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JB Handley Author of How to End the Autism Epidemic Receives Third Class Treatment from Third Place Books

How to end the autism epidemic coverJB Handley's event at Third Place Books has been cancelled, the books on order for sale RETURNED to the publisher.  This is a BEST SELLING book that swept through Amazon.

Bookstores sell books.  Brick and mortar bookstores don't sell nearly as many books as they did in the pre-Amazon era. Independent bookstores don't sell nearly as many books as a large chain like Books a Million or Borders and Barnes and Noble back in the day. Independent bookstores are usually magical gems in a community. They offer talks, programs, children's hours and many special touches that set them apart from the big box stores and create a community. I love independent bookstores, and I'd probably love shopping at Third Place books.

Third Place Books touts its community role on their site.  But those of us with vaccine injured children and autism are not considered part of “the community." It's sad. It's lonely.  Yet again, vaccine injury is treated as the third rail. Do not touch. Musn't get burned, it might burn the books. 


Third Place Books is the deliberate and intentional creation of a community around books and the ideas inside them. Founded in 1998 in Lake Forest Park, we opened a store in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle in 2002, and another in the Seward Park neighborhood in 2016. Third Place Books is a general interest bookstore with over 200,000 new, used, and bargain books in Lake Forest Park and over 40,000 books in Ravenna. It is a fun, comfortable, and safe place to browse, linger, lounge, relax, read, eat, laugh, play, talk, listen, and just watch the world go by.

Why Third Place?

Sociologist Ray Oldenberg suggests that each of us needs three places: first is the home; second is the workplace or school; and beyond lies the place where people from all walks of life interact, experiencing and celebrating their commonality as well as their diversity. It is a third place. In his celebrated book, The Great Good Place, Oldenberg discusses how the cafes, pubs, town squares, and other gathering places make a community stronger and bring people together. 

From Informed Choice Washington's FB page


We regret to announce that the event J.B. Handley & Stein in Conversation: How to End the Autism Epidemic at Third Place Books has been cancelled. Please watch for news of alternative plans.

While we are dismayed by the actions of Third Place Books, we are not daunted. We remain resolute in our mission to continue to inform the public and elected officials on the very real dangers of the current vaccine system, to work for the incorporation of emerging science in vaccine policy making, to move toward a personalized approach to vaccination, and to shine a light on the corruption in and capture of the vaccination program by pharmaceutical interests in our state and the U.S. as a whole.

If you were planning to attend November 5th, keep your calendar open. We will announce an alternative plan soon.

Hear JB speak this coming Saturday at Healthy Immunity: From Birth to Old Age

#theautismbook #readthebook


Brenda Hines

Third place books is a joke.I am positive neither Raymond Carver,Tess Gallagher,Sherman Alexie,among other NW Authors would not and has not read their works( RIP, Ray) albeit they are Washingtonians.If they did it must have been long before the Big Pharma loving , or to the point of near illiteracy THEMSELVES,( was shades of ..grey..) even lit? Not to me.The mandatory vaccines nation program in the USA ,is a 3 BILLION dollar a year industry.Are people truly such LEMMINGS that they believe 82 dises of Mercury mingled with thimerasol will do anyone any good in the LONG run? Ahem...Movie stars and the rich in the USA DO NOT abide by M.V.,. Protocols as they can afford PRIVATE schools.The highly touted completely ridiculous GARDASIL vaccine..( thx.,Gates depopulation foundation) may your kids go first,by the way...has been banned in Japan, Canada,and the Gates foundation is banned from India since 3017, and parts of Africa as their" innocuous" vaccines rendered many sterile, brain injured, paralyzed, or dead.The chances of a F getting cervical cancer as a result of HPV exposure ( Gardasils supposed to prevent HPV) ,us less than half of ONE percent.Digest that for amoment if you can do the math...(no rate books?) And,let's face it.People die.Kids die.Yes,it's sad, but everyone born dies.Spanish Flu,Wars, accidents...the like.I would rather a child live a healthy free ,Autism unencumbered life( unless they are content,( usually they are not..I speak from experience) and die a natural death...even if it's from the measles than suffer a lifetime of hell from autism.AND if you think the flu vaccine is so great,too...Google..Timothy Cunningham..CDC scientist who " mysteriously" disappeared from CDC lab last year,then turned up months later in Chattahoochee river.Right..like a former Navy Seal drowned.Word is,he was going to blow the whistle.Wake up America.You are being played.

