Don't Give a Rock to Teens and Adults with Autism who Trick or Treat
In A World That's Not Too Far Away...

Colorado Lawmakers’ Response to Autism is Two Decades Overdue

CO plateBy Pam Long

With 500 students with autism now in every high school graduating year group in Colorado, parents across the state seek a statewide response in both education and Medicaid that will address the lifelong disability needs of 25,000 affected children and adults. In April of the 2018 legislative session, Colorado parents brought forward CO HB18-1223 Declare Autism Epidemic in Colorado. This bill cited that the 2009 Colorado Autism Commission, which thrice referred to autism as “epidemic” in its executive summary report, had both failed in its primary mission to “identify the number of individuals affected by autism in the state” and failed to request or obtain funding for any of the eighteen service recommendations for the statewide autism population in its ten years of existence. The Autism Commission has dedicated its efforts to “autism awareness” left in the hands of non-profit organizations, while the state of Colorado passively allows 2,900 adults to wait for years on the Medicaid Developmental Disabilities (DD) waiver waitlist. The magnitude of the problem becomes even more alarming when analyzing the 2017 Colorado Dept. of Education disability data which shows 16,000 pre-school and school-age children with developmental delays and autism. Can we agree the time for “awareness” is over, and the time for “action” is now?

Autism as an “epidemic” became the issue of objection for Colorado lawmakers. Colorado statute defines an epidemic as “an increase in a communicable or non communicable disease or condition.” Lawmakers in the House Health, Insurance, and Environment (HIE) Committee alleged that declaring autism an epidemic would stigmatize affected people as having a contagious disease. By definition, autism is a disorder affecting speech, behavior, and social skills. The House HIE committee was unwilling to even consider referring to autism as a “crisis” in an amendment suggestion.

Published Data on Autism

Lawmakers also denied that there is a true increase in autism and clung to unsubstantiated claims of “better diagnosis,” despite expert testimony by two published authors. Mark Blaxill, co-author of Denial: How refusing to face the facts about our autism epidemic hurts children, families, and our future, presented data slides from three data sets (CDDS, ADDM, US Census) on the impending tsunami of children with autism while the state is unprepared to provide facilities or caretakers when they outlive their parents. Dr. Cindy Nevison, Ph.D., University of Colorado, briefed autism prevalence trend data from her landmark (52,000 downloads) peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Developmental Disorders (JADD, July 2018) that analyzed three data sets (CDDS, IDEA, ADDM) and concluded a 1000% increase in autism since 1930. Nevison explained that the increase in autism is not caused by diagnostic substitution (the conjecture that autism was previously referred to as intellectual disability) but rather a true increase to epidemic levels, with autism having a unique set of diagnostic criteria and established as a distinct federal disability reporting category starting in 1991.

Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) on Autism

CDPHE is required by Colorado Rule 6 CCR-1009-7 to monitor, investigate, and report annually on environmental and chronic diseases, to include Autism Spectrum Disorders. CDPHE has never included statewide autism data surveillance in their annual reports, nor included autism as even an “emerging issue” in the state’s health strategic plan. At the HB18-1223 committee hearing, Rep. James Wilson expressed his concerns to CDPHE’s representative with "You don't like the word epidemic. I understand that. It doesn't matter what you call it, we've clearly got a huge problem.” Mr. Chris Wells, of CDPHE, responded, without providing any data sources to reference, that the autism rate remains stable at 1.1%. In CORA responses in the follow-up of the bill hearing, Mr. Wells provided me over a hundred files of CO ADDM, CO SEED, and MMWR autism data, and none of those reports show autism as “stable” at 1.1%. In fact, all of those reports support a near zero autism rate in the late 1980’s (1 in 10,000) and rising steeply to 1% of the population in 2018 (1 in 59), thus affecting tens of thousands of children. Mr. Wells also responded that CDPHE was actively looking at autism risk factors such as genetics, older parents, maternal obesity, and low birth weight. Mr. Wells did not disclose that CDPHE spends millions of dollars on the Colorado Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network (CO ADDM) data team, which generates the Colorado autism rate from only the 8-year-old age cohort, and only seven counties, while changing sample counties and changing educational and medical records requirements from reporting year to reporting year, resulting in very unreliable data that shows an underestimate of the Colorado autism rate compared to all other states. CDPHE’s CORA responses show that CDPHE spends zero dollars actually providing services to families affected by autism, beyond a quarterly speaker on “autism awareness” at CANDO support group meetings at JFK Partners at UC Denver. UC Denver also employs the CO ADDM data team.

