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Dear Autism and PANDAS/PANS Researchers - THANK YOU For Listening, Now What?

Halloween Horrors Year Round in UK for Children with Autism

WeepNote:  Below is a revolting article about the scandalous treatment of people with autism in the United Kingdom. Restraint and seclusion.  Those words mean little to most parents outside our community. We know that they mean abuse, anger, retribution for having the behaviors of autism. They mean bullying people who often can not communicate AT ALL. Restraints kill. They choke. They break bones. Seclusion terrifies. The rooms are often dank, dirty, punitive. 

THIS is where the neurodiversity community can do some real good. Instead of attacking parents like me, JB Handley and others for working miracles to help our kids, they should focus on the abuse of their more impaired brothers and sisters across the globe. They like to say, "Nothing about us without us." I'd like to had, "Harm to one is harm to all."

While Britain focuses on the newly pregnant Princess, it turns a blind eye to the babies who are now children, teens and adults and being harmed. To the perpetrators? Take the keys and lock...them..up.


From The DailyMailUK:

Scandal of the autistic youngsters locked in solitary confinement: Hundreds of children are being held in appalling conditions and routinely abused in secluded padded cells

  • Devastated families are having young adults taken from them and locked away   
  • Investigation found teenagers were being forcibly injected violently restrained 
  • An autistic man was sent away for 18 years and was 'abused and restrained'

Hundreds of people with autism and learning disabilities are being locked up in appalling conditions, routinely abused and stuffed into tiny, secluded padded cells, a Mail on Sunday investigation has found. Devastated families are having children and young adults taken from them against their wishes and locked away – in one case for an astonishing 18 years. Our shocking investigation found that confused teenagers are being fed through hatches in seclusion, forcibly injected with powerful drug cocktails to sedate them, and violently restrained by up to six adults at a time behind the locked doors of secretive units.


Angus Files

Better watch what we say or we could up breaking the law any criticism not welcome by the totalitarianism governments...but of course,perfectly ok for them to mistreat whoever as they see fit.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

I think one can deduce from the reply Angus received that the British government is monumentally in breach of its own rules of minimal restraint.

Susan Welch

Fine words from the government, Angus. I think we can assuredly assume that they will not be 'putting their money where their mouth is'

Angus Files

Dear Angus Files,

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Stop the detention of people with autism & learning disability’s in ATU’s ”.

Government responded:

We agree that people with autism and learning disabilities should not be inappropriately detained in mental health hospitals. The CQC will review the use of long-term segregation and seclusion

People with learning disabilities and autism deserve the very best support and care to have the same opportunities to live full and rewarding lives as everyone else.

In times of the most acute need, we want people with a learning disability and/or autism to be able to access high quality support in the community, close to home.

But recent reports have shown that for some children, young people and adults with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that is considered challenging we remain too reliant on in-patient care in these circumstances.

Furthermore, where people are admitted they can spend too long in hospital before appropriate support is available for them to be discharged causing distress to the individual and to their families.

We acknowledge this and we remain committed to supporting people with learning disabilities and/or autism to live in the community, to ensure that they are only admitted to hospital when absolutely necessary, and to ensure that if they are admitted they can leave as soon as their treatment has finished.

Whilst some people will need access to time limited inpatient services for assessment of their needs and treatment, as appropriate, we have been clear that this should be as close to home as possible, for as short a time as possible, and with discharge plans put in place. The national plan and the service model which we are putting into place to support this was set out in Building the Right Support, published in 2015. Building the Right Support envisages that there would need to be some inpatient capacity but that the amount required would be significantly reduced.

Through the Transforming Care Programme, we are supporting both the discharge of people with learning disabilities and/or autism from mental health hospitals into the community with appropriate support and the development of community services to prevent admissions in the first place. Since March 2015, we have reduced the number of people with a learning disability and/or autism in mental health inpatient settings by nearly 20%. The number of inpatients at the end of October 2018 was 2,350 and NHS England and local government continue to invest significant funding to develop community services and further reduce inpatient numbers. We are committed to achieving a reduction of at least 35% and to go as far beyond this as possible in line with the Building the Right Support planning assumptions.

The NHS Long Term Plan is expected to set out the next steps for the development of community support and achieving the Building the Right Support vision beyond March 2019.

We are very clear that any kind of restrictive practices, including seclusion, should only ever be used as a last resort and the intervention should always represent the least restrictive option to meet the immediate need. We will continue working to reduce the use of restrictive interventions and improve patient safety through improved monitoring and training across health and care services.

We remain deeply concerned about the misuse of such practices and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has asked the Care Quality Commission to undertake a thematic review into the use of restraint, the practice of prolonged seclusion and long-term segregation for children and adults with a mental illness, learning disability or autism in secondary care and social care settings and to make recommendations. This will help us to eliminate inappropriate restrictive practices and ensure that vulnerable people supported by health and social care are provided with dignified and compassionate care.

Department of Health and Social Care

Click this link to view the response online:

Angus Files

New Petition
Stop the detention of people with autism & learning disability’s in ATU’s
Too many people with Autism and learning disabilities are detained in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs), some end up being put in seclusion units, this needs to stop.