John Elder Robison

Tami G. - thanks for your support of my own writing. You are right, I hold a different view of why I am autistic but I would never presume to tell you why your son or any other individual I don't know is autistic. There is no question that a vast gulf exists between autistic people such as me, and those of us who cannot communicate effectively, have good jobs, form families, etc. It's not just parents trying harder or better therapy.

The science is showing that there are many paths into autism, among them inheritance, environmental insult, injury, and disease in both the mother and the child. A mother's toxic exposure years before pregnancy is also implicated. The one thing that's clear is that there's no single simple answer, and one person's experience or belief does not predict or inform another.

While I am doubtful of vaccine injury being a cause of many autism cases, I understand each of us have our beliefs shaped by individual experience. I had an autistic father and have an autistic son, so inheritance seems obvious to me. A family with no history of autism might come to a very different conclusion for their child, particularly if extremely impaired in contrast to the rest of the family.

Our medical community has been slow to provide explanations. Their credibility is in doubt for many. That certainly exacerbates the situation. If I were to challenge your belief, you would say, "OK, if not vaccine, what happened to my son?" And the fact is, I can't answer you and neither can anyone else, with certainty.

I hope that one day we have trusted medical authorities who can answer those questions. Right now, in my government advocacy, I stress that our government and our society owes a duty of respect to all in the autism community whatever their beliefs about causation. I also believe our most immediate concern is building societal structures to ensure good, safe lives for autistic people as we move out of school supports and into what is for most a void of unsupported adulthood.

While I don't agree with all the ideas in Mr. Hanley's book I absolutely believe in his right to express them. I am very disappointed that the bookstore agreed to an event and then cancelled. That sends the wrong kind of signal, especially with all the other controversies in the news.

Some will cheer the cancellation, others decry it. What's sad is that all the people with strong views on the subject - on both sides - share many pressing concerns, and have more common ground than difference. Stress and strife hurts us all. We need to return to a time of meeting in the middle for our shared benefit, not going to our respective corners.


One way those who customarily support TPB would be to go to the store, select several books germane to censorship, bring them to counter and suggest they get returned to publisher and walk out.

One peaceful way to make to make a point.

Susan Welch

Will, have you read the book? I cannot imagine any 'higher quality research', than JB Handley included in his book. It is packed with references and extremely useful information - as well as evidence of fraud by several well known 'names'.

As for accusing AoA of saying vaccines are the only cause of autism, I can only assume you are an 'occasional' reader. Virtually everything is discussed on this site at one time or another.


How is a private bookseller refusing to sell a book communism mr Weiner? That is no different in the political left accusing someone who disagrees with them of being a racist. The bookseller has every right to not sell a book and if they don’t want to sell your anti-vaccine book then so be it. Sell it on Amazon and maybe do higher quality research first before you write the book. Vaccines are not the only cause of “ autism “there are other environmental causes😊. If AofA cares so much about the dangers of vaccines then asked me something what about oil refineries, drunk drivers, and dozens of other man-made disasters that could be disabling.


What a ridiculous bunch of jackasses. I guess they should change their name to "Third Rate Bookstore." As a literary establishment, it is a complete disgrace. And what a bunch of ignorant employees who can't even read a book and have a discussion. Too threatening. Better go for censorship. Truly pathetic.

Kathy Sincere

Go to Third Place Books/Blogs and post your comments regarding the cancellation.


But I suppose the pr troll attack on Handley is of a personal nature.

I remember years ago when Dr. Wakefield gave a talk for the general public at the Boulder Public Library. There was "Skeptic"/PR troll hysteria about confronting him there. Maybe Skeptics showed up, but they were pretty quiet. Wakefield's presentation was low-key, fact-based, logical and completely checkable. As I recall, a woman who was a Skeptic (as I found out later) asked a question which Wakefield answered matter-of-factly. Afterwards she commented somewhere: He wants more research done; what's the problem?