Lawmakers defer to the testimony of CDPHE and their local partners, and do not require these agencies to provide any data to validate their assertions. To illustrate this, Rep. Janet Buckner asked about diagnostic swapping as an explanation for the rise in autism. Dr. Cordelia Robinson-Rosenberg of CDPHE’s community partner at JFK Partners at UC Denver, and also a member of the unfunded Colorado Autism Commission, replied affirmatively stating that the increase in California autism is mirrored by a decline in intellectual disability. That statement has been demonstrated in many scientific publications to be completely false. The rate of intellectual disability has remained relatively constant over the last 30 years in California as the rate of autism has risen dramatically.

Colorado Department of Education (CDE) on Autism

CDE provided their opinion to lawmakers on an autism epidemic by a letter submitted by consultant Jennifer Mello. The letter disputes CDE’s own disability reporting data of 17 cases of autism in 1992, and 7,111 cases of autism in 2016, which is a 41,729% increase in autism. Ms. Mello claims that Colorado had “flexibility” under strict federal disability reporting categories to report autism under the category of “Physical Disability.” CDE clarified in a follow-up CORA request that the 41,729% increase in autism in Colorado students since 1992 is correct as reported federally, but the districts under CDE report a 1,234% increase when combining the Autism and Physical Disability categories together. This data demands an investigation. How can CDPHE report “stable at 1.1%” while CDE reports either a 41,729% increase or a 1,234% increase? How is a 1,234% increase in ANY disorder not triggering an immediate investigation by the Governor’s Expert Emergency Epidemic Response Committee (GEEERC)? In comparison, one potential case of rabies gets investigated and reported by the GEEERC, and rabies is monitored continually. Colorado has 25,000 cases of autism with projected increases in the preschool age groups as most toddlers and preschoolers are not diagnosed until age five. There is no state agency monitoring and reporting to lawmakers on autism, while annual special education costs are bankrupting local schools at the cost of $6,000 to $13,000 per student with autism annually. Added financial unsustainability was imposed by the Supreme Court ruling in 2017 against Colorado schools as failing students with autism, and setting precedent for parents to ask local districts to pay for private education for autism.

Colorado Dept. of Human Services (CDHS) on Autism

Mr. Robert Lawhead’s, of CDHS and Colorado Developmental Disability Council (CDDC), follow-up CORA responses to his testimony against CO-HB1223 fully highlight the total lack of long term state planning and department coordination for autism. Regarding the Medicaid DD waiver waitlist of 2,900 adults, CDDC endorsed legislation in 2018 to fund 300 additional adults by 2020. By Lawhead’s assessment, “While 300 new resources only represents approximately 10% of the people currently waiting for services, it is a move in the right direction.” And regarding long term residential living for people with autism, Lawhead responded with “We do not advocate for building new residential facilities but advocate instead for fully funding the Medicaid HCBS-DD waiver program which provides funding for community based residential options like host homes and companion models.” Mr. Lawhead did not know there are 16,000 students with autism in the pipeline as reported by CDE data, which makes the funding the Medicaid DD waiver program unattainable without declaring an epidemic and requesting federal funds. It also makes the idea of host families adopting 25,000 adults with autism very unrealistic. 24-hour-care is $70,000 a year per adult, and it would cost $200 million annually to clear the current waitlist of 2,900 adults.

