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Vaccination Choice Update from Italy: "How the anti-vaxxers are winning in Italy"

Italy mandatesHow is it that known side effects that include serious injury and death are referred to as "unfounded fears?" Vaccine choice is as American as apple pie and as Italian as pasta. From the Independent UK.
How the anti-vaxxers are winning in Italy

Populist coalition government appears to have capitalised on unfounded fears over vaccination side-effects

As the new school year has begun in Italy, parents no longer have to prove their children have been immunised – highlighting a clash of priorities, stoked by the new populist government. 

In 2014, the Global Health Security Agenda had tapped Italy to lead world vaccination strategies.

But just four years later, the country has instead become the testing ground for anti-vaxxers, a movement growing across Europe and the US, and whose ideologies often share space on the political landscape with populist parties.

"Ten obligatory vaccinations are useless and in many cases dangerous, if not harmful,” Italy’s interior minister Matteo Salvini said, in the run up to the general election in March. 

The measles epidemic in Europe as a whole is now at an eight-year high.  Read more here.


David Weiner

"Not one single parent complained about their child's care and treatment. Instead most remain grateful and supportive."

This is how you know that no real crime or wrongdoing took place. It was just a fabricated government crime.


Rebecca, the anti-vaxers in Vermont should have asked that pediatrician with the immune compromised child how often that child had been anywhere near a doctor office.

And then the AV should have pointed out that doctor offices are filled with vastly more sick people (all in a confined space) than in your average classroom (vaccinated or not).

And then tell the politicians that if the pediatrician was telling the truth about their child being in jeopardy by being around sick kids, then the pediatrician should stop her job, quarantine herself and apologise to all the kids that she has infected in her career.

We have the greatest argument in history at our disposal. There is no way of saying "doctor offices are filled with germs" without making every pro-vaxer look evil and stupid.

For some reason though, anti-vaxers don't seem to like using winning arguments.

Jenny Allan

@ Grace Green "The "trial" as you say was not a proper legal case, so that too was in a sense unofficial."

I'm afraid the GMC IS the UK official watchdog, supposed to protect patients from harm caused by incompetent or rogue doctors. Their disciplinary hearings and verdicts have full legal standing , although they are not courts of law. These days, doctors are seldom 'struck off' for incompetence. It is those colleagues who attempt to 'whistleblow' about dangerous practices and incompetence who end up sanctioned or sacked. The GMC is obsessed with matters of 'ethics' or ' bringing the profession into disrepute'. Patient safety is not the GMC priority it should be.

Doctors faced with GMC disciplinary procedures can voluntarily resign their medical licence, after which they are free to practice medicine in another country. The GMC has no jurisdiction outside the UK. One notorious recent case involves an incompetent neuro-surgeon who damaged a very large number of patients in Scotland. He is now practising in the US.

The real scandal about the GMC hearing which struck off Dr Wakefield and Professor Walker-Smith, is that neither of these doctors were practising medicine prior to the hearing. Dr Wakefield was employed solely to carry out research. His contract precluded him from clinical contact with patients. Professor Walker-Smith had been retired for 7 years when the hearing started in 2007. I am still very angry about the way this distinguished elderly clinician was dragged into the GMC 'dock', falsely accused of a 'conspiracy' to harm children. Professor Simon Murch was permitted to keep his licence to practise, being 'junior' to Professor Walker-Smith.

Both of these excellent physicians were involved in the care of my Grandson. Their clinical interventions undoubtedly saved his colon, if not his life. Their bravery and dignity saw them through the 'torture' of the GMC hearing , which they would have been spared had they admitted 'wrongdoing' beforehand and voluntarily resigned their licences. All three doctors were just doing their jobs and doing them well. Not one single parent complained about their child's care and treatment. Instead most remain grateful and supportive.

Grace Green

I suppose this journalist must have got the phrase "unofficial debunker" from somewhere, and it does seem that whatever support Deer was given was indeed unofficial. The "trial" as you say was not a proper legal case, so that too was in a sense unofficial. It probably wouldn't have been possible for them to do what they did officially. That should make people question the validity of Wakefield's loss of job and license. The whole idea of an unqualified journalist triggering the events which followed should be preposterous to anyone who reflects on it for any period of time.

Jenny Allan

@Jeannette Bishop
"Mr. Deer has become the unofficial debunker of the claims of anti-vaxxers...?"
Unfortunately Deer's lies and fabrications plainly had UK official backing in high places. Ex Communist (now lord) John Reid , who was health minister in Blair's Government 14 years ago, urged the GMC to 'investigate' Dr Wakefield and his clinician colleagues. ( Deer's dodgy 'evidence' was used to 'convict' all three. He was the sole complainant.)

The 'trial' which was more accurately described by Professor John Walker-Smith as an 'inquisition', and the GMC's stainless steel premises as a 'torture chamber', took three years and cost an estimated £8million. Prof Walker-Smith was cleared on appeal in the London High Court 2 years later, and had his medical licence reinstated by Judge Lord Justice Mitting, who had some harsh words to say about the GMC's 'superficial and inadequate' examining of Deer's evidence. It took the Judge just 3 days to exonerate the Prof. His verdict should have cleared the others, and would have if the GMC hearing had been a 'real' court of law. It wasn't!!

go Trump

Before the “anti-vaxxers” ... there were the “anti-smokers” .... the “anti-Thalidomiders” ... and the “anti-lead” in paint and gasoline-ers... onward.

Susan Welch

Apologies for being slightly off topic, but wanted to post today's UK Column news. The first 15 minutes is about 1) The Guardian being paid by GSK to publish a report selling the virtues of flu vaccine and 2) Pinterest censoring/deleting any post querying vaccines and virtually accusing anyone who does so of having 'mental health issues'.