Wakefield can't be defeated when the playing field is logic and facts so I wondered what would happen next. As I recall, it was shortly thereafter that Brian Deer rolled out his spurious "fraud" charges.


Just like Reagan indemnifying the vaccine industry, it is with great reticence that I write this comment. But friends tell friends. Here is what I believe is going on, and I am completely open to anyone taking issue with my beliefs. Again, it is with great reluctance that I say these things, because I know it will insult some of my greatest heroes (Laura Hayes, Polly Tommey, Ginger Taylor, Kristen Chevrier). Here goes....
Pro-vax does not give a hoot about: pro-God, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-wall venues. The only time time pro vaxxers come out in full force, is when the venue is an film festival (Tribeca) or an indie book store (TPB).
The only way we are going to get heard, is to let go of ideology. For over three years now I have stopped listening to Bob Marley!!!! Kidding - hope you found that funny. My bokchoy eating, prayer-flag flying, pro-pot loving, butt, IS SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for all the information that I have been given from people who would probably not choose to sit next to me at Thanksgiving.


We know that vaccine injury takes place. People are compensated for it.

Is the idea that vaccines can cause all manner of injuries, just not autism?

Grace Green

It's so ironic that their third place signifies community. I know I've never felt part of any community or society, now we know it for sure. Not reclusive, but excluded.

David Weiner

These book store employees have learned their lessons of intolerance well at university and are now inflicting their hate and ignorance on the rest of society. PC is metastasizing. God help us.

And the managing partner, like his spineless university administrator counterparts, just caves into the demands of the mob.

I agree with the call for a boycott of 3rd Rate Books.


I guess Third Place Books thinks we are living in a communist dictatorship country and not in a democracy with free speech. Further the fact that they haven't even read the book speaks of true ignorance on the part of the owners. If I lived near that store I would never shop there again and I hope they go out of business!

go Trump

Third Place Books is now in 7th place ... Banned books and Banned movies is somewhat a step forward however.

I would suppose a group could get together and visit a Third Place store in a group of 15 or so at a busy time... and then politely leave together when their book is nowhere to be found. Perhaps carry some sort of coupon with the picture of the JB book on it.

Seems like those in the "brown shirts and white coats" may think they have won this one....

Jenny Allan

From the Informed Choice Washington's FB page(quote):-

"Without reading the book, some employees of Third Place Books attacked the author in a cruel written statement, demanding that the event be cancelled and the books returned to the publisher."

As Not an MD stated, the best way to deal with this is to mount a campaign to boycott this bookshop. Perhaps those 'employees of Third Place Books' might rethink their attitude if their jobs are threatened.


Here's the entire statement from the event page notifying of its cancellation.

We regret to announce that the event Handley & Stein in Conversation: How to End the Autism Epidemic at Third Place Books has been cancelled. Please watch for news of alternative plans.
Without reading the book, some employees of Third Place Books attacked the author in a cruel written statement, demanding that the event be cancelled and the books returned to the publisher.
The managing partner conveyed a belief in free speech and expressed a desire for the event to continue in a different format. Because of the cruel nature of the letter and the false statements it contained, we, Informed Choice WA, and the author, requested that the managing partner of the store read the book before we agreed to the event format change. Only with full understanding of the book’s contents could the format change be designed to provide productive conversation. However, after much discussion, the managing partner refused to read the book, and we were not able to come to a resolution.
The cancellation of this event under these circumstances—without the book being read by those making demands—violates everything this country stands for.
It reveals that by placing vaccine injury under the vast catch-all autism spectrum umbrella, the medical-pharmaceutical industry has intentionally misled the public into confusing neurodiversity with neurological injury.
All children deserve love and respect for who they are—no matter their diversity—and the opportunity to reach their full potential. Those who are injured and have had their full potential stolen, deserve a chance to heal. Those who are healthy and susceptible to vaccine injury deserve to be protected.
While we are dismayed by the actions of Third Place Books, we are not daunted. We remain resolute in our mission to continue to inform the public and elected officials on the very real dangers of the current vaccine system, to work for the incorporation of emerging science in vaccine policy making, to move toward a personalized approach to vaccination, and to shine a light on the corruption in and capture of the vaccination program by pharmaceutical interests in our state and the U.S. as a whole.
If you were planning to attend the November 5th event, please keep your calendar open. We will announce an alternative plan soon.
#theautismbook #readthebook

