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Dr. David Ayoub Featured in ProPublica New Yorker Story on Child Abuse Testimony

AyoubNOTE: Many of us know or know of Dr. Ayoub. Take a look at how is he branded as "anti-vaxxer" in the headline - as an instant denigration. The trend to discredit continues.  This article is rife with all of the red herrings, unrelated to Dr. Ayoub's work in defending those accused of child abuse - a topic about which we are unschooled. And while we never, ever want to see a child abuser set free, this is a fascinating article.


An Anti-Vaxxer’s New Crusade Dr. David Ayoub used to be active in the anti-vaccination movement. Now he’s challenging mainstream science again — as an expert witness for accused child abusers.

This story is a collaboration between ProPublica and The New Yorker.

On the morning of April 19, 2016, Melanie Lilliston received an urgent call from the Little Dreamers day care center, in Rockville, Maryland. Her 6-month-old daughter, Millie, was being rushed to the hospital. Doctors there found that Millie had fractured ribs, facial bruises and a severe brain injury. Melanie watched as her daughter was loaded onto a helicopter for emergency transport to Children’s National Medical Center, in Washington, D.C., where doctors discovered more injuries: a fractured leg and arm, as well as bleeding in her eyes. Millie died three days later.

The day care operator, Kia Divband, told police that Millie had started choking while drinking a bottle of milk and lost consciousness. The Montgomery County medical examiner, however, determined that her injuries were caused by blunt force. Investigators discovered, on Divband’s phone and computer, internet searches for “broken bones in children” and “why are bone fractures in children sometimes hard to detect.” A former employer of Divband’s told them that the day before Millie was hospitalized, Divband had called to inquire about a job, and a baby could be heard wailing in the background. Divband told him the baby wouldn’t stop crying and that “he just couldn’t take it anymore,” the former boss recalled. Divband was arrested and charged with fatally abusing Millie.

At Divband's trial, last year, a radiologist named David Ayoub testified for the defense. Ayoub, who is a partner in a private radiology practice in Springfield, Illinois, told jurors he had reviewed X-rays and other medical records, and concluded that Millie had rickets, a rare condition that causes fragile bones. The disorder, which is usually brought on by a prolonged and severe lack of vitamin D, could explain Millie’s injuries, Ayoub said.

Seeking to cast doubt on Ayoub’s credibility, the prosecutor brought up a different issue. Was it true, she asked, that Ayoub believed Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, a charity funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to increase vaccination rates in poor countries, was committing genocide? “That’s right,” Ayoub said.

The prosecutor asked if Ayoub believed that Gavi — along with the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation and UNICEF — were using vaccinations to force sterilization on people in third-world countries. “Yes, that’s my belief,” Ayoub said.

As evidence, he cited a 1972 report of a commission headed by the philanthropist John D. Rockefeller III and a 1974 study overseen by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, warning about the dangers of population growth. It’s “no leap of faith” to believe that vaccination is being used to carry out this agenda, Ayoub said.

The prosecutor also questioned Ayoub about a speech he delivered in 2005 in which he said his views on vaccination — including his belief that it has contributed to a rise in autism — put him in a “fringe group” and even in the “fringe of that fringe.” Ayoub acknowledged making the statement. “Thinking that vaccines were associated with autism, you’re clearly a minority view if you’re a physician,” Ayoub testified. “If you think it’s done intentionally for nefarious purposes, you’re clearly another level of — you know — different.”

In an email, Ayoub said he did not mean to accuse the alliance or the Gates Foundation of intentional genocide, though he realized that his 2005 lecture might give that impression. “I was concerned by confirmed sporadic reports that some vaccines distributed in third-world countries contained fertility-reducing substances,” he said. “Regardless of whether this was deliberate, careless, unintentional or a cost-cutting measure, I felt that there was a potential for abuse and that this should be investigated.”   Read more here.


Leslie Taylor

Injectable Tracking Nano-devices, Vaccines, and Possible 5-G Technology Correlations.

Dear Dr. Ayoub,

(I should think this information would be of considerable interest to you and your organization).

Having watched U.S. Senator Blumenthal's online briefing [see link below] along with science and medical journalist, B. Blake Levitt, that describes 5-G technology (how it works, the infrastructure, and possible heath concerns) I forwarded it to 1,600 persons in Boise, Idaho; anyone I could think of. What's pertinent here is that the technology is beam technology; not ambient waves, as is the current technology. The beam is emitted by mega towers to 'small cells' installed externally on every 3 to 5 buildings, including homes, and/or utility poles, then emitted to the devices (smart phones, computers, etc.). This is an exceedingly dense infrastructure due to the higher energy of the beams (see the video). Absolutely no studies have been conducted to insure the safety of this technology on humans and other species.

Following my emailing endeavor I recalled:

Roughly two years ago I watched an online a panel discussion involving engineers and scientists (most of them retired) who were either military personnel or civilians that worked for defense contractors. One mentioned that he worked in a corporate department that developed computer chips designed to be implanted in the bodies of persons who might be abducted (generals, prime ministers, CIA agents, etc.) in order to track their location. He went on to say it was a good thing and, in fact, the devices enabled the rescue of some kidnapped individuals.

Over the course of his career he went on to work on other defense industry projects in other departments and other corporations. Sometime later he returned to his former department and discovered that the technology had been reduced to micro, nano-sized, trackers. He mentioned he observed a box of billions of these tracking devices that was to be shipped to Siemens Corporation in Germany. The implication was that these trackers were injectable.

