The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed
Childhood's Demise "Worrisome"

How #MeToo Treats Women Who Discuss the Last Taboo: Vaccine Injury and Autism

Dr evil laserNote: This is a comment we received from a reader (one time, I'm guessing) on the BELIEVE ALL WOMEN post by Ginger Taylor.  It’s cruel. She is calling us liars. Shaming us for speaking out.  It speaks volumes about the farce of acceptance for ALL WOMEN because it uses the same nastiness against we women who speak out on behalf of our bodies and the babies that came out of them. The air quotes are especially endearing.  

So many women FEAR the truth about vaccine induced autism. This is fear in her comment, not science. Not experience. Flop sweat fear.  We wish the commenter well. May she, her children, her grandchildren never know.... 

The irony she will never understand is this: our sons and daughters are PERFECT targets for rape and sexual assault. The cruel train keeps a rollin'. We are third class citizens.


Your "vaccine injured" child IS NOT THE SAME AS RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT. Congress DID investigate claims that vaccines cause autism, they found they don't, along with dozens of other studies. Just because you don't know how science works, doesn't mean some medical condition is caused by something it absolutely has been proven to not have been done. How about learning how to love and accept your child AND not take over a sexual assault movement over some made up correlation.




Do you have her address?
You print this letter out and you send it to her. It will be worth 50 cents to do it.
No face book, hard print is needed.
Then sit down, and pray to God, or if you prefer come to an understanding with yourself that this is someone that was never in your life to begin with, never gave a care about you, and they should have. Be done with them and never think on them again.
Life is too short to not tell off as many people as possible before passing into the next. I am not kidding. LOL."

Yes. I do have her address, but that won't matter. I could send this woman a ton of medical literature - TONS - and she'd simply throw it all out. In her eyes, I am not a credible person, so why (she would say to herself) would she spend one bit of her time reviewing everything I could send to her.

I strongly believe in forgiveness - have all my life. That's not the issue with me/her. I just find it incredibly sad that anyone would behave this way. I've always said to anyone I've shared this story our about son with -- I will be happy to debate someone on this issue, but first and foremost, the other 'side' has to prove to me that he/she has done their homework. One cannot debate this issue unless one has taken the time to review all sides of the issue.

She clearly has not done this. She goes along with the pro-side's rhetoric and that's that. Case closed.

As hurtful as that was to find that video on her FB page, I did get over it rather quickly. It aroused my passions enough to write what I did on her page and then I let it go. I feel certain that at some point in her life time, she will have something happen to her or a loved one, which may give her pause on this subject matter.

That's on her, though. Life is a journey of lessons learned. She's on own path, as we all are, on our own.


That was the same article that appeared over and over and over again in the 30 pages of internet search. I read it and there are No details. There is the claim, but no meat - no details.

I use to work in research in reclamation of strip mines. So, I should know something about it?
There were plenty of regulations, and plenty of procedures implemented to stop runoff of all strip mines as well as deep mines that pinpointed all heavy metals starting in the 70s. The ash after coal was burned is also under heavy regulation as far back as the 70s. All of that is set in stone.

Then there is the sulfur that burning coal released.
High chimneys starting really early, back in the 40s after several disasters of temperature inversions caused people to sicken and die, from the release of sulfur gases hugging the ground. So, they built high chimneys to disperse the sulfur gases better.

Sulfur was not a good idea to be in the atmosphere because it does cause cooling, blocks the sun rays. Plus it is acidic and all that. By the mid nineties they began to put scrubbers in the chimneys to take out everything, including sulfur except carbon dioxide. By 2007 the powerplants invested 30 billion dollars to get the sulfur out. Something that China is not doing, apparently they don't even bother to at least get really high smoke stakes for their population either. Those are pretty much written in stone, so I can't see how any of those things can be deregulated? The carbon stuff is really new and based on very weak science, I can see that being evoked?

So can't this reporter get the details? Or are the details weak? I want to know? But I won't find it in that article cause I looked.


