Autism and Work on this Labor Day
From ABCs to IEPs: ADHD Stories from Loss of Brain Trust

Win a First Edition Copy of How to End the Autism Epidemic Signed by JB Handley!

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Go, JB!

Friends, this books is already burning up Amazon. the publisher Chelsea Green has ordered a HUGE first printing and it's selling out. JB just got his first published copies and has offered one to an Age of Autism reader! Leave a comment with your email in the email in the comment form to enter!   This will be a great read and a collectable gem too. GOOD LUCK! 

Join us as we help launch JB Handley's new book, How To End the Autism Epidemic.

Grab a MEME  a Google docs and share!  Follow progress on JB's Facebook author page. Pre-order your copy today here.


Angus Files

When the dice roll JB comes up with another double six of a read as always.

Well done JB.

Pharma For Prison


Dr Balbir Singh Virik

I'm a retired General Practitioner in England and have already bought and read this book. As a doctor who has practised in the NHS, the facts presented are an eye-opener. I have taken the trouble to verify some things independently and they ring true. If I had known of these things when I was in practice, my approach would have been different. These things are never taught to doctors and in practice, they are forced to follow diktats from above otherwise they risk having their careers jeopardised.

Would appreciate a signed copy for my daughter, whose kids are facing these vaccines; and my son is not far behind, having just married.

[email protected].

Sophie Scholl

OK - now I am interested in JB Handleys book !
And I will buy a copy ...... so should YOU !!!


Brian James

Is there a way I could or anyone obtain a signed first edition hardcover? I look forward to your response I just prefer books.

Jersey Girl

JB, you are my hero! Because of you, I found the Generation Rescue website back in 2006 and I was able to find a DAN! doctor to help my son. Thank you for writing this book. I can't wait to read it!


[email protected]

Taha Ali

I'd love to receive a copy too!

Email: [email protected]

Thanks for all your hard work. There are a few of us parents based in Pakistan who follow the autism news very very closely. Folks like yourself, Mary Holland, Ginger Taylor, Louis Conte, and RFK Jr, are a constant inspiration.


J.B. your work would make a great coffee table book. It should be required reading for every parent, particularly new parents. I look forward to reading your book and passing on information by quoting you. I wish I had the information in it before I had children. I live with a vaccine injured son. [email protected]

Marie Simonton

Michelle Wandrack...Forget Wonder Woman. YOU are a superhero. I can't imagine having to do what you do alone. God bless you with all the strength and patience you will ever need to care for your children. You are the definition of an inspiration, unlike your ex-husband.

Brian Nomi

I've already pre-ordered it. Would be cool to have a signed copy, however.

Cherry Misra

I think I should win this book because today I taught the two disadvantaged kids in New Delhi that I teach each evening, about Portland and the Columbia River AND because I remember the line from JB that must be carved in granite : "I dont want your sympathy; I just want the truth"
Actually, give the book to someone else . I can purchase a copy. Just glad to have the opportunity to say how much the name JB Handley means to us who have been in this fight for a long time.

Jan R

SO exciting! Can't wait to read it!!
Congrats JB

Jeannette Bishop

Mr. Handley's facebook page is worth checking frequently also:


I would love to receive a free copy of this very interesting book by J.B. Handley!

Michelle A Wandrack

Almost forgot to leave my email address for you. [email protected]
Thank you Age Of Autism.

Barbara Bucknam

I can not wait to read this important tome! Thanks so much for writing it. [email protected]

Michelle A Wandrack

I would love to have this book. I'm raising a son with vaccine induced autism and the other with phthalate - overload induced precocious puberty. They are the light of my life and I would do anything for them. There is no higher calling than that of being a parent as far as I'm concerned. I used to feel tremendous guilt that I let the "trusted" doctors do this to Noah but I was raised to not question those in authority. I have since turned that guilt into advocacy for my chilldren and others and hope that maybe one parent will question vaccine safety and save their child. Anyhow, their dad could not deal with having two kids with challenges and divorced me five years ago and has left the state so he doesn't pay court orded child and spousal support. Money is tight but I would love to have your book and then share with other moms. Thank you JB and Age Of Autism for all that you do for the autism community.

Maria Durci

Best to you J.B. Congrats on your new book!

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