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Debating mandatory or voluntary vaccination is ‘absolutely useless’, says EU health chief

Risk choiceNote: Here in the USA, vaccination is nudging out abortion as a medical/political football.  Jabber? Meet Wocky. Upside? Meet Down.   You can abort your baby, but if born, you no longer have the right to make medical choices that carry serious risk.

The women's empowerment movement, which is all about choice and protecting one's own body, has thrown mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces under the bus when it comes to vaccination.  Should we really trust "experts" Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician, technically a medical "expert" is at the heml as in California? By encouraging doctors to run for office and funding their campaigns, pharma has the perfect combination weapon to impose the purchase, sale and use of its goods - vaccines.   Perhaps politicians could think for themselves, not just with the lobbyist whispering in their ears and lining their coffers whether an MD or not.


Medical experts, not politicians, should decide whether vaccination should be mandatory or not, EU health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis told reporters on Thursday (21 November), adding that the only relevant objective is to reach maximum coverage.

Andriukaitis was speaking at the launch of the Health at a Glance report, which compares the performance of national health systems across Europe.

Vaccination stole the show at the event, which saw the Commissioner pressed by reporters to answer questions about the ongoing debate in Italy.

According to Andriukaitis, whether to opt for voluntary or mandatory vaccination is an artificial discussion that is “absolutely useless”, repeating his earlier claim that the only relevant issue is how to reach a maximum level of vaccination coverage.

The Lithuanian Commissioner cited the example of the Netherlands, which guarantees a very high level of coverage using a fully voluntary method.

“We can use different or even a combination of schemes,” he said, adding that it is up to epidemiologists, medical doctors, scientists and immunologists to suggest which instrument is more effective.  Read more at EurActive.



Jenny ,my heart goes to the families at Vale of Leven .What we managed to get through in 2013 is the most serious abuse of professional positions of authority ever! Attemted morphine pump set up with syringe driver, with no documented assessment of need ,and no consent is as serious as it gets?
Health and Social Care Sector are also making a feeble failed attempt to try and use gagging conditions for families going through the formal Health and Social Care Complaints procedure as well !
" is up to all of us to make whistleblowing and secrecy is a thing of the past "
said Jeremy Hunt 9 March 2016 . but whistleblowing is for football and shinty referees ?
Basic standards of care are national not devolved to NHS or social Care Scotland .
See Book The Secret of Silencing a Whistleblower .By Kathy Pidgeon .

Jenny Allan

@Morag "I hope the families involved are doing ok? and also not acceptable to see politicians visibly upset and tearful on TV at the report findings."

I'm afraid the Vale of Leven families will never get over the loss of their loved ones in such a cruel and unnecessary way. I survived, but my own family were traumatised. Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie (Labour) cried when she heard evidence from the families, and went up in my estimation. Po faced Nicola Sturgeon went DOWN, but I have my own personal C diff issues with her, so she did not have far to fall.


Jenny, I hope the families involved are doing ok? and also not acceptable to see politicians visibly upset and tearful on TV at the report findings. Hospital aquired infections are mostly preventable as well . Sir Hugh Pennington is an excellent microbiologist at the top of his game ,with a tutorial delivery system that won't miss their professional training ,performance and compliance deficiencies, and hit the wall behind them ! He has a safe, effective and needlepoint efficient Fast-track presentation style in a tone that could curdle milk with a sense of humor as sharp as a surgeon's scalpal because his expertise knows damn fine that if we don't get antibiotic- resistance sorted and settled then "We are totally stuffed"and back to using Hydrogen Peroixide " to soak and irrigate wounds with gas-gangrene etc.
Vaccine risk assessments -Don't worry, they are only festering and suppurating systemically, under a scab of all safe and effective for all folk all of the time?

cia parker


I think the problem is that they're giving too many vaccines on a routine basis. While every vaccine can be dangerous, and probably every vaccine damages immune function to some degree, vaccines can save lives in the cases in which the vaccinee without the vaccine would have contracted the VPD and died or been disabled by it.

