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Heartbreaking Story of Irish School Boy with Myriad Mental Health Issues

Abadnonned schoolThe first article I found on Saturday, October 20th made me stop my news search. It was about a 10 year boy in County Cork, Ireland and the desperate situation faced by him and his family.

I couldn’t get over the number of things affecting this child that were mentioned in this piece.

This story talked about depression, autism, suicide attempts, anxiety, mental illness, meltdowns, sensory processing disorder, dysregulation disorder (and head and stomach pain)—all in one little boy!

It also described a system that’s broken. This mother is at the end of her rope. She faces endless waiting lists and constant worry about her son’s actions, especially his anger issues affecting the whole family.

What really stood out to me was the fact that all the problems his mother described are now common in American schools. Issues long associated WITH AUTISM are increasingly recognized in kids WITHOUT an ASD diagnosis.  

Scary stuff

I have now compiled over 3,000 stories since January 2017   on the declining health and performance of children.

Schools EVERYWHERE in the world are dealing with exploding special education numbers, huge behavioral and sensory issues, self-harm, violence, and anxiety.  We’re now used to horrific rates of neurological/behavioral disorders profoundly affecting CHILDREN.

Where’s the alarm?

The solution has been to hire more school psychologists and counselors, bring in therapy dogs, add sensory rooms, isolation areas and yoga classes—all to keep kids calm and functioning. They’re screening for mental health problems and dyslexia, hiring security people, adding metal detectors, and training teachers to recognize students with a potential for violence.  (And I don’t have the time to thoroughly look into the growing number of students with chronic health problems like allergies, asthma and seizure disorders. They have also changed modern education.)

What will it take for people to wake up to the end of childhood?

No politician or health official is talking about what’s happening in our schools. Somehow all these changes are things we just have to live with. Of course that’s impossible.

Eventually the whole system will collapse when there isn’t a normally functioning child left. I wonder how much time we have.

Oct 20, 2018, (Ireland) Dublin Irish Sun: SUICIDAL BOY'S NIGHTMARECork mum’s heartbreaking plea for help after son, 10, leapt in front of car in bid to kill himself and was sad he didn’t succeed

A YOUNG lad leapt in front of a car in a bid to kill ­himself and was sad he didn’t succeed — but his desperate mum can’t get the help he urgently needs.

Troubled Sean Hurley, ten, has also told teachers that he plans to stab himself — and every morning mum Jennifer wakes up worrying he’s killed himself overnight.

Now Jennifer, from Mallow, Co Cork, is begging Health Minister Simon Harris to help save her ­suicidal son’s life.

He is currently being assessed by the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, which helps families with mental health problems.

But Jennifer says her autistic lad has ­deteriorated so much in the past few months that he needs to be put under the care of a psychiatrist.

Jennifer is begging Health Minister Simon Harris to help save her ­suicidal son’s life.

 “He is after telling his teachers he is going to stab himself. He had a meltdown last week at home and said he was going to throw himself out the bedroom window.

Concerned Jennifer said the lad’s condition is not just down to his Asperger’s and autism — and believes he has serious mental health issues that need to be addressed….

 “If this was an adult he would be diagnosed with depression or some other illness but how do you define a child who wants to kill himself, who just doesn’t want to go on living….

Mum-of-four Jennifer says Sean has got so bad that he will hit her and hurts his siblings….

Jennifer's email to Irish Health Minister Simon Harris:

IT is with a heavy heart, sore eyes and a lost soul I write you this email.

I’m a 29-year-old mother of four. The reason for this email is my first born — my ten-year-old son.

I’m not anyone special nor am I fully educated but I can clearly see a system that is failing my son as a person and us as a family….

My son is now ten, he is suicidal and has attempted suicide.

I’m fully aware you don’t know my son and he’s just another number on waiting lists but to us he is our world.

But, Minister Harris, what happens when your world crumbles in front of you and you cannot fix it?...