@ Benedetta
New York Times article by Coral Davenport on Sept. 30. Trump Administration is preparing change on Mercury Emissions.
You can save your anger until after it happens but it won't be any great surprise as Trump has made no secret of his loathing for the EPA. He even defends asbestos! As for lead, Republicans in Flint have poisoned the whole town and virtually every kid tested high in lead, and the water is still not safe to drink. I would like to see them poison some kids in fancy suburbs that vote Republican. Just joking. I just don't want the country to become more poisoned than it is already.
If you want to take action instead of a wait and see attitude, write some letters. Maybe it will wake them up a bit, Good luck.


To Someone;
I looked and looked and looked on the internet for the Trump and mercury emissions, cause I wanted to know the details. You know; what the regulations were that he was easing? But I could not find anything of any detail. I came up with 20 pages going on to 30 of about the same articles over and over and over again about "Trump Administration prepares to weaken EPA regulations for mercury emissions. " too much on what it is going to do and too little on the details? I am save my anger until some more details come out.


P.S. Also Trump preparing major new weakening of mercury emissions regulations. If anyone cares to oppose it, maybe Kavanaugh can help him fend them off. Poison the whole damn country. I am furious.


Bayareamom; It will set you free


Do you have her address?
You print this letter out and you send it to her. It will be worth 50 cents to do it.
No face book, hard print is needed.
Then sit down, and pray to God, or if you prefer come to an understanding with yourself that this is someone that was never in your life to begin with, never gave a care about you, and they should have. Be done with them and never think on them again.
Life is too short to not tell off as many people as possible before passing into the next. I am not kidding. LOL.


This woman is an arrogant idiot. Being ignorant is bad enough, but not bothering to even learn about an issue is really pathetic. One of the heads of Memorial Sloan Kettering, a cancer hospital in New York, was just forced to resign because he was taking enormous , undeclared payments from drug companies. Why believe the vaccine pushers in this kind of climate? There is more than enough smoke for anyone to see.
Poor Kavanaugh. Barf! If confirmed, he is the perfect corporate tool. He is not the victim. The American people will be. Yay for the Koch brothers and casino owner Adelson and other billionaires. But remember the teachers and the rest of the middle class will be paying for their tax breaks. I don't feel sorry in the least for Kavanaugh and all this stuff about ruining his life? No, he wants to ruin yours. And disabled kids? He's all about the money. That's why Trump loves him. More for them.


I just experienced yet another emotionally charged situation with a relative of mine (married to a cousin on my dad's side).

I was scrolling down this individuals Facebook page, actually looking for some new recipes (she has a number of terrific, easy-to-prepare recipes on her timeline). I don't visit her Facebook page all that often, but for some odd reason the other day, decided to do so.

Sure enough, I did find a couple of great new recipes to try, on her timeline, but as I searched further, via more of her older posts, I stopped dead in my tracks. She had posted a video, the caption of which read, "Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism!"

To be sure, I'd always known what her attitude was toward this subject. While I have never had many interactions w/this woman, I do know that her perspective on most things in life is to trust your authority figures, most especially the mainstream folks who push vaccines as the 'end all, be all' to staying healthy.

I debated what I wanted to do -- do I say something, actually put something on her timeline, after all these years (she 'unfriended' me years ago when I had a different Facebook account).

I decided to go for it. Our last names are the same, so clearly those who may have read my comment, could glean that we are 'family.' I posted a firm, but polite, response to her video, and below my comment I posted a video link to the Dr. Lawrence Palevsky interview with Dr. Joe Mercola (one of my very favorites). I asked that she LISTEN to Dr. Palevsky's heartfelt message as he speaks w/Dr. Mercola.

When our son had his horrible reactions to his then four month old baby shots, and then years later, when I spoke up about this to a few family members, not one of these family members asked how our son was doing, nor have they since asked how he is doing all these many years later. If memory serves, I believe one cousin of mine feigned somewhat of an interest, but only because I brought the subject up myself.