The vaccine defenders say that "a few" lives being degraded or taken by vaccines is an acceptable trade-off in order to save the lives of far more from disease. If we use the same argument in reverse, saying that "a few" lives taken by contagious diseases for which vaccines exist, is an acceptable trade-off for overall better health in those who don't get any vaccines, then we're guilty of the same sin as the pro-vaxxers. The only morally acceptable course is to inform parents as completely as possible, while encouraging them to get more information on both sides of the issue, and leave them completely free to accept or reject vaccines for themselves or their children. If you prohibit the measles vaccine entirely, then you make yourself responsible for the death of those who will die from measles, if the parents would have gotten the vaccine if it had been available. Etc. Both sides are true. Vaccines are dangerous and can disable or kill. The VPDs can also disable or kill, but some are much more dangerous than others, and some depend on conditions in the specific community.

Jenny Allan

Morag - Oh yes!! I sent a report to the Vale of Leven Hospital inquiry, led by Lord MacLean about a fatal C diff outbreak at our local hospital, having personally campaigned for two years for C diff prevention improvements, (ignored). A government lawyer attempted to block it, but I also sent copies to the Scottish Labour health spokespersons and my local Labour MSP. Labour also campaigned for the Inquiry, and implementation of a 15 point infection prevention and control document, joining forces with relatives of VoL victims and the excellent microbiologist Sir Hugh Pennington. Then Health Minister, Nicola Sturgeon resisted, but caved in to public pressure and petitions.

Lord Maclean's verdict came in a day after the Indy Referendum-no coincidence. It blamed 'Government Ministers' but did not name SNP Health Ministers Sturgeon or Robison. A quick apology and off the radar!! The suffering of those patients and their relatives, forced to watch their loved ones die horribly with no dignity and little compassion, must have been incalculable.

I complained to SPSO about my own C diff case. I was sent home with symptoms, including possible sepsis, to a vulnerable husband recovering from a heart op. There was a huge 'gaggle' of infection control hospital personnel, but I was given NO advice about infection control and no telephone number to call for advice. This was common. Even worse, patients symptomatic or diagnosed with C diff were often sent to other wards, previously infection free, to infect others. The Ombudsman found this perfectly acceptable. I appealed on the grounds his verdict amounted to 'carte blanche' for the hospital personnel to treat other patients this dangerous way, but just got a two line dismissal from SPSO. Inevitably these unsafe practices resulted in a fatal C diff outbreak in my hospital. This was added to Lord MacLean's remit for the Vale of Leven.

Obviously I survived, no thanks to them, and still campaign on health issues.


John ,I took a different route with no pass ass-essment of political accountability or responsibiliy outcome !
SPSO Ombudsman Service . Vale of Leven Hospital Inquiry judgement had just issued it's final report Nov 2014 . yet mum Donalda's brutal neglect and abusive manhandling at another Hospital health board from 1-4 Feb 2013 with lack of care plan assessment ,no plan of action attemted implementation of morphine pump/syringe driver with no assessment and no consent twice in hospital and after she self discharged herself ,GP 's personal opinion stated in notes needs morphine pump set up but with no assessment no consent also ! Considered by Ombudsman that care was reasonable ? but the hospital had stated in writing that care was inadequate sub-standard .
No transparency at SPSO with a nameless, faceless so called independent reviewer looking at medical records ?or only part of the full available paperwork ?
Moonlighting professionls from the public or private sector in health and social care can get paid "How Much?" per day to give an an anon personal opinion whether a standard of care is reasonable or not!
The transparency evaluation with nose to tail scoping exercise at SPSO would indicate that's the constipated communication blockage right there ! That needs a script prescribed for a high colonic enemata to clear the communication pipe-work of it's internal systematic blockage and critical communication obstruction .
See The Crerar Review - The Report of the independent review of regulation .
https/ scot publications 25 Sept 2007
Section 07 states We noted a particular issue about the independence of scrutiny in health

John Stone


Angus and I caught them unawares at the committee - when they found out which way the wind was blowing you couldn’t see all those Scottish heroes for dust. Somebody whispered something in their shill-like ears.