The Autism Society of Colorado on Autism

At the HB18-1223 hearing, a representative for the Autism Society of Colorado opposed declaring autism an epidemic based on a movement called “neuro-diversity.” Neuro-diversity is a belief that rejects the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) diagnosis criteria for autism, which holds that autism is a disorder with severely life restricting impairments in three areas of language, behaviors, and social skills, with symptoms evident by the third birthday, and requiring a lifetime of support. Instead, the neuro-diverse supporters believe that adults can self-diagnose autism at any point in their lives, even after going to college, having a career, and having a spouse and family. The neuro-diverse supporters portray autism as gifted savants with slight social quirks, and that any legislation to fund autism services is “ableism” and stigmatizing, and instead call for acceptance and equality. They deny the statistics that 76% of people with autism have less than 70 IQ and Adaptive Behavior Scores, and 40% of people with autism are non-verbal as “outdated statistics.” It should be noted that there is a subset of high-functioning autism under Asperger’s Syndrome, but it accounts for only 10% of cases. The President of the Colorado Autism Society, Kathryn Dran, opposed CO-HB18-1223 on the CBS Denver news exclaiming insensitively, “There’s never been a better time to have autism!” In historical comparison, when 16,000 Coloradans affected by HIV/AIDS necessitated the declaration of an epidemic, no groups advocated for “immune deficiency diversity” and the result was funding services, not stigma. Likewise, when obesity and opioids were declared epidemics, no groups advocated for “body fat diversity” or “addiction diversity.”

Colorado State Legislators on Autism

Responding to autism is in your power. You have a desperate plea for immediate investigation from a parent, in the trenches for 14 years, looking for a solution to the high probability of my son with autism being homeless when I die. I testified at the Board of Health, at the SMART hearing with all three health committees, and for HB18-1223. Autism is the Invisible Epidemic that you choose to see or ignore.

Pam Long is a graduate of USMA at West Point and a former Medical Intelligence Officer under NATO SFOR.


Andy Banks

The Report is 10 years old today! Everyone ping your local news station in CO to have them investigate the lack of progress on the 10 year strategic plan!!!

Hans Litten

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Laura Hayes


Thank you for your reply. I don’t think it would be that hard for Pharma to find a few people with HFA, plant the seed and encourage them that they are “neuro-diverse”, versus negatively impacted by environmental assaults (vaccines being culprit #1), then ensure ($$$) that the media and legislators focus on them, and not on the parents of children suffering the ravages of vaccine-induced “autism”. Given the long and strong arm of Pharma, that would not be hard to accomplish at all.


Think of who is denying the autism epidemic: the spokespersons for the medical industry (such as the AAP...just better diagnosing by their brilliant members, who were apparently much dumber until just very recently as they kept missing the kids who didn’t talk, who didn’t learn, behave, speak, or socialize normally, and who remained dependent versus becoming independent), legislators (like CA’s Senator Pan, for but one example), and the media (virtually every form and forum of MSM...they either deny it or normalize it). What do they have in common? All funded largely by Pharma. Others, like individual doctors, are essentially kept quiet by threat of being ostracized and “Wakefielded”, which threatens their reputation, ability to stay in business, and membership in their beloved self-protecting trade industry groups (heavily Pharma-funded)...thus, another form of “payment”, in effect, staying in business and in good standing with colleagues, to be a silent denier versus an outspoken truth teller.

Regarding Offit’s latest comment in the interview you mentioned, clearly a new strategy has been identified as being needed, as even the media-brainwashed American public sees at their local schools, in their neighborhoods, and in their own families, that “autism”’is EVERYWHERE...and cannot be denied. The explanations just keep morphing, with Pharma dollars funding the subtle shifts.

Hans Litten

From what I understand Dr Demented (ZDOGG) has been dropped already for being a complete liability by Dr Mengele (Proffit).

Unfortunately I don't think we will be hearing much more from Dr Demented because he was looking like an early Xmas gift for us .


They're being paid to deny the autism epidemic?

Funny, in his recent ZDOGG interview in which he opined that Barron Trump was autistic, and which caused quite a stir that he later apologized, Paul Offit made another shocking confesssion that everyone seemed to miss. He admitted that there has been a real increase in autism, albeit, he attributed it to more older parents having kids. This admission really surprised me, and especially since it came without prompting.

in addition to having lunch with parents of vaccine injured kids who decided to crash the recent ACIP meeting, Offit seems to be making some 'strange' moves of late. Sometimes I see Offit straining, and especially in that ZDOGG interview, and I get the impression that not only is trying to lie to us that the good guy, but, even more pitiful, he is also trying to lie to himself. They really are stressed.

Aimee Doyle

@Laura -

I'm not sure who's funding the neurodiversity movement or even if anyone is. Certainly the ND individuals I know aren't getting any money from anyone - they seem to be true believers in the gift of autism. Of course, they are all very high-functioning individuals.

