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This Year’s Flu Shot: Would I Ever?

Flu poemBy Cathy Jameson

I knew it was coming.  Even my kids knew.  The in-your-face and the can’t-avoid-it flu shot season has once again descended upon us.  Temperatures outside are still scorching, so those who typically associate the flu or the flu shot with the cold, winter months might be somewhat confused.  But not us.  As soon as we flipped to a new calendar page last week, there it all was.  Right in our faces.  The signs.  The advertisements.  The smiling pharmacists pushing their ever-failing wares on us.  It’s all back.  Did I miss it?  Not in the least.  I don’t think my kids did either. 

I thought we’d go another few weeks without talking about it here at home, but one of my children shared that some friends were already talking about flu shots, too. 

“I got mine today.”

“I’m getting mine soon.” 

“I’ll probably get one later.”

Not that they’re promoting getting a vaccine that contributed to their brother’s poor health, but my kids have quietly told me that when hear these sorts of conversations among their peers, they want to say, “You can have mine while you’re at it.  I’m NOT getting one.” 

Ronan’s younger sister has strong feelings about vaccines, especially the flu shot.  “Mom, I wished it had never been made.”  She was born after Ronan fell ill and has grown up watching him fall further and further behind her developmentally.  Post flu shot, and post other vaccinations received, she knows that things changed for him.  And not for the better. 

As frustrated as she and Ronan’s other siblings can get when they hear the ridiculous flu shot advertisements, I’m grateful that my kids are becoming braver in talking about them and about what happened to Ronan.  They’ve witnessed firsthand the long-term negative reactions that vaccines can cause.  They’ll be the first to tell you that they’re no picnic!  My daughter knows that she’s been blessed with better health, but she feels for her brother.  His health was compromised by something that was “going to protect him”.  The shots he received did nothing of the sort.  So it’s no surprise that Ronan’s little sister gets a little sad thinking about what could have been. 

Since it’s hard to avoid the incessant publicity the flu shot gets, I took a few minutes to read an article on it on Friday morning to see what was being written.  From that article, I popped over to 2 different flu shot information webpages.  Side effects were presented, but what I found missing was how long side effects can stick around.  While I’m glad that there is some honesty in advertising, just listing the known side effects doesn’t give the public the full picture.  Some problems may be short lived while others could last longer.  Side effects and adverse reactions know no time limit.  When damage is done, as has been reported countless times over, it can last a lifetime.  It can even result in death. 

This time of year I realize just how predictable the pharmaceutical industry is, like how we were automatically inundated with flu shot signs as soon as this month started.  Maybe they’ve always been that way, but when you have a vaccine-injured child, you tend to notice things differently.  Like last year, I immediately noticed the flu shot hype and the already increased news reports.  Those reports won’t go away any time soon.  I’m sure we’ll be forced to listen to the propaganda for quite some time—which, if memory serves me correctly, will go through at least to March 30th of next year. 

Something else I noticed is the shot’s failure rate and how it hasn’t improved much over time.  Before the signage went up at one of the local grocery stores last week, which I practically had to weave in and out of as if it were an obstacle course, I heard the tail end of a For Your Health segment on a talk show on the radio.  According to this year’s flu shot experts, they’re claiming it to be at least 20% effectiveness.  20%?!  That’s a far cry from being effective if you ask me.  That low rate, plus its horrible track record from previous years, made no difference in that news segment though.  The radio host ended it cheerily by saying that the shot is still recommended and “best to get it”. 


Vaccine Effectiveness (estimated)

2018 – 19

predicted 20%

2017 – 18


2016 – 17


2015 – 16


2014 – 15


2013 – 14


You’d think the industry would be embarrassed by such low numbers, but they’re aren’t.  It’s full steam ahead and has been for as long as I can remember.  Years ago, when we opted for the flu shot, it was only 10%.  How depressing!  How very unacceptable as well.  Never in my life have I ever heard 10%, or this year’s predicted rate, be anywhere near the same thing as 100%.  But I guess that’s a satisfactory response when it comes to the flu shot. 

So, would I ever?  Would I ever get this year’s flu shot?  Now that I know what I know, and with the officials claiming it’s going to be no better than last year’s, I would never.  I could never recommend it to anyone else either.  I just can’t. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Jeannette Bishop

@david m burd, a belated thank you for the additional information!