With the insidious rolling out of 5-G technologies everywhere this may be of concern, for the beams emitted by this technology tracks users' devices in their homes, cars, on and in their bodies. This past decade there has been an excessive and relentless push for all individuals to be vaccinated for any number of possible diseases (pneumonia, shingles, measles, chicken pox, the flu, etc.).

I tried unsuccessfully to locate the video online yet I did find a couple of scientific articles about molecular machines and devices. What I learned is that they can envelop these devices in membranous structures that are hydrophobic (repels water) thus making them waterproof. This suggests that these minuscule trackers could function in a vaccine solution and human body.

Perhaps it would be easy enough for a computer science lab to determine if these vaccines contain these minuscule tracking devices.

In addition: Siemens AG is a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices abroad. The principal divisions of the company are Industry, Energy, Healthcare, and Infrastructure & Cities, which represent the main activities of the company.

Note: It is possible (I'm not a scientist) that the constant bombardment [24/7] specifically on the nano-tracking devices by the 5-G beam, should they be present in vaccines, thus bodies, could potentially ionize (charge - think magnetize) the device depending on what it's made of. If not, it could ionize the organic molecular compounds surrounding it. In either case, the charged molecules would then attract other molecules which in turn would also become ionized attracting more molecules, and so on. The clump now having grown and continuing to grow in size would no longer have its originally designed structure; not only made to be waterproof, but to maintain a stationary position in the body. The 5-G tracking device, now able to move through the body, would eventually lodge itself who knows where? And all along the 5-G beam is continuing to track and possibly ionize the ever increasing number of molecules enveloping the device.

Leslie Taylor - Boise, ID USA



Yesterday I watched The Syndrome (Amazon Prime) . It's about "shaken baby syndrome" and the many doctors who are challenging a diagnosis which has ruined the lives of so many caregivers. Dr. Ayoub is mentioned in passing.

According to the film, the same doctors (Chadwick, Reece, Jenny) who brought us shaken baby syndrome were also instrumental in creating and perpetuating the "ritual abuse syndrome" hysteria which swept America a few decades ago.


Let’s go through this for one last time
> Oller alleged in the 2017 paper that the Kenyan government’s use of tetanus vaccine to eliminate MNT was nothing more or less than a covert operation for sterilizing Kenyan women because it was actually an anti-fertility vaccine
> The enlarged vaccination program in Kenya started in Oct 2013 was to immunize all Kenyan women of child bearing age (15-49), unlike the previous recommendation of only vaccinating pregnant women. It has been hugely successful with Kenya being removed from the list of nations where MNT is an issue this year
> The elimination of MNT indicates a very high % immunization coverage in these women
> The annual change in birth rate in the 7 years prior to 2013 was between -1.22% and -2.13%, in the 3 years after 2013 the values are -1.85%, -1.66% & -1.49%, even you must admit there is no difference at all between these 2 time periods
> So Hera there is zero actual hard evidence at all to support some dramatic decrease in fertility, as would have been expected if all the women of child bearing age in Kenya had been surreptitiously sterilized!!
> All you are left with is waffle such as “Any shot, any vaccine any vitamin, in any year, could have contained anything” & “If tetanus vaccines were indeed being used to induce infertility, we don't really know when it started, or how many of the vaccines were tainted, or even if some were and some weren't” Vaguely reminiscent of Donald Rumpsfeld….


Hi Eindecker,
I think you may not be fully understanding the figures, and the combined bigger picture they present.
Let us look at a couple of hypotheses.
One; fertility rate is unchanged in Kenya
So when we talk about how many babies are born per 1000 in the population, every year, the same amount of babies will be born.
So, in that case, the number is going to be the same. Every year.
In fact,as the statistics show, that number is decreasing more and more every year.
That means that the number of babies being born in 2006 is very different from the number of babies being born in 2015, per 1000 people in the population.
Less and less children are being born. As you can see in the second study you quoted, the percentage is becoming more and more negative. The rate of births are not stable. ( In fact, if that line was indeed to keep decreasing at the same rate,over many years, then we could eventually expect no births at all in Kenya.)To put this another way,look at it as math; if you start off with a number say, 30 in 1000, then decrease it to 28 in 1000, then to 25 in 1000, 23 in 1000, 18 in 1000, 2 in a 1000, you will eventually get to 0 in 1000.
So we looked at our first hypothesis; are rates staying stable? No.
Then we look at a second hypothesis; rates are not stable, number of births per 1000 are decreasing, but it is all because of contraceptive use, ( which would imply better access to medical care as well).
In that case, we would first look to see if contraceptive rate use is increasing. Seems like that is possible, though other sites suggest that married women are using contraception only after giving birth to several children. So how else can we see whether the decrease is purely contraceptive based, or not?
Well firstly, if contraception and better health access is involved, we could expect fewer children being born ( and that is happening) but we would also expect planned children to be healthier than before. Less prematurity. Not seeing that. We see the opposite. So we have decrease in fertility, but also an increase in premature births, which are a soft sign of reproductive damage/or no access to medical care.
Hm. So to continue to look at the question; are people infertile, or are they really, exceptionally good with contraception? Well the article I linked to discussed how 1 in 5 couples in Kenya are infertile.That is a lot of infertility. At the point where having a baby requires medical intervention and fertility treatments, one can assume that infertility is being caused by something other than contraceptive use, since that does not cause infertility when someone stops taking it.
The evidence does not support a flat rate of fertility in Kenya, nor does it support increased reproductive health. in fact it supports the opposite.
Re the vaccines, firstly, should there have been a covert plan to decrease fertility in Kenya women ( and whether it was planned or not, at 1 in 5 married couples infertile, the Kenyan population right now does have decreased fertility) we would not know for sure when the program was actually started. In 1989, Pubmed was publishing information about infertility vaccines, so it is not like this is some new medical advance.
Any shot, any vaccine any vitamin, in any year, could have contained anything. One liquid in a shot looks exactly like another. That's why we rely on the ethics of doctors, nurses, and medication suppliers. If tetanus vaccines were indeed being used to induce infertility, we don't really know when it started, or how many of the vaccines were tainted, or even if some were and some weren't.
What we do certainly know is that the Kenyan birth rates are continuing to drop, that premature births are increasing, and infertility rates are at 1 in 5 married couples.


