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Twitter Fight on Bloody Monday

Retro eye rollHi, Kim here. I'm going to be writing these stream of thought posts more frequently because I'm tired of people outside our community thinking badly of us. Of me. Of our lives. Of my life. Of our decisions. Of my decisions. You're in this with me - there's no escape. Sorry!

Yesterday morning when I went to make the beds, I saw that one of my girls had gotten her period overnight. Periods happen. Sheets get messy. I am a female. I know these things. This is why God made OxyCleaning things. And new sheets.

I try to keep period charts. I do. I've used paper calendars. White boards. Apps. Here's the thing.  The periods do not cooperate in the least. Three young adults. Three wonky schedules.  When most females are getting their period, they can feel it. Right? Cramping. Bloating. Maybe you bit the head of a stranger at Stop & Shop for scanning 16 items. You just KNOW. And maybe my girls know when THEY are about to get their period. BUT THEY CAN NOT TELL ME.  So, it's a mystery. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.  And I buy cheap sheets.

I posted a photo of the mess and a Tweet that said "THIS IS AUTISM," so that readers would understand WHAT we go through and WHAT OUR KIDS go through.  My daughter awoke - (I did not say which daughter it was and I will not) - and went downstairs about her business without freshening up. She doesn't feel it. Or it doesn't bother her. Or something. It's NOT NORMAL. IT'S AUTISM. It's terrible for HER. I can deal with the clean up. 

Oh then the Tweets came back to me. I must be a terrible Mom! ALL GIRLS have accidents on their sheets! What is WRONG with  me?

I tried again and again to gently educate. This isn't about MY work or the sheets. It's about a female and her autism.

I stayed respectful. Others came to my defense. I didn't snap. (Someone, make note of that.) Since my martial arts training began  many years ago, I've learned how to stay cool and not to respond to nonsense. It's served Kim ROSSI (get it?) very well. Heck, I must be a 10th degree RED belt by now.

Love,  Kim



Jeannette Bishop

"Why? Because my autism isn’t a benign difference. It isn’t just an altered set of peaks and troughs in my abilities. It’s a biomedical disorder rooted largely in metabolic dysfunction. If I don’t have treatments that support my immune system, I bang my head, destroy things, and generally make the lives of people around me a living hell. There are no gifts to be found when I’m doing those things. None at all. And I’m far from the only autistic person who has those experiences. I’m just one of very few who write about having those experiences."

Not an MD

As my kids head back to school tomorrow, Kim, I can tell you that they will face the same kind of prejudice you faced from your Tweet. There is always at least one teacher who sincerely dislikes at least one of my children. The reason-- you guessed it!--- Autism. No one wants to see it, to have it anywhere near them or their precious, snarky and obnoxious, "typical" children in a classroom. It is a rare few who have even the slightest smidgeon of compassion in their hearts toward the children with autism (and their parents) who suffer through such unrelenting, festering-just-under-the-surface prejudice on a daily basis. So many still scoff at parents of children with autism, as they still believe we caused it somehow due to our own indifference, or stupidity, or lack of discipline. It is easier for these intolerant adults and children to believe that narrative than it is for them to believe that vaccines forced on children created the entire condition known as autism. That's just too troubling of a thought to them-- better to continue watching the idiot box and taking selfies on their iPhones than face that harsh, and bitter, and terrifying reality.

I am not excited about my kids' first day back tomorrow as a result. There will be at least one teacher (or child) who does not want my kids in their classroom due to their intolerance toward the innocents who were harmed by vaccines they were mandated to receive so they could attend school in the first place. Doesn't get much more ironic than that.

bob moffit

If anyone has had serious training in acquiring PATIENCE … it would be you Kim. Indeed, PATIENCE is a valuable tool that all WARRIOR MOMS must have in their arsenal as they confront the daily challenges of raising children with autism.

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