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Did A Vaccine Experiment on US Soliders Cause "The Spanish Flu" Epidemic?

  Spanish fluWe invite you to visit Kevin Barry's organization, First Freedoms, Inc.

By Kevin Barry, President
First Freedoms, Inc.

November 7, 2018

First in a series

The “Spanish Flu” killed an estimated 50-100 million people during a pandemic 1918-19. What if the story we have been told about this pandemic isn’t true? What if, instead, the killer infection was neither the flu nor Spanish in origin? Newly analyzed documents reveal that the “Spanish Flu” may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry. In looking back on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, we need to delve deeper to solve this mystery.


  • The reason modern technology has not been able to pinpoint the killer influenza strain from this pandemic is because influenza was not the killer.
  • More soldiers died during WWI from disease than from bullets.
  • The pandemic was not flu. An estimated 95% (or higher) of the deaths were caused by bacterial pneumonia, not influenza/a virus.
  • The pandemic was not Spanish.The first cases of bacterial pneumonia in 1918 trace back to a military base in Fort Riley, Kansas.
  • From January 21 – June 4, 1918, an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine cultured in horses by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York was injected into soldiers at Fort Riley.
  • During the remainder of 1918 as those soldiers – often living and traveling under poor sanitary conditions – were sent to Europe to fight, they spread bacteria at every stop between Kansas and the frontline trenches in France.
  • One study describes soldiers “with active infections (who) were aerosolizing the bacteria that colonized their noses and throats, while others—often, in the same “breathing spaces”—were profoundly susceptible to invasion of and rapid spread through their lungs by their own or others’ colonizing bacteria.” (1)
  • The “Spanish Flu” attacked healthy people in their prime. Bacterial pneumonia attacks people in their prime. Flu attacks the young, old and immunocompromised.
  • When WW1 ended on November 11, 1918, soldiers returned to their home countries and colonial outposts, spreading the killer bacterial pneumonia worldwide.
  • During WW1, the Rockefeller Institute also sent the antimeningococcic serum to England, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries, helping spread the epidemic worldwide.

During the pandemic of 1918-19, the so-called "Spanish Flu" killed 50-100 million people, including many soldiers. Many people do not realize that disease killed far more soldiers on all sides than machine guns or mustard gas or anything else typically associated with WWI.

I have a personal connection to the Spanish Flu. Among those killed by disease in 1918-19 are members of both of my parents’ families. On my father’s side, his grandmother Sadie Hoyt died from pneumonia in 1918. Sadie was a Chief Yeoman in the Navy. Her death left my grandmother Rosemary and her sister Anita to be raised by their aunt. Sadie’s sister Marian also joined the Navy. She died from “the influenza” in 1919. On my mother’s side, two of her father’s sisters died in childhood. All of the family members who died lived in New York City. I suspect many American families, and many families worldwide, were impacted in similar ways by the mysterious Spanish Flu.

In 1918, “influenza” or flu was a catchall term for disease of unknown origin. It didn’t carry the specific meaning it does today. It meant some mystery disease which dropped out of the sky. In fact, influenza is from the Medieval Latin “influential” in an astrological sense, meaning a visitation under the influence of the stars.


Between 1900-1920, there were enormous efforts underway in the industrialized world to build a better society. I will use New York as an example to discuss three major changes to society which occured in NY during that time and their impact on mortality from infectious diseases.

1. Clean Water and Sanitation

In the late 19th century through the early 20th century, New York built an extraordinary system to bring clean water to the city from the Catskills, a system still in use today. New York City also built over 6000 miles of sewer to take away and treat waste, which protects the drinking water. The World Health Organization acknowledges the importance of clean water and sanitation in combating infectious diseases. (2)

2. Electricity

In the late 19th century through the early 20th century, New York built a power grid and wired the city so power was available in every home. Electricity allows for refrigeration. Refrigeration is an unsung hero as a public health benefit. When food is refrigerated from farm to table, the public is protected from potential infectious diseases. Cheap renewable energy is important for many reasons, including combating infectious diseases.

