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Flu Stats: When the Numbers Don’t Add Up

Over 500 Military Families to Lose Pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears As Tricare Insurance Drops Him

Speak Out MemeHere's the first battle you'll read about here at Age of Autism in the war against parental choice, pediatrician choice, and thoughtful vaccination schedule planning for those who choose an alternative schedule, including no vaccination.  We will support and share the stories of any and all providers who are punished by Public Health and medical boards owned lock stock and barrel by pharma and the CDC.  You can always email me [email protected] for assistance.

Earlier this year, Dr. Bob Sears, a California pediatrician whom millions of Americans know as a member of the family and one of the rare doctors who has actively treated patients with autism, was disciplined for exercising caution and providing medical care for a young patient. The "treatment?" He granted a medical exemption for vaccination. In California, vaccine exemptions now verboten for all intents and purposes thanks to Senator Richard Pan's SB277 which effectively eliminated exemptions.  Dr. Sears took a risk. He put patient ahead of profit. And he is paying dearly. Dr Bob SearsIt's disgusting.

Imagine the stress of being a military parent. You give birth alone as your husband is overseas serving our country. Stability is fleeting with move after move. So when you find a good doctor for your child, you're more than grateful. When you find Dr. Bob Sears, you're incredibly blessed with one of the few pediatricians who really understands and helps treat developmental delays and diagnoses including autism and who respects that every child can not be fully vaccinated with the bloated CDC AAP schedule. Dr. Bob Sears is a lot like our military men and women. He fights for freedom.  His freedom to practice "First do No Harm" as is the tenet of his calling as a doctor. Last week,  his fight cost him much of his practice and livelihood.

Please join us in supporting him and taking action.

 #Istandwithsears, #lovesears, #shameontricare, #militaryfamilieslovesears

CALL: Health Net Federal Services, Tricare West 844-866-9378 and (politely) tell them you support Dr. Sears.


My dear patients who serve our country in the military:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I announce that Tricare military insurance, with whom I have been contracted for the past 20 years, has ended my contract to provide medical services to military families - effective retroactively back to July 27, 2018, with no grace period.

As you all know, having an office right next to Camp Pendleton has allowed me the privilege to provide pediatric care to thousands of military families over the years. I currently am serving about 500 such families, and seeing you all has been one of the greatest honors I will ever have as a pediatrician.

It is standard procedure for all insurance companies to cancel contracts when a doctor goes on probation with a state medical board, as I have. Health Net/Tricare had the option to continue my contract, but they have decided not to. No one deserves dependable covered medical services more than military families, and I am disappointed I will no longer be able to do this in a way that is covered by your insurance. I will, of course, continue to welcome all of you into my office, but I won’t be able to bill Tricare for you, and Tricare will no longer cover any services I provide to you. In addition, I won’t be able to provide referrals for therapies or specialists anymore, or do anything else that requires an in-network doctor. Health Net/Tricare’s decision is final, and there is no appeal process available to me.

My brother, Dr. Jim Sears, is contracted with Health Net/Tricare, and he is very happy to welcome you into his practice (Sears Family Pediatrics). You can contact Tricare about switching.

If we saw you between July 27, 2018, and the date we were finally notified of this change (Oct 4, 2018), don’t worry about any charges. It was my greatest privilege to serve you.

With Love and Prayers,

Dr. Bob


Lauren Yaghlegian

We need many more Laura Hayes' in this country and in this fight to preserve our parental and human rights! We cannot continue to be complacent and allow the Richard Pans of this country to prevail in stripping us of our right to decide what we put in our own bodies and our children. It's absolutely insane that we are in this position in America (supposedly a free country) where government can enforce mandatory vaccines in some states where there are highly educated people fully capable of making their own medical decisions! We need to wake up now and get out our ninja suits.

Sharon Kistler

This is why more than a million patients have exited the mainstream medical insurance model and are a part of the Christian health cost-sharing programs.

This is why the KNEW Health cost-sharing model -- to launch next month (thanks to James Maskell and the functional medical community) -- will be a huge success.

Each person who is still part of the conventional medical system -- and that includes conventional health insurance -- must ask himself why he is a part of this system and must ask if he exits that system, doesn't that allow him to make much wiser health decisions for himself and his family at a fraction of the cost?


Thank you, Kim!! As always - so spot on!!!


Benedetta, I am so sorry about your cousins' son. Zoloft, as well as all the SSRI's are known to cause suicide, especially in people under 25. Read Medication Madness by Peter Breggin, M.D.

There is a very short statute of limitations in many states for medical malpractice, so that's something your cousin's family needs to consider fairly soon. And unlike with vaccines, pharmaceutical companies CAN be sued for drug reactions. Dr. Breggin has been an expert witness for many psychiatric drug lawsuits.

Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

Spot on, as always!

Thank you for sharing your sage insights here on AoA...I am most appreciative!


Benedetta - I am so sorry to hear about your cousin's family. 16 years old. Another family in tears. This does not have to continue to happen.