I also found out, by sheer happenstance, that for some odd reason members of my family assumed that my husband and I had somehow diagnosed our son ourselves, rather than having a medical diagnosis when our son's reactions were noted.

That is not true. We did not KNOW what was happening to our son as he experienced complete 48 hour somnolence and then awakened with high-pitched screaming for several hours, later. We knew something was dreadfully wrong with him, but did not understand WHAT was happening to him.

Hence, our phone call to our son's pediatrician. Long story short, our son received a medical exemption to the pertussis component of the DPT vaccine he had received - for life. In fact, I was so convinced that he was going to die if he didn't receive yet another DPT shot, but the pediatrician at that time looked at me and said (this is a quote), "No! He has had two dpt shots already. He cannot have any more of the pertussis component. If we're okay with this, YOU be okay with this."

And with that I allowed one more vaccine to be given to our son (this was his six month office visit). He was given the DT, minus the pertussis component, but still reacted with complete somnolence (minus the high pitched screams this time).

I'm writing this because, to me, this does have something to do with the lack of empathy/sympathy toward MOMS by other MOMS. This woman, married to my cousin, has never once, even graciously so, shown any compassion toward our son, nor my husband and I, during or after, our son's horrific reactions.

Rather, as I just found yesterday, she has taken it upon herself to delete the entire timeline with that a video, plus my comments. Case closed.

This indoctrination into this mindset, that of, "Science is done - vaccines do not cause autism," SO entrenched into the consciousness of most of society, that I really do feel there is no saving the majority from this illusion. They'll have to find out the hard way.

I have never been impolite when trying to share what I have come to know, with other family members. But it doesn't matter. They remain unsupportive and rather nasty when it comes to this subject. I know and suspect that many of you here have experienced the same thing, perhaps repeatedly, in your own families.

It's SO exasperating...


Greg; She don't know what Congress said. She is just saying what she thinks Congress said,

Benedetta, and that's precisely my point of how attitude shapes beliefs!

On that note, around the Presidential Election time, how many of us were willimg to ignore the allegations of Trump's sexual misconducts because he agreed with us on vaccines? Was I? Perhaps.

I remember recently having a discussion with the profoundest senior. Incidentally, he was no fan of Trump. He said, life is simply, it's just people that make it complex. He said if we follow the Golden Rule we wouldn't go so wrong.

I think he definitely had a point, albeit when your choice is between Trump and Hillary that might not be so easy.



In Australia the flu vaccine is recommended for children over the age of six months - and for kids under the age of 5 they recommend two shots, so yes, if you started your kid at 6 months, they'd have two shots, and then a year later at 18 months, they'd get another two. But it is not a required shot, though, and is additional to the current schedule (although it's obvious pharma lobbyists are working overtime trying to change that.) So there isn't the same financial coercion attached to the flu shot that there is with all the required childhood vaccines - people don't have the threat hanging over their heads of losing certain social service benefits or daycare subsidies, (or in some states, being excluded from daycare), if their child doesn't get it. Hopefully that makes a difference, although I expect a lot of people fall for the fear mongering "killer flu season" stories that are blasted across the media as soon as summer ends.

There is no thimerosal in paediatric vaccines in Australia, including the flu shot. We'll just happily destroy our children's brains with aluminium instead.


People like this are PATHETIC. Uh no, Congress did not investigate. Rep. Bill Posey (FL) BEGGED them to investigate and they totally ignored his request and our vaccine injured children. HHS has failed to do vaccine safety studies for the past 30 years!! Please go crawl back in your hole. We have every right to ‘speak our truth’ about the assault that happened to our children from the doctors and nurses that we trusted. They did not provide informed consent and after injuring our children most of them provided no help and gave no guidance to things like vaccine court that would possibly have helped our kids had we known about it in the first 36 months. Just because you don’t know how to read or research and believe everything mainstream media tells you doesn’t make it any less true! #vaccineinjuredlivesmatter #wedid #vaxinjuryisreal #educatebeforeyouvaccinate


Greg; She don't know what Congress said. She is just saying what she thinks Congress said, because of Congress inaction (which is by the way; inaction on everything to begin with). . If she had watched what Congress said, she would not have said what she said.