John Angus Wendy and others ,good job done! If people don't tell the politicians what their disfunctional issues and problems are to get sorted and settled ,then they will be happy to plod on unaware in their "Peter Pan" version of reality regarding basic health and safety risk assessments standards!
I watched your excellent presentation for MMR ,the concerns are done and documented using the correct procedure, so they can't be undone?
The previous Justice Secretary appeared to be paying acute attention to what you had to present to them! He knows what it feels like to get" Yon smelly stuff dropped on him from a great height"
His own team politics unsuccessfully tried to do a "Hatchet Job" on his own personal and professional judgement and capacity making capabilities as well over the Lockerbie Disaster chap ging home for end of life care . Well done Kenny MacAskill who passed his difficult considerations and decisions, with flying colours, over a difference in medical opinions,as he clearly demonstrated by his actions that he knows how to spot the difference between ,A Person, A Prisioner, A Patient , and A Human Being !

cia parker

Wouldn't there be a bottom limit below which mercury etc. wouldn't have to be listed as an ingredient? I don't know where it would be, but surely they wouldn't require the presence of one molecule of something to be included.

Hans Litten

Roll Up, Roll up (your sleeves). read all about it !

New addition to the childhood vaccine program ?
Maybe give it to all children on day 1 of life ?

n experimental Alzheimer's disease vaccine may soon be able to cut dementia cases in half and delay effects of the degenerative brain disease by five years. (pure comedy genius)

Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas said the new vaccine showed promising results during recent animal testing and are hopeful the vaccine will make it to human trials.

The journey from animal tests to human use is long and arduous, and many promising cures do not withstand it. But a senior author of the research published this week in the journal Alzheimer's Research & Therapy told USA Today if the vaccine is proven safe and effective during human trials it could reduce the total number of dementia diagnoses in half.

Who is going to ask Professor Chris Exley what he thinks cos I am afraid to.

roslyn ross

Surely vaccination was designed to improve health. But health has not improved. Indeed, health has deteriorated and more so in children. So, if vaccines are meant to improve health and lower medical costs it clearly did not work. Only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different result.


the proposed initiative for EU shared electronic medical records could be used for strong arming vaccines

Angus Files

Wendy Ste[hen as you know The Scottish Goverment always let everyone down unless there is a good story in it for them in the eyes of big business be it big pharma,oil, et-al. Shocking but not surprising that they would prefer to kick your petition out into the long grass rather than making a decision.

I see the mesh implant got a result eventually although they can still use them if no other option is available-which most women wouldn't have used mesh if there had been another option in the first place-double speak etc.

Mesh implants - timeline

April 2014 - Campaigners lodge a petition at the Scottish Parliament, calling for a suspension of mesh implant surgery.
June 2014 - Women, some of them in wheelchairs, give evidence to Holyrood's petitions committee about the debilitating consequences of their surgery. Health secretary, Alex Neill asks Scotland's health boards to suspend the use of mesh while an independent review is carried out.
October 2015 - New health secretary, Shona Robison, apologises to women affected and says the suspension will remain in place.
December 2016 - Figures obtained by BBC Scotland reveal that 404 women have received mesh and tape implants since the health secretary called for the suspension in June 2014.
March 2017 - Patient representatives Olive McIlroy and Elaine Holmes resign from the independent review group, claiming its final report has been watered down. The review says the procedure should not be used routinely for pelvic organ prolapse cases, and for incontinence, women should be given full information about the risks before making their decision.
May 2017 - Shona Robison asks Prof Alison Britton of Glasgow Caledonian University to conduct a review of the independent review
July 2018 - NHS England says the use of mesh implants will be "paused" until strict new conditions are met but will remain as a treatment of last resort for some patients

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


It’s a precedent but I am not sure it binds anyone. I am more worried about the EU copyright directive from our perspective.


I think they are very much an attempt to create a totalitarian framework. People just won’t stand up. I wrote to all the British MEPs (73) and about 20 of all denominations wrote with very similar letters saying the WHO asked them to do it, as if that absolved them from having to think or question - or answer straightforward factual points.