I have been a long time customer of Third Place Books and am dismayed by their decision to listen to the lies and rhetoric espoused by uninformed employees who did not read the book. I am even more alarmed by the hate being spewed by the neuro diverse community on the event page. They consider this a win and feel they have effectively shut down what they are calling hate speech against the high functioning autism community. We need to have a discussion about the umbrella diagnosis of autism applying to those at opposite ends of a very diverse spectrum. There is a vast difference between our children and young adults who have vaccine induced neurological injury and those in the neuro diverse community who have embraced being wired differently. The mere discussion around preventing injury is now being labeled Ableism which could not be further from the truth for those of us who love our children deeply.

Tami G.

Being a former bookstore owner, we had many authors come thru our 2 bookstores to do book talks/signings, including many famous bestselling authors, but also some local, lesser-known authors. I find it unfathomable that Third Place Books withdrew support & in fact is censoring this book. As a bookstore owner, I’d gave never done that. I’ve bought books @ Third Place, and attended many book signings before. When John Elder Robison, a “famous” aspergian (as he refers to himself) was at their store, I came & brought friends. John has an alternative view- that of neuro diversity. I appreciate his view, and enjoy John’s writings, but he does not speak or write for my son.

My son was not simply “born different”. He’s not simply “neurodiverse”. My son was absolutely vaccine injured. It’s taken a small fortune, thousands of hours of therapies, and a plethora of dietary & functional medicine interventions to reverse the damage and allow him to be more functional, and most important: healthy & happy.

My son is thankful for my efforts and tells me how happy he is that I never gave up on him. He likely will never write speeches for the IACC meetings, write a bestselling book, or be a college scholar,like nany neuro diverse, but he’s able to be part of society.

The many more vaccine-injured kids/adults are nothing like the neuro-diverse, and thats where the problem lies. These are 2 different groups of people, yet my son’s group doesnt have a big voice- he depends on ME to help bring his message.

I’m ashamed that the management of Third Place Books won’t allow my son’s side of the story to be heard. I’m even more ashamed that management obviously never read JB’s book. I won’t be going out of my way to support them again. I’d rather give Amazon my business.

Not an MD

Well, mathematically speaking, if everyone with a child (or more) on the autistic spectrum boycotts this "Third Place Books" establishment, then that bookstore will not stay in business for very long at all. I do think a boycott is in order. If that "independent" (yeah, right!) bookstore has no tolerance for parents and children who are suffering every single day of their lives due to an entirely iatrogenic disorder, then we should have no tolerance for "Third Place Books", either.

As an aside, like WOW! I cannot believe how slow my computer is at loading the AOA website and articles on it. Never before has it taken 5-6 minutes to load. Sounds like something very fishy is going on. Meanwhile, every other site that is unrelated to this topic loads in a few seconds.

bob moffit

Had the honor and personal pleasure of meeting JB Handley and Jenny McCarthy at a well-attended book signing event in "Books and Greetings", Northvale N.J. The owner of this particular small book store was exceptionally gracious to everyone who attended .. made the experience as pleasant as possible even though the store was greatly overcrowded .. our entire family was so impressed we vowed to return in near future to shop for the upcoming Christmas season.

That "Third Place Books" decided to cancel JB's book signing event is reminiscent of the reasons why I stopped shopping at Barnes & Noble and other major book stores the moment I had the opportunity to shop at Amazon .. where .. unlike Barnes & Noble .. I could ALWAYS GET THE BOOK I WANTED .. absent Barnes & Noble employee telling me the particular book .. in those long ago days .. mostly books written by conservative writers. Oddly … I had the same problems getting conservative books in my local public library.

So, just speaking for myself and my family .. we WILL continue supporting "Books and Greetings" in Northvale, NJ .. as a direct result of that particular store providing us with the opportunity to meet and greet JB and Jenny. As for "Third Place Books" if it were in my community … their decision to cancel JB's event would cause me to cancel any future shopping experience with them.

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