David Weiner

Flu season is coming up and you know what that means: eat lots of eggs, especially egg yolks.

david m burd

Jeannette, I thank you for your revelations regards flu vaccines' dangers, and so much more you do.

Here is an EPA reference citing just one of the flu vaccines' excipient toxicities; it's an EPA document, completely ignored by the CDC, FDA et al.

God bless, cheers from here in West-by-God Virginia

Jeannette Bishop

"He started to tell me how he noticed almost 20 years ago, he started to see a large increase of deceased old people during flu shot season and has had several of the deceased family members actually mention to him that their mother or father were doing fine until they had the flu shot and then took an immediate turn for the worst.

"He then said that he knows damn well that he has had babies who had died from vaccines in there. He has been an undertaker for over 35 years and his father was a funeral director and passed his business on to him, so he has been in and around the business his whole life. When he was young and was helping and being trained by his father, around 40 years ago, he said that crib death was EXTREMELY rare. It was so rare that his father had only ever seen 2 cases in his entire career and the babies were born sickly and had failure to thrive."

david m burd

infojunkie, Thanks for your Aussie reference. Several of its stats are very significant:

1) It cites 40 "flu-associated deaths", median age 80 years (range of 2 yrs to 100 yrs). Thus it is mathematically clear there was but one or two deaths of young children. In prior years I have cited here on AoA Australia usually has zero pediatric "flu-associated deaths".

2) A recent Aussie study of pregnant women cites but 23% get flu-vaccinated - versus our CDC reporting 54% of such Americans get the flu shot while pregnant.

3) Our CDC documents 65% of American children up to age 15 get the flu shot.

4) This reference documents but 6% of Aussie children get the flu shots (even though the shots are free).

Summary: U.S. and Aussie Govt. Health Agencies are in lock-step and strongly coerce the public to get flu shots. However, it's clear Aussies are not as cowed as our fellow Americans, thus refusing the shots - somehow they have used experience and common sense to NOT believe their "group-think" doctors. And, are many times more healthy when it comes to Wintertime illnesses - and usually have zero pediatric "flu-associated" deaths.


Australia's flu reporting is enlightening. Their season comes before the U.S. season.$File/flu-07-2018.pdf

david m burd

Grace Green, Well said, as succinct as it gets. Thanks!

david m burd

Francis, One more thought regarding the references you supplied.

Anthony Fauci of NIAID (NIH) is quoted about flu initiating illness, thence bacterial affliction via pneumonia actually causing death. Of course he never had a single thought that toxic vaccines and/or aspirin were the true culprits. Fauci's track record is espousing and advocating every dangerous pharma drug and vaccine, and never a thought about vital nutrition such as proven Vitamin C therapies (Linus Pauling, Klenner, etc.), or such as protective natural exposure and/or Wintertime supplements of Vitamin B (the sunshine vitamin).

Anthony Fauci represents the lock-step ideology of illness treatment by incredibly toxic drugs, and never a thought about their downside/lethal effects. And, this carries through to his ridiculous promotion of Zika virus vaccines, on-and-on, and NEVER even considering this virus has been around forever. Anything Fauci says (usually on NPR radio -- they idolize him) is dead-wrong, and of course he espouses flu vaccines from birth to grave.

Grace Green

Even after one hundred years they don't want to admit it was their "treatments" which did the damage, not the other species with which we share the planet (viruses).

david m burd

Francis, Thanks for your aspirin reference featuring Karen Starko's paper. Here is another reference about the 1918-19 "flu" (also based on Starko) additionally disclosing the severe/deadly toxicities of aspirin.

The Medical Orthodoxy has many examples of historically wedding itself to horrfically wrong (and deadly) protocols, such protocols then taking many generations to be finally realized as dead wrong (pun intended) and discarded too late for millions of victims.

