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Insanity is contagiousInteresting. Yesterday, commenter Shelly Tzorfas asked "what if autism were contagious?," and I remembered a post I wrote in 2008 for Huffington Post. This was back when HuffPo had contributing writers who controlled their own work. I was able to log into the blog backstage with a password and publish my work. There was no pay, but the platform was really important for me to build my "brand" and prepare to launch my memoir. And I was passionate (still am) about telling my family's story in order to help others. Even when it earned me ridicule and online scorn instead of a paycheck.

After one of their sales to another media company, HuffPo stopped allowing writers to publish their own work. I could still go into the site, write and post my work, but I had to wait for a staff member to approve and publish the post.  After a while, they stopped publishing my posts at all.  I wasn't too happy about that. I had a huge following and my work generated comments and controversy - the lifeblood of a blog.

Today, HuffPo has removed their contributor platform entirely.  When I went to find my old post, I found this disclaimer, "This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email." 

And so, without further ado, here is my old, possibly abusive post. Wink!

What if Autism Were Contagious?

Tell me why our doctors and national institutions and even charities have abandoned children with autism, instead of setting out to conquer this neurological crippler.

Two controversies are swirling in the autism world. The first is over the safety of vaccines as they may relate to the cause/onset of this life altering disorder. The recent airing of ABC's Eli Stone episode about a woman who sued a pharmaceutical company (and won) on behalf of her autistic son brought the vaccine Hatfields and McCoy's roaring into the headlines, even as the American Academy of Pediatricians demanded the program's censorship. (You can read about that HERE in David Kirby's Huffington Post piece.) The second is the whether or not there is any epidemic at all, brought up by Dr. Nancy Minshew, who runs the Center for Excellence in Autism Research at Pitt.

The media reports almost daily that drug companies have misreported clinical trial results, marketed ineffective drugs, and lied to doctors and consumers alike about their products' efficacy and safety. And yet we're expected to believe that the dozens of vaccines administered to infants and toddlers are 100% safe, 100% of the time, for 100% of children, and have absolutely no connection to autism. Man, that's harder to swallow than one of those horse sized prenatal vitamins the OB's dole out along with that mercury laden flu shot.

When I write about vaccines and autism and the desire for better safety testing, I often get the same response from people: "Do you want Polio back?" My instinct is to slap them. Such a stupid question. No one wants Polio back. But that question has led me to the question, "What if autism were contagious?" Would the response to the 1 in 150 rate of diagnosis change from, "Oh my, what a shame. We'd better learn how to diagnose it earlier." to "We'd better figure out the cause and come up with treatments immediately!" Would we go into attack mode as we did for AIDS, which in 30 years has seen great improvement in prevention and treatment?

If you think the photos of the old Polio wards are frightening, take a day off and go visit a classroom for children on the severe end of the autism spectrum. You'll see children who are ambulatory and yet cannot care for their most basic needs. They will require a lifetime of care. Can you tell me that these children are not as disabled as those who contracted Polio?

Then there's the "epidemic" question. It's as if someone at the top decided, "It's time to make autism appear to be less of a threat." following that Eli Stone episode. Dr. Nancy Minshew, who heads up a center devoted to autism, has changed her mind about the epidemic. She is quoted in an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, "I used to think there were more cases [than in past years], but I don't think so any more." She is now convinced that the higher numbers are "not an increase in the number of cases, but are an improvement in recognition." (Is she kidding? I'm thinking of inviting her over for dinner so she can see the epidemic in action.)

Poof! Thanks to her words, the worry over autism has disappeared like Bruce Willis' hair. Whoopee! She also had the gall to say that autism used to be diagnosed as schizophrenia and that accounts for some of the diagnostic substitution. Oh? I wish I'd known so I could have named my girls Sybil, Sybil and Sybil.

Dr. Minshew happens to be on the Autism Speaks' Scientific Advisory Board. Autism Speaks was founded by Bob and Suzanne Wright in response to the crisis in rising autism numbers. Suddenly one of their top scientists says there is no crisis. Boy, autism sure looks like a crisis in my house. And at my kids' schools, where there are entire classrooms devoted to teaching kids on the spectrum. And at Barnes and Noble where books pop up like zits on prom night about all things autism.

Please tell me why our doctors and national institutions and even charities have abandoned children with autism, instead of setting out to conquer this neurological crippler. What if autism were contagious? Would our kids matter then?

Kim Stagliano Rossi is Managing Editor of, a writer and the mother of three daughters with autism. She lives in CT with her husband Mark and the girls. She blogs at KimStagliano.