Hera you appear to need a better understanding of interpreting data; somehow you choose to ignore what happened in the years before 2013/14 when the intensified vaccination drive started to eliminate MNT and only focus on what happened after 2013. This is somewhat surprising as you yourself posted the data....You say it went from 30.8 in 2013 to 23.9 in 2017, but Hera it also dropped from 39.6 in 2005 to 30.8 in 2013. The graph is a straight line, showing no effect whatsoever of an increased loss of fertility after the vaccination campaign

Here's another source of the Kenyan birth rate data that maybe easier to understand, in this case it also includes the % change year to year It has data up to 2016 and the % drop was lower the each of the 3 years post the 2013 vaccination than the 3 years immediately prior to the vaccination campaign.


Hi Eindecker,
I disagree with you here. One in five couples being infertile is not a result of married women using contraception.
Similarly, apparently despite this huge vaccination push ( or because of it?) premature birth rates in Kenya are increasing ( with articles about the increase in prematurity starting in 2014). Prematurity is a sign of inability to carry a baby to term, and considered one of the soft signs of damage to reproductive systems.
A descending line on a graph is not evidence of no change, in fact it is the opposite. For some reason they did not provide statistics for what happened fertility wise in 2015,(why was that?) but we can see that before the tetanus vaccine campaign, in 2013 the birth rate was 30.08. Three years later, the birth rate is 25.1, an all time low. And that low is continuing to drop to 23.9 in 2017.
While married women using contraception after several children may be helping, that is still a huge drop, that in no way explains increasing prematurity and infertility in 1 in 5 couples. I in 5 couples being infertile is itself a huge red flag.
And Eindecker, I appreciate a polite discussion/disagrement. Frederick Chopin; as Benedetta says, there is a lot of name calling and cruelty out there. It may be that you posted after a bad day or a couple of beers. It happens. But if what you are typing is cruel, please just don't push send. Rewrite it when you feel better.I realize you may be having challenges in your life which might be making you angry, but by posting hate, you push away people who might otherwise be kind to you, or at least civil.If things are going badly for you right now, then I hope they start to go better.

Frederic Chopin

Well, John, you seem to be saying these battered children must all have had rickets because rickets exists in the world. Don't you think on the dead ones at least they can tell from a simple bone biopsy?


Cause Chopin; I and many like me have to listen to vile, mean little people all the time in what should be an open forums at other sites.

Many faith believers in vaccines are safe and effective all the time, are out right bullies very where else bulling, and abusing parents that have seen vaccine injuries (some more than once cause they too could hardly believe it) , and dares bare witness.

There should be somewhere, place that we can congregate and talk among ourselves, collect ourselves, understand things Cause heck Chopin; I too was once like you, believed just like you. Gone are them days, for sure.

John Stone


It didn’t have any content as far as I could see, apart from bile.

Frederic Chopin

Curious how y'all bitch about online censoring but won't post my response to John.


Pharmster: In his paper Oller quotes this 1994 report by Talwar on results of a fertility control vaccine to support his covert sterilization theory.
The immunisation schedule stated in the Talwar paper was 3 primary injections at six weekly intervals, plus booster injections given as and when necessary to maintain antibody titres.
Oller goes on to state the Kenyan tetanus schedule was 5 injections at 6 monthly intervals, which is quite similar to the current WHO recommended schedule, both use 5 injections over a 2 year period, but both are very different from the Talwar fertility vaccine which had 3 injections over 3.5 months plus boosters as necessary.
Pharmster I previously quoted what Oller wrote in his paper where he incorrectly compared what he thought was the WHO recommendation (from 2007, & not for the developing world) with the tetanus schedule actually used in Kenya and on this erroneous comparison he started constructing his conspiracy edifice.
The tetanus schedule which actually was used was more or less in line with the correct WHO schedule and certainly bore no relation to the Talwar schedule, I hope this has clarified my point.


Hera it is hard to argue that something isn't effecting fertility in that country., well yes Hera and the first reference you gave provides the answer.
The report shows that Kenya has made strides in the use of contraceptives. About 55 per cent of married women use a modern contraceptive method, being higher than Rwanda at 49 per cent, Uganda 31 per cent, and Tanzania 33 per cent.
You miss my point Hera regarding Oller’s paper: Kenya began an intensive campaign in 2013/14 to immunize all women of child bearing age against tetanus, (only pregnant women had been immunized previous to this) it was very successful & MNT has now been virtually eliminated. If Oller was correct and this was actually a covert sterilization program then there should have been a dramatic drop in fertility once this program started. However no such change occurred, as you yourself showed reproducing the birth rate statistics from Kenya. Your reference has a straight line graph (& the 2018 figure also continues this line) with no change in the slope after 2013/14. So either the covert sterilization was a total failure, or it never existed in the first place.
Declining birth rates are a global phenomenon not just seen in Kenya:


Eindecker, looking at your link I am not sure what you are trying to say but they weren't using the WHO schedule but following the Talwar schedule.


