Autism Epidemic in Sri Lanka
ACIP Vaccine Advisory Program Suggests Costly Program for Mild Non-Fatal Hepatitis A in Homeless

Blaxill Presents 1 in 36 A Tsunami of Autistic Disabled Adults That Will Overwhelm Our Nation at Utah Health Symposium

Danger rough road
Your Health Freedom: HEALTH EMPOWERED!
A symposium on health, wellness, and healing

 November 2 & 3, 2018
Friday, Nov. 2 - 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Saturday, Nov. 3 - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

American Heritage of South Jordan
11100 S Redwood Rd,
South Jordan, UT 84095

Only $39.00 for the 2-day event!

Kristen Chevrier, who interviewed AofA contributor Laura Hayes last spring, and her team of fellow advocates in Utah have been working hard to organize this symposium, and it sure would be great if you could come...whether by plane, train, or car!

Laura will be speaking Friday evening from 7:00-8:15pm guessed it...vaccines.  Mark Blaxill and Dr. Andy Wakefield speak on Sunday.


Laura Hayes

Monday morning, 10/29, 8:00am PST, Kristen Chevrier to interview me for 15 min.

Listen live on Ktalk:

Perhaps you will be able to tune in!


What websites do you suggest, Tracey RN?

Laura Hayes

I sent the email below to my email group, and thought I would share it here on AoA, too :)

I would really love and appreciate it if you would help spread the word about the upcoming Health, Wellness, and Healing symposium in South Jordan, UT, on 11/2-11/3. Event details, including speaker line-up, can be found here:

Cost to attend is very affordable, just $39 for the 2-day event.

I will be speaking on Friday night, from 7:00-8:15pm, and other speakers whose names you might recognize include: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Mark Blaxill, Kristen Chevrier, Andre Angelantoni, and perhaps more. Below is a cut and paste of speaker topics (speakers are not necessarily listed in the order in which they will be speaking):

Friday - November 2nd
Laura Hayes - "Why Is This Legal?"
Dr. Andrew Wakefield - To Be Announced
Caleb Warnock - "Five Simple Steps to Taking Control of Your Health"
Lowell Nelson - "Heeding Body Cues: How to React to What Your Body Is Telling You"

Saturday - November 3rd
Amanda Kotter - "Homeopathy as a System of Natural Medicine and How to Protect Your Rights to Use It"
Amy Morris - "The Power of Essential Oils: Your Health Concerns Answered"
Andre Angelantoni - "Building a Healthier World"
Dr. Andrew Wakefield - "Vaccine Immunity, Escape Mutants, and Virgin Soil Populations"
Judy Zimmerman - "SOUND THE ALARM! Six ways the CDC hides the autism epidemic. Legal or not? Like it or not? Government, educational and medical profiling of you and your family"
Kristen Chevrier - "Navigating Vaccine Mandates in the Workplace"
Mark Blaxil - "1 in 36: A Tsunami of Disabled Autistic Adults that will Overwhelm our Country"
Tatia Nelson - "Herbal First Aid: Be Ready"
Byron Tarbet - "Chemical and Medical Terminology; Aluminum, Immune Activation and Autism: An Overview"

Please help get the word out to anyone you know in UT, or neighboring states, and to anyone you know who might be interested to travel to this event. Please use social media to spread the word, too. Should be a fantastic 2 days of learning from and connecting with others!

With appreciation for any help you can offer,
Laura :)

Anne McElroy Dachel

The truth is, no one is going to honestly and thoroughly address THE CAUSE of autism in an effort to stop it until the COST OF AUTISM simply bankrupts us.

Mark's message is the one resounding reality that the forces in denial can't lie their way out of!

Laura Hayes

Tracey RN,

Looking forward to meeting you after reading your comments on AoA over the years!

Laura :)

Kristen Chevrier

Thank you! We're so excited to hear from Mark Blaxill, Andy Wakefield, Judy Zimmerman, Andre Angelantoni, and many local health freedom advocates.
#healthempowered #healthiscultivatednotinjected #vaxxed #thevaccinecourse

Tracey RN

Looking forward to meeting Mark and Laura.. I work Newborn Nursery and nicu and Always let my parents know the lame reason for HepB, I have found when you explain why ,they do decline . Can I get other nurses to do the same no it’s just I fighting this insane battle... Just last weekend I had a delivery, beautiful delivery mom went natural . I was talking to the dad and marveled how great they both did. I said it looks like you put a lot of research into your natural delivery but looking at your birth plan you haven’t researched vaccines. Needless to say they were eager to listen and I left them with several websites to begin their research. It’s shifts like this that make my job rewarding .. Looking forward to meeting everyone !!
I’ll be the short gal with the blind lady...

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