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Children’s Health Defense on The Sickest Generation

Chd-logoMore than 54% of American children are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses, with the late 1980s and early 1990s viewed as the gateway period that launched the decline. Autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies have doubled since that time, with autism now one in 34 children in some regions. Pediatric autoimmune conditions are also on the rise, and the proportion of public school children using special education services is estimated at 13% to 25% of school populations. Mounting evidence indicates environmental toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides as the principal culprits, while studies link vaccines and toxic vaccine ingredients to a wide range of adverse health outcomes, including seizures, neurodevelopmental disorders, and infant death. As the medical, public health, and government circles remain silent on the social and economic fallout from these toxic exposures, American children have never been so sick.

Our comprehensive white paper, The Sickest Generation: The Facts Behind the Children’s Health Crisis and Why it Needs to End covers these chronic illness and more, along with the causes and the steps you need to take to protect your children now.  Read more at the Children’s Health Defense site.


Jeannette Bishop

I meant to include this link to the petition:

Also, in the interview, I wanted to mention the discussion, @ 28:50, that they are seeing bacteria affected by EMF radiation possibly relating to changes we are seeing in the microbiome and maybe anti-biotic resistance.

Jeannette Bishop

I want to share an interview and effort opposing the next (or maybe one of the next) assaults on health in the works:

Jeannette Bishop

Something around 0.7% of U.S. children 5 and under die each year too. If institutions like the AAP, CDC, CPS (whose existence more than CDC may be most responsible for the vaccine injury epidemics IMO) were graded by for the percentage of healthy children they "help" raise, the best possible grade would have to be less than 45%, which is always an F on any grading scale I've known.

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