Flu Shots During Pregnancy: Insufficient Data to Inform Vaccine-Associated Risk
Why Would Speech Professionals Deny Autistic People The Right to Communicate?

7,300 Copies of How To End the Autism Epidemic Mailed to US Legislators by RFK Jr

Rfk book
You read that correctly. 7,300 copies of JB Handley's best seller How to End the Autism Epidemic from Chelsea Green Publishing are now in the offices of every single legislator in the United States of America. Robert Kennedy Jr. is fiercely devoPan Letter from RFK Jrted to pediatric health and wellness.  He knows that the autism epidemic is devastating lives. Parents. Siblings. School systems. Soon adult programs and social security. And most of all - most important - those beautiful children, teens and adults WITH autism for whom live is often difficult beyond compare.

7,300 copies. One of those copies went to the office of Senator Richard Pan in California, vaccination bully and official legislative tool (interpret as you see fit) of the Pharmaceutical industry to demolish vaccine exemptions.  He won't read the book. Few will. But they have young staffers in childbearing years. Many of their siblings surely have autism. Even if they only read the back cover and skim the book, the seeds of knowledge will have been planted. Whether they bloom remains to be seen.  The thinkers will understand.

If you haven't purchased a copy, please consider doing so. Buy How To End the Autism Epidemic And leave a review at Amazon. That's very important to an author. A real, "I read this book and here's what I think," review.  Some of our readers disagree vehemently with part of the book. And that is OK.  We encourage all of our readers to share their thoughts.

You know there will be 1 star smearviews....   But not 7,300 of them!  KIM

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I think Handley's book is great in explaining how harmful Vaccinations are!! We need to abolish Government Vacine Programs!! Vaccinations are harming our children and Big Pharma knows it!! We need to bring back Philisophical exemption in every state!! Parents have the right to choose what goes into our children's bodies!! CDC, AMA, APA, FDA, ....CANT BE TRUSTED!! I find it odd that our government wants to take that away in the first place. I'm not getting these diseases that the APA claim we need and I am 50. And I have never been vaccinated. The truth is if we let our immune system take care of the viruses naturally as it's supposed to do, we will be immune for life!!! And that is so important!!! And I'm not a carrier and I'm not putting anyone at risk either!! By Vaccinating we are altering and changing our DNA permanently. I just wish Hadley would have touched on the minor other neurological disorders the vaccines cause such as speech problems, walking on tippy toes, clapping hands, transgender issues, suicide, ADD, ADHD. PARENTS STAND UP NOW AND WRITE TO YOUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND ASK TO BRING BACK PHILISOPHICAL EXEMPTION!! AND ABOLISH THE VACCINE PROGRAM!! PLEASE!! Vaccines are causing this notable epidemic!!

Grace Green

That's a commonly used excuse! When I found that letters I sent to officials in the UK were almost never received I started taking them in person. Give the lady another one in her hand and then go back in three weeks and ask her what she thought of it.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Introvert | November 01, 2018 at 01:57 PM

Interesting - did this definitely happen ? I wonder ?
(controlled opposition is a risk we always have.)


My assemblywoman claims not to have received it. Anyone else?

Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

Could not agree with you more about the consequences of "our side" sending mixed messages, as doing so completely undermines the entire message, and will not stop the Vaccine Holocaust or end medical fascism.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Mercola's recent interview of J.B. Handley:

"But let’s talk about the risk side. “Do I want to get a rotavirus vaccine if the risk is asthma? Do I want to get a Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) vaccine if the risk is a lifetime of diabetes or some other autoimmunity and a much higher risk of autism?” By not acknowledging the very real risks of these vaccines, parents aren’t in a position to make an informed decision about whether or not they’re worth it for them.

I personally would support an immediate return to the 1985 schedule."