Dan and Mark clearly disclosed in their book Age of Autism (2010) the centuries' use of deadly mercury - yet eight years later the lock-step dogma of CDC, NIH, FDA is still promoting every year their insanely wrong flu shots bringing no benefit, and with its load of neurotoxic ethylmercury, whether a "trace" of 3 quintillion mercury atoms (in 1 microgram of mercury) or the vast majority of flu shots having 25 micrograms of mercury as taken from multi-dose vials. ALL of this based on the completely wrong claim a "flu virus" caused the 1918-1919 epidemic, whereas in fact the panicked lunacy of toxic vaccines and aspirin were the culprits (in addition to famine conditions in Europe, but not in the U.S.).


Thanks to other commenters ,good links/very interesting and insightful information .
See antibiotic overuse/resistance situation 2018 at
www.Parliament.Uk 4 September 2018
Progress in tackling antimicrobial resistance examined [ watch discussion online ] well worth watching ! to grasp the backdraught of the current standards?
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Veterinary Officer
Lord O'Neill of Gatley
Would you ever! consent to an algorit-him decide whether you do or do not need an antibiotic ?
See Fever Hospitals and Fever Nurses A British Social History of Fever Nurses By Margaret Currie
A good chunk available to read online in the preview, very good, very interesting !

Gary Ogden

Francis Weibel: Thank you for those references. I knew aspirin was somehow implicated, but had forgotten the mechanism. Up to 31 g, which is 95 times the standard dose today, 325 mg! No wonder they didn't last long, and no wonder so many victims were young adults, victims of the military's one size fits all regimentation.

Francis Weibel

david & gary:

Their is evidence that the severity of the Spanish flu epidemic was the overuse of a then new Bayer drug called Aspirin.

This article references these articles:

Gary Ogden

david m burd: Thank you very much for that link! Fascinating read. I suspect that, to this day, the cause of influenza is still unknown. Might just as well be a little bird flying in the window. Three gems from that paper: 1. Influenza is not communicable. 2. The vaccines were completely ineffective. 3. In the pandemics morbidity was high, but case fatality rates were low; in the subsequent, smaller epidemics, morbidity was low but case fatality rates were high. We know so little about the extraordinarily complex microbial world. I just read an interesting article about current estimates of the number of microbial species: 10 to the 30th power, or more than all the stars in the universe. Hubris! We think we know what may be unknowable. Clearly Bechamp was right; some are susceptible to a given illness, and some are not. Knowledge, in any case, gets in the way of the business model of what is quaintly called "Medicine."


@Bill. Thanks for possibly the only good laugh I've ever had on the subject of flu shots.

david m burd

Gary Ogden, Yes -- you are correct the "Spanish Flu" 1918-1919 was factually CAUSED by scores of million of brand new never-tested vaccines concocted by various medical authorities. Millions of doses of these (very toxic) vaccines were produced/distributed by the New York City Health Dept, the Mayo Clinic, and many, many others claiming their brand new vaccines to be taken by tens of millions of Americans. The outcome was great mortality BY the toxic vaccines but of course is today blamed on a "virus" - the flu viru. However, mostl all deaths in this 1918-19 episode were a wide variety of blood poisonings, called septicemias and toxemias that are NOT the typical respiratory symtoms of a flu virus.

Pertinently, the military forces of the World, and the U.S. introduced MANDATORY vaccinations/toxoids upon joing the military (typhoid, yellow fever, diptherhia, tetanus, and a number of other vaccine concoctions including for pneumonia and other wild mixtures imposed on the U.S. Army, as documented by the Annual Report by the Army Surgeon General papers I've accessed. THIS mandatory military vaccination, and subsequent mortality blamed on the "flu" answers the "paradox" of young men being stricken that previously been the least of a typical "flu epidemic."

At any rate, here's a superlative read of the wild, uncontrolled manufacture and distribution of extremely toxic vaccines in !918-1919.

THE most important takeaway is our PRESENT fear-mongering of "the Flu" is based on the fraudulent fiction a "virus" caused the Spanish Flu Epidemic, when in fact it was caused by out-of-control Medical Authorities, just like TODAY with our lock-step corrupt Medical Authorities promoting fear of the flu.

Brian James

I would not after my awakening years back and this is a good read on the topic.