Jeannette Bishop

@John Stone, I've wondered if these "vaccines are safe" by legislation ventures are really surveys to determine which elected representatives are vaccine risk aware and honest about it?

cia parker


I had never heard of it before its ruling a month or so ago, but this is what I read about it. Is this not correct?

"◾The European Court of Human Rights — which has jurisdiction over 47 European countries, and whose rulings are legally binding on all 28 member states of the European Union — has effectively legitimized an -- code in the interests of "preserving ---" in Europe."

Wendy Stephen

The Scottish Executive are quick to endorse and promote vaccines but it’s a very different story when they are asked to recognise and compensate those who have suffered an adverse event shown to have been caused by a vaccine. On 9th May 2017 I launched a petition with the Scottish Executive’s petitions committee “PE01658: Compensation for those who suffered a neurological disability following administration of the Pluserix vaccine between 1988 and 1992”.(1)

In June of 2017 I was invited to address the committee at which time it was agreed that they would write to the Scottish Government, the MHRA, the CSM and the JCVI in respect of the issues I had raised in my petition.

On 28th July 2017 the Scottish Ececutive provided a written reply containing two reasons why, in their opinion, they were not liable for the neurological damage.(2) Firstly they asserted that the Vaccine Damage Payment Unit was the body which should be approached to pursue this matter, despite knowing and acknowledging in their own SPICe Parliamentary Briefing (12th May 2017) which they compiled and attached to my petition at the outset that “Payment made under the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme is not compensation…”(3)

Secondly, they sought to divert liability by arguing that the “events” pre dated devolution and related to “decisions made at the time by the UK Government” neither of which has prevented the Scottish Executive from both recognising and compensating other similar groups who have endured lasting disabilities as a result of events which occurred prior to devolution and were the result of decisions made by the UK government.

I responded to the Executive’s submission (4) and the petition was finally revisited by the committee on 21st December 2017, at which time they acknowledged that they had not received replies from any of the other three parties. It was agreed that they would write to all four again, including the Scottish Executive for the second time.

Despite numerous phone calls to the Petitions Committee clerks (and a reassurance after summer recess that they would chase for replies) and the hands on (and welcome) intervention of my own MSP and his team, we are now in November 2018 and they still have not been able to get any replies to the December 2017 letters.

In the meantime I have requested copies of all the letters but I’m still waiting!

So what does it say about the Scottish Executive that they have not replied to the latest letter, have sought to divert liability on to the VDPU and are hiding behind a flimsy argument that Pluserix was the liability of the UK Government in the pre devolution era and therefore cannot be visited on to the Scottish Executive today when they have recognised other vulnerable groups in the same circumstances.

And what of the JCVI, MHRA and the CSM all of whom have now ignored two letters from the petitions committee.

Finally, what does it say about the status of the petitions committee (who were very receptive to my petition) if they cannot get the relevant parties to recognise them and respond to their repeated approaches (particularly the Scottish Executive itself).
Although this has been and still is a very unsatisfactory state of affairs I have nothing but praise for the committee members themselves, their support staff and my own MSP and his assistant, all of whom have worked tirelessly on my behalf to get this resolved.

Looking to the bigger picture what does it say about a Scottish Government who are keen to promote vaccination but indulge in all manner of avoidance (including ignoring a communication from one of their own committees) when faced with a request to compensate those who are acknowledged to have suffered neurological damage as a result of receiving a vaccine.

Looking back on the past eighteen months I am reminded of the words of Baroness Faithfull who three years after the implementation of the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 noted how families of vaccine damaged children were led to believe by the Government then in power “ that they would be assisted, supported and helped” while noting in conclusion ….. “and yet they still wait”

(2) PE1658/B Scottish Government submission of 28 July (84KB pdf)
(3) SPICe Briefing (148KB pdf)
(4) PE1658/C: Petitioner submission of 15 August (114KB pdf)


Medical experts, not politicians, should decide whether vaccination should be mandatory or not,


No. Parents, and parents ALONE should be the ones deciding that.