From this interview, we know that he supports a return to the 1985 schedule, and the 12-point proposal he puts forth in his book tells us that he also supports the Hib vaccine in addition to the 1985 schedule. To me, that makes no sense after reading what he just stated above about the risks of Hib. If I were a reader new to all of the information he presents, and then I read or heard him state a return to the 1985 schedule, plus Hib, I would find that very confusing. As a matter of fact, as a seasoned veteran who knows about the dangers, inefficacies, and lack of need for vaccines, and the vast ring of corruption and fraud that underlies them every step of the way, I find it not only confusing, but a highly dangerous and completely unfounded platform to put forth, condone, or support.

Angus Files

A fair proposition is never going to be acceptable reducing income for the pharma phaithful.
I suppose many angles of persuasion are needed. Pharma to be transparent with the pricing- stop larffing (as below)never mind get then to reduce anything.But well done to anyone that can proactively attempt do anything and stop the vaccine madness much appreciated.

TV Ads Must Trumpet Drug Prices, Trump Administration Says. Pharma Tries A Plan B.
Drug pricing is a top issue in the run-up to the midterm elections.


Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Posted by: David Weiner | October 16, 2018 at 07:55 PM

I think I can see the possible game plan here for a soft landing for them.
We TPTB will always need one vaccine, something like Gardasil for instance, because mass sterilisation and mass depopulation is the overall strategy.

So for us here, the very few that know the truth, its a zero sum game.
An all or nothing scenario, and we want none of it.
It could perhaps be what the mooted "universal flu vaccine" is all about.
They now need just one vaccine that does the overall single job they want to achieve.

David Weiner


Great points. I also disagreed about many of these elements of his proposal.

A few other things I left out of my review, in the interests of keeping it short:

I am not sure if Handley thinks that such a compromise will make his recommendations more palatable to the powers that be, but consider this: Wakefield was hammered for merely suggesting that the MMR be split up into individual vaccines.

I do think that the 1985 schedule would cause less harm, but if our movement took that as our position, it would only be taken as a starting point in any negotiations. If we were engaged at all, we might very well end up with the 1995 schedule, or the 2005 schedule for our agreement (and who knows what down the road).

Such a proposal is also unlikely to help attract support for our position, because it makes no sense to enumerate all of the ways that the government vaccine program has betrayed us and harmed kids and then to propose that it continues on. It is cognitive dissonance and others will surely detect that.

But as far as I know, no other reviewers have expressed reservations such as these. The only critical statements in the reviews are in the predictable 1 star reviews. I am not sure what to make of this. I think that a lot of people are drawn in by charismatic people and do not exercise their critical thinking as much as they otherwise would.

Angus Files

David I dont know but I assume that if the vaccine schedule was reduced it should show also a decrease in the vaccine damaged caused by pharmas poisons.So if JB did manage to get a reduction this would possibly show vaccines up for what it is a killing machine and possibly would be stopped altogether.I for one would like every single vaccine removed in one swoop, and to most people that`s just crazy talk but I`ve walked that talk twice and nothing to be feart of.Autism/vaccine damage run for your life.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

I count 8 vaccines: diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and H. influenzae b.

Additionally, I think pre-screening is a dangerous path to pursue. Here are but a few reasons why:

- more tests for children, which will no doubt be required annually, which may be invasive and include blood samples
-what happens to those who "pass" the test...mandated vaccines with no way out?
-exactly what will be screened for? pre-screening implies we actually know more than we do
-what happens to those for whom the tests show they have this or that, or "pre-this" or "pre-that"? will their parents be forced to seek medical care, then forced to put their children on pharmaceuticals, or be charged with neglect?
-pre-screening also fails to answer the most important question of all...for whom, exactly, is it safe, health-inducing, ethical, or wise to be injected with the toxic, neurotoxic, hazardous, carcinogenic, poisonous, immune- and nervous-system destroying, endocrine system destroying, DNA damaging, potentially-fatal ingredients in vaccines?