NHS Scotland is 70 yrs old and we always considered it was a bit of an oddity that it does Not have it;s own pipe band !
Now We understand why!

Push to get all NHS Highland staff to take Flu Vaccine
htttps/ september 26 2018
Is this Flu season 2018/19 the season of the spilling of the angry can of worms ?
No health and safety risk assessments available ?
Therfore which is it / and where is the damn scientific respected evidence?
Witch Doctor --Bed Pan SB277
Witch Doctor Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah -a--Ah Ting Tang Wallah Walla Bing ANG yOUTUBE


Laura Hayes, I couldn't agree more.


So now Pharma is taking on the American military?! Isn’t that an act of war? Dr Sears you are a true American hero!

David Weiner

So true, Laura. Our movement has taken a fairly narrow, defensive position on health freedom, that the patient/parent can say no to vaccines. Of course, that is a non-negotiable position, but it is not really sufficient for restoring health freedom.

Health freedom means that doctors (and other practitioners) can practice as they see fit. It means that we don't have government agencies telling us which therapeutics we can and cannot use. It means that would-be competitors can speak freely about the benefits of their goods and services without worrying about put in jail. It means that 3rd party payers can support whichever practitioners or therapeutics they want to. And so forth.

As horrific as it is, vaccine tyranny is actually only a part of a larger system of domination and looting which must come to an end.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for sharing your article with us, David Weiner. Seems everything our government gets its greedy, corrupt hands into becomes destructive to citizens and to the success and survival of our country.

Regarding Dr. Sears, yet another injustice being carried out as a result of the undue, unethical, tyrannical, and I am going to throw in evil, influence of Pharma, and its many bought and paid for minions. It is also the result of “our side” continuing to play both sides of the fence, versus telling the unadulterated and horrific truth about vaccines at every opportunity. It is the result of “our side” willing to accept unacceptable compromises versus demanding what is required to protect children from vaccine-induced harm and premature death, and to regain unfettered medical choice freedom.

I have been part of this movement to end the Vaccine Holocaust for more than 20 years now. I continue to witness those on our side willing to compromise on that for which there can be no compromise. I continue to witness failure to tell the full and heinous truth at every opportunity. I continue to witness focusing on issues that do not get to the roots of the problem, leaving the roots of the beast intact, and leaving the beast alive and thriving. And I continue to witness the worsening of the Vaccine Holocaust and the further decimation of parental rights and medical choice freedom. Compromising, placating, putting forth that which is not safe or ethical in an effort to engage, is not working.

Truth resonates. Let’s share it in full at every opportunity.

We live in a free country. Let’s demand our freedom at every opportunity and rebel fiercely every time a tyrant tries to restrict, usurp, or eliminate our freedom. No medical mandates ever! Exemptions are not acceptable.

Our U.S. Constitution guarantees parents the right to direct the care and upbringing of their children as they see fit. Let’s demand that right be upheld. Refuse to give business to those who don’t honor that right. Insist that your insurance company offer providers who will permit you to exercise your parental authority without exception. Boycott schools who don’t support parental rights to make medical decisions for their children, and colleges who don’t support individual rights to make medical decisions for oneself.

We are in this unjust and tyrannical position because we have permitted it, little by little. And this slow creep of stripping our rights and freedoms has picked up immense speed in the past ten plus years, so that now we are faced with stopping a freight train traveling downhill with a heavy load at full speed. But stop it we must. There is no choice, and there can be no compromising on positions such as full and unfettered individual and parental rights with regard to medical and health care decision making. And there can be no partial telling of the truth and putting forth that which will continue the harm and premature deaths. It is well past time to play hard ball.

David Weiner

I don't know whether the states would provide a license to an insurance company that was seeking to build that business model.

Around the time of Obamacare, I wrote an article which laid out how health insurers COULD solve the health care mess in the U.S., if they had the freedom to do so.

David Weiner

Grace, that is an excellent question. Unfortunately, for the most part, in the U.S., the so-called health insurers rely upon medical licensing to determine both the types of providers they will reimburse and the types of treatments they will cover.

Medical licensing is a wolf in sheep's clothing, designed to create and maintain a medical cartel, not to protect patients, by any stretch of the imagination.

It really does go to show you that TRUE health freedom, from A to Z, is the solution to the problems that confront us.


Sometimes, I think; we are not going to win this and the world is going to go on without the human species. Then I remember that Dr. Wakefield has said many times, the truth will come out; it can't be stopped. He is right, but in the meantime, I have to send a sympathy card to my cousins that just lost their 16 year old to suicide, Wednesday morning. His father found him when he went to get him up for school. He was having some depression, and going to counseling and just started on Zoloft. His Father is beside himself with grief, I don't think he will make it. .

Grace Green

Is it time that alternative practitioners and their patients AROUND THE WORLD set up an alternative insurance company to provide for safe and healthy treatments not covered by the pro-Pharma companies? It would benefit people living under all kinds of systems including the terrible NHS.
God bless doctor Bob Sears. What a caring man. Can those of us not living in the USA help too?

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