Lordy, Lordy, Autism May Be 1 in 40
Media Downplays Autism Rate Again

Doctors who certified a woman as autistic so she could get a lethal injection face jail under euthanasia laws

WeepNote: Not sure how to unravel this monstrous story from Belgium. While we do not subscribe to neurodiversity's teaching that autism is simply another way of being or thinking, or a difference like hair or eye color, I certainly do not agree that it means a waste of a life. Or that the life should be snuffed out. Euthanasia is a topic lightly tread upon if at all, here in America. We tend to demand any and EVERY medical intervention, even if courts are necessary. To give a diagnosis of autism simply to meet the criteria to die is frankly abhorrent to me.  Kim


Three doctors who certified a woman as autistic so that she could die by euthanasia are set to go on trial in Belgium.

The sisters of Tine Nys told investigators that her suffering was caused instead by a broken heart after a failed relationship, and that she had falsely claimed to be autistic to two doctors and a psychiatrist.

She had told them her suffering was 'unbearable and incurable' so that she could qualify for euthanasia under Belgian law.

Ms Nys was given a lethal injection in April 2010, just two months after her diagnosis of autism, and died aged 38. Her sisters and her parents were at her bedside.  Read more here.

Campaigners in the UK say the case highlights the dangers of introducing euthanasia here.



See Professor Raphael Cohen -Almagor .
Euthanasia and assisted suicide Cohen -Almagor Youtube Lessons from Belgium

The dear wee diddums better go and get their dancing equipment looked out !
Runrig -The Message youtube .

Folk with post stroke, Learning Disabilities /Difficulties with communication difficulties need all the safeguarding support available ,they are the most vulnerable group .

cynthia parker

I read your article, Jeannette. I think it's legitimate for doctors to be involved in the issue. Sometimes it becomes impossible to lead a life without pain, and at those times I think suicide by whatever means becomes a legitimate choice. Doctors see more physical and mental suffering than anyone else, and the sincere ones want to alleviate pain. At a certain point, most pet owners have to consider whether euthanasia is better than trying to prolong a life that has become nothing but suffering. And it is an agonizing decision, one that will be revisited in memory with anguish for the rest of the pet owner's life. But surely we should show as much compassion to humans as to pets. For suffering which is "merely" psychological, as in this case, it might be better not to permit physician-assisted euthanasia. A waiting period would change the minds of most people, who could always do it themselves if they really wanted to. There used to be a Hemlock Society which gave advice on a painless suicide. I wish they would consider the consequences to their loved ones, though. I met a woman in the Netherlands who was completely distraught two years after she came home to find her daughter hanging over the staircase. I met her twice and she dissolved into despair both times, sobbing endlessly how it had destroyed her to find her daughter like that. I don't know why the daughter did that, when she must have realized the effect it would have on her mother.

Hans Litten

"But I think it's tyrannical to outlaw doctor-assisted death for those who choose it. "

Posted by: cia parker | November 28, 2018 at 11:45 AM

Yeah but Paul Offit or Stanley Plotkin are never going to chose it !

Jeannette Bishop



Belgium was once a great society, innovative, at the edge of the cusp on technology. What happened?
I am pretty sure the next monster to rise out of leaders and nations will be from that country, cause you can't think that way and not grow horrible, nasty people.

cia parker

This woman looks typical in the photo of her with her two sisters. She was the one who sought euthanasia in despair at the end of a relationship, which in itself suggests that she was not autistic. She could have instead chosen to kill herself in any of many ways, but wished to do so in a way that allowed her parents and sisters to be beside her as she died painlessly. I think that's very weird, and a poor choice just for a failed relationship, and think that if she had waited a year or so she would have chosen differently. But I think it's tyrannical to outlaw doctor-assisted death for those who choose it. Of course it's different for those who are impaired in a way which doesn't allow them to choose.

And if abortion is legal for women who don't want the baby for whatever reason, then it should be legal for women who don't want a handicapped baby. The law could be changed to prohibit all abortions, or abortions after three months of gestation, but it would be wrong to permit abortion of normal babies but not of handicapped ones.


The fact that Belgium allows those with autism to get themselves euthanised conflicts with the neurodiversity 'autism is fun' propaganda, which itself appears to be a Plan B for Big Pharma in case their vaccine coverup ever becomes common knowledge.

Many pregnant women abort their unborn if they believe they will have down syndrome. In some countries healthcare systems will as good as encourage you to abort in such scenarios. The study below found that those with down syndrome have better outcomes than those with autism, so it becomes clear that something strange is going on i.e. society wants us eliminate down syndromes, yet to celebrate a disorder which is worse (likely because vaccines caused it, which makes anything good of course). Shame Big Tobacco never came up with the idea of celebrating lung cancer.


"adults with ASD were less likely to be classified as having high or moderate levels of independence in adult life as compared to adults with DS."

Hans Litten

Absolutely astounded by this story.
Euthanizing the autistic is the next stage of their plan - makes sense.


They are starving to death in the Yemen,
Do they bring food, clean water, shelters, promote peace talks ? - nah none of that !

They send vaccines to immune compromised children!

SANAA (Reuters) - Aid agencies have launched a polio vaccination campaign in Yemen to inoculate up to five million children under the age of five across the impoverished Arab state whose healthcare system has been crippled by more than three years of war.

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