I think it is very sad that there needs to be comparison of these two unfortunate situations. It is unfortunate that this group has not been stronger in uniting and effectively getting vaccine concerns across. For a group who wants to rally other women to their concerns....I don't think this is a very respectful way to go about it.

cia parker

I think it should be acknowledged that not every accusation of sexual abuse is true. Remember the Rolling Stones article about a supposed rape at the University of Virginia four years ago which turned out to be untrue? An innocent boy was subjected to immense stress for months because of these false allegations.

The accusations of Kavanaugh in the last week or so seem similarly flimsy or false. The woman says she didn't even remember the alleged attack until years later during psychotherapy, and she still doesn't remember the details, even the location. There are no witnesses to the alleged attack. She seems unstable, and I don't think Kavanaugh's nomination for the Supreme Court should be ruined based on these allegations.

Both sexes can tell lies and commit abuses, and it is unfair to suggest otherwise.

The rule of law in a criminal case requires proof beyond the reasonable shadow of a doubt. And that lets some guilty people go free for lack of sufficient proof. But isn't that better than to punish or ruin the lives and careers of innocent people? As a society, we have decided that it is. Isn't ruining people's lives based on an unproven accusation a form of McCarthyism?

I don't think the parallel with vaccine damage is a valid one. At this time, it is usually not possible to prove that damage present was caused by a particular vaccine. I hope that soon it will be. In any case, it is not usual for a particular doctor or vaccine researcher to be blamed and vilified, but the system itself. Doctors work under intimidation from the medical and pharma establishments, and everyone must take that into consideration. All parents must know that the vaccine decision is theirs: not the doctor's and not the school's. If they live in California, West Virginia, or Mississippi, and want vaccine choice and public or private schooling for their children, they'd better move away. It is usually not hard in the US to get a job in a different state, another 47 to choose among, and move away.

Cherry Misra

@ Jenny Allan- You are so right about the third world getting vaccines with mercury.. The U.S. sets a trend and the third world and even the first world takes up the trend and even makes it worse- Philippino babies receiving two tetanus toxoids before they are born, for example. India- taking on the practise of giving vaccines to premature infants and that too when they have some of the highest Thimerosal laden vaccines in the world in stock in the hospital. Recently I received a request for money for a baby that has an infection of the heart at three months of age. Not surprising at all, when you damage a child's immune system with mercury, on the day he is born.
I have recently read that in Australia they give 4 flu vaccines to children by about age one and a half . - Can anyone confirm that????

I am done with arguing with people about vaccines. I find people in America to be the worst of all. They dont want anyone to tell them anything. They want to think they know everything. In India I can walk up to almost anyone who is free to talk, and discuss vaccines . Of course, after I go away, they might say to themselves , "That's nutty" ... but they do listen and ask questions.
I am planning to put this verbal strategy into effect and see how it works. " Lets not argue about vaccines when you dont know what is in them" I think that if the person thinks about it later, he will say to himself, " Yeah, actually I dont know what is in them. maybe I need to do a google search"
I would like to describe one of my more memorable experiences, because of the lesson it taught me. I was at a pharmacy when a young father came in. He turned out to be a doctor at one of Delhi's leading hospitals. I gave him some literature and then we proceeded to disagree about vaccines. I realized that we were not getting anywhere and I had other errands to do that day, so , rather suddenly, I said,with deep sincerity, " Look, you may not agree with me, but DONT put mercury into your child" In an instant his face changed and he replied, also sincerely, "Yes, Ma'm"


feminism is sadly known for disdaining/disregarding mothers, and pro choice tends to stop at abortion.

Donna L.

She certainly does a stellar job of proving Ginger's point!