If I had ignored a 'medical expert' 13 years ago, my son would not have been disabled by vaccines.


What is interesting about the European Paliament passing a resolution stating that vaccines are safe is that the U.S. did the same thing last year.


The only relevant issue should be how to reach a level of maximum public health. Over vaccination is an impediment to that goal. The so called experts clearly have no expertise in the area of autoimmunity and need to be removed from positions of power.

John Stone


I think it’s relevant - the European Parliament this year passed a resolution stating that vaccines were safe. You might think it was outside their remit to declare all products of a certain class were safe, and for all time. One thing about politicians is that they don’t want to see the downside of policy and when they have institutions that are incredibly effective at hiding it they are either duped or reckon they are on to a good thing. But of course they lose touch with reality. Sadly, it is not some benign madness.

Jeannette Bishop

Off topic, maybe on a tanget: I wonder if we'll get the truth of what happened here, a politician recently compaigned for flu vaccine, and received one himself, and has died shortly afterwards?

John Stone


The European Court of Human Rights is a separate institution from the European Union.

cia parker

The European Court of Human Rights (under the EU tyranny) handed down a decision last month which ended freedom of speech in Europe. You are now only allowed to say what the court gives you permission to say. It's hard to believe that this has happened. We have to resist a new totalitarian system every few decades? In the US, we have the constitutional right to freedom of speech and of the press, but efforts are being made to abrogate those here as well.

It won't last. As far as vaccines go, European parents are as concerned about autism and autoimmune disease caused by the vaccines as we are. Thank God for the Internet, which is hard to censor completely, although the thought-tyrants are restricting and largely censoring every area of social media. I'd say it was disappointing because for years all the books on vaccine tyranny in the US have said that far fewer vaccines were recommended in Europe and that none were mandatory. Which wasn't true to start with for many countries: France has always mandated the DT (not pertussis) and polio vaccines (which I think are reasonable to get anyway), but it was true until the last few years that the huge US schedule was not mandatory in any European country. I guess monied interest will always try to rule and dictate where the money is.

Angus Files

Very much appreciated having support from John Stone on that day and un-seen others.With John riding shotgun your ready for anything.On that day they could have asked us anything and John would have been able to answer them from the top of his head,or direct them where to find out,or find out for them.Typical Governments world wide just now, seen to be doing some token thing but actually delivering little or nothing.Unless we get Brexit we can achieve nothing.Just like John I thought the EU curbed the UK bullies but the globalists have taken over the EU no support from me for the EU anymore.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

I have been watching with dismay the vaccine juggernaut heading through European institutions in the last year, the failure to hold the EMA to account over HPV vaccines, but worst of all is the move to close down free speech on the web via the bogus copyright directive, so people may only be able to write anything in future with corporate patronage. Perhaps it will not work but it stinks like hell.

Gary Ogden

Right you are, John. The EU is a dream come true for the globalists, a nightmare for those under its lash. Who won WWII? In the U.S. it was the defense industry, who have been in charge of our disastrous foreign policy ever since. In Europe one wonders, considering the financial power Germany wields among the rest. Cui bono? Seems Europeans have shot themselves in both feet with this bureaucratic monstrosity.

cia parker

What John said. I was just about to say that the EU is an arrogant, totalitarian institution which is trying to override the choices and interests of the people living under it. Not just on vaccination, but on issues related to immigration as well, among many others. Most people have no idea of the identity of the eurocrats making decisions which degrade their lives on many levels. It's the antithesis of democracy.

I was totally behind Brexit and got updates on it every day two and a half years ago. I stayed up until one in the morning watching voting returns on the Internet, until victory for Brexit was called. I'm disappointed that it hasn't been put into effect any better, but I guess that was to be expected.

Italy and Mattini have been in the forefront of the democratic resistance to EU tyranny, a major player in the new coalition of Allies. They will win, there's no question of that. The Italian people admire and respect Mattini inordinately, and for good reason. I admire and respect him as well.