Jeannette Bishop

If autism were contagious IMO they'd be aiming to develop (and/or push current) vaccines for it, and pretty much nothing else, except pills aimed to modify behavior that you have to take for life maybe. Actually, I worry that since there probably are infectious factors, or maybe more accurately immune system irregularities regarding infections involved, though probably secondary or less to immune system toxicity caused by various industries, that the same people that are willing to see autism inflicted on some so they won't have their corporate propaganda devices discomforting them about measles, etc., might just look at our injured as dangerous, rather than seeing the danger from the corporations trying to herd, stampede vaccine mandates.

This is OT, but considering how often we are told "correlation does not equal causation" (so nevermind all the correlation you find regarding vaccination and autism, even within scientific research)...

...someone here didn't find much correlation with measles vaccine uptake and measles incidence worldwide (I wonder if those at the CDC ever undertake similar analyses, you know, to validate the most promoted reason for their existence?):

Margaret Jaeger, grandma peg

Now then, after reading the column and replies, I Still, have this to was a Mistake to call this brain damage as autism in the first place simply because those afflicted presented jestures that looked the same as Kanners Classic Autism, which medical people remain ever familiar with. It is Brain Damage caused by the various adjuvants and 'junk proteins or DNA' found in many of the vaccines. Not to forget too,that verified reports of overloaded vaccines were found, identified, and still passed out for use by the general this country...OR in third world countries. Hot loads they're called and probably still are being passed and used today. It's unbelievable that a truly concerned with children's health organization would Ever let ever rising statistics of this ...disorder...go unnoticed or Unoted without Their demanding investigations. It's more than money interest which would provoke such rabid responses as we hear. I suggest...Zero population is a powerful entity, globally.

Lastly,,what difference would better noticing and defining of health terms make a difference anyway..? If there is a Rise in statistics of any such neurological disorders,,why didn't That provoke a demand for investigation in why the numbers of Those disorders also increased..?? Just a plain stupid run around for the purpose of annihilating future generations. Says...grandma peg...J

David m burd

Describing autism as a "disease" (and/or "contagious") is extremely misleading as it evokes an external pathogen (viral or bacterial) being the cause.

In fact, the autism spectrum and the dozens of other vaccine-caused afflictions that are directly caused by cellular death and/or damage - a direct consequence via the toxins in every vaccine dose. Continuing to call autism, Alzheimer's, etc. "diseases" plays right into the absolutely corrupt Medical Cabal propaganda, and cons the naive public into believing some new wondrous cures will be save us, somehow creating new cells and restore health. Only when it is acknowleged that toxic vaccines are THE direct cause of destroying health will the tide turn.

Hans Litten

1823 Marry Shelley and her book Frankenstein wasn't so far off the mark :

Vaccine signatures in humanized mice point to better understanding of infectious diseases
Date:November 28, 2018 Source:Princeton University Summary:Researchers have developed a systematic way to compare the immune responses of humanized mice versus humans. They used this new testing platform to show that a newly developed humanized mouse shares significant immune-system responses with humans.

Researchers led by a team at Princeton University are exploring ways to make the mouse immune system more similar to that of humans, enabling mice to help in the search for new vaccines and treatments.

Funding for this study was provided by the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research.
The Truth : Exploring new ways to assassinate you and me !


The fact that vaccines were not responsible for the "eradication" of smallpox and polio, any more than they are responsible for the disappearance of scarlet fever or the plague, needs to also be addressed. It's the main line of disinformation which has been used ever since the industry discovered they had a cash "cow" in vaccination ( for the uninitiated, that's a smallpox vaccine double entendre).

W John Martin

The increasing incidence of autism is clearly consistent with an infectious cause. As first published over 20 years ago, autism can occur from the transplacental infection of the developing fetus with stealth adapted viruses from the mother. These viruses are contagious and can pass from an autistic child to other children. While not inducing autism in the recipient children, these infected children can potentially infect their mothers. The future offspring of the newly infected mothers can, thereby, become predisposed to becoming autistic. It is unfortunate that public health authorities have yet to acknowledge the existence of stealth adapted viruses. This disregard is partly explained by the origin of certain stealth adapted viruses from the monkeys used to produce polio vaccines. More open discussions on stealth adapted viruses within various patient support groups will help expedite clinical trials based on non-immunological methods for suppressing virus infections.