Hi Eindecker,

It does look like there is a lot of evidence for a population crash in Kenya, from a variety of news articles.

Kenyas fertility rate lowest in East Africa

Kenya also has a very high rate of preterm births,( which imo would appear to indicate population based possible problems with fertility/carrying a baby to term)
( Kenya is in the top 15 countries for preterm birth, , but could be much higher due to poor documentation..)
And it has a problem with infertility...

One in 5 Kenyan couples suffer from infertility

And it has a problem with an aging population rate and not enough children being born...
From the article.
"Kenya’s high population growth is explained over two different periods, by the increasing numbers of children up until about 2000. But that has changed with the number of children per family having fallen sharply, from 8.1 children in 1978 to 4.6 children in 2008, to 3.9 births per woman in 2016, and is projected to possibly reach 2.4 children by 2050."

Added together, with an ongoing, continually decreasing birth rate, it is hard to argue that something isn't effecting fertility in that country.

If we are to assume people potentially were being given vaccinations to promote infertility without consent, ( which could, of course, include any vaccinations, since a decision that lying about the content of a syringe is acceptable, would not neccessarily start on a particular year, or even with a particular vaccine.) ...then we could expect a long term drop in fertility.

Reading the various articles, it seems that people are grasping at straws for explanations as to the fertility drop in Kenya, given that there is still a social requirement for more children, as a form of insurance for old age care.
One article suggested the reason for the fertility drop is that "people must have been listening to WHO recommendations" and another suggested that it must be because of "increased literacy", even though birth control access is still limited, and use may be considered a sin by some Catholics.

Who knew that all it took for impoverished Kenyan families to stop having babies was an official statement from WHO...

I don't know whether there was a deliberate attempt to decrease fertility with a vaccine, or whether this is just a side effect of increasing toxins, or increasing vaccinations overall,but it is pretty obvious that something has caused a huge, continuing drop in Kenyan fertility.

cia parker


I wanted to see if you had put up any references for vaccination causing bruising severe enough to cause bleeding copious enough to require many baby wipes to wipe away. I don't see that you have. It appears to me that vaccination might cause a bruise at the injection site, and they often put on a Band-Aid for the single drop of blood which might ensue, but it couldn't be more than that.

In this case, a baby wipe with a fair amount of blood was found by the police in the seat the baby was in when she collapsed. Other baby wipes with a fair amount of blood were found in various locations of the nursery, which was a basement room. More baby wipes with blood on them were found in the trash.

I cannot think of any way in which one or more vaccines could cause such copious bleeding or facial bruising. And I cannot think of any reason for people to wish to blame vaccines so much for all ills occurring to a child, that they are willing to look away from a child carer who beat the child to death. A photograph of the child taken the day before she collapsed shows no facial bruising. You would want to allow this couple to continue caring for babies, bury the one who was killed and forget about her, and just dismiss the evidence that the man killed her, on the belief that vaccines are the only possible cause of her death? Again, how would vaccines have caused bleeding which required many baby wipes to clean up, and facial bruising?

David m burd

Jeannette, THANK YOU for them the 2 references directly pertinent to SBS (shaken baby syndrome), showing the obscene tragedy of adults being convicted of infant-homicide, whereas honest cause of death is via vaccines' toxicities.

Grace Green

At this moment in time, I have eczema on my forearm which forms the exact shape of four fingers. It looks like I've been slapped, but is in fact caused by being re-poisoned with mercury by an NHS dental hospital. I would always be inclined to keep an open mind in these "abuse" cases, especially when we are only hearing second hand evidence. The vaccinaters and dentists on the other hand are manifestly lying murderers.


Pharmster, let me correct you, the WHO recommended tetanus vaccination schedule from 2007 that was being quoted in the Oller paper was:
(1) Ist Contact with health Care worker or pregnancy (2) 6-8 weeks later (3) 6-12 months after first dose (4) 5 years after dose 3 (5) 10 years after dose 4
Oller’s paper gives the following schedule that was used in Kenya
(1) 1st contact or pregnancy, thereafter a further 4 doses at 6 monthly intervals
The WHO recommended schedule, as per my link, is:
(1) 1st contact or pregnancy; (2) 1 month later; (3) 6 months later; (4) 1 year after (1); (5) 1 year after (4)
This is the basic schedule is that recommended throughout Africa The paper then goes to extraordinary lengths to concoct this conspiracy theory but unfortunately Oller and his colleagues have built this on foundations of sand by comparing apples & oranges: The intervals between doses in the WHO campaign in Kenya beginning in October 2013 (in the bottom half of Figure 3) are dramatically different from the generalized WHO protocol with an interval of one month between doses 1 and 2, up to 12 months between dose 2 and 3, up to five years between 3 and 4, or even 10 years between doses 4 and 5
Both the current WHO schedule and that used in Kenya extend with 5 doses spread over roughly 2 years.
Re the “alleged” levels found in vaccines, these were over 3 orders of magnitude lower than that published by Talwar, who was struggling to get a uniform and durable anti-hCG response at his levels.
But, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating Pharmaster, so where is any evidence of a population crash?? The vaccine coverage seems very efficient, so under those circumstances all the women of Kenya should be sterile…..only trouble is that this doesn’t appear to have happened

Hans Litten

Posted by: Eindeker | December 03, 2018 at 05:50 AM

How is the US population going since Gardasil went live 2006 ?
Even the BBC says there are 5m births missing which is astounding demographers.
But no doubt you will have an alternative explanation ? in grown toe-nails ?


Eindecker, I think you are mistaken. The vaccine schedule recommended by the WHO does not include 5 vaccines spaced 6 months apart. Check your own link.

