope you'll show your appreciation for AofA.  And you can always send comments, suggestions and ideas to me at [email protected]!

Stay tuned for an announcement in 2019 as well. AofA is going to add another "product," that I think you will love.

This month, all tax-deductible donations go toward a generous anonymous patron's $5,000 matching gift. You can use our DONATE button online through Bank of America Merchant Services - safe and secure. Or send a check to Autism Age, PO Box 110546, Trumbull, CT 06611.  Thank you. Kim



David Weiner

I had already planned to donate, but after reading Gary's first comment here, I decided to do so right then and there.

Age of Autism is a unique website. The writers and commenters are savvy, committed, and eloquent. I appreciate Kim's clever and creative approach to her job as well.

This is a place where you can learn about the news but also consider the big picture and the long term, which is so often missed by conventional news sites. I have learned a lot from others here. I appreciate the site's openness to different viewpoints, which helps all of us learn and improve the arguments we make. AoA shows us how we can keep going, against the odds, in what can be an exhausting struggle.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I donated. I am grateful for this site.


The honest and intelligent reporting, public discourse and community support that AOA provides is more important than ever in this age of increasing censorship and oppression. I'm sorry that you are having to ask, Kim. I donated and am very grateful for AOA.

Jeannette Bishop

I donated some by mail last week. I'm afraid I've been reduced to only social media sharing to try and help with some other causes for the remainder of the month.

Gary Ogden

Good idea , Laura. There is simply nothing more important for our nation and world than stopping medical fascism. Putting the scoundrels in jail would be icing on the cake. Not just those in the medical establishment, but clowns like Zuckerberg, Schmidt, NYT, WP, etc., ad nauseum. 434 cowards in Congress. Compensation for all those injured is only right. We are strong in our numbers, and the public is awakening. We will not allow AoA to be harmed by any of the drug cartel or their shills. A bit frightening that Adam Schiff (who introduced a resolution in Congress that vaccine injury does not exist) is the incoming chair of the House Intelligence Committee. The swamp gets deeper.


Age of Autism is the best kitchen conference in town !
Think of vaccine safety the same way as fire prevention risk assesssments divisional officers do .
The first ever four firemen killed in Glasgow were at W & R Hatrick and Co Wholesale and Export Druggists in Renfield Street Glasgow 7 January 1898 . Unexpected explosion from ignition of pharmeceutical chemicals stored in the site .
Them with Hatrick tendencies and policies and procedures to match can expect yon smelly stuff to be getting dropped on them from a great height if they are unable to produce their vaccination health and safety risk assments ? so where are they ?
smelly stuff =Health and Safety Regulations .
The current standard of health and safety risk assessments re vaccinations have got no Hatricks left to defend them1

Laura Hayes


Thank you for your post :) I was just sitting down to post a comment when I read yours. Your comment "I'm inspired to send a second check" is in keeping with what I would like to post.

My idea is for everyone who donates to post here in the comments section under this a means of inspiring others to do the same. If you have already donated, post that! If you just returned from depositing your check to AoA in the mailbox, or if you just contributed via the donate button, post that! If you plan to donate before the end of the month, post that!

No need to post how much you donated, just that you did indeed donate, or definitely plan to during this matching campaign. I really do think this will inspire others to do the same! :)

As for me, YES, I will be donating! Can't wait to send in my donation! :)

PLEASE JOIN ME IN MAKING A DONATION! And please post a comment here that you are participating in this matching campaign to keep our favorite blog up and running, and growing stronger, as the need is great!

With appreciation for this website, for all who participate here, and for all who have donated and who will be donating,


Gary Ogden

A time of giving thanks. Thanks for all that is good. Really the only holiday with meaning for me. A time of sharing of cooking, of conviviality, of family bonds, of feasting. All the other holidays seem to have been captured by the money grubbers. I'm inspired to send a second check. Thanks for all you do, Kim. The criminals and thugs in charge will never defeat us.

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