Speech by Commissioner for Health and Food Safety .
4 days ago speech by Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukatis at the European Vaccination Conference in Paris .
Alexander Flemming ,who came across penicillin rather than discovering it ? will be birling in his resting place at the state of the present "Totally Bonkers"standards .
4 Candles of and for enlightenment anyone?
Two Ronnies -Four Candles -Youtube What they said is not what they meant ? A mirror held up to present political reality?
Who was Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove - Kalergie ?
Das Pan-Europaische Manifest A pan- Europa experiment in social engineering?a big failure!
"The reason we need the EU is precisely because it's not democratic "said Jose Manuel Baaroso
Chairman European Commission 2004-2014.

John Stone

Yes, the politicians...what is it about vaccines? Politicians could take steps to ensure that the advice they receive is impartial, they could very well ask the difficult questions that sites like AoA ask.

Three years ago I went to support Angus Files before the Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee in Edinburgh over the lack of independence of the London based Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation (the British equivalent of the ACIP). After polite interest at our visit they dropped the issue like a hot potato. Months after this I was astounded to watch an archive video of the same committee (the same members) interrogate the Scottish Health Minister and the Scottish Chief Medical Officer over provision of treatments for hypothyroidism: they were merciless - they grappled with technical issues, they warned that there would be hell to pay. If it had been me I might actually have been more polite, but they certainly were not frightened of tough talk, or of those two august individuals - they tore strips off them. Yet when it came to vaccines you could not see them for dust, and even the majority Scottish National Party members were content to defer to London.

Back in 2016 I actually voted to remain in the EU but I have to admit that in the interim and particularly in the last year I have finally become sickened by the overbearing and totalitarian nature of European institutions. The commission has just become a means to enforce global interests over citizens (once I thought it might be a check on British institutions). If the parliament reject the commission's proposals, they just come back with more pernicious garbage until they accept it. The whole thing is repulsive.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Rome still has no answer.

bob moffit

"Medical experts, not politicians, should decide whether vaccination should be mandatory or not, EU health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis told reporters on Thursday (21 November), adding that the only relevant objective is to reach maximum coverage."

Empathically NO .. "the only relevant objective is to reach maximum coverage" … the ONLY RELEVANT OBJECTIVE FOR MEDICAL EXPERTS IS TO FIRST … DO NO HARM.

While I agree that POLITICIANS ought not decide whether vaccination should be mandatory or not .. but … "MEDICAL EXPERTS"? How about the people being vaccinated? Have THEY no right to decide what vaccines they are MANDATED TO RECEIVE? Patient's health and safety ought never be a lower priority of MEDICAL EXPERTS whose highest priority is to 'REACH MAXIMUM COVERAGE".

It would be one thing if MEDICAL EXPERTS were "fail safe" .. but .. we all know for a fact that MEDICAL EXPERTS have a lengthy history of promoting failed treatments and pharmaceuticals that proved to be more "problem than solution" .. causing everything from DEATH to life-long, life-threatening, life-altering to patients. Thalidomide and Vioxx come to mind .. but .. they are only TWO of many other dangerous "unintended consequences" resulting from MEDICAL EXPERTS who recommended and approved them.

As a senior citizen .. in my lifetime .. I have learned time and time again that MEDICAL EXPERTS constantly change their recommendations and treatments for just about everything .. for instance .. cigarettes don't cause cancer … SIDS is caused by laying infants on their stomachs .. to laying infants on their backs when the recommendation to lay them on their stomachs failed to reduce SIDS.

In fact I am no longer confident about ANYTHING .. is coffee harmful? One day coffee is bad .. many days later .. coffee is suddenly good again.

Consider .. according to a recent study by Johns Hopkins, more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year because of medical mistakes, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. (Feb 22, 2018)

I would suggest to EU health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis .. before he arrogantly argues the highest priority of MEDICAL EXPERTS is to maximize vaccine coverage .. he revaluates his high esteem of MEDICAL EXPERTS .. by acknowledging it is MEDICAL EXPERTS who are largely responsible for making medical mistakes the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH AFTER HEART DISEASE AND CANCER.

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