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What's In Your Flu Shot?

EwBy Cathy Jameson

Years ago, this video made the rounds as the 2006 flu shot season got under way.  As much as I loathe this particular shot and the problems it caused my son post-vaccination, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Fast forward to 2018, and that secret serum is changing.  This year, we’re being told that some flu shots are now preservative-free, egg-free, and even antibiotic-free.  FLUAD, and some other quadrivalent vaccines, wouldn’t be a great option for those with egg allergies.  Since the process includes use of embroynated hens’ eggs, it’s probably why I’ve seen more talk of egg-free options this year.  While reading up on that news, I continued down the vaccine rabbit hole to look at other flu vaccine package inserts.  Now, I’ve known that some vaccines contained animal proteins before, but the ick factor went up the more I read about what else is in them. 

I knew that bovine calf serum   has been used in other vaccines, but I did not recognize the MDCK cell protein that was listed in the Flucelvax flu shot.  So I did a quick search.  What I discovered was that it’s a cell protein from canine kidneys.  I had to do another search when I saw that the fall armyworm was listed on the Flublok package insert. An armyworm?  What is that, and what’s it doing in the flu shot?  The armyworm is related to moths, caterpillars and butterflies.  I love butterflies, but I certainly never imagined they or other insect cells would be part of the vaccine process.  One more ingredient made me pause – porcine gelatin.  Where have I heard porcine before?  I then remembered something about the Rotateq vaccine and how it had caused serious injury to pediatric patients a while ago.  That vaccine was contaminated from porcine DNA cirocoviruses, one of which can be lethal to pigs.  I was taken aback when I saw that the recently reinstated nasal flu shot, FluMist listed porcine gelatin.  Porcine circoviruses and porcine gelatin may be two different things, but what a potential gamble the industry is taking by offering this vaccine what that ingredient to the pediatric population again.

As usual, I had more questions after all of that reading.  The biggest question I had was where are the animal lovers? 

I’ve questioned the Catholic Church and pro-lifers about vaccines derived from aborted fetal cells in the past but have yet to ask the local humane societies, the ASPCA, and PETA what they think about vaccines and what’s in them.  In all the years I’ve read and kept up with vaccine news, I don’t think I’ve seen any of them say much about those questionable ingredients.  By not speaking up, it makes me think that they’ve rolled over and are okay with the industry and our government using us as guinea pigs (which, by the way, is listed in the varicella vaccine package insert). 

Vaccine ingredient information is out there.  Getting that information is actually easy to access.  No one is hiding any of it.  So, why aren’t large groups that claim all lives matter – including our four-legged friends’ lives, up in arms? 

All lives matter! 

Unless we’re talking about vaccines. 

It’s a double standard and a terribly sad one if you ask me. 

This flu shot season I’m sure it’ll be booming business as usual as vaccine manufacturers push their preservative-free, antibiotic-free, and egg-free products.  That’s good news for them.  But what about the animal-based and derived ingredients?  Bits and pieces of creatures great and small are being manipulated and later injected into humans in the name of health.  Rabbit, cow, chicken, monkey, guinea pig, mouse, pig, armyworm, canines.  It sounds like a Who’s Who from Old MacDonald’s farm and actually makes my stomach turn.  I would think it would make animal lovers and defenders, and vegans’ tummies turn, too.  But, I hear crickets on the subject.  Unless they don’t know that Fido, Wilbur, and Mickey have a role in the vaccine process… 

If my animal lover friends didn’t know, I’m sorry to be the one to inform you.  But I’m not sorry for saying something about it.  With how ridiculous the vaccine program’s recommendations and schedules have become, someone has to say it.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Influenza has to be one of the longest-running medical frauds of all time.


Agreed. But polio would have to be the hands-down winner on that front.

david m burd

There's several parallels to the direct carnage of today's human vaccines, as in the indirect path toxic vaccines take after given to chickens, pigs, beef cattle, etc., thence into our diets.

A related tragedy is the parallel of our beloved "pets"; family dogs and cats so treasured by countless families and senior citizens who receive endless love, joy, and solace from their companionship. Yet, the same carnage to our pets is taking place via vaccines, causing cancers and other cognitive disabilities, abreviafiated lives, on-and-on. This may seem relatively trivial -- but I don't think so.

Gary Ogden

By the way, Cathy, the video is funny, and not too far-fetched. I've begun rereading "Fear of the Invisible." It is hard not to come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a pathogenic "virus." Exosomes they are now called. Influenza has to be one of the longest-running medical frauds of all time.