As for the titer tests recommended prior to boosters, another dangerous path to pursue. Titers are not proof of immunity. When measured following vaccination, they are proof the blood has indeed been tainted. People with low to zero titers for an infection can be exposed to that infection and not contract it, and conversely, those with high titers for an infection can be exposed and then contract that infection. Titers are not valid measures with regard to proof of immunity, yet, the FDA wrongly and unethically permits pharmaceutical companies to use them to show vaccine "efficacy". Promoting their use as proof of immunity promotes the vaccine propaganda. And again, what happens to those whose titers test in the "not high enough" category? More vaccines will be mandated for them. Not okay.

The proposals seem very pharma friendly to me. Here is what I recently wrote about them elsewhere:

"Just thinking through a return to the 1985 schedule, with pre-screenings (annually? saliva and/or blood draws?), and mandates still in place. Seems like Pharma will continue to profit, immensely, on all fronts:

-continued sales of vaccines
-pre-screening tests, courtesy of pharma
-recommended/mandated vaccines for those who “pass”, with no doubt a few extras recommended, too
-pharmaceuticals recommended/coerced for those who “fail”
-pharmaceuticals for those post-vaccination as the injuries begin, and continue, to manifest

Sounds like this is a very Pharma-friendly plan."

David Weiner

My review on Amazon:

JB Handley has done a terrific job telling us everything we need to know about autism. He pulls together a great deal of evidence implicating vaccines as, at least, a major cause. He has provided a great service by doing so.

If he would have left it at that, I would definitely have rated this book 5 stars, but instead he goes on to make some odd recommendations. In particular, he suggests that the vaccine schedule should be reduced to 4 vaccines. After describing the horrific fallout from vaccines, why in the world would he make this recommendation? Sure, fewer vaccines will cause less harm than more vaccines, but Handley never makes the case for why we need ANY vaccine schedule. Why do we need our government trying to centrally plan our health care? Certainly, it has amply demonstrated that it cannot successfully do this. The government vaccine program has been built on a foundation of fraud and coercion, from day one. What we need here is a separation of vaccines and state. Let parents and individuals determine how best to protect against harm from infectious disease, on the basis of informed consent.

The government vaccine program should be abolished, not reformed.

 Jay M

Brilliant on the part of Robert K.
I’m sure it will get to some influential ears.
May they listen and “hear” clearly.
There is some bravery on display in politics right now.
Let someone start a little fire.
Stand by to fan the flames 🔥

Hans Litten


This complete delusional nut job "Pocahontas" was the person who performed that pathetic charade with Rear Admiral Dr Anne Schuchat is the wake of the William Thompson fall out back in 2014/15.

10. It is very difficult to argue that Warren did not commit racial fraud. She used the advantages in the system to advance her career with no evidence (to this day) that she is actually Native American. Democrats defending her behavior on this point is dubious - at best.
The first woman US president ? 2020 ? a complete lying thieving laughing stock more like.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Barry | October 15, 2018 at 08:15 PM

I second that opinion.

Every Vaxine Harms every time.

Angus Files

Exactly Barry.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

To add on to what Barry wrote...

You might want to curb your enthusiasm for this book being sent to 7300 legislators, knowing that if any should actually open the book, they will most likely go immediately to Chapter 9, "Next Steps: A 12-Point Proposal". Now, please imagine if those proposals are adopted, versus what needs to be done.

Still enthusiastic about this book being in the hands of our law makers?


"... and the Centers for Disease Control have worked together to hide an epidemic of autism caused by giving too many vaccines to American children without any regard for the vulnerable set of children who are at grave risk from vaccine reactions."


To all you parents so anxious to embrace this savior.... read the above text again.

What this 'savior' is really doing, is blaming that your child for the unconscionable damage that vaccine inflicted upon them. Damage that was inflicted before most of them were even old enough to walk!!

He's implying that vaccines aren't really the problem here. And that the real problem, is too many (???) vaccines being given to early to a 'special' group of children. Children who have some as-yet undefined genetic susceptibility, that causes them alone to spiral into a horrible state of poor health.

Since when has this become accepted as the scientific truth? How can we be sure that all vaccines aren't poisonous, but that some are just so poisonous that they destroy the health of about 10% of the children who were unlucky enough to be in line at the time they were being deployed.