3. Pharmaceutical

In the late 19th century through the early 20th century, New York became the home of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (now Rockefeller University). The Institute is where the modern pharmaceutical industry was born. The Institute pioneered many of the approaches the pharmaceutical industry uses today, including the preparation of vaccine serums, for better or worse. The vaccine used in the Fort Riley experiment on soldiers was made in horses.

US Mortality Rates data from the turn of the 20th century to 1965 clearly indicates that clean water, flushing toilets, effective sewer systems and refrigerated foods all combined to effectively reduce mortality from infectious diseases BEFORE vaccines for those diseases became available.

Have doctors and the pharmaceutical manufacturers taken credit for reducing mortality from infectious disease which rightfully belongs to sandhogs, plumbers, electricians and engineers?

If hubris at the Rockefeller Institute in 1918 led to a pandemic disease which killed millions of people, what lessons can we learn and apply to 2018?


While watching an episode of American Experience on PBS a few months ago, I was surprised to hear that the first cases of “Spanish Flu” occurred at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1918. I thought, how is it possible this historically important event could be so badly misnamed 100 years ago and never corrected?

Why “Spanish”? Spain was one of a few countries not involved in World War I. Most of the countries involved in the war censored their press. Free from censorship concerns, the earliest press reports of people dying from disease in large numbers came from Spain. The warring countries did not want to additionally frighten the troops, so they were content to scapegoat Spain. Soldiers on all sides would be asked to cross no man’s land into machine gun fire, which was frightening enough without knowing that the trenches were a disease breeding ground.  Read more at First Freedoms.


Hans Litten

I understand Gardasil uptake in the US is low - I think 45%
But I think it is 85% here in the UK

and if # its all true (Gayle De Long)
you can calculate how quickly you could clear somewhere like Madagascar for example


Hans Litten

Posted by: cia parker | November 09, 2018 at 10:33 AM

All part of the depopulation plan. Vaccination being the primary military weapon.
Childhood vax-exterminations at the front end, Flu vax-exterminations at the far end.
They put merckury in our mouths and fluoride in our water.
All very simple when taking a broader overview of the policies.
And the taxed us to cover the cost of killing us. Beautiful, I am sure you'll agree CIA ?

We have fewer children, if we have them at all
In the decade since the recession, American women had 4.8 million fewer babies than demographers were expecting.
No, that isn't a typo.
"Every year when I look at the fertility data I expect the number of births to go up and it hasn't," says University of New Hampshire Professor Kenneth Johnson.
Prof Johnson says part of the fertility decline is attributable to women in their early and late 20s having fewer children than expected - in other words, my classmates and those who came after us.
And it's not getting better. The gap is getting wider - which is why he brings up a historical parallel.


I most likely saw the BBC Spanish Flu fakumentary that you speak of.
It incredible you could laud anything produced by that scoundrel organisation.
The offerings I saw were aimed at the intellect of an 8 year old.
Which perhaps explains why you believed it ?


Very interesting!!

cia parker

I can't find the two books I have on the Spanish flu, but I just found this: "Camp Funston, at Fort Riley, was the largest training facility in the Army, full of makeshift non-insulated barracks, housing 250 soldiers each. It teemed with soldiers from all over the Midwest, training for duty in France.

“They trained over 50,000 troops at a time who all lived in close quarters. The Army was cognizant that it needed to help our French and British Allies out, so there was no questioning, they were sending troops out — soldiers were being sent that had flu-like symptoms,” said Robert Smith, supervisory curator for Fort Riley Museums.

Troops traveled by train from the Midwest to ports, then boarded ships bound for the war.

“Recruits were being shifted from camp to camp by the thousands and they were taking with them fatigue and it made for easy exposure. The infections and disease followed,” Smith said.

Along the way, the virus mutated, many times. It hit people in waves, becoming more virulent each time.

The first wave in the winter of 1918 was serious. The second wave — during the summer, when many of the soldiers were on the Western Front — was deadly, Smith said. The third wave came during the fall, when troops were returning."