I do know that the ND movement has a number of proponents who sit on the IACC and are actively anti-cure. I know that ASAN (Autistic Self-Advocacy Network), founded by Ari Ne'eman is anti-cure, but I'm not sure where they get their funding from. They aren't a huge organization, I know that. Autism Speaks has anti-cure neurodiversity activists on their board (Valerie Paradiz and Stephen Shore) and AS has taken cure out of their mission statement, largely as a result of ND pressure. ASA (Autism Society of America) is all about autism acceptance. Even ARI, the Autism Research Institute founded by Bernie Rimland doesn't use the word cure. I haven't even seem them use the word "recovery" in ages. It does seem to be okay to do research into gastrointestinal issues and epilepsy and other co-morbid health conditions. But cause or cure, no. Not sure which if any of these organizations get Pharma money.

Why the ND movement has the ear of the media, I don't know. I do know that when the Washington Post (the paper we have here in MD) does any negative story on autism, they receive intense criticism by individuals in the movement for presenting autism in a negative light. So mostly the Post does autism stories with a positive spin. I know the Post has ignored input from parents like me who want more realistic stories of what life is like with autism.

I follow the movement because of their influence on policy and research priorities (e.g. changing the Combating Autism Act to the Autism Cares Act) . I feel that the voices of parents, particularly of parents of severely impaired individuals, are being drowned out by the ND movement.

Laura Hayes

Aimee Doyle,

I don't follow the ND movement, but I do question who might be funding it. Have you done any research into that?

The ND movement seemed to come on the scene in tandem with escalating vaccine resistance and refusal. Hmm...makes one wonder who might be behind it? Especially since you mention that the ND movement has the ear of the media, legislators, and autism organizations. My alarm bells are going off!

Aimee Doyle

@Kathy - You're right, we have an obesity epidemic, an opioid epidemic, etc. But the neurodiversity movement in particular has strongly pushed back on the concept of an autism epidemic, because in their view, autism is a gift - not a burden, a difference - not a disability. And "epidemic" sounds like something bad.

@Laura - "The only way someone can continue to deny the Autism Epidemic is if they are being paid to deny it." I think that's true in the corporate and scientific arenas. But the individuals in the neurodiversity movement that I've spoken to do deny the epidemic - it's just better diagnosing, and it's not a problem anyway. And the ND movement does appear to have the ear of the media (liberal, conservative, alternative, etc.), most autism organizations, and the US Congress.

Kathy Sincere

Thank you, Pam, for such a complete in-depth coverage of the debacle called the HB18-1223 hearing here in Colorado.

How many times was it cancelled/delayed from Feb. ‘18 until the last week of the legislature in May? Three times, four times…….I lost count.

And then the day of the hearing, they cut testimony short, including Mark Blaxill and Dr. Nevison, because the legislators were having a “pot luck” that afternoon……….

The people testifying in support of HB18-1223 were sternly instructed NOT TO MENTION VACCINES regarding autism or their testimony would be abruptly cut short. We complied with this request.
And yet some testifying AGAINST the Autism Bill – three if my memory serves me – were able to say that “we know these people here for this Bill are anti-vaxxers” , “we know these people here are attempting to make a connection between vaccines and autism” – and AMAZINGLY those persons were able to finish their testimony and were not censured for their references to vaccines. Not one legislator commented on that, especially the Chair who originally made the request.

Then, as you so accurately point out, State officials and Autism Agencies blatantly lied about numbers and statistics which you were able to uncover through research and CORA requests. They will lie again, and again, and yet again because that is what they do. Facts be damned!

Those in opposition to the Autism Bill repeatedly objected to the phrase “autism epidemic” even though we have an opioid “epidemic”, obesity “epidemic”, diabetes “epidemic” and so many others. Are we insinuating that opioid addicts and the obese are dirty and contagious? That to me was truly THE MOST farcical comment made at this hearing.

We will continue on because your son is autistic and so is mine and the casualties just keep mounting.

Hans Litten

October 29, 2018

Paul A. Offit, MD

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

3401 Civic Center Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Dr. Offit:

Your new book, Bad Advice: Or Why Celebrities, Politicians, and Activists Aren’t Your Best Source of Health Information, appears poised to repeat one of your favorite arguments, namely, that scientists are the sole trustworthy purveyors of health information. The notion that non-scientists, no matter how educated or credentialed, have nothing to contribute to discussions about health has been a running theme in many of your books and lectures, and particularly in the realm of vaccine safety.

