Petition Letter to Danish Minister of Health against Dismissal of Peter Gøtzsche
Age of Autism November Matching Gift Campaign

Election Day 2018 in USA


I created this silly graphic for Facebook many years ago. Today, it's not quite as much funny as it is true.  While we can not and will not tell you for whom to vote, we'd like to know what issues are driving you to the polls today.  Or driving you away from politics altogether. It's been a mess in social media as factions have become so sharp as to rival civil war.


Hans Litten

I can only presume people do not realise what is at stack here. This is life or death. Not gender.
Not left or right. Not gender (Gloria Steinem was a CIA operative).
People cannot be this much asleep !

State Senate 6: Sacramento

Richard Pan* (D) 64,244 68.0%
Eric Frame 30,274 32.0%

Angus Files

Pan got back in altogether sh-one-t!

Pharma For Prison


Kyles mom

If you live in pans district vote for frame

cia parker

C. did great when we went to vote. 35 minutes standing in line at a middle school, then 10 minutes to check in and vote. She voted the way I did, and it occurred to me that my father had said that women didn't need the right to vote, that they always voted just the way their husbands did anyway. I told her that we wouldn't see results until the polls close at seven. When a woman working there said Thank you, after we put in our ballots, she said You're welcome. I considered telling her that it would have been better to say Thank YOU, but decided to let it go. She's proud, and I told her she could put the I voted sticker they gave us on her backpack.



I hadn’t spotted there was a video at the bottom. The Facebook post was trending which was what brought it to my attention, it is Dr Mercola’s partner Erin, she has been very active on this, causing mainstream news to respond, giving yet more publicty to the matter.

I suppose making a high quality video would take a lot of time, but she does appear to have effectively got the message out in the post itself.

Jeannette Bishop
cia parker

We're voting against Claire McCaskill. And to think I canvassed for her six years ago. The shame. It will be the first time C votes.


Well, thank-you to "Pete", above, for posting a link to that facebook/youtube video. I guess. I watched it. Looks like somebody drank too many pots of coffee! The link was a video *OF* another video, and nothing really was said about Mr. Pan.... I've learned of this issue from here at AoA, and yes, Mr. Pan really *IS* a very scary politician! I hate to criticize people for speaking out, but we really need and deserve better quality videos! Too many people just won't get the message if it's presented so poorly.
Yes, I've already voted today, so GO VOTE! And, KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, PEOPLE!
(I really hate to use the other "N" word ("nazi"), so I'll say Mr. Pan would be more at home in Stalin's Russia! Really, he *IS* that bad!)

John Stone

Letter from Greg Glaser JD to Lewis R First, Editor of Paediatrics regarding Pan and corruption:

Please circulate.



Get rid of Senator Pan!

Elected official says not voting for Pan

Hans Litten

Is there any realistic hope at all of getting Senator Pan out ?

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