Meet The Authors of HPV Vaccine on Trial in Rye, NY November 8
The Role of Toxic Stimuli Combinations in Determining Safe Exposure Limits


Gasston Montand

People around the world must wake up. If you listen to Bill Gates one of the vaccine murderers, he is straight about it. We are too many on the planet and have to reduce by 6000 million! It is being enforced by the almighty Illuminati, the big bankers, who has been murdering people over a 200 years by wars and sicknesses. Their ultimate aim is the new World Order, i.e. world slavery . They fight from the shadows, with, bribes, lies, mass murder, and ignorant people, mainly in collaboration with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Various viruses were and are being developed to kill, such as HIV, Ebola, Zika etc. Also agricultural products such as GMO. Poisons such as chemtrails, containing poisons, mercury, are used as well as glyphosate sprayed on agricultural products and kill the bees, so that farmers are forced to buy GMO seeds. The newest is compulsory vaccinations to damage, murder and make children sterile. They use many politicians to promote it, in the various countries. The latest trick is to import large number of invaders from countries, where contagious diseases are there but people grew immunity, to countries, the viruses have been eradicated. In Germany it is encouraged by the Angel of Death in the US by the demoncraps. The EU is the European outpost of the Illuminati.

Laura Hayes

Short video by Joshua Coleman regarding the Eric Frame vs. Richard Pan race:


Josh showed us at the beginning of this race that the Republican was such a dunce that he did not even get his name in, in time to be on the ballots, but he was sure that they 'the voter" would just write his name on the ballot instead.

So then Frame; an independent stepped in. I guess it is a miracle he got that many votes.

And it is a wonder California just don't have 12 years of service with no pesky elections in between.


68 to 32.
I am surprised he was up for election.
Maybe I am not understanding this?

he California State Senate has 40 Members elected to four-year terms. Like Assembly Members, State Senators elected on or after the passage of Proposition 28, in 2012, may serve a lifetime maximum of 12 years in the State Legislature. Also, like Assembly Members, Senators who were first elected to the State Legislature on or after the passage of Proposition 28 may serve 12 years in the Senate, or a combination of service in the Assembly and Senate as long as the combined terms do not exceed 12 years.

So he gets another four years before the election. Time to do real damage and then he can get another four and that is it.

He has time to do great damage, and with an ego that he got 68 percent of the vote so he is doing the populace bidding along with his pharma masters.

Angus Files

Jake joining the dots -its a pharmily business..

CDC Vaccine Chief’s Brother No Longer Heads 2016-Related Investigations

Pharma For Prison



Vaccines settled science? Yes, they are extremely dangerous and contribute enormously to making U.S. children among the least healthy in the developed world...


- The US has the least healthy, most heavily vaccinated children in the world.

- Although the US accounts for only 5% of the worlds population, the US, alone, holds over 45% of the global pharmaceutical market

... isn't that an interesting coincidence

Who are the least healthy in the


Wes, do you wash your hands for 20 seconds minimum after using the restroom?

Do you use alcohol-based hand sanitizer after touching door hands of public buildings - such as Walgreens, where sick people go to buy medicine?

You assert, “You just can't send your infected children to school to infect the others.” But if you are not practicing the proper hand hygiene techniques public health policymakers promote, you are probably spreading infectious pathogens.

If you got the nasal flu vaccine, you are/were shedding live virus for 10 to 14 days — that’s according to pharmaceutical company literature. In a Minnesota nasal mist clinical trial at a school, a placebo child tested positive for vaccine-strain influenza transmitted from her vaccinated classmates.

In the 1960s and 1970s society did not panic over communicable childhood diseases, except polio - whose tragic and convoluted biological legacy has been reexamined in articles by Mark Blaxill and the late Dan Olmsted.

Put some thought into whether you truly know the facts about the utilitarian (read: mediocre) choices your government public health policymakers are mandating. Right now you are just a knee-jerk vaccine cheerleader: you don’t know how the game is played, but you’re waving your pompons anyway.

Greg Pan is just the pan-acea to dupe the public Wes is resounding proof of that.

Yes Angus, and although the vote suggests two-thirds of the publc is duped, a third obviously is not! This is absolutely huge! While I understand our frustration that our man didn't win, I am extremely encouraged by this.

