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Autism Up By 25.4 Times IN US Schools Over 22 Years; 4.8 Times Among 3-6 Year Olds In 16 Years

Through the roof
Data compiled from official sources by Ray Gallup

This is an update of the post of 27 September with the school figures brought up a year further to 2016. 


Yearly increase in the number of children with autism age 6-21 in US Schools Since DSM IV (1994 to 2016) 
School Year Students Increase  
1994 22,780    
1995 28,813 6,033  
1996 34,082 5,269  
1997 42,487 8,405  
1998 53,561 11,074  
1999 65,391 11,830  
2000 78,717 13,326  
2001 97,847 19,130  
2002 118,603 20,756  
2003 140,920 22,317  
2004 166,302 25,382  
2005 193,481 27,179  
2006 224,415 30,934  
2007 258,095 33,680  
2008 294,302 36,207  
2009 335,199 40,897  
2010 369,664 34,465  
2011 406,957 37,293  
2012 443,562 36,605  
2013 478,684 35,122  
2014 513,171 34,487  
2015 549,851 36,680  
2016 578,329 28,478  


Increase in the number of children with autism Age 3-5 
(2000 to 2016)
School Year Students Increase  
2000 15,581    
2001 17,032 1,451  
2002 19,017 1,985  
2003 22,724 3,707  
2004 25,902 3,178  
2005 30,276 4,374  
2006 35,071 4,795  
2007 39,434 4,363  
2008 45,166 5,732  
2009 47,602 2,436  
2010 49,213 1,611  
2011 51,252 2,039  
2012 58,252 7,000  
2013 62,394 4,142  
2014 66,665 4,271  
2015 72,274 5,609  
2016 76,831 4,557  
US Department of Education Source:            
Part B Child Count and Educational Environments files from 2012 on per:  
Part B Child Count and Educational Environments    
#2 and #3  File by Years  2016-2017 for School Year 2016 Age 3-5 and Age 6-21  



George Orwell got many things right when he wrote 1984, but he did not predict that the 'money men and women' would maim the children of the world in order to be rich.


I believe that vaccines were always intended to maim people. But the original intent was to corrupt human immune system just enough, that they would eventually start attacking themselves.

And eventually create one (...or more) of those medical cash cows that the industry refers to as 'autoimmune disorders". You know, those strange illnesses that have also exploded in the last 30 years. Which, like autism, have an unknown cause that is often blamed on genetics. But which unlike autism, have many pharmaceutical treatment$ ( ...but never cures) that the patient must now take for the rest of their life.

I think the focus shifted to children, because these physcopaths are driven by greed. And at some point they decided that if you're going to make customers for life, why wait until those customers are adults to bring them into the cycle?

What they didn't seem to plan for, was the collateral damage that is our children. The fact that many immature human systems, simply can't handle the onslaught of poisons that they refer to as the childhood vaccine schedule.

While they've done a masterful job of running from this fact for decades, they will never be able too hide from it. Because this truth will eventually out.

Unfortunately, the timing relies heavily on the courage of honest physicians, who have to step forward and put a to stop to this madness. And courage among those overpaid buffoons, appears to be in pretty short supply.

John Stone


Thank you!


Laura Hayes

John Stone,

You are a tireless, dedicated, astute, and appreciated activist...thank you for your continued perseverance!

John Stone


This was my letter in BMJ Rapid Responses a few weeks ago:-

What about autism?

This is a version of a response I just sent to Richard Smith's opinion column [1].

With or without Andrew Wakefield - not to mention using him as a scapegoat to defend the entire ever expanding vaccine schedule - we have a massive problem with autism that no one in the medical profession will pay attention to [2,3].

Thus, according to National Statistics in 1999 the rate of Pervasive Development Disorder (the widest category of autism) was 1 in 500 for those born between 1984 and 1988 but already 1 in 250 for younger children despite diagnosis being incomplete for that group. By 2004 the data was hovering round 1% for both secondary and primary groups - that was when National Statistics and the Department of Health stopped collecting data. In 2018 we had the first school census by a UK health body since 2004 (the Northern Ireland Department of of Health) which found a rate of 1 in 35 across the province, and 1 in 21 in Belfast, while 60% were in the most disabled category (Stage 5).

If we are playing the mortality game autistic people have a vastly lower life expectancy, are in danger from wandering, etc. We also find that across the UK school disability services are breaking down - all this without any plausible explanation of why or how it is happening. The National Autistic Society project 700,000 cases across the UK, though I doubt whether they could identify on quarter, but if the new figures are normal there should be another 1.2m cases in the general population on top of that (1.9m in all), all but a few living normal lives apparently.

