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Psychology Today Reviews How To End the Autism Epidemic

Your Health Freedom: HEALTH EMPOWERED! A symposium on health, wellness, and healing

Welcome to utahDear AoA Readers,

Please click here to check out the upcoming symposium on health, wellness, and healing that the group Your Health Freedom is hosting on November 2nd and 3rd in South Jordan, Utah.

Kristen Chevrier, who interviewed me last spring, and her team of fellow advocates in Utah have been working hard to organize this symposium, and it sure would be great if you could come...whether by plane, train, or car!

I will be speaking Friday evening from 7:00-8:15pm guessed it...vaccines. You will definitely recognize the names of some of the other speakers, too, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Mark Blaxill, Andre Angelantoni, and Dr. Judith Zimmerman.

Sure would be great to meet some of you there!

I would appreciate it if you would please help spread the word about this symposium :)


Laura Hayes


Laurie Lentz-Marino

Something sad that has occurred to me recently......I'm sure others have noticed long ago.

When a child is vaccine injured and regresses into the 'dead end' diagnosis of autism, the crime against them is then maintained and perpetuated, and there is no assistance for them.

If autism has a cause, and the protection of the vaccine program is paramount, then these affected, purposefully afflicted families are left to fend for themselves.

But if autism has cures and treatments, then it's not 'genetic' and untreatable- and there is help and possible reversal and treatment. But if that is admitted (there is a recent environmental cause and it can be treated), then the spotlight on the vaccines gets brighter.

BUT, that must be avoided at all costs by the greedy.

Families are left to find these on their own.....
"Generation Rescue" "TACA - Talk About Curing Autism", "The Thinking Mom's Revolution"
"Age of Autism". "How to End the Autism Epidemic" by JB Handley.

But no, those have to be buried and obfuscated as long as possible, and autistic children must be victimized continually and forever more by the 'debate'.

The 'wisdom of crowds' is 'anti-fragile' and the piper is coming. Moms and all people who care about children are ANGRY and to criminal Pharma- warning-, we are gunning for you and soon you will answer. Pigs feeding at the trough with impunity, not much longer.

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