US News Calls Flu Shot Thinkers Conspiracy Theorists
UK Parliamentary Committee Jettisons Vaccines As Strategy To Combat Antimicrobial Resistance

Glinda the Not so Good Glitch Visits Us

Tv sign offHi, friends. Our platform is updating to an https protocol thingy and it's caused some issues for readers. Loading is slow, RSS feeds (your daily email shot) has been affected and perhaps other horrors in your hand or on your screen.


We're working on it! Thanks for your patience.

The Age of Autism IT team.  (Kim)



Thank you for telling us this. I could not get the website to load yesterday, and for a brief while, I thought maybe you'd be shut down or taken off the internet.

Gary Ogden

It's back to my inbox! Apologies for my moment of paranoia; tech companies are no longer worthy of our trust, but AoA is a lifeline to all that is good and wholesome. I deeply appreciate what all of you do for this wonderful community. No issue of the times comes close in importance to stopping the criminal poisoning of the children of the world. If we don't stop it, we'll have no future.

Cait from Canada

For quite a while now I have had trouble accessing your site from my iPad. Initially the problem was intermittent, and the error message when I couldn't access the site was "404: Site not found."

Lately the problem is constant, and the message I get is "Error 1008, Access denied. What happened? The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address." That seems unlikely.

Fortunately I have no problem from my work computer. However, I would really love to have this resolved because I do most of my internet browsing on my iPad.

Kim, could you ask your IT person if they have any suggestions?

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