Read more here: https://www.kansas.com/news/local/article200880539.html#storylink=cpy

I'm going to look for the previous flu, it must have been in the 1880s rather than '70s, as I first said.


Your link was dead. I'd be interested in seeing the BBC documentary.

Susan Welch

Eindecker. I gave up believing anything the BBC says about health/vaccinations some time ago.

Some of their reports are so biased, they could be accused of blatant lying. Some may have a basis of truth but, as with 'Peter and the wolf' if they are no longer trusted, it is impossible to know when they are reporting ethically..

Angus Files

Eindecker Kevins work is spectacular.Pharma evidence of course is a different form of evidence usually bought and obtained nothing in a lab just like Jenners qualifications bought after he paid a Scotch Uni for a £15 for a degree 20 years after practising medicine and then called himself Quack I mean Dr.

Worry not Eindecker ,Gates and pr-Offit have our backs

Pharma For Prison



the video of Dr Plotkins testimony on vaccine experiments is chilling.


There was an excellent BBC documentary in September this year detailing the origin of the flu pandemic, https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2018/39/the-flu-that-killed-50-million, confirming there was more than on phase of the flu epidemic, and that the origin was a US army recruit who had lived on a farm and then served as a cook in the army camp in Kansas. Of course the piece by Kevin Barry is just nonsense and wild speculation with no evidence to support it, he's even confused passive treatment with immunoglobulin isolated from horses immunized with inactivated meningococci with vaccines prepared from killed meningococci grown on culture media. he's even answered his own question regarding why it was called "Spanish flu"


Wikipedia has a good article which covers most of these points.



Just read this on FB & thought of this article : One of the nine (9) names of the fallen on the World War One monument in Wickford is Private Harold A. Hazard.

He was an African-American (Colored) man from Wickford, Rhode Island, who registered for the draft and was inducted into the National Army in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, on July 31, 1918. He was sent to Camp Devens, Massachusetts, for military training with the 151st Depot Brigade. On August 26, 1918, he transferred to Company D, 546th Engineers Service Battalion (Colored).

On September 25, 1918, he and 1403 other troops boarded the Bristish HMS Oxfordshire at New York City, New York, for the journey to England. The HMS Oxfordshire arrived at Liverpool on October 7, 1918. He died from pneumonia on the HMS Oxfordshire on October 2, 1918. His mother, Mrs. Delia H. Thomas, 79 Wadsworth Street, Providence, Rhode Island, was later informed of his death.

Gary Ogden

John: That's the best explanation yet. Lots of pretending going on. Pretend science. Pretend medicine. Pretend representation of the people. Good article in The Guardian about how the opioid crisis came to be. Same story as the vaccine holocaust. FDA has just approved a very powerful new sublingual opioid. We should all buy pharma stocks to pad our retirement.

John Stone

Speculation might be either that the uniforms represent some kind of freemasonry, or that they are government/state policy enforcers, or that they just like dressing up and pretending to be sailors.

John Stone


Alas, I am only going by Wiki but it says the marine hospital service started in 1798 (ie post colonial). It says that eight of divisions of the DHHS come under PHS including CDC, NIH and FDA but only some employees wear uniforms, so I guess it remains an interesting question why, and what it means?

Gary Ogden

John: Thanks for the snippet of history. Did the marine hospital service originate in the U.K.? You have a much longer and richer maritime history than we do. I think the reason that only some of them are in uniform is that only some are members of the PHS. They certainly infest the CDC, but I believe the majority of the employees are civilians. This evening I watched Professor Jordan Peterson at Cambridge Union. He makes too much sense to survive in academia, but he will. One of the things which came up is the harm which comes from clinging to ideology, both in a psychological sense, and in public policy. And this was the point of Josh Coleman's video which Laura Hayes posted. How many voters vote straight Democrat (or Republican)? Without knowing much of anything about the candidates' views or actions? I suspect this is the only reason someone like Pan can win an election. Too many people either have never learned to think for themselves, or have lost the ability. I once voted mostly Democrat, but Pan wised me up. I now vote character, and the only issue which matters, are they on the anti-vax team?