Irrespective of Wakefield the medical profession and the British establishment have dumped on the British people in the most disgraceful way and created a vast and insoluble problem, much worse than measles (and vaccination cannot eradicate measles anyway). We are not talking about a child being ill for a week or two, we are talking about people who are going to be dependent for the whole of their lives.

No one wants to see a single child die, but I do not believe the totemistic promotion of the vaccine programme is scientific, ethical or safe. Andrew Wakefield posed by implication two awkward questions to the government and the medical profession in 1998: what would happen if doctors started listening to parents over adverse vaccine events, and what happens if industrial plans to expand the vaccine schedule were sabotaged? According to a statement by Euro MPs the cost of vaccinating a single child went up by 68 times between 2001 and 2014, so frankly a lot money hung on it in 1998 and beyond [4].

I don't think we have greatly better health than in 1998, but I do know that autism is a much bigger problem than measles and everyone is averting their gaze.

[1] Richard Smith: A baby dies of measles, 21 August 2018

[2] Responses to Zwaigenbaum and Penner, 'Autism spectrum disorder: advances in diagnosis and evaluation'

[3] Responses to Viner RM, 'NHS must prioritise health of children and young people',


Laura Hayes

Number of autism cases added from 2015 to 2016 according to the chart above: 28,478

Blurb below from the CDC regarding measles cases in 2015 (bear in mind that measles are mostly benign, UNLIKE AUTISM, especially when contracted as nature intended, during childhood, conferring lifetime immunity if wild measles are contracted naturally, and providing protection against cancers both in childhood and adulthood):

"2015: The United States experienced a large, multi-state measles outbreak linked to an amusement park in California. The outbreak likely started from a traveler who became infected overseas with measles, then visited the amusement park while infectious; however, no source was identified."

This "large, multi-state measles outbreak" totaled 159 cases (and that is if the lying CDC can be trusted to report such numbers truthfully).

Which "outbreak" in 2015 did our bought-and-paid-for media cover and portray as a national emergency? MSM have aided and abetted both the Vaccine Holocaust and the Autism Epidemic in our country. They are as culpable as Pharma, researchers who commit fraud, government regulators, and our bribed politicians.

Shelley Tzorfas

These numbers probably do not say it all. I work independently with kids who have individual needs. I have not seen ONE child correctly assessed in over 10 years. So many kids who are diagnosed with ADHD actually have Autism. Although these days doctors and professionals make more money if a child gets diagnosed as having "ADHD/Autism" they are simply different in nature. The ADHD child is hyperactive, has difficulty planning out the steps for a project, problems with executive functions, is unorganized, often messy but can be extremely social. The Autistic child sees the world with a different texture-might rock back and forth, some cannot speak and for those who do speak have low social skills. Some require shadows or aids throughout their education or life. Going out into their world on their own (For the day) brings a host of problems whether it is a problem with food, transportation, too hot, too cold, what they heard someone say-the issues are endless. For the high functioning youth, I can only hope that they meet a circle of friends as the Autistic Dr Sheldon Cooper did in the make-believe show,"The Big Bang Theory." In reality, most of them are sitting by themselves up in their room and wishing for a friend someday.

Cherry Misra

Thankyou Ray Gallup, These figures are indeed striking.

Ray Gallup

Thank you very much, John.

The autism epidemic is exactly that and the various "autism experts" say they don't know why it keeps increasing but they "know" it isn't due to vaccines and autoimmunity. Anybody with common sense know that these "experts" make no sense at all and that they have faulty logic. Very Sad.

They said the same thing back in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Nothing has changed. Again Very Sad.

Susan Welch

Thank you so much, Ray Gallup, for compiling these figures.

It is shocking that over 33,000 more children have been diagnosed with autism between 2015 and 2016. The figures do not illustrate the suffering that will inevitably follow as these children and young adults, as well as their loving families will endure as they try to cope with their lives.

4 years ago I would not have believed that people in power would not only cover up this carnage, but would actually encourage it by lies and propaganda.

The world we live in now is surreal. So many people know the truth, but our efforts to get the word out there are drowned by those with vested interests. It seems that we will only win when that 33,000 increase in one year becomes 50% of all children.

George Orwell got many things right when he wrote 1984, but he did not predict that the 'money men and women' would maim the children of the world in order to be rich.

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