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Some stories have many parts; the HPV vaccine story is no different. I will discuss with you one part of this incredible story that needs to be widely known. I will follow-up with part 2 in another article. No doubt, there will be more parts to this story to unfold.

Most of us would believe or hope that when a new vaccine or drug is developed, it is thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy, and should only be used when necessary. Equally, however, most of us are probably aware that, overwhelmingly, that is simply not happening anywhere on this globe. There are many examples of just the opposite, in fact, covered in 1000s of articles across the internet. But today, we are not concerned with the obvious transgressions and biases of the pharmaceutical industry; today we are looking at the pressure groups that force a vaccine onto a schedule.

This year, controversy has surrounded the inclusion of the HPV vaccine for boys in the UK, with senior medical doctors and journal editors at loggerheads over flawed research that was used to justify the introduction of the HPV vaccine. But what of the players behind the scenes – the individuals and groups that were using all means of coercion to force that vaccine onto the UK schedule? We will discuss those players and let you be the judge if you feel this is the way honest business should be conducted in a democracy where your children’s health is at stake.

Jamie Rae (pictured) is an entrepreneur from Scotland who suffered from throat cancer and set up the Throat Cancer Foundation:

The Throat Cancer Foundation (TCF) was founded in 2012 by oropharyngeal cancer survivor Jamie Rae. Following his treatment and recovery, Jamie was concerned by the lack of resources and support available to people facing throat cancers, and established the charity to provide what was missing: information and reassurance for those facing throat cancers.

Mr Rae is central to the HPV vaccine being introduced and promoted by the UK government for boys in the UK. There is more to say about Mr Rae and we will cover that in part 2.

When the UK government announced that it would include the HPV vaccine for teenage boys, Mr Rae was asked for comment:

Read the full article here.


Angus Files

Mr Rae in time,will probably receive a worthless Mickey Mouse award,awarded no doubt by one of the quangos set up by the pharma paid politicians.Just as inventor of HPV Ian Frazer recently received...

Pharma For Prison


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