Regarding the levels present in the vaccine. Was this information provided by the WHO and didn't they say that the quantities of the hormone were too low to have an effect on the body while omitting that they might be sufficient to cause an immune response?

Very small quantities of antigens can trigger antibody production far below the levels required for a hormone to have an effect on the body.

Hans Litten

A recent US court case revealed there has been no quality control over vaccines manufactured by big-pharma for at least 32 years. Autism rates are expected to drop dramatically now that parents can stop the poison being injected into their kids.

Forced vaccinations now can be legally stopped - no quality control for 32 years.
Is this true ?


Hera: Yes this is the same reference I provided on “December 02, 2018 at 04:56 AM” and you can see the graph, showing a steady decline in birth rate since 2000. The point I was making was that before 2014 Kenya only immunised pregnant women, not the general female population, but in 2014 they introduced a much wider tetanus immunization program, aimed at vaccinating allwomen of child bearing age. This was because there was still a high neonatal and maternal mortality from tetanus with the strategy of only immunising pregnant women. This expanded program was very successful in eliminating MNT, indicating a very high vaccine coverage, but what was the effect of this expanded immunisation scheme on the birth rate: none whatsoever. If this alleged “sterilization” vaccine was real the birth rate should have plummeted, but it didn’t.
John: “I still think there are aspects in this narrative which give rise to concerns. What precisely John? There is no evidence from the birth rate of any “sterilization effect”; Oller et al used the wrong vaccination schedule for their conspiracy theory; the alleged levels hCG found in the vaccine were over 1000 fold lower than that in the Talwar vaccine; the assay methods were calibrated for clinical samples, not vaccines and the results were inconsistent! So far from being ”the Oller paper - it is very well documented and still has to be answered:” this bit of fiction should reside in the dustbin of history.
Hans: Judging by the Kenyan Catholic Church’s understanding of human biology I guess the Vatican may be too embarrassed to get involved in a discussion of eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus ““The fact that this campaigns only target women, shows that there is something fishy about it, otherwise even men and children should be vaccinated,” John Cardinal Njue, the head of the Catholic Church in Kenya argued.”

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | December 02, 2018 at 11:37 AM

JohnDS the central command HQ of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome has never spoken out to my knowledge. Regional heads in the Philippines & Kenyan have !

Very much against the wishes of the leaders in Rome.

Jeannette Bishop

Further regarding SBS:

Archie Kalokerinos's perspective on SIDS and SBS (9:25 to 23 minutes, continuing further past 23 minutes on infant mortality after vaccination campaigns, particularly in indigenous populations, vit. C administration):

Jeannette Bishop

re "SBS:" Aspects of this neuropathologist's experience sound all too familiar:

cia parker


It IS good to get both viewpoints in a case of alleged child abuse. Dr. Harold Buttram also testified in many shaken baby cases, and gave the physiological indications of a shaken baby vs. one who had suffered vaccine encephalitis. But there are still a certain number of people who shake babies in frustration at their crying (I assume that's why they do it, but there are probably other reasons as well). In this particular case, the child care provider was convicted, and, considering the evidence given in the articles I've read about it, he was appropriately convicted.

cia parker


Do you have a reference for that? I googled it and all I could find was that sometimes an injection can cause a bruise at the injection site. This child had many bruises, including facial bruises. It wouldn't be good to believe that anything bad that happens to a child is because of vaccines, and in this case, would serve to exonerate someone who was convicted for beating an infant to death.


Hi Eindecker,
just found this site, listing birth rates per 1000/population , annually in Kenya.

Country 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016 2017
Kenya 29.35 28.5 27.61 28.81 27.82 40.13 39.72 38.94 37.89 36.64 35.14 33.54 31.93 30.08 28.27 25.1 23.9
It did not copy properly, ( sorry) so you may want to go to the link, but the figures go with the years; ie peak year of 40.13 in 2005, lowest ever rate of 23.9 in 2017.

So it does look like fertility is dropping in Kenya.

John Stone


Yes, I certainly agree that tetanus vaccination should be given where conditions make it necessary, but I still think there are aspects in this narrative which give rise to concerns.

David m burd

Cia, It is well known that vaccinations cause "bruises", and that such bruising can become " bloody" if further handling of an infant is not done with great tendernous, resulting in some degree of "bloody bandages". Your conclusions simply do not bear up, and have led to parents/caretakers being wrongfully condemned.


John The circumstances of the administration of the vaccine were unusual, and repeat doses were advised. please let me correct this inaccuracy. In the Oller paper much is made of the disparity between the vaccination schedule used in Kenya and the recommended schedule published by the WHO in 2007, claiming that schedule used in Kenya matched that used with the previous hCG conjugate vaccine, rather than the WHO schedule and by inference this supports the “WHO sterilization” conspiracy theory.
Unfortunately the tetanus vaccination schedule that the paper quoted is not the WHO recommended schedule for African countries: the schedule used in Kenya closely matches the WHO recommendations of tetanus vaccination at 1st Contact, pregnancy, +1 month, +6 months and +1 year
This was the recommended schedule when the most recent tetanus immunization campaign began in 2014, so there is no disparity between vaccine schedules and yet again no evidence to support any WHO “sterilization conspiracy”.
I’m not commenting on what Oller’s motives may or may not be or on his scientific credentials, although he has a chair in the Dept of linguistics at New Mexico University and currently writes articles supporting creationist science as well as on linguistics
So John can I ask your advice on how the tetanus immunization program should proceed, having demonstrated its value by effectively eliminating NMT in Kenya? I also note that you have chosen not to comment at all on the information I provided regarding Kenya’s birth rates, do you accept that there has been no acceleration in the declining birth rate since 2013/14 and the intensified drive to eliminate NMT?