Step 1: Don't believe the victim's story right from the start, without listening to any details of their actual experience.
Step 2: Provide illogical evidence as to why their experience cannot be true. ("He's the captain of the football team. He's going to Yale." becomes "Vaccines are perfectly safe because the people who get paid to make them, administer them, and enforce their uptake tell us they are perfectly safe.")
Step 3: Belittle the victim. Publicly shame them. ("What was she wearing? She was asking for it! She just wants attention." becomes "You are too stupid to understand science. You don't love and accept your child.")

Bravo, Jennifer. Please tell us again how vaccine-injury denial is totally different from sexual assault denial.


This comment has caused me pause. Yes, there is parallel in denying sexual and vaccination assaults, but, really, what's at their root? Is it not believing or 'not wanting to believe'? The way sexual assault allegations are dismissed out of hand by the flimsiest excuses, and no seeming desire to do due diligence and explore the charges leads me to believe it's often an issue of not wanting to believe. Same here with this comment. The commenter seems to be putting all her faith in congress, trusting what congress say. We get no hint that she has entertained the full complexity of the issue, or if she is even interested in doing so. Neither is there any hint of what led her to wanting to trust Congress. In the same way many people don't want to believe sexual assault victims, she also does not want to believe vaccine assault victims, as evidenced by her 'lazy' comment.

Yet, whether we're fighting against sexual or vaccination violence, I believe it's imperative that we get things right and tackle the root of such problems -- not wanting to believe. Consider how futile it is to expend so much effort to try to get people 'to believe' when that's not the ultimate problem. I'm all in for #whydon'tyouwanttobelievewomen and #whydon'tyouwant tothinkit'smetoo movements.

John Stone


The big problem unfortunately is that there must be many politicians with the skills and knowledge to ask difficulty questions but they are all bribed, intimidated or just isolated.


It's odd to hear someone touting Congress as the arbiter of truth.

And the recent Monsanto revelations demonstrate how corporations control study results.

John Stone

This is, of course, “science” as a brand: industrial products rubber-stamped by government bureaucracies, ready for a captive market. We understand this “science” all to well. I guess - to be generous - people like this think that because it is all wrapped in the language of technocracies that it must be wonderfully rigorous and sound.

Mark Wax

The author has two other bumper stickers I am sure:
1) "Jesus said it, I believe it, case closed."
2) "Heil Hitler."

The reason science exists at all, is because we have enough intelligent human beings who understand the power of questioning authority and the status quo. So much for human evolution.

Back to the lemmings parade.


" All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

I guess the author of this post is still hopelessly stuck at stage one.

Jenny Allan

Quote:- "Congress DID investigate claims that vaccines cause autism, they found they don't, along with dozens of other studies."

And how many 'congressmen and women' are scientifically qualified to analyse and assess scientific and epidemiological papers? .......or are they prepared to believe what they are told by pharma sponsored lobbyists, who quote skewed epidemiology, like those Danish Madson et al papers, which involved 'wanted felon' Poul Thorsen. Remember him?..still a free man in Denmark. Pharma Donations to politicians and their parties keeps them compliant.

One of the Madsen papers demonstrated mercury -a known neurotoxin with NO safe levels actually prevented autism. It was quickly changed. These days it is claimed Thiomersal vaccine preservative 50% mercury by atomic weight, is a harmless organic compound, even though it has killed babies when painted onto their umbilical cords and Eastern Europeans who ate seed potatoes dressed with this stuff to prevent fungal rot.

Thiomersal is still present in adult vaccines and some child ones. The 'third world' is still getting mercury vaccines preservative, sponsored by Bill Gates. Heaven help them. This stuff gets pushed on the public and politicians by a press and media, hugely dependent on pharma advertising. The Murdoch empire also has extensive pharmaceutical links and interests.

Many of the persons who contribute to this thread are fully qualified scientists and doctors, but you don't need to be an Einstein to understand how politicians and the general public are being conned by pharma sponsored peddlers of 'fake science'. Vaccines are big money these days.

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