I consider the frustration around here stems from seeing the carnage and injustice, and feeling nothing short of a swift end to it is acceptable. True as this is, it shouldn't blind us from seeing the real inroads being made, and especially given the formidable forces stacked against us.

The truth is the vaccination war is a real slugfest. This doesn't mean we're not winning. In fact, the solid worldwide increase in vaccine skepticism indicates we are. The slugfest also does not mean that will not secure a dramatic TKO. It simple means our opponent is not rolling over, and we should expect that they will continue to land blows of their own.

Jeannette Bishop

Wes, another fact to add to yours...

"... During the measles outbreak in California in 2015, a large number of suspected cases occurred in recent vaccinees (3). Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (R. J. McNall, unpublished data). In contrast, only 11 of 542 cases genotyped in the National Reference Center for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella in Germany were associated with the vaccine virus."

Jeannette Bishop

There has been obvious voting anomalies in the past two presidential primaries (some are pretty sure Bernie Sanders really won in Cal. primaries for instance)... I wish I could feel like any "results" could be trusted and weren't contrived, especially when I've seen what appears to be vote shaving/flipping (easy to do with electronic counting machines) not to obtain a close majority for a "favored" candidate, as that was likely anyway, but to create the impression that an unwanted-by-some candidate and his "crazy" positions are not even registering in the populace and lovely tyrannical coronation ceremony, rather than traditional convention could then be held.

Did you know that the Supreme Court has ruled that every voter has the right to know that their vote has been counted and counted the way they voted? (something to that effect...) Any U.S. states operating not in violation of that ruling?

I have had the thought that maybe it's just as well that a good, caring, young man, active in trying to better his community, is not elected to that legislative body, because maybe they'll just try to tarnish and neutralize his efforts, and...maybe this state is like the Titanic already breached and those appearing to have captained the ship are going to be blamed when that becomes clear...and our legislators have voted that they don't even have to live in their districts they even have to live in the state ...?

Barry Stern

Vaccines settled science? Yes, they are extremely dangerous and contribute enormously to making U.S. children among the least healthy in the developed world, as suggested by the following publications:

Another source that is gathering considerable attention is J.B. Handley's book, How to End the Autism Epidemic.


hi Wes, here is a link on Hep B in the classroom. the article
"If you decide to disclose your child's hepatitis B, remain calm, provide literature to reinforce the facts, and give the school a letter from your child's doctor stating that s/he is healthy and poses no risk to the other children if appropriate precautions are maintained. Most states require hepatitis B vaccination prior to school entry, so this reduces any potential risk to other students.

We recommend the following when disclosing your child's hepatitis B to school officials:

Stress the importance of confidentiality and universal precautions to protect your child from social discrimination.
Remind school officials that hepatitis B is transmitted through exposure to blood; it is not transmitted casually.
Explain that hepatitis B is not the only blood-borne disease that puts children at risk.
Consider saying "Treat my child as you should treat every child - with care. You know what risk my child poses, but you don't know the risk that other children might present."
So, just to reiterate, no hep B vaccine, no education. Actual illness, and that child is sitting right next to yours.


Hi Wes,
Kids with hepatitis or HIV (actual infected kids whose blood carries the illness) are allowed to sit in the class. It is against the law for you to even know they have a diagnosis. Are you worried about these kids, or are those infections fine for your kid to have sitting next to them? What about all the kids with viruses or colds? Are they fine, or do you want to campaign to keep them out of school too?

Apparently, you are fine with a kid with Aids in your childs classroom , but a kid who hasn't had a shot that may not give protection anyway, for an illness they have less than one in a million chance of getting at any time in their life should be denied an education. Or would you also deny a kid with aids an education too, if you could?
Kind of funny, isn't it; no hep B vaccine, kick them out. Actually have a hep B infection, and they have to be allowed in.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Wes | November 07, 2018 at 06:18 PM

Wes , here are the facts for you.

Get your annual flu vaccine (with safe at any levels themiserol), this year and every year please.
Also the CDC now recommends the Gardakil vax for all adults now so hopefully you are in the designated age group (but even if you aren't - get it anyway.)