Shelley Tzorfas

There is no such thing as a "Preservative Free/Thimerosal Free" flu shot. A few years ago the Definition of Mercury/thimerosal was changed so that if it was below .5 MCG, they are allowed to say Preservative free on the package. People who understand how homeopathy works, know how a small amount of a substance can have a large effect. I used to find this under "California Thimerosal Law" but I can no longer access this law from my computer?

Gary Ogden

And now Dr. Peter C. Gøtzsche has been expelled from Cochrane. I strongly suspect it is because of his questioning, in BMJ, of their whitewashing of the HPV poison. The Bill and Melinda Gates Tax Dodge is now a substantial owner of this “charity.” Not enough for them to own WHO. The fascist pharmatopia’s ever tightening noose is attempting to strangle all dissent.

Hans Litten

Complete lies and thievery from the Uks ToryGraph.
Thank god we have you here Telegraph protecting us (NOT) from vaccination fraud !
Absolutely "threee card trick' reporting. Scoundrels in the lamestream at work.
Every Vaccine harms .....EVERY TIME .......Andrew Moulden (an honest man)

Public Health England withholding vaccines results making it impossible to establish if drugs could be harmful

Cathy Jameson

go Trump,
I found the info on page 11 of the package insert under Description: After that, I looked up expresSF+® (name listed in the 3rd line of that paragraph). I haven't gone further down the rabbit hole than there but will at some point. I have to because... Insects? Why??
Hope this helps, Cathy

go Trump

Thanks Cathy, lots of good links to good information...

So the Flublok Quad is "preservative free" but has the armyworm DNA or whatever ???

Is there a list somewhere of the EXACT Damn Location where they manufacture the vaccines used in the United States ?

I would suppose their is more "money to be made" for the "shareholders" if they are manufactured outside of the US of A.


All vaccines are poisonous, they have been from day one. And no vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind. That's just a guise that was invented, to scare people into line ups to receive them.

They had to base it on fear. Because they know that they have no real science which proves vaccine efficacy. And they know that no one of sound mind, would willingly line up based on a review of the ingredients list.

In my opinion, the health care system is really about the business of $ickne$$ care. And what vaccines are really doing, is creating the sickness that needs all that overpriced care.

Brett Wilcox

Imagine telling children (the primary targets of vaccine sociopaths) about the bits and pieces of human and animal bodies in vaccines.
I did exactly that with a group of school children earlier this year.
It's horrifying and children know it horrifying! Watch the video at the link.

Jeannette Bishop

So with gelatin in flumist...does that mean glyphosate too?


After I watched the video, above, youtube put up their usual "thumbnails" of OTHER videos. One of them was a Jimmy Kimmel video entitled "Message to Anti-vaccine People". To be fair, I watched it. It was the usual twisted, distorted, half-truth story told by the pro-vaxxx Medical-Industrial-Financial-Complex. Several types of propaganda techniques were used in the video, including ":appeal to experts".
In the interest of "know your enemy", please watch the video, and think about "*WHY* there is even a "pro-vax", and "anti-vax" movement. The "What's In a Flu Shot" video that Cathy Jameson posted was much funnier! And much more HONEST than Jimmy Kimmel could ever be....
(c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

Laura Hayes

Whenever vaccine ingredients are discussed, I think it is always important to include that all vaccine ingredients are not required to be listed, under the guise of “trade secrets”. Undisclosed ingredients being injected into us is not only legally permissible, but mandated? NOT OKAY!!!

In actuality, no one who permits a vaccine for themselves or their
child really knows what is in it, and neither does the person administering it. Yet another reason that informed consent is an impossibility when it comes to vaccines.

How ridiculous to think that injecting known and admitted toxins, neurotoxins, carcinogens, poisons, viruses and retroviruses of both human and animal origin, aborted fetal material, DNA from other humans and other species, food proteins that can’t be broken down outside the GI tract, anti-freeze, detergent, antibiotics, and who knows what else, is somehow both protective and health-inducing. It would be laughable if the consequences were not the tragedies that they are.

Vaccine-free is the way to be.

bob moffit

No matter how many times I read of the toxic "ingredients" in vaccines .. I get nauseous even further reading of the animal remnant particles routinely being INJECTED directly into our human autoimmune system .. bypassing all the God-given safeguards against contamination .. the lungs for the TOXIC air we breathe, the digestive system for all the TOXIC ingredients in the food we eat .. and .. the skin for any TOXIC substance we touch.

I defy anyone to defend INJECTING "animal proteins" into humans .. as a means to better enhance their life-long "health"?



Very good article today.
Lots more in those vaccines that just that weakened or dead microbe that we want protection from. .

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