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Brooklyn Couple Sees Video of Disabled Daughter's Abuse on School Bus

WeepNine years ago, it was Kim Rossi (then Stagliano) viewing video of a bus attendant physically abusing her daughter. Almost a decade later, this abuse continues.  One of my daughters "spits" when she has zinc issues and/or stomach pain and /or is trying to form a SOUND to communicate. She is not an angry camel projecting sputum to harm you. She is a disabled young woman trying to get through the day. Like Miss India Knox. I am so sorry for her family. I know the rage that erupts from the very source of your soul when you see evidence of your child coming to harm. It's visceral anger.  To the attendant Mr. Valmont. You are a piece of merde.


School bus attendant is caught on camera attacking 13-year-old special needs girl and pushing her head into the seat in front because she 'spat at other students'

Shaheen and Alex Knox are suing Leesel Transportation Corporation and attendant Beleck Valmont over the incident on October 30. Their daughter, 13-year-old India Knox, is dependent on 24-hour medical assistance and has the mental capacity of a five-year-old. Valmont was seen on video violently shaking the girl - who weighs just 84lbs - as they rode to the Manhattan Children's Center.  Justin Foster, the 34-year-old paraprofessional on the bus, said he filmed the altercation in order to protect India and the other children. The 48-year-old bus attendant claimed India had been spitting on other students. He has a daughter and has been working as a bus attendant for 13 years. Valmont was suspended and charged with six crimes including assault

NY Daily News reports:

Her parents said there’s nothing the 84-pound girl could’ve done to provoke Leesel Transportation Corp. attendant Beleck Valmont, who was captured on video shaking India by her head on the way to school. Another bus staffer, who was concerned by what he saw, shot cell phone footage of Valmont’s actions and notified school officials.



Thank you Kim for posting this, I cannot imagine the horrific memories this brought back to you.
And, thank you Susan, for such a reasoned response to a disgraceful comment.

The video was extremely difficult to watch. It's absolutely heartbreaking to think about what these poor kids must endure everyday.
Sharie, you offer a very good suggestion for the driver and the aides to help better understand the children in their care. It certainly would help!

Another recent story posted on fox10tv.com...
Mother Talks About Son Days After He Was Killed At A Group Home

These stories are horrific and there seems to be no end in sight to the Vaccine Holocaust. As long as we have corrupt laws, corrupt Gov't agencies, corrupt ACIP, corrupt media, sociopaths like senator Pan pushing mandatory injections, and so many WILLFULLY ignorant pediatricians who refuse to take any responsibility, we will unfortunately, see many more cases of abuse & murder of these poor innocent children and young adults.


Being an aide on the special needs school buses certainly isn't the most glamorous of jobs, but it requires at the very least a basic understanding of what autism looks like when it comes to our kids' behaviors. I don't think these folks are provided any training or given a video to watch that depicts how special needs children will react differently compared to typical kids in a given situation. My daughter would punch herself in the face for the duration of the bus ride because the aide had no idea what to do...she purposely sat at the back of the bus to avoid the kids. They don't know about spatial insecurity, for example, and would yell at the kids to climb on the bus faster instead of offering support. Maybe a cheat sheet of each child's issues should be mandatory for the driver and aide as a way of providing a better understanding of their clients.

Angus Files

The cases that are settled out of court by Councils in the UK go un noticed.I know of a case where the mother suspected that the cab/taxi sent to pick up her boy for school was abusing him.This was despite the companion in the cab meant to be PVG checked and independent to the taxi driver.She put a mobile phone in the childs bag and switched it on so she could hear his journey all unbeknown to the cab driver and the companion. Her worst fears were confirmed as she heard the two men abusing her son.She phoned the Police whilst it was happening.The case was admitted by the Council out of court and settlement was reached of course with the agreement that the case can not be talked about.How many more are there like that and the perpetrators know in the UK there is no such thing as Justice anymore..

Pharma For Prison


Susan Welch

Will, Why are you so angry with supporters of AoA?

Many here suffer. Many are fighting in their own way to try to bring abuse into the open.

What on earth do you think we are doing wrong - as individuals?


Another disgraceful incident of abuse of a helpless disabled child on a school bus! Unfortunately we need cameras everywhere-school buses, classrooms, group homes etc. to protect our loved ones from abuse. Sadly, it will never happen.


This is yet another sad case of abuse of the disabled and I hope the offender gets prison. Why are so many here at AofA so hyper focused on that Pam guy and not this abuse case?! Because it does not matter to them and their rabid conspiracy theory based lifestyle! When it comes to "disabled rights advocates" they rarely get involved with abuse cases or other serious issues like affordable housing and health care for the disabled. It seems that most "disabled rights advocates" are just upper middle class white females that threaten frivolous law suits related to wheelchair accessability and bullying.

Grace Green

Was that loud pop music playing on the bus? If it was that would make ME want to spit! When will neurotypicals understand that some of us can't tolerate loud noises, music, bright colours, lights, rapid instructions, pressure, etc., etc?

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