More details

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

And the link would be good-

4 years on.

cath dyer
Swansea, United Kingdom
9 NOV 2018 —

Clair has now been home and off section 4 years tomorrow 10th November. We are determined to prove that ATU’s and medium forensic units are NOT the right places for autistic youngsters. Claire is home, happy, safe and settled - yes there are still issues on times, not many but the damage has been done to her after being locked up.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

I signed this a number of years back hope it works out well as it seems to be..

4 years on.

cath dyer
Swansea, United Kingdom
9 NOV 2018 —

Clair has now been home and off section 4 years tomorrow 10th November. We are determined to prove that ATU’s and medium forensic units are NOT the right places for autistic youngsters. Claire is home, happy, safe and settled - yes there are still issues on times, not many but the damage has been done to her after being locked up.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

'I went from being a teacher with a first class degree to losing my power of speech': New mother reveals how she was drugged and locked up in solitary confinement until she became suicidal after she was diagnosed with autism
Alexis Quinn, 34, was diagnosed with autism four years ago and went to an ATU
At the Autism Treatment Unit in the south of England she was restrained 97 times
After trying to escape Alexis was put in solitary confinement and tried to kill self
She ran away from rehab centre with help of GP and is now teaching in Nigeria

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

UK so called 'care' reality:-

John Stone


You are quite right, and yet the news management element is scary. In 2011 we had the Winterbourne scandal and it was all over the British news: seven years later the problem is manifestly endemic everywhere and growing, and it is an isolated report - apparently of much less concern than the tycoon Sir Philip Green who may or may not have behaved abusively, and spent money in the courts trying to defend his reputation, which has been the main topic for days.

Not completely isolated - there was a report in BMJ on Friday about a case of an unfortunate young woman incarcerated in the infamous Alder Hey hospital.

"The judge said, “There are now a growing number of cases in
which it has been necessary for the High Court to intervene in
these issues, to focus minds and achieve anything approaching
satisfactory outcomes.”"

The judge was plainly very cross, but we are still below the threshold in terms of news when anything has to be done!

Jonathan Rose

At least the Daily Mail is covering this story. In the US there's at least as much abuse and neglect, but the media reports nothing but "Happy news" about autism. Deaths and mistreatment among the institutionalized go unreported, and the police don't bother to investigate. That's how we convince ourselves that we're caring and compassionate, when in fact the larger society has pretty much abandoned the autistic generation.

Gary Ogden

Dickensian it is. But much worse, as the weapons of surveillance and control are vastly improved. Western civilization, such as it is, is finished.

Anne McElroy Dachel

One time the father of a severely affected boy predicted the future for all these kids. He said, "They'll just box 'em up and drug 'em."

All we need to do is look at what's happening to disabled students in British schools foresee the future. The media has given us endless horror stories that we're somehow learning to live with.

Angus Files

Worse than the stuff nightmares are made of .

Meanwhile people looking for Carers Allowance count themselves lucky if they receive £64.00 per week for doing a better job looking after their kids at home.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

VPDs :

Poisonous &

John Stone


You are not wrong. The report states:

"The NHS spends up to £13,000 a week per person kept in ATUs – but experts say most should not be in secure hospitals and that supported outside living would be better and cheaper;
US hedge funds have muscled in on a sector worth almost half a billion pounds annually – while one charity operator gave its departed chief executive a pay package worth almost £1 million over two years."

However, I believe it is happening fundamentally because health departments and authorities cannot cope with the influx of cases.


Grace Green

Somebody must be making big money out of this, otherwise why would they want to spend such huge resources on kids whose parents would be happy to care for, with a little community support. Where does that money come from? Who is being defrauded? The taxpayer of course. Everyone who is paying tax in the UK is paying towards this, unknowingly, and once they do know, unwillingly. There has to be a way to stop this by public direct action.

John Stone

In my opinion the author of the Mail article, Ian Birrell - a senior and well connected journalist with a personal interest in disability - bears some responsibility for the problem.

I remember trying to raise with him the issue of rising autism numbers c 2000, when he was at the Independent, and nothing was done. In 2018 the problem is conservatively 15 times worse, and while no one can excuse the barbaric treatment of these young people what it indicates is that our care system has been challenged well beyond its ability to cope and is completely unprepared for the influx or the level of difficulty, meanwhile Birrell has been a leader (and particularly in the last year or so) in the abuse of Andrew Wakefield. During the Vaxxed tour last summer when questioned about the exploding autism numbers he told Wayne Rohde:

"Previously, many of the children would have died by crib death".

Well, frankly that is a fairy story. We read in the article however:

"Latest figures show that 2,375 people with learning disabilities are still stuck in these supposedly short-stay units;..

"The number of children in ATUs doubled over the past three years – yet powerless parents are routinely gagged by courts and some have been threatened with having homes seized if they speak out;.."

But if the British establishment and our newspapers had told the truth in the first place it would never have happened.

Also, it should have been at the top of the page if anybody wanted anything to be done.

Hans Litten

Just keep in mind - there is only one crime here - the crime of vaccination .

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