I totally agree with you, vaccines are safe and effective and quite frankly wonderful.
Personally I just cant get enough of them.
The 200-300 planned in the pipeline right now cannot arrive quickly enough for me.
I cannot wait.
I really have no idea who all these whingeing people are on here !
What possibly could harmless intravenous injection of nano sized particles of allie or Mercky
have to do with sickness and illness. Fetal DNA-RNA is harmless.
PolySherbert80 is just like pear drops to me !

As for the Merckury Pharmaceutical company and Julie Gerberding (she is gorgeous), I love them.
Colon Boil is glamour model to me (what integrity, what pure intellect).
Paul Offit is my hero, genius, man of honour, Time magazine man of the year 1936.
I would love to go to dinner with Paul (I would even pick up the tab).
Stanley Plotkin is my hero - saviour of the human race. My favourite film director too.
Agent Orange was favourite of all his films. Pure class.

Angus Files

Greg Pan is just the pan-acea to dupe the public Wes is resounding proof of that.

Oh great its thanksgiving -said the Turkey!?.

Calling for the revocation of Dr. Richard Pans’s medical license over SB 277

THE MOST DANGEROUS DOCTOR IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-RICHARD PAN-Complaint Information:click the link below to file against physician license number 84883

Pharma For Prison


Gary Ogden

Wes: It is the vaccinated who are the infected ones. All virus- and bacteria-targeted vaccines induce a mild form of the disease itself, and some of them, such as measles and polio vaccines can cause shedding of the virus by the recipient for days or weeks (getting my facts straight, Wes, this is real science; ask Dr. Gregory Poland of the Cleveland Clinic, one of the most well-known vaccine developers, safety-testers, and promoters; their hospital forbids recently-vaccinated visitors from contact with patients for this very reason). Others, such as tetanus, are different. Tetanus is not an infectious disease. Lockjaw is caused by an anaerobic bacterium, Clostridium tetani. It can produce a potent toxin in the absence of oxygen, such as in a deep wound, so the vaccine is actually an antitoxin rather than a weakened form of the disease causing microbe. Nevertheless, all California children are required to have five doses of it prior to kindergarten, while their lifetime risk of lockjaw is so vanishingly small that only a few cases occur in the U.S. each year, almost all of them among the elderly. More real straight facts, Wes, just ask the CDC. If you wish, I can supply you with a reading list of straight facts from scientists and physicians. I have read 19 books and hundreds of scientific papers on the subjects of vaccines, virology, immunology, microbiology, and biochemistry. Just say the word, and I will happily supply you with titles and links to about three years of reading.


Pan got about 68%, Eric Frame about 32%.
its such a shame, an independent has difficulty getting marketed, even when they are clearly a better candidate on many issues.

cia parker


Getting the measles is the best possible training for the lifetime health of the child who gets it. All the children who got measles in the Disneyland outbreak four years ago recovered without incident and will enjoy the benefits for life. The girls will be able to protect their future infants for the first year of life, or as long as they continue breastfeeding.

Many of those who get the MMR react to it with autism and bowel disease or many other severe conditions. Why is this a good idea?

Not every parent can homeschool their children. The question is whether it is dangerous for children to go to school with children who are unvaxxed. The answer is that it's not very dangerous. Look at the 47 states which still permit personal exemptions as well as medical. When was the last time you heard of a child dying or being disabled because he caught a VPD from an unvaxxed classmate? I have never heard of a single case anywhere in the US, ever. It is theoretically possible, but extraordinarily unlikely. While with an autism rate now of one in 36, it is very likely that a child react to vaccines with autism. Or allergies, or diabetes, or a seizure disorder, or an autoimmune condition. Which is worse? Mild, beneficial measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, even flu or pertussis, or a lifetime with autism, etc.?


Am I the only one seeing any positives from this vote.  I quote my 'friend' Skeptical Raptor, who, incidentally, banned me a second time, but this time not even giving a reason. Oh well!...

Well, none of this nonsense mattered in the election. Richard Pan won his California State Senate seat 68-32% over an anti-vaccine independent, Eric Frame. Admittedly, Senate District 6 is overwhelmingly Democratic – Hillary Clinton won the district by about the same amount over Donald Trump in 2016.