Shelley Tzorfas

It is such an honor to be mentioned by Kim. I had not previously seen your article. To think we could go back in time for only 10 years in America to when Autism was 1 in 150 is telling and that there were fewer required vaccines at that time is more telling. Only 10 years ago you could safely go woodchopping without a barrage of nurses trying to prick your arm, you could safely take your children to the zoo without having people lined up to shoot you with thimerosal/mercury. Your kids could safely get to college without dozens of newer vaccines or learning about "SUDS" Sudden Unexplained Adult Death Syndrome in college aged kids.
Just in case some journalist takes my tongue-in-cheek article and misquotes my words, this is what I wrote Yesterday: What a great idea, Shelley!

Posted by: Susan Welch | November 28, 2018 at 02:42 PM

Shelley Tzorfas
What if we just said "Autism is Contagious?" What if we just pose the afterthought, "Researchers now believe that Autism is Contagious" according to a scientific survey analysis..."Normal children go to the Pediatricians offices and come away with Autism." The CDC needs to conduct a full investigation of all pediatrician's offices. We don't know if we are looking for a virus, bacteria or microbiological agent. We need to inspect for mold or environmental causes. All equipment will be analyzed as well as the tables-even the wax paper might hold a clue. "All furniture, toys, and equipment will receive an "All Clear" with a government issued inspection date and an expiration date." The head of the CDC announced that analyzing doctors offices is a good place to start.

Posted by: Shelley Tzorfas | November 28, 2018 at 02:22 PM
Thanks to Kim, John, Gayle, Angus Files, Bob M. and Laura Hayes Mark, Anne Teresa; You are the inner circle of light that I look up to...

Laura Hayes

Definition of contagious:

“(of a disease) spread from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact.”

Autism more than meets the definition:

The disease of autism is spread from one doctor, nurse, or pharmacist to one vaccine recipient after another via direct contact with one or more syringes.

I say we start stating publicly that autism is contagious. I am going to ask someone I know to help me make a meme for this. Perhaps I will be submitting it to AoA for publication. Thank you Shelley Tzorfas and Kim for the idea.

John Stone


Interesting indeed to look back. The “PTB” want the internet to become a dead place, controlled by governments and owned by corporate interests: they are FAKE everything - you are authentic.



What an outrageous thing for Dr. Minshew to say that there is no increase in the numbers of people with autism. We are in the midst of a major medical pandemic and until the medical establishment admits that there is no hope for all of us. When I was a child the condition was so rare that the numbers were 1 in 10,000. We now have 1 in 40 and the numbers keep rising every year. We need dedicated researchers to admit we have a major crisis or we will lose more and more children and adults to a tragic lifelong condition. I will never give up hope that my son will not be able to be cured of this terrible affliction!

Angus Files

I know autism isn`t contagious but bare back breaking turkeys could be...

Yesterday they landed a plate on Mars but no more closer to landing the autism mother ship vaccines.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit


Unfortunately .. the only thing that has changed in the TEN YEARS after your column asking "what if autism were contagious" .. is the ever increasing .. ever mysterious .. "unknown factors" … CAUSING inexplicable rising rate of autism .. from the once stunning number in your column .. "1 in 150" .. which at THAT time was more than enough reason to consider autism an epidemic .. to today's most recent number of 1 in 40.

TEN YEARS … from 1 in 150 to 1 in 40 .. and the same .. sorry .. pathetic .. scientifically deceptive explanation from EXPERTS .. such as .. Dr. Nancy Minshew .. continue to spew the same, sorry, pathetic, scientifically deceptive DOGMA .. "there is no increase in the number of cases, but are an improvement in recognition."

A far bigger threat to mankind than Mother Nature's most deadly CONTAGIOUS DISEASES .. are those deadly, life-threatening, life-long, life-altering ENVIRONMENTAL DISEASES/DISORDERS that are the direct result of MEDICAL TYRANTS PERSUING PROFIT .. INDIFFERENT TO THE DISASTROUS "UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES" OF THEIR LUCRATIVE VACCINE PRODUCTS … SUCH AS .. 1 IN 40 TODAY .. SOMEDAY SOON TO BE 1 IN 2 AUTISTIC.

It is absolutely insane for someone like Dr Minshew to boast of "improvement in recognition" of autism .. as "recognition of any serious problem .. absent the CAUSATION/TREATMENT to correct that serious problem" is WORTHLESS.

It is no different than standing at the edge of a cliff and WATCHING/RECOGNIZING people walk off the edge to certain death .. while making absolutely no effort to WARN THE PEOPLE AND DOING EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE DONE TO SECURE THE FREE ACCESS TO THE EDGE OF THAT CLIFF.

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