Hans Litten

All the trolls are out when G_cide gets a mention ...........why is that ?

Vaccinocide is what we are looking at. No doubt.

Kate C.

Not too long ago Dr. Charles Smith, a forensic pathologist who testified against parents in child welfare cases in Canada for many years, was proved to be mistaken about shaken baby syndrome. It took a long time and a lot of digging by persistent lawyers to prove that he was wrong. Many children were removed from their homes because of his testimony. Because they became wards of the state, their parents never saw them again.
Recently a clinic at the same hospital that employed Dr. Smith (Sick Kids in Toronto) was found to be using a drug test for new mothers that was not giving correct results. Again, many children were taken into the state's custody on the basis of incorrect testimony by experts.
It is always a good idea to have an opposing point of view in these most serious court cases. The experts are sometimes just wrong.

John Stone


I would be very surprised if the Kenyan Catholic church willingly picked a fight with the WHO - this is not characteristic of religious hierarchies. One of the reasons why I am inclined to believe Oller is the absence of any motive. I think the issue of them being Catholic and male is just being prejudicial on your part - the laboratory was closed down, and they knew they would be in the firing line from the moment the issue was raised. The circumstances of the administration of the vaccine were unusual, and repeat doses were advised.

I think the Oller paper needs more convincing refutation that I have seen.

cia parker


I would be happy if the Church recognized the dangers of vaccines as a group or individual vaccines. It's a really no-nothing stance to say that Catholics may get any vaccine, sometimes actively promoting the flu vaccine, for example, and that it's not an issue that some of them are made using tissues from aborted fetuses (and if I thought the vaccine were desirable, it wouldn't be an issue for me either: no woman has gotten pregnant and had an abortion only for the purpose of donating tissue to the vaccine industry), and just generally parroting the party line. In this case, I think getting the tetanus vaccine even if it had a short-term contraceptive in it, would be so life-saving for so many that I think that is the more important point. And it's another no-nothing stance not to care about exploding population when there's no way to feed, house, and employ a large percentage of them, but to focus on an alleged plot to reduce births disguised as an effort to prevent tetanus deaths. The tetanus deaths are real, painful, and tragic, and I support efforts to stop them.


John (1) The Talwar vaccine of the 80’s & 90’s did not have any meaningful long term contraceptive effect, and required continuous ongoing revaccination to maintain its effect, at the time this was given as an advantage, it was said that if a woman wanted further children her fertility would soon return without the need for such vaccination. It would be pretty useless as a covert sterilization agent!!
(2) There have been multiple statements from the WHO and similar authorities explaining why these reports have no foundation. There isn’t a jot of reliable evidence on what Oller et al claimed to have found had any relationship to the Talwar vaccine, start with the fact that the amounts Talwar used in his vaccine which was many times that allegedly found in the tetanus vaccine &
(3) But what is blindingly obvious is that there has been no effect of tetanus vaccination on birth rates in Kenya, or any of the other countries where these rumours surfaced. The tetanus vaccination program clearly reached a v high proportion of child bearing age women, as shown by the dramatic drop in maternal and neonatal deaths from tetanus, so where is there any evidence of a “infertility program” having any effect. With that degree of coverage the fertility should have plummeted, but it hasn’t I wonder why?
John where is your epidemiological evidence to support claims for this so called covert sterilization program?

Are you happy that the male dominated Catholic church is speaking out in Kenya against life saving treatment for women?

John Stone

I am perfectly happy when the Catholic Church speaks up about at least one kind of vaccine abuse and disappointed when organised religion runs away from these issues.

cia parker


I agree that the Catholic Church should not be involved in pontificating on this or many other issues (and we're Catholic). I think it is a good idea for everyone, especially in Third World countries, to get the tetanus series after the age of two or three years old. Or the DT series, which is all that's available in the US (other than the DTaP). It should be voluntary, however. I don't think a contraceptive agent should be included covertly if that's what was done (I don't know if it was or not), but I think contraception is an excellent idea in Kenya and similar countries, so I wouldn't care even if this is what was done. Having too many children degrades the environment and the quality of life for everyone, so that the country at large has a measurable interest in limiting population growth: it is not just a private matter.

cia parker


But the vaccines would not have caused bruises or bloody baby wipes left all over the room where the baby collapsed.

John Stone


It’s plainly not a fiction and the fact that the WHO have left you to run around the web trying to pull the wool because they can’t defend it themselves rather makes the point. They were using the Talwar vaccine - if the aim was simply to protect against tetanus they would have acted more transparently.

David m burd

Expanding briefly on my prior comment, I should have noted by 6 months age, when including vaccines DTaP and Flu during gestation, Birth doses of HepB, Vitamin K, the "well baby visits" at 2, 4, 6 months, Millie had been physically assaulted by 30 toxic vaccines via injections.

Many Health Authorities now state 54%+ of American toddlers indeed have chronic disabilities (excepting those who have anti-vaxxer parents). I expect to see ever-increasing tragic Millie cases.

David m burd

Maybe I missed it, BUT there is no mention whatsoever of the usual array of injected toxic vaccines given at both 2 months, then again at 6 months (the age of Millie) via the insanely named "well baby visits".

Adding rickets (and a dire lack of Vitamin D) it is entirely plausible Millie was killed by our dogmatic U.S. Health Authorities marching in lock-step to the vaccination beat (alongside with Mainstream Media).