This is the reason you give for continually rebuffing my requests that you participate in a public debate with me about vaccine safety. In recognition of the theme of your new book, I would now invite you to debate three top-flight and extensively published researchers whose academic standing and contributions to science are beyond dispute: Professor Chris Exley of the United Kingdom’s Keele University, Professor Christopher A. Shaw of the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Dr. George Lucier, former Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ Environmental Toxicology Program. Drs. Exley, Shaw and Lucier are precisely qualified to dispute your reckless, dangerous and scientifically baseless assertions that aluminum adjuvants and mercury preservatives in our vaccines are harmless or even “beneficial.”

Dr. Exley, the Group Leader of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele University’s Birchall Centre, has devoted his lengthy career to understanding the toxicology of aluminum in humans and other biological systems. His groundbreaking article on aluminum in the brain tissue of deceased autistic individuals (published in March 2018 in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology) reported “some of the highest values for aluminum in human brain tissue yet recorded,” including unaccountably high amounts in young people. Dr. Shaw’s laboratory at UBC focuses on neurotoxins and neurological diseases ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. Recent publications by Dr. Shaw and colleagues have raised a number of important questions about the toxicity of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines. Dr. Lucier has presented evidence to the Institute of Medicine and others that ethylmercury in thimerosal-containing vaccines “should be considered equipotent to methylmercury as a developmental neurotoxin.” Taken together, the three researchers’ findings highlight significant gaps in our understanding of vaccines’ potential relationship to the epidemics of neurodevelopmental disorders and autoimmune and chronic illnesses affecting so many of today’s children.

Your book title and press releases suggest that, in contrast to “celebrities, politicians and activists,” you consider yourself to be eminently qualified to furnish health information in a truthful and unbiased manner. I would like to take this opportunity to inquire as to whether your own substantial financial entanglements with the $52 billion vaccine industry—conflicts you deliberately conceal from your allies in the mainstream media—should disqualify you from representing yourself as a neutral and trustworthy voice in this contentious debate. You have accepted tens of millions of dollars from vaccine companies for your work as the primary spokesman for the industry. You occupy a chair at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia endowed with a $1.5 million grant from Merck, and you were a co-developer, with Merck, of the RotaTeq rotavirus vaccine.

Indeed, your financial conflicts of interest with the vaccine industry since the early 2000s, during your tenure on a key Centers for Disease Control vaccine panel, were the subject of two federal investigations. While sitting on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), you voted to add a rotavirus vaccine to the CDC childhood vaccine schedule. You neglected to recuse yourself despite the fact that you had your own rotavirus vaccine patent in development. Six years later, thanks to the inclusion of rotavirus on the CDC schedule, you and your business partners were able to sell your patent for $186 million. This self-dealing transaction in which you effectively “voted yourself rich” was condemned by a 2003 congressional investigation and a 2008 investigation by the HHS Inspector General. Congressman Dan Burton described the “paradox” of the CDC “routinely allow[ing] scientists with blatant conflicts of interest to serve on influential advisory committees that make recommendations on new vaccines, as well as policy matters,” even though “these same scientists have financial ties, academic affiliations, and other vested interests in the products and companies for which they are supposed to be providing unbiased oversight.” When ACIP added your vaccine (RotaTeq) to the childhood vaccine schedule in 2006, policy-makers of the time acknowledged that the vaccine was “one of the most expensive” and potentially lucrative ever added to the schedule. Critics of the decision wondered why we were mandating a ruinously expensive and shoddily tested vaccine for tens of millions of children to combat mild illness that accounts for only a few dozen deaths in the United States annually.

You routinely talk about RotaTeq’s achievements, but you have never publicly commented on the elevated rate of agonizingly painful and sometimes deadly intussusception observed in recipients of RotaTeq nor on the vaccine’s contamination with DNA fragments from two porcine circoviruses known to cause serious wasting disease in pigs. Scientists and public health experts suggest that your vaccine may be infecting millions of children each year with these viruses. Since the vaccine was never properly safety tested against inert placebos, we may never know the truth.

