Did Vaccines Cause the Dramatic Drop in Mortality?
Flu Shots During Pregnancy: Insufficient Data to Inform Vaccine-Associated Risk

Cigarettes Don’t Cause Lung Cancer and Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism: A Review of J.B. Handley’s New Book How to End the Autism Epidemic

How to end the autism epidemic cover

 WBy William H. Gaunt NMD

A 1953 study showed that tobacco tar swabbed onto mice caused cancer.  It took 45 years and mountains of additional science to finally defeat big tobacco.  Handley calls autism tobacco 2.0.  We are bombarded over and over with messages like “vaccines do not cause autism”, “the science is settled”, and “vaccines are safe and effective.” None of these statements are true but that is what we are all supposed to believe. Big Tobacco put out numerous fraudulent scientific studies that claimed to prove that cigarettes do not cause lung cancer.  Many CDC sponsored scientific studies claiming that vaccines don’t cause autism are equally fraudulent.  The documentary “Vaxxed” provides details of one such fraudulent study. Recent science overwhelmingly shows that vaccines do cause autism, but big pharma is using the same tactics as big tobacco to delay this realization from becoming established fact.  This delay is causing enormous suffering.  In How To End the Autism Epidemic, Handley covers the recent scientific discoveries in understandable detail.  People who read this book will feel anger, sadness, and dismay.  How can this damning science be covered up and how long will it take for the truth to break through big pharma’s lies and obfuscation?

Here are a few gems from the book with my comments in parentheses:

  • “In the 1970s the rate of autism was documented to be just under one in ten thousand children. Today one in thirty-six kids has autism…”  p.125(The factor that has changed since the 1970s is a massive increase in vaccines.)

  • “…there are 277 times more kids with autism today than thirty years ago.” P.125

  • “…surveys show fully one-third of Americans feel vaccines and autism are linked.” P.126

  • “Only two countries in the world allow drug advertising on TV-the United States and New Zealand…” p.129(Media executives will not allow information that exposes problems with vaccines to be aired because that would offend their biggest advertisers. It might kill the golden goose.)

  • “One of the primary PR firms working closely today with pharmaceutical companies is Hill & Knowlton, the same firm that helped Big Tobacco delay their day of reckoning by decades.” P.131
  • “Because of this science, we now know that autism is created by immune activation events in the brain during critical phases of brain development… these immune activation events in the brain can be triggered by the aluminum adjuvant in vaccines.” P.141

  • “In 1962 a child following the CDC’s recommended schedule would have received three vaccines by age five. In 1983 a child following the CDC’s recommended schedule would have received ten vaccines by age five.  In 2017 a child following the CDC’s recommended schedule received thirty-eight vaccines by age five, nearly quadruple what a child received in the 1980s and more that twelve times what a child received in the 1960s. p. 55-56 (Kids today get many more vaccines and many more toxins like aluminum in those vaccines than in years past. Why has there been such a drastic increase in vaccines? Vaccines are now very profitable. Legislation in 1986 gave vaccine companies and doctors immunity from lawsuits.  An explosion in vaccines soon followed.  What a great business model: Force nearly everyone to buy your products and have no liability for injuries and deaths caused by those products.) 

  • “Before the vaccine had been introduced, it’s worth noting that the death rate from measles in the United States had already declined by 99.96 percent from its peak in the mid-1800s. p.72 (Vaccines were not responsible for the drastic decreases in infectious diseases. Sanitation and better nutrition were the main factors.)

  • “Fewer than 1 % of vaccine adverse events are reported.” P.114(Here is an example: 432 deaths from vaccines were reported in 2016 to VAERS- The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Multiply by 100 to get closer to the actual number of deaths caused by vaccines that year.)

  • Two quotes from a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study done by public health researchers at Jackson State University: (1) “…vaccinated children were found to have a fourfold higher likelihood of having autism.” (2) “…children born prematurely and vaccinated were fourteen times more likely to develop a neurodevelopmental disorder.” P.102-103 (few vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies have been done.  Handley mentions five.  They all show that the unvaccinated children are far healthier than the vaccinated children. There are more than 200,000 Amish children in North America. Most of them are unvaccinated and remarkably healthy. Those who advocate for an ever-increasing vaccine schedule studiously ignore the Amish.  Google my previous article “Let’s Go Find Unvaccinated Children with Autism” for more on the Amish and other unvaccinated populations.)