John & Cia re the Oller fiction, we’ve discussed this piece of nonsense before, but rather than go over that again let’s look at the results of this “Alleged covert sterilization program in Kenya”.
This enhanced program of tetanus immunization in Kenya was introduced to protect all women/girls of child bearing age, not just those that were pregnant, it began in 2014 which is when the male Catholic church got very silly over long disproven rumours that had started in the Phillipines over a decade ago about this so-called “covert sterilisation program”.
Well it’s clearly very covert indeed but apparently not very successful because there has been no change in the overall trend to reducing birth rate in Kenya that’s been going on for many years, this graph’s last data point is in 2017, the corresponding figure for 2018 (mid year is the measurement point) is 22.58/1000 population which fits very nicely on the graph’s downward line. If the “covert sterilization” program had started in 2014 it would be reasonable to expect a reduction in the birth rate by now, if indeed it ever existed….
On the other hand John what has decreased rapidly is the rate of neonatal and maternal tetanus so much that Kenya is now removed from the list of countries with an issue of maternal & neonatal tetanus
What I find particularly disturbing in this whole sorry affair, apart from the gullibility of some people, is the fact that a male Catholic church is pontificating (an appropriate phrase) over a medical condition that exclusively affects women and new born babies and arguing against them receiving potentially life saving protection.
A few more years birth rate data will clearly show whether or not the Oller paper is the nonsense that it appears to be now.

cia parker

I read the story, and when I got to the part which said that police had recovered bloody baby wipes from the stroller where the baby had been sitting the day of her collapse, and more bloody baby wipes around the room, including in the trash can, I'd have to say that it looks as though the man is guilty. I didn't see anything about his mentioning any injury from innocent causes from which he had wiped the blood.


Hi Eindecker,
Like Cia Parker and Jenny Allan, I too would not like someone to get away with injuring/killing a child. At the same time, I would also hate for someone innocent to be jailed, and am glad not to have been on the jury who had to decide the truth.

It is interesting to note though, that retinal hemorrhage is also linked to difficult births, and not necessarily only head trauma.In fact per this study, which involved cruel testing on monkeys, any abuse that caused retinal hemorrhage from shaking, would have first caused cervical spine injury, and that in fact in whip lash/shaking type injuries, the spine would be damaged before the retina.
A lack of cervical injury in the presence of retinal hemorrhage suggests another cause, and apparently retinal hemorrhage can also be linked with rickets.. I would also be interested to know if the baby had been having regular well baby visits, and if so whether the doctor was also somehow missing seeing the previous fractures. If the doctor isn't seeing them on a routine physical, it may be understandable that the mother also wasn't seeing them. Alternatively, no doctors visits would make me question why.

Susan Welch

Eindecker, I suppose you think doctors, such as Dr Waney Squier (who was struck off for disagreeing with 'Establishment'. Ring any bells?) are all wrong. You probably think the tragic case of Sally Clark and her children were a 'one off' too.

Of course anyone abusing their children should be punished, but to jail any parent when there is good cause for doubt and, now, no-one able to present medical evidence on their behalf, is a disgrace and an outrage.

Jenny Allan

Eindecker - Like Cia I would not want to "exonerate a child carer who beat a child in her care to death", but it is important all trial evidence is examined impartially. I note the prosecutor sought" to cast doubt on Ayoub’s credibility", by bringing up vaccine issues which had no relevance to the trial issues.

I also note the hospital staff found, in addition to the child's more recent injuries, "retinal hemorrhages, a fractured femur, and a fractured humerus" which were all in various stages of healing. How very strange then the child's mother failed to previously notice these injuries?
At the very least, this evidence should have been thoroughly investigated. Was it?

Dr Ayoub "told jurors he had reviewed X-rays and other medical records, and concluded that Millie had rickets, a rare condition that causes fragile bones." It seems his evidence was discounted on account of his stated views on vaccines.

I was not at the trial and am naturally sceptical about trial details reported in newspapers, but assuming the evidence concerning the child's injuries, as presented by the clinicians at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, has been correctly reported, ( and I must emphasise I am not disputing any aspect of the hospital's medical evidence), then it does raise some disturbing questions.


'Brittle bone disease' should first be ruled out as a cause of child bone fractures, before any court case blaming the parents., Rickets, somehow I don’t think so Jenny here, read a bit deeper on this sad case: (& the child was clearly Caucasian) In particular
Those detectives quickly ascertained that Millie Lilliston had been in the care of Kia Divband at his licensed daycare, Little Dreamers, in Rockville, Maryland.
He told investigators that he was feeding Millie breast milk from a bottle when she began to choke and vomit. Divband then said when he went to wash the vomit from her face she became unresponsive with her lips turning blue. He tried CPR and got his wife to call 911, according to a police statement.
After being treated at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Millie was flown to the Children’s National Medical Center where she succumbed to her injuries on April 22. Doctors at Shady Grove had noticed, “subdural hematomas in her head, rib fractures, and multiple bruises on her face and body.” When she was transferred to the CNMC, doctors discovered, “additional injuries to include retinal hemorrhages, a fractured femur, and a fractured humerus. All of the injuries were in various stages of healing and were classified as non-accidental, inflicted trauma.”
Millie’s parents told detectives that their daughter had not been sick while Divband said Millie had been sick for two weeks leading up to her death. They were able to show the investigators pictures of their daughter on April 18 without any bruising.
At a retrial, where Dr Ayoub did not testify, Divband was found guilty & sentenced to 50 years.

cia parker

I think that the evidence on both sides must be examined carefully. It may be that rickets could have caused the injuries, although I'm not sure it could cause facial bruises. But, obviously, beating a child could also cause them, and we wouldn't want to exonerate a child carer who beat a child in her care to death. It is good to offer as court testimony an informed medical opinion on rickets, but necessary to remember that that might not be the correct explanation.