CIA Parker; According to one of the books written on subject over two decades ago that I read: it was not geese but the virus came from the many chicken houses that dotted the Kansas landscape around the base.

As far as being cold, hungry and over crowed; the base was organized, neat and the troops well clothed and fed. At least according to the movie "Sargent York" starring Gary Cooper. Better feed, better housed, and better clothed than most of the country at that time.

And yet it was there that the first young soldiers died from the Spanish flu.


Good article. Except that bacteria and viruses don't spread at all.

Vaccines were mostly given to soldiers but they were given to others as well after the war finished - they were told they needed them to protect them from the germ ravaged returning soldiers.

Vaccines were used in every country - regardless of which side they were on.

The vaccines - and subsequent disastrous allopathic treatment - were completely responsible.

David Weiner

Well said, Gary.

John Stone


I was going to quip that presumably they used naval rankings because they were all at sea, however it seems that they trace their institutional origins to the marine hospital service more than 200 years ago. But obviously many don’t wear uniforms or claim naval rank so you have to wonder particularly about the mentality of those who do.

Gary Ogden

Annie: You see uniforms because the "Public Health Service" is a branch of the military. Thus Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat. Except for trauma care, the only specialty in medicine which has improved due to military needs, the role of the military has nothing to do with health. On the contrary, death, destruction, and control are their mandate. There are plenty of honorable people who serve, but our political leaders put them into situations where only harm comes to populations where they are deployed (including the CDC), and to themselves. The suicide rate among active and retired military is now 22 per day. No doubt some of this has to do with the vaccines they are given.

Grace Green

This might answer your question.

John Stone


I fear you are on to something.


I’ll never be able to cease to be creeped out by the number of people in uniform at ACIP meetings. What is that about? Are we on defense or offense? Are we enlisting infants? Crazy times we live in.

david m burd

For those who are seriously interested in the 1918-19 "Spanish Flu" here is Part 3 of 5 of what I commented earlier:


There are so many historical references buttressing each other (including the U.S. Army Surgeon General's Report for year 1918 citing numerous large-scare experimental poisonous vaccines being forced on troops) that a "flu virus" was NOT the cause of the Spanish Flu' Pandemic but today's endless propaganda promting the flu shot is a keystone of the "benefits of vaccines"-- a belief that is total hogwash.

Interestingly, the haemophilus type b bacteria found in so many fatal cases; it was later renamed to be today's "haemophilus influenzae type b", yet another toxic vaccine obscenity foisted on infants today.

david m burd

Here's Part 1 of 5 by authors J. Holcombe, D jacobson, and T Ruhl, titled
Bayer and Death: A New Set of Questions about 1918:


If so motivated anybody can then find Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

Nonetheless, Holcombe et al. feature Dr. Karen M. Starko and her publication titled:

Salicylates and Pandemic Influenza Mortality, 1918-1919 Pharmacology, Pathology and Historic Evidence. Dr Starko makes an excellent case that massive doses of the newly discovered aspirin were directly the cause of probably a majority of deaths, subsequently and wrongly blamed on "flu".

There are also abundant reference (other than Starko and Holcombe et al.) clearly showing the tens of millions of doses of panickly produced horribly toxic vaccines by such as The Mayo Clinic and the NY City Department of Health were made and quickly dispersed all over the U.S. On top of all this, the U.S. Military mandated 3 and 4 doses of also very toxic vaccines to all inductees in 1917 and 1918. ALL of these vaccines were produced from pus, etc. from horses, cattle, etc., then injected into the innocent, military and civilians alike.

This whole "Spanish Flu" Hoax is the basis for the vast flu-vaccine carnage inflicted today.

As I said above, anybody can pull up what I have listed, and it's crystal clear the "flu virus" is wrongly blamed. But of course the present Belief allows non-stop promotion of today's toxic vaccine.