My son is crying out for help. He is not coping and the days are getting worse, nights are longer and hope could not be further away.

My son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of six (2014). I was given information on this and sent home with a report for myself and for his mainstream school.

Recently, he was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. It is now 2018 and my son has been left in limbo, for the want of a better word

He’s had two OT (occupational therapy) appointments in four years and not one full night’s sleep in almost 10 years.

His meltdowns are more frequent with no self regulation — all the visuals I’m using barely help. He has shut off and shut down.

He is linked in with CAHMS, which only took a year by the way, but they can’t promise me tomorrow. Neither can you but at least if we had a good mental health system that could give me hope and not have me uttering false promises to my son that things will be okay he will learn to cope….

Minister Harris, broken children end up being broken adults . . . that is if they make it to adulthood.

The mental health system is neglecting my son, the services are neglecting him. This system, your system, is failing him.

Therefore I as a mum end up failing my child. We as a country are failing our children as I know I’m not the only mother up worried and crying about my child tonight.

The system, your system, is failing to give him his basic needs….

“At ten he is constantly angry, constantly crying, constantly upset, he doesn’t want to be here.”

Jennifer is desperate for help from Health Minister Simon Harris

She said: “I do not know how it is going to play out. I want people to take the finger out and help.”

The Cork  woman said Sean is on sleeping medication and since Thursday is on an antipsychotic….

She added: “I know he is genuinely mentally ill. I just think his needs have been neglected since the age of six when he was diagnosed.

“There was no early intervention. I was sent home with a report. ….

 “He is suffering from anxiety and has pains in his head, in his stomach. I just want someone to help my boy get his life back and to be happy.”

 Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Thon Calderon

This is a heartfelt article Anne. Based from what I have read in What Is Depression blog. It goes like this The sixth grade is where students started to report an increased disconnection from their parents. Over the next couple of years, they reported feeling more separated from both parents and the levels of trust and quality of communication deteriorated." Hoping this could be of help Anne.

Hans Litten


The Irish Times goes all in for the Island of Ireland Clearances.

Its the same names over and over in full & complete collaboration (completely unchallenged)

Prof Karina Butler
Prof Mary Horgan
Dr Shirley McQuade
Dr Máirín Ryan

None of them are entitled to those "Titles" - all criminals.

Hans Litten

This Zdogg aka Dr Rubin Demented could be alot of fun for us .
This man is a maniac and if Offit thinks this lunatic is going to help his nazi cause he is deluded.
Peronally Demented looks like an early Xmas present for us .

We are going to have a ball with this unhinged crazy.

Grace Green

I think the answer to your questions is the fact that the first word used in that report to describe this child is "troubled". Autism is only mentioned in passing later on. His "psychiatric" symptoms are only caused by the pains in his head and his tummy, and his lack of sleep etc. People, especially "health" officials think that autism is psychological, and those who know won't admit that it's mercury poisoning, as Rebecca says. It's so important we get the word out, and people can start treating themselves and their children, and ignore the mercury-dispensing quacks.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Ireland is also a country where the press commonly reports that 25 percent of students are in special education. Northern Ireland reports 23 percent of its students are special ed, and Scotland's rate is 27 percent. These figures are posted without comment.

Rebecca Lee

The description of this child is so clearly one of mercury poisoning that I had to post. If anyone can get this mother to join our Facebook support group "Fight Autsim and Win, Detoxing Kids" we will be honored to help him. Children recover or improve rather quickly if chelated properly.
The angry outbursts might also point to lead. A properly interpreted hair test could yield considerable information.

Hans Litten

Ireland is being decimated. The island will be cleared and returned to forest.
And if you hear the resistance against what is occurring you would cry.
Pathetic wimpy so called leaders whingeing about how they are being attacked.
Instead we just need to get stuck into these corrupt politicians :
like Kate O'Connell , Simon Harris, Lucinda Creigton & Vlad the impaler.

If Ireland cant bring an end to it then no one can.
"Doctors can no longer be trusted"

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