Jenny Allan

Frederic Chopin - Yes John is correct. Child rickets is a big problem in the UK, particularly amongst the immigrant population, many of whom belong to the Muslim faith. The problem is more prominent amongst darker skinned persons, whose families have relocated to cooler climes, where there is less sunshine. Most vitamin D, essential for bone growth, is absorbed through the skin via sun exposure. Again, some cultures 'cover up' their bodies. Some children are born with a genetic predisposition to rickets.

I'm sure you would agree rickets and another genetic condition 'Brittle bone disease' should first be ruled out as a cause of child bone fractures, before any court case blaming the parents.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I met an MD's wife yesterday in a coffee shop line. I asked her what her husband thinks causes autism. She looked at me like I was clueless, then said "Vaccines." I would not have had the nerve to ask that question 5 years ago. Next time I meet a MD or their family member I will have the courage to ask what is being done about it. Keep up the good work AoA writers and commentators.

Laura Hayes

For every 1 thinking, ethical, intelligent, willing to challenge the status quo (pharma-medical-media-industry quo in this case) Dr. David Ayoub there seems to be 100,000 unthinking, unethical, unintelligent, happy to be muzzled, controlled, and corrupted MDs.

Dr. David Ayoub is a hero, although I am quite sure he does not consider himself one.

We need many more MDs to be bold, courageous, honest, and outspoken, like David Ayoub. Any more willing to step up to the plate, take the heat with him, and help restore parental rights, medical choice freedom, and the ethical practice of medicine?

John Stone


So, you haven’t heard of rickets? I was taught about it at school.

Jeannette Bishop

Frederic Chopin

Since he's a hardcore anti vaxxer and medical conspiracy theorist, why shouldn't the jurors be aware of that in deciding whether his personal theory about rickets is to be taken seriously? They're all medical topics, and he is a physician.

Angus Files

Well done Dr Ayoub. Seriously something wrong with people when they can excuse culling of humans .Population sustainability is another hoax.If you live in a mud hut in India,Africa or wherever the consumption of the planet for these people is a lot less than compared to a middle class rich family with `over privileged excess and waste` as their middle names.Once again the Globalist Gates Sorros arguments dont stack up and dont hide the psychos they are.Just like their vaccines hiding under the false premise of protection but culling on an industrial scale -for what..because they can. It gives them a purpose, TO GET UP IN THE MORNING TO ATTEND ON A MASS VACCINATION CULL OF AFRICA and the delusion to save the planet ..this purpose gives them a reason to live in what would otherwise be a boring dull pointless meaningless life where whatever you want you just buy.You buy friends,you buy whatever you want how boring and meaningless a life that would be.

Pharma For Prison



Just to mention, rib fractures can be caused by CPR. And people have been wrongly accused of child abuse. Ask Sally Clark.

Defendants have a right to test the evidence against them. The prosecution has their own experts. I don't see the problem.

And it's not like Dr. Ayoub is alone in suspecting anti-fertility campaigns:

cia parker


I realized that he probably believed, and it is very likely true, that some vaccines had a contraceptive agent added to them to reduce the number of births. I do not support doing that. But I think there's a long way between trying to reduce births, especially in heavily overpopulated areas where malnutrition and general poverty, lack of housing and employment, extinction of species, and so on, are causing extreme poverty due to overpopulation, and trying to murder every person in the group which is allegedly trying to be eliminated.


I'm disappointed in ProPublica for publishing such a blatantly biased piece. The whole "anti-vax" angle was WAY overplayed, and I'm left with numerous relevant questions about child abuse cases. For example, is there any clinical, or dietary evidence that an abused child had a vitamin-D deficiency? Seems ProPublica just wants to push an "antivax bad"/pro-vax good" agenda. My big question is, if vaxxes are so "GOOD", then why aren't they ALL ONLY non-profit? And as for a global de-population agenda, look at the so-called "Georgia Guidestones".
Is it ONLY a coincidence, that both ProPublica and PROPAGANDA share the same first 4 letters?
Have a good weekend, people, and KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!

Hans Litten

Kalokerinos: My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organisation and the unofficial policy of ‘Save the Children Fund’ and almost all those organisations is one of murder and genocide.

They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact they don’t. I am talking of those at the very top. Beneath that level is another level of doctors and health workers, like myself, who don’t really understand what they are doing. But I cannot see any other possible explanation: It is murder and it is genocide. And I tell you what: when the black races really wake up to what we have done to them they are not going to thank us very much. And if you want to see what harm vaccines do, don’t come to Australia or New Zealand or any place, go to Africa and you will see it there.

John Stone


He has probably read the Oller paper - it is very well documented and still has to be answered:


I've already tweeted @fluoridefreeAUS about this disgusting propaganda piece on a "Pulitzer Prize-winning" "explanatory" website. The forced-vaccination and forced-water fluoridation forces are clearly two wings of the same bird, though the current vaccine situation is the more urgent of the two. As the general health of US children continues to deteriorate and "shaken baby" reports increase, people like Dr. Ayoub will be needed to help in the defense of parents who may be falsely accused.

cia parker

I just found this on rickets: it sounds as though the child could have had it and that it caused the injuries. I don't think they could prove the charge of child abuse beyond a reasonable doubt. Beyond that, of course they're going to throw everything they've got at Dr. Ayoub. I wish, though, that he had not said that vaccines were being used in the Third World to cause genocide.

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