Angus Files

Thanks,great work.I never thought to think otherwise than what I was told about that one.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

Hans Litten,

Douglas Murray (not the author of the report) has also written on this, and says that most European women would LIKE to have more children, most would like to have two or three, but for several reasons, which he details, usually don't these days. All of the reasons could be addressed and government programs could be added to encourage families to have more children and make it easier for them. And I completely agree that at this juncture in our history, we need to increase the numbers of children born. Overpopulation is certainly a problem, but dramatically plunging birth rates, such as we've seen in Europe since 1970, are not the way to solve it.

cia parker

I think it was flu and they have pinpointed it. Bodies of Inuit who died of it have been found buried in permafrost and the virus was found to still be in their bodies. It was an H1N1 flu, like the swine flu of 2009. Older people tended not to die of the Spanish flu because they had immunity to one component of it from a flu epidemic in the 1870s. People not yet born at the time of that outbreak were young people in the prime of life during the 1918-19 flu: they had no experience of any similar flu, and they were the hardest hit by it, developing severe pneumonia very quickly and often dying of it, also very quickly. The 2009 flu turned out not to be as deadly as they had expected because everyone had partial immunity already: every person in the entire world alive in 1918 subsequently had antibodies to it, even if they had not had a clinical case of it.

I ordered a number of nosodes the other day and was surprised to see that the 1918 flu was one of the nosodes sold by that company. As was to be expected: they got samples of the virus in the frozen bodies and were able to potentize the virus. What is less clear is why anyone would want immunity to it now: they were also selling many nosodes made from many of the strains of flu responsible for the outbreaks of the last few years.

It is believed that the Spanish flu started in army barracks on the plains of Kansas among young men recruited to be sent to fight in Europe after we entered the war there. They were packed in in crowded conditions, and were cold, many of them were hungry as well. These were conditions known to favor outbreaks of disease. It is also believed that geese flying over pooped on the army camps, introducing the new virus. It appears that new strains of flu appear in geese every year, starting in China. I don't think any aspect of that flu outbreak was unusual except that it was the first known appearance of a flu combining H1 and N1, a lethal combination.

Hans Litten

The Stanley Plotkin video is astounding.
As is everything about this article .

Thank you so very much Kevin Barry

Hans Litten

Fascinating ..... thank you for wonderful education. Kevin

In fact, influenza is from the Medieval Latin “influential” in an astrological sense, meaning a visitation under the influence of the stars.

Hans Litten


'Remarkable' decline in fertility rates

In many ways, falling fertility rates are a success story.

Flu Vax :
Report author Prof Murray argues: "On current trends there will be very few children and lots of people over the age of 65 and that's very difficult to sustain global society.

bob moffit

Unfortunately .. the history of vaccines and our military personnel is replete with "unintended consequences" arising from the medical mandates requiring servicemen/women to receive vaccinations .. many of them more experimental than proven safe and effective over time .. such as .. the Swine Flu vaccine as recorded here:


Opening paragraph reads:

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- The man who led the response to the 1976 swine flu outbreak is defending the vaccination campaign that led to more deaths than the disease, but says he's sorry for the people killed or sickened.

The same "unintended consequences" of mass vaccinating our troops begot what became known as
"Gulf War Syndrome" .. as recorded in this article:


which listed the following:

•Standard series of inoculations against infectious diseases provided to any U.S. citizen traveling to the Gulf (including yellow fever, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis B, meningitis, whooping cough, polio, tetanus)
•Anthrax - about 150,000 troops
•Botulinum toxoid - about 8,000 troops

Like all "unintended consequences" regarding vaccinations of our military troops .. these are just two of many others .. that received scant long-term monitoring of troops to determine the true extent of damage done decades after our valiant men and women served our country.

Even today .. while it has been widely reported for recent years that 22 suicides a DAY occur in our military forces .. both active and retired .. no one seems willing to examine why such a high rate of suicide among our military forces is occurring .. (SSRI's?) .. quite willing to blame PTSD or similar mental problems from multiple deployments over never ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan .. wars that our nation should have long ago declared victory and left the "nation building" to those countries to determine.

I truly believe our military commanders would NEVER allow our troops to be used as "experimental" subjects to provide research on the "safety and efficiency" of vaccines .. GOD BLESS ALL WHO SERVE OUR NATION.

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