If you really want to end the autism, then stop calling it autism. And start calling it vaccine injury, which is all that it really is.

If you want to play Russian roulette, and reduce the risk of vaccine injury in your children... then cut back on how many vaccines that you give your children.

But if you want to end vaccine injury, then just stop vaccinating you children. Completely.

David Weiner


I agree with you. I think that many, if not most, politicians already know the truth about autism, but recognize that politics favor them supporting the status quo or just staying quiet.

We'll make more progress when the politicians start worrying about being thrown out of office for selling out their constituents.

Angus Files

Dream come true thank you Mr Kennedy.

Pharma For Prison



Although on the surface it is encouraging that the book is being delivered to politicians, I consider it's not so much a problem of not seeing, but not wanting to see. The vaccination war is, and will only be won fron the ground-up.

Selfishness is what brought us the autism epidemic, and selfishness will eventually be it's undoing. We're talking the selfishness of any parent who doesn't want to be burn and who won't take the risk. And for those who took the risk and lost, being mad as hell that they are compelled to speak out.

Hans Litten


Posted at Oct 15 2018 07:08 PM


PAO eyes Ubial as state witness in criminal complaints on Dengvaxia
MANILA - Public Attorneys Office (PAO) chief Persida Acosta on Monday rejected claims by a London-based research and education institution that the highly politicized response to the Dengvaxia crisis in the Philippines has led to a drop in overall confidence in vaccines.

The London School of Hygience and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) last Friday reported that based on a study of 1,500 Philippine participants in 2018, only 32 percent believe vaccines are important, compared to 93 percent who “strongly agreed” in 2015.

It attributed the steep decline to the outrage triggered by the news on the Dengvaxia vaccine and the ensuing political turmoil.

But Acosta disagrees.

Acosta claimed three officials of Sanofi whom PAO named as respondents in their complaints are already in France.

(How could they be asked to return here? That could be done if we had an extradition treaty with France. I know we have one with Australia and the US. We have to expedite this so that if there would be people to sue over this, they could be incarcerated. This is about lives. This is worse than the Holocaust.)

Sharon Kistler

Just like Susan Welch, I immediately left a 5-star review, too.

I'm only 1/2-way through the book because I am only reading at night-time, but I am thoroughly impressed and am at a key part of the book in JB's description of the deposition of Dr. Plotkin. Reads like a mystery novel! Having been through many years in both family court and probate court (against my son's father) trying to help save my asperger's son (who went through chronic Lyme to a psychiatric journey) from a life so well described by Robert Whitaker's Anatomy of an Epidemic, I can both appreciate and abhor the legal system's machinations.

Susan Welch

I found this book to be so compelling, I finished it in 2 days. It is incredibly readable and has so much new (to me) information and shocking revelations.

I immediately ordered another 5 copies which will be appropriately distributed.

Also left a 5 star review which went a little way to mitigate the 'troll like' 1 star reviews.


wonderful, thank you RFK,Jr.


What is the rate of autism in children of members of Congress? I'm curious if it's similar to the rate in the general population.

Hans Litten

Excellent .....love it.....buying myself a copy today then.


Lucinda Creighton , I have some good news for you , the CDC is now saying adults up to aged 45 should avail themselves of the Gardasteril vaccine now. And you being only 38 means you should put your money where your mouth is ?

bob moffit

Anyone who actually reads this book cannot ignore the numerous problems with our vaccines and the polices by which those vaccines are administered .. such as .. VAERS .. a totally inadequate "voluntary" system that fails to record over 95% of adverse reactions .. and .. the Vaccine Court that has failed miserably to accomplish its original purpose .. a quick .. non-adversarial process to award compensatory damages to those children and families injured through unsafe vaccines.

Even if the reader is completely convinced the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks .. the reader cannot ignore the numerous QUESTIONS raised by Handley's diligent examination of those numerous problems that MUST BE RESOLVED BEYOND JUST SAYING .. VACCINES ARE MIRACLES.

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