In a 2011 interview on National Public Radio’s “Science Friday,” you denigrated “professional anti-vaccine people” for relying on “ad hominem attacks” rather than using science. Yet when you paint those who question your unsound and often wild assertions about vaccine safety as being “false prophets” and “slick charlatans,” while at the same time refusing to debate me or acknowledge the over 1500 peer-reviewed scientific publications cited in my book, Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak, linking mercury and aluminum in vaccines and the exploding epidemic of chronic diseases and neurological disorders in children born after 1989, it is clear that you, in fact, strongly prefer the ad hominem route.

In August, 2008, you attacked a skeptical reporter, CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson in an article published in the Orange County (OC) Register (“Dr. Paul Offit Responds”), making “disparaging statements” about Attkisson. Two and a half years later, the OC Register was forced to publish a lengthy correction indicating that you had made a number of “unsubstantiated and/or false” statements. According to the OC Register, you untruthfully claimed that you had provided CBS News with the details of your financial relationship with Merck (after the network requested information about your speaking and consulting fees and past and future RotaTeq royalties), even though you had not furnished any of the requested information. In fact, you have repeatedly been cagey about your share of the RotaTeq royalties, stating only that it was “like winning the lottery.” Your net worth is currently reported to be $19 million—not bad for a physician employed by a hospital where the average physician salary ($144,200) is 9% below the national average.

A debate with Drs. Exley, Shaw and/or Lucier would provide you with a timely opportunity to answer your critics and defend your contentions about vaccine safety and to explain the etiology of the chronic health disorders now affecting 54% of American children. I look forward to your favorable reply.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman

Children’s Health Defense

Laura Hayes

The only way someone can continue to deny the Autism Epidemic is if they are being paid to deny it.

There’s no missing it, or simply overlooking it. It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s everywhere.

It’s destroying our children, our schools, our communities, and our nation...not to mention affected families.

If it weren’t so incredibly tragic, the denial would be laughable. We continue to witness paid denialists sounding the alarm bell over a few cases of benign, weeklong cases of measles while completely ignoring and denying the 9,259 new cases of autism being diagnosed every month in the U.S., with autism being a SEVERE, LIFELONG, DEBILITATING, COSTLY disability that is bringing this country to its knees.

The crux of the problem is those in positions of power refusing to point the finger at and hold accountable those who should be paying for the destruction they have caused, i.e. Big Pharma, Big Chem, Big Ag, Big Food, and Big Telecom. Instead of guilty parties being brought to justice, including being forced to stop their devastation and being forced to empty their corporate and personal bank accounts to pay for the horrific damage they have caused to humans and the environment, costs are wrongly passed on to tax payers. This will continue until we stop permitting, and completely eliminate, corporate influence in legislative and regulatory arenas, which doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon.

Someone recently commented here on AoA that it is becoming very difficult to find discernible character in our elected officials. So well said. Seems we also have an epidemic of elected officials who have no character, no courage, no ethics, no moral compass, and no fear of God.

Pam, thank you for highlighting the shameful behavior of our law makers and of public health and education officials. Judgement Day awaits us all.

Angus Files

As in Scotland the teachers are walking out ...advised by the unions.I wonder how many of the 8 violent pupils had a classroom assistant before it happened probably nil no diagnosis no classroom assistant.

Row at Scots special school after teachers refuse to work with 'violent pupils'

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

It a cull . Global in scope . Vaccinocide !
WWF report: Mass wildlife loss caused by human consumption
CDC's handling of polio-like illness criticized by its own advisers
A Call for a Separation of Pharma and State

From the public comment segment of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Board meeting to vote on adding additional vaccine schedules to the current CDC schedule.

"My name is Jaclyn Gallion. I am on the board of Informed Choice WA, I represent 1000's of parents and citizens across the state of Washington who are done with following or trusting anything coming from ACIP.

You recently recommended two vaccines with new adjuvants that were never safety tested with other adjuvanted vaccines, admitting that in the real world, they would likely be administered with other vaccines--and you had no idea what sort of reaction that would cause. After your unanimous vote, you discussed safety signals that had appeared in clinical trials, and you said you would be watching postmarket reporting for reactions.

That postmarket surveillance is us, the public, and we did not agree to participate in safety trials. No warnings are being given to people receiving these new vaccines. You simply handed the American public over to the pharmaceutical company like dispensable guinea pigs.

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