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Happy Thanksgiving To Our Age of Autism Family

Charlie brown thanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving from all of us at Age of Autism.

My girls have been watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special for several weeks now. It's not the best of the Charlie Brown bunch, that's for sure. But I take away a message that resonates for me as a divorced Mom to three adult women with autism (yes, Miss B turned 18 in September.)

Sometimes a meal of buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, jelly beans, and an ice cream sundae is far more delicious than an organic turkey with all the trimmings.  You all know I would erase the girls' autism in a heartbeat if I could, peeling back the layers of anxiety, apraxia, perseveration, to reveal their bright, loving selves. At the same time, I have to say thank you to the path that helped me find Dan Olmsted. Mark Blaxill. JB Handley and so  many others. And all of our contributing editors, my readers and the warrior parents who became my tribe.

I have very little of the "things" one would expect of a woman my age, with my education and location, etc. And yet, I've never felt more grateful and satisfied with my life than I do right now. Funny, isn't it?

I feel a bit like Woodstock, flying upside down and bumping my beak here and there as I land. And then laughing. If I had a pumpkin patch in my backyard, I hope you know, it would be VERY sincere.

Enjoy your day.  With love and gratitude.





Thank you Kim for your service, and your big heart for not just your three girls, but for all the rest of us too.


Kim-we have been watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special too. I have been watching it since 1973 when it was created. I would also erase my son's autism in a heartbeat if I could too and everything that goes with it. We would then be able to see how bright they are with all their many talents and gifts. I will never give up my strong desire for a CURE for all of our autism affected children-now adults. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

go Trump

Prayers to you and yours Kim.
Thank you for all of the Hope that this site provides.

and many thanks for "All of the Endless Efforts" of those who write ... read and post here.


Jeannette Bishop

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Kim. Gratitude, the healing emotion. We are cooking, something we love to do. Early afternoon we will feast. Love to all.


Thank You Bob for your kind words today.

bob moffit

Every year I cherish all the things I have on Thanksgiving Day .. and .. among those many things is AoA .. so .. HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY TO EVERYONE .. may your blessings be many and your troubles few … and .. may the road ahead always rise up to greet you.

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