  • “The whole point of this book: Vaccines can and do cause autism.” P.192

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  The quotes above are just a tiny fraction of the priceless information presented in this book.  It is a must-read for people seeking the truth about vaccines and autism.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.  He has also taught chemistry, biology, and anatomy at the high school and college levels.  His other articles can be accessed by googling “articles by Dr. William H. Gaunt at ageofautism.com.


Carolyn Kylesmom

This kind of honesty, of balancing pro vs con, is all we ask:


This article explains how vaccines can cause cancer in cats.

Angus Files

Cigaretts recommended by doctors


Vaccines recommended by doctors


Always believe your Doctor always..

Pharma For Prison


Doug Troutman

They still use mercury in the manufacturing process (back ground mercury) in the ones that are mercury free. I always found it interesting how the government said they wanted mercury taken out and then recommended mercury flu shots for pregnant women and 6 month old babies. They knew that the earlier the exposure the more damage would occur. This whole mess could have been avoided and society will pay a devastating price for this. I remember Dr. Clements said they don't know the effects of aluminum at the Simpsonwood meeting. Why don't they know?

David Weiner

Handley's comparison of the PR and scientific debate for tobacco and vaccines is instructive.

Yet there is an important difference to consider here too. In the case of tobacco, nobody was being forced to smoke. So even though the CDC (and the medical profession) was way off base, at least people could use their own judgment to determine whether or not smoking was a good idea. And many people did realize that smoking was hazardous before the government admitted it.

With vaccines, we have the CDC and the medical profession browbeating everyone into vaccinating and doing their best to compel their usage via laws and other police state measures, such as threats or pressure from CPS. And we have these dangerous measures forced upon helpless kids, who have no way to determine for themselves whether or not they should take them.

David m burd

I have not read How To End the Autism Epidemic, but this comment by William Gaunt NMD omits any mention of the extremely neurotoxic ethylmercury content in the flu vaccine injected in infants beginning 6 months old, again at 7 months, again 12 months later, again the next 12 months. Then at age 36 months toddlers are annually given flu shots double the strength (.50ml). Also, critically, while in the womb, fetuses are also exposed via the toxic flu shot pushed/coerced to American mothers.

The CDC (like Tobacco Scientists) stick by their absurd claims that ethylmercury is as safe as distilled water, and, further fraudulently claim but 20% of flu shots contain the ethylmercury (contained in the Thimerosal preservative).

However, up to the latest available 2017 data from Flu Vaccine Manufacturers, precisely 90-95% of flu shots given to infants/toddlers do in fact contain 12.5 micrograms of ethylmercury in their 25ml shot doses, completely contrary to CDC propaganda.

Hopefully, a Post by me in the near future will appear, unequivocally documenting these damning facts, including references.

bob moffit

•“Only two countries in the world allow drug advertising on TV-the United States and New Zealand…” p.129(Media executives will not allow information that exposes problems with vaccines to be aired because that would offend their biggest advertisers. It might kill the golden goose.)"

It would be interesting to learn the political "stakeholders" that allowed the transformation of advertising dollars LOST because the tobacco industry would no longer be paying MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of dollars in advertising for their products in all media outlets .. radio, television, magazines, on and on …….. into GAINING BACK MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in advertising for the pharmaceutical industry. I suspect many of these very same political "stakeholders" remain in office .. CAREER PUBLIC HEALTH APPOINTEES AND MEMBERS OF BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES … working diligently to protect the pharmaceutical industry as they once diligently protected the tobacco industry.

Turning MILLIONS LOST in advertising … into MILLIONS GAINED in advertising …. for POWERFUL INFLUENTIAL MEDIA CORPORATIONS … did not come cheaply .. more than likely resulted in making MANY LONG SERVING POLICIANS .. IN BOTH PARTIES .. MULTIMILLIONAIRES THEMSELVES.

In addition .. I would have loved to print Handley's 40 POTENTIAL VACCINE INJURIES but it would have been exhausting to do so .. just reading all 40 potential vaccine injuries was chore enough. The same for J.B.'s list of 38 VACCINE INGREDIENTS .. positively frightening to know we have INJECTED numerous known and unknown toxic substances directly into our perfectly healthy children .. exposing entire generations to potential long term health consequences .. and we are supposed to believe the BENEFITS of these toxic substances far outweigh their RISKS?


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