Yes, Eric didn't win and Pan wasn't defeated, but think about the result again.  A third of Californians voted for an openly 'antivaccine'-- heck, one that made that his platform-- candidate.   How does none of this 'mattered'?  Are a third of Californians truly antivaccines, or, at a minimum, against Pan and his mandates?  What happened to well over 90% of parents support vaccines and fully vaccinate their kids, and it was only a miniscule amount of fringed 'nutcases' opposing?  Really -- how is this a resounding victory for the vaccine pushers?!


you guys are really the uninformed here.....if you want to refuse vaccinations, you still can. You just can't send your infected children to school to infect the others. If you don't want to vaccinate, it's still your choice. The children that got measles in Marin County were because of allowing unvaccinated ones to attend public school.

Get your facts straight.

Tammy W

This is devastating! I have a son with a peanut/seed allergy and a daughter with type 1 diabetes and arthritis. Ofcourse I am encouraged to give the flu shot and continue vaccinations! That's what caused this mess in the first place! Where is my freedom as a parent?? Rediculous...

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: California voters, myself included, sometimes display colossal stupidity. Time after time we vote to raise our taxes; sometimes the legislature just does it without asking anyone. But ignorance is certainly the major factor in electing sociopathic charlatans like Pan. We've been spoon-fed propaganda about infectious diseases our whole lives. If every registered voter read "Dissolving Illusions" we would be able to get rid of these criminals.

cia parker

Why did they vote for him? I'm astonished, and just wondering. He's not known for anything but his stance pushing vaccines, is he?


Not about the evil Pan, but the New York Times has a bogus article about the flu vaccine today with a comment section. Please weigh in. A lot of nasty anti-vax
comments but some people on this site can make a very effective informed argument. Please!.

Gary Ogden

Sorry, meant to say "2004 Ohio presidential results."

Gary Ogden

Alan V. Schmulkler: is an excellent resource for understanding why we cannot trust election results. Nearly all the votes in the U.S. are tabulated by private companies whose proprietary (vote-counting) software cannot be accessed or examined by anyone. The only real way to know accurate election results is with hand-counted paper ballots. Some states have abandoned paper ballots, and, where they are used (as in California), hand counts only happen with recounts in very close races because this is expensive, and counties are strapped for money as it is. It is really quite easy, using demographic and other information down to the precinct level, to write software which flips a few votes here and there enough to alter results undetectably. I am suspicious of the 2000 Ohio presidential results, the 2016 California Democratic presidential primary results, and I sometimes wonder if they miscalculated in 2016, and didn't flip enough votes, allowing Trump to win (I was a Trump voter who would have preferred Bernie, not for his political views, but for his character), my assumption being that the deep state surely preferred Hillary. Our system is broken.


Was it even a close election?


That is Turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

I am deeply disappointed. It shows lack of understanding by the majority of voters. Voters, citizens, us are still uninformed and pharma is still winning. What else are we do to?

Grace Green

We were discussing the case of the Indian takeaway over tea. It seems these two caterers have been made scapegoats, in order to cover up the real culprits. Is anyone aware whether there is any regulation of catering establishments regarding food allergies, in the UK? These gentlemen don't appear to have contravened anything of the kind.

Alan V. Schmulkler

I don't believe Californians are that stupid. According to investigative journalist the GOP stole 300,000 votes in Georgia alone. I believe they stole the Richard Pan election as well.


Good thing we’re all aware of saliva’s superiority over the tentanus vaccine. The wounded only come back more experienced. That a virtually unknown Independent like Mr Frame could rattle an entrenched Pharma funded power party candidate like Pan as much as he did is nothing to sneeze at! Thank you so very much to all the people who worked so hard !!!


It has become another prison camp like Australia, go there at your own risk. It is very difficult to help many of the people in both locations, such is the level of indoctrination, but we shall never give up trying.

Angus Files

Turkeys voting for Christmas.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

I think this 9 part series started today - Am I right ?

Great idea - glad someone is finally doing something like this.

Hans Litten

A takeaway's owner and manager, who caused a teenage girl's death by sending her a meal containing peanuts, have been jailed for manslaughter.
Megan Lee, 15, suffered irreversible brain damage after having an allergic reaction to food from Royal Spice in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, in 2016.
Mohammed Abdul Kuddus and Harun Rashid were found guilty in October.
At Manchester Crown Court earlier, Kuddus was jailed for two years and Rashid for three.
And Pharma Harma's vaccinations which caused the peanut allergy walks away scot free.


California has become a Gothic horror story for the most basic of civil rights, the right to bodily integrity.

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