September 19, 2014 Autism And Cancer Related To Human Fetal DNA In Vaccines Study

New Study In Journal Of Public Health


Good article ,anyone else remember getting a spoonful of "Virol" Malt Extract before leaving for school,even our dogs got some Sept-March and their coats were in tip-top condition.
Available to read online The Patient Paradox By Margaret McCartney .
"Oh Jings" NHS at 70yrs .Leadership now advocating for Mandatory Flu Vaccinations for staff also.
Leadership symptoms of "Rust-Out" may appreciate a wee break on "Gardening Leave " aye just for the next 70 yrs and then do a review? appoint /replace with TV, Celebrity,and resourceful Michelin Star Chefs !
see Tom Kitchen "I try to make the most of Sea Buckthorn when it's in season " 210ct 2012 Two good recipies !
The Singing Kettle - John Brown's Baby from The Wild West Show youtube .
Navid, One Flew over the French doors . youtube Navid leaving the care home without his flu jab perhaps?

Jeannette Bishop

Many released flu shot injury settlements here:

Gary Ogden

Good one, Bill! My doctor has retired, and I haven't gotten a new one because Medicine has nothing to offer the healthy. But when they would (always) ask, I varied my response based upon my current level of truculence, from most truculent: "That's dangerous 18th-Century quackery," to least truculent, laughter and something to the effect that I don't get sick and have never had the flu. I have a suspicion that influenza is one of those fake diseases invented entirely for pharma to experiment on the human population. Neither I, none of my family, nor anyone I know have ever had the flu. No little birds flying through our windows! As for the "Spanish flu," this may be the original fake news. So many experimental vaccines were given to the troops during WWI, sending many home seriously ill, without a shot fired, followed by mass vaccination campaigns at the end of the war. Clearly iatrogenic, this "pandemic," no little birds needed.

go Trump

Thanks Shelley ... they simply redefine "Preservative-Free" so the actual ingredients can remain hidden.

Someone can check my math ... but I believe .5mg of Thimerosal is still 297,208,000,000,000 molecules of mercury, a 24/ 7/ 365 neurotoxin still provided to many at 6 months.

Dr. Oz a few years back ...

Grace Green

the BBC radio did a long programme on the "Spanish" flu of 1918 just a few days ago, real scaremongering. They also had an article on their website a while back.

Bill, that's a great reply! I think I might try that one if the question arises.


Whenever a "health professional" asks me if I want the "flu vax", I always calmly reply, "No, thank-you, I prefer to remain in the CONTROL GROUP." You should see some of the looks on their faces when they realize what I'm saying.... They literally have NO REPLY!....

Shelley Tzorfas

In Los Angeles school starts mid August and so, the flu shot with it Neurotoxic Mercury known as Thimerosal will be advancing the brain deterioration of children in Ca. a little sooner than in other states. It is known that the more flu shots you take, the less effective they become. Some of you might be told by your doctor, pharmacist or cashier at the food shopping store that the flu shot is "Preservative Free" or that it contains no mercury or thimerosal but that is an abject lie. The definition for that ingredient was changed so that if it is under .5 Mcg-they are allowed to label it as Preservative-Free. Folks who understand Homeopathy know how a small amount of a substance can have a great effect.


the guardian is sneakily having an article about the spanish flu still haunting us and nobody knowing how it came about.

Jeannette Bishop

Also, last year they were saying the effectiveness turned out to be more like 10% (but it was still promoted harder than ever in my experience), and I think that was a relative risk estimate (or maybe it was a pull a number out of hat somewhere between relative and actual risk because people's observed experience might not seem to jive well with the relative risk). With a chance of actually getting an influenza strain (I think it's around 15% give or take a few percentage points each year), and one that matches the vaccine actually lower, the actual "protection" is however the vaccine "works" substracting from that risk.

None of this is weighing in the vaccine risks either, like possibly an increased susceptibility for other respiratory infections (as seen in one small, but partially blinded study in children), increased risk for (I think for any) influenza-like infections in subsequent years because the vaccine does not promote cross-protective cell mediated immunity, autoimmune conditions, etc.

Sharon Kistler

Dr. David Brownstein's February 2018 blog on the flu shot analyzes the recent Cochrane Review of the flu shot. Using appropriate statistical analysis of Cochrane's data, Brownstein shows that the flu shot FAILS 99% of those who take it:

So, no benefit and all risk. And the risk is so high it includes death?! No thank you.

susan welch

Great blog, as usual, Cathy. Thank you.

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