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Childhood's Demise "Worrisome"

Abadnonned schoolOur Anne Dachel puts out daily reports from around the world about the decline of pediatric health including the sharp increase in mental health problems.  "Worrisome" is an understatement used by US News (no friend to autism or vaccine injury) designed to keep the panic low. We don't panic, we don't have that luxury. We will sound the alarm.  A Presidential alert would be nice too. Insert eye roll emoji here. The lack of concern from the White House following promises that have disappeared into the ether is.... worrisome.


SIX STORIES:  3 from the U.S., one from the U.K., 2 from Ireland

US News: (Another of the mainstream outlines that has IGNORED the rapid decline in the mental/behavioral/physical wellbeing of children)

We’re told MENTAL HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL ISSUES ARE RISING AMONG KIDS. It’s pretty bad. We’re told 20%, even 25% of kids are affected.

No explanation is given. The AAP is calling for universal screening.

ALSO: “Rising rates of anxiety, autism spectrum disorder and aggression are also worrisome….”

Maryland: Governor okays new student app so they can report threats to schools.

DeKalb County, GA: Autistic 13 yr old stabs another student with a scissors at school today. 

Ireland: An autistic child costs $41K (US dollars) per family. $21K in social services.

UK: New SPED school to cost $4.5M (US dollars). Kids who can’t be educated in regular schools.

UK: SPED teachers in Ireland are asking for training in restraint use with out-of-control students.



In a lot of ways there doesn't seem to be any caring left in our country. The 80's enshrined greed as our new way of life. You never seem to feel caring is valued. When I go to a doctor lately they don't even pretend that caring part of the equation anymore, it is all about what insurance you have. Even supplements that save insurance companies a lot of money by keeping these kids more functional are not even tax deductible now in most cases. But a private plane is. The Art of the Deal: how to screw people and grab more for yourself.


It’s not that we don’t know the science, it’s that we don’t admit it.

Aimee Doyle

@Barry -

I hear you. We've been there. Even when services are available they are difficult, expensive, and time consuming to access. Like you, we've spent til we're broke on treatments, therapies, educational interventions, supplements, biomed, organic food, the list goes on and on. There isn't a treatment in autism we haven't tried. We've been in the autism trenches for 25 years. And dental care has been a particular challenge. Luckily, he has good teeth and gums.

Now that he's an adult, my son's entire day program and medical/dental insurance depend upon Medicaid funding. I really, really hope Medicaid is not cut...that funding always seems to be threatened.

Barry Stern

Another example of the expense to families with dependents with autism:

Although our child has Medicaid, we cannot use it for medical or dental care since there are no practitioners in our area who specialize in caring for children or adults with autism AND accept Medicaid rates of reimbursement. Her excellent doctor and dentist are specialists but do not accept any insurance, which is the case for all of the specialists we know. So we must pay the full cost for their services. Our child, now 18, has has had only two dental cleanings in her life, and we must brush her teeth daily. Now a big strong exuberant teenager, she won't sit still long enough for her dentist to work on her, even if she likes him. Fillings would require sedation, which can be dangerous without a specialized anesthesiologist; in our area dental care for our daughter would require hospitalization 50 miles away. Fortunately, Medicaid would pay for that but the permissions and paperwork required is time consuming. We'll do it when we have to. Fortunately, the diet with supplements we provide have kept her healthy so that she has never needed hospitalization and is rarely sick, but since insurance doesn't reimburse for supplements and organic food, it's thousands more out of our pockets. Like many parents in our situation, we make financial and emotional sacrifices for our kids that the majority cannot comprehend. Public policy simply hasn't kept up.

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