They sure are fighting back against all the truth coming to light. Definitely a David and Goliath fight.

Dagmar Palmerova

When will this madness end? When the governments will not have financial resources to cover the expenses, connected with demented populations.

Betty Bona

Sharon, I don't think the letter from Deer to Wakefield happened. You may be thinking of the letter from CDC Whistleblower, Dr. Bill Thompson, to Wakefield. Deer is too much of a slime to ever apologize. He'll go down with the sinking ship. Hopefully it will sink soon!

Rebecca Lee

Wow! That article is a pretty pack of lies.
I remember the first time I went down to the legislature in Montpeilier, VT when the pharma lobbyists were all there and they were trying to do away with the philosophical exemption that first time. ( They succeeded the second time mainly because there was a pediatrician who showed up with her immune compromised daughter, saying she couldn't put her in any schools that didn't have good vaccination rates.)

I didn't know anything about the vaccine issue at that time. But my granddaughter had wound up in the PICU with Hib and I had come to the conclusion that it was a vaccine that had taken down the immune system of a perfectly healthy, breast-fed baby.

So my impression was of a bunch of pro vaccine people armed with talking points, and a bunch of anti-vaccine people armed with reams of scientific literature.

This blathering on about "anti-science" isn't going to work for too much longer, I really don't think.

Jeannette Bishop

"Mr. Deer has become the unofficial debunker of the claims of anti-vaxxers...?"

Hans Litten

Look what I found here (safe & effective my plectrum) ! 132 people say otherwise

HRSA is publishing this notice of petitions received under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (the Program), as required by the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, as amended. While the Secretary of HHS is named as the respondent in all proceedings brought by the filing of petitions for compensation under the Program, the United States Court of Federal Claims is charged by statute with responsibility for considering and acting upon the petitions.

Hans Litten

India - 490,000 children paralyzed after polio vaccine ....

New Delhi: The Health Ministry has ordered a probe after traces of polio type 2 virus were found in some batches of oral polio vaccine (OPV) manufactured by a Ghaziabad-based pharmaceutical company, even as the firm's managing director was arrested Saturday.

Polio type 2 virus strain has been eradicated worldwide, including in India.

The managing director of Biomed Pvt Ltd, which was supplying polio vaccines for only government-run immunisation programmes, was arrested after the Central Drug Regulator filed an FIR in this case.

The Drugs Controller General of India has also asked the company to stop "manufacture, sale or distribution till further orders".

"The company has five directors. While the managing director has been arrested, we have asked the police to trace the rest directors as they also need to be questioned," a government official said.

According to a Health Ministry source, the contamination came to light after surveillance reports from Uttar Pradesh showed signs of the virus in stool samples of some children.

Immediately, the OPVs were sent for testing which confirmed that some of them were contaminated with type-2 virus.

The ministry has also alerted the Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra governments assuming a possible usage of the vaccine there


If so-called "anti-vaxxers" are a GROWING movement, does that mean pro-vaxxers are a DECLINING movement? 2016 saw a "10-year low" for measles cases, but an uptick in cases is an "epidemic"? And vaxxes can "ALMOST" eliminate measles? So vaxxes ARE NOT 100% effective? Vaxxed folks can STILL GET measles? What happens when the measles virus develops vaccine immunity? Vaxxes don't actually *KILL* the virus, do they? So even if EVERYBODY was vaxxed, the virus would still exist, right? Unless it mutates beyond recognition into an even MORE VIRULENT virus, right? And just HOW did a "now retracted paper" from a "disgraced physician" "explode" into the media? Didn't Wakefield's paper have more to do with MMR's effects on the gut microbiome? A subject much LESS well understood 20 years ago? Gee, when I really *THINK* about the news, maybe I should just stick to the Kardashian news!

Hans Litten

This is what we are forcing them into having to resort to ! Mass media censorship !
Do you think we are winning ? Because I know we are !

A recent article stating that Pinterest is deleting users’ boards if they post material questioning vaccine safety has been circulated on social media.

Sharon Kistler

Wow, what a piece of Fake News that article was.

All I can think about is the text from Brian Deer to Wakefield saying that "I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you." Did that really happen? And if so, how could this article be published?

Well, for those who are half-awakening, this article of FLAT OUT LIES and FAKE NEWS will encourage more awakening of the corruption of our media by Big Pharma. This article will only cause others to become irate and join the Comilva group. Forza Italia!


Brian Deer again? Wow, they had to dig him up for a comment? And what are the actual figures for this measles outbreak? Just a bunch of percentages? How about the percentage for autism decreasing as less children are vaccinated? And bringing up Wakefield again after 20 years? All that ridiculous misinformation again and again! Really reaching here. Instead of Italy being called the "black sheep," they should be called a beacon of hope! Essere Forte Italia!

Angus Files

"Populists Parties "AKA patriotic pro human beings.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

If the person who wrote this ill-informed opinion piece on the global growth of "anti-vaccine" movement and the outlet that published it want to know why the anti-vaccine movement continues to grow .. it is precisely because of articles like this .. who spew the same scientifically debunked vaccine narrative .. no adverse effects, herd immunity, Dr Wakefield and Brian Deer, on and on .. the very same narrative they have spewed for decades now.

Obviously, the problem is the problem.. there is no such thing as a "one size fits all vaccine" .. which defies both .. SCIENCE AND COMMON SENSE .. and .. every day there is more and more scientifically produced evidence that the "benefits of vaccines" .. DO NOT ALWAY OUTWEIGH THE RISKS.

Simply repeating the same failed arguments .. over and over .. expecting to achieve different results is the definition of INSANITY .. which begs the question:


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