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Petition Letter to Danish Minister of Health against Dismissal of Peter Gøtzsche

Annual Age of Autism Thanksgiving Matching Donor Campaign is Underway

Giving thanks
November is here,

Giving thanks is due.

I’m donating to AoA,

How about you?

Hello, friends. We have a generous patron who is matching gifts up to $5,000 this month.  Every penny goes to keeping Age of Autism live and online with fresh content and comments 365 days a year.  Donations are tax deductible. You can use our DONATE button online through Bank of America Merchant Services - safe and secure.  And because we are a non-profit, they only charge a tiny fee, unlike other services. Or send a check to:

Autism Age
PO Box 110546
Trumbull, CT 06611

Our EIN is 47-1831987

If you've been reading us for years - thanks your for loyalty! Newcomers? Welcome.  Donate what you can - every $5 will soon turn into $5,000!  Age of Autism is more important than ever as social media cracks down on topics they find too controversial. You know what I'm saying....   We need your help!

And stay tuned for a new and necessary addition to the Autism Age non-profit family in 2019. It's time to expand our mission. That's all I'll hint for now. 

From all of us at AofA and Mia, Gianna, Bella and most of all me, their Mom, thank you.

And now, a note from our fabulous matching gift patron!


Please take a few minutes to consider the following:

  • How often you read AoA
  • How often you share articles from AoA
  • How AoA has helped you, your child, and your family
  • How supported you feel when you read AoA
  • How encouraged you feel when you read AoA
  • How you appreciate the content of AoA
  • How you appreciate that AoA is a daily blog
  • How you appreciate that AoA includes news that mainstream media refuses to cover
  • How AoA has amazing contributors, both in the form of writers and commenters
  • How there are those behind the scenes who keep AoA up and running on a daily basis, who need and appreciate our financial support

Now that you have contemplated those points, I hope you are feeling inspired to make a donation to keep Age of Autism running strong for another year.

I will match all donations made from Nov. 1st through Nov. 30th, up to $5,000. Last year, we exceeded the matching amount…let’s do it again!

Simply click AgeofAutism.com/donate.html to pay online. Or, if you prefer, you can mail a check made out to “Autism Age” to:

Autism Age

P.O. Box 110546

Trumbull, CT  06611

Please don’t put this off. Click on the donation link, or grab your checkbook, an envelope, and a stamp, and make your donation now. Let’s show Kim and her helpers our support today!


Anonymous Donor


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you donor!

Off-topic, just want to share Josh Coleman's call for volunteers for Eric Frame in Sacramento tomorrow: https://www.facebook.com/JoshBucky/videos/10217138776599522/

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