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Thank You To Microbiome Researchers

Note: Thank you to Teresa for keeping readers up to date on important research into the microbiome - your gut health.

By Teresa Conrick

Thank you to fellow Microbiome hunters in researching and getting published, Do gut microbiota mediate adverse vaccine reaction  Keith Bell (Microbiome Vaccine Safety Project, USA) has been involved in this research for years and is looking for answers.  When vaccination is mentioned, there can be a knee-jerk reaction to deny any negatives but as we see the numbers increasing in immune, neurological, and neuropsychiatric diseases and disorders, the connections must be pursued.  My appreciation for all of their efforts.  From their study:

Gut microbiota are known to affect vaccine response as several studies have now demonstrated [1-6]. Imbalanced flora is associated with systemic inflammation and blunted immune response to vaccination [7-8]. Poor sanitation is associated with vaccine failure in the developing world due to imbalanced flora, also associated with rampant child growth stunting which includes cognitive deficits [9]. Probiotic vaccine adjuvants are in development. Moreover, evidence of the reciprocal relationship between microbiota and host immune system is perhaps the most exciting area of scientific research today. Indeed, this area of science is said to hold potential to change the face of modern medicine.

There are currently no published studies about how microbiota may also be associated with adverse reactions to vaccination. Our central hypothesis is that gut microbiota have a significant effect on host response to vaccination where a reduced or absent population of commensal flora coupled with an overgrowth of pathogenic strains may become a microbial predisposition to adverse vaccine reaction…


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you. This is very compelling. I also want to ask if there is much research on the impact on the gut flora from vaccination?

If the following appears to be true, is there any evidence of alteration of the bacteria in the appendix post vaccination?

Screaming Mom

This fascinated me because my son was put on IV antibiotics within hours of birth. And he ended up with vaccine injuries . . . How many others on the autism spectrum were on antibiotics early on?

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