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The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed

HPV Vaccine On Trial“This book reveals the tragedy of the HPV vaccine scandal.”

—Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner for Discovery of HIV

The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed paints a devastating picture of corporate and government conflicts of interest, negligence, and malfeasance in approving and promoting human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, touted to prevent cervical and other cancers. Coming out on the heels of recent New York Times revelations about astounding financial conflicts of interest at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, this groundbreaking book highlights the lack of transparency, manipulated science, and abuse of state power to market this medical juggernaut, already raking in over $2.5 billion per year.

Authors Holland, Rosenberg, and Iorio conclude:

  • HPV vaccines have never been proven to prevent cancer of any kind.
  • No participants in the original HPV clinical trials received true saline placebos.
  • The clinical trials never investigated the vaccine’s possible effects on human fertility or potential to cause cancer.
  • The clinical trials show that the vaccines contribute to HPV lesions, and potentially cancer, in some women. Despite this, neither the manufacturers nor government agencies recommend prescreening to eliminate those with clear risk factors.
  • Although the vaccine is targeted for 11-12-year-old children, only a small fraction of clinical trial subjects was in this age range.
  • Lawsuits against HPV vaccine manufacturers and government health agencies are progressing around the world, including the US, India, Japan, Colombia, Spain, and France.
  • The US government earns millions in royalties from Merck and GSK, the vaccine manufacturers, for its role in the invention of HPV vaccine technology.
  • Although the US government proclaims HPV vaccines safe and effective, it has paid out millions of dollars to compensate families for death, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, and other severe, debilitating conditions.

With praise from some of the world’s leading scientists on aluminum, autoimmunity, and vaccines, this book fills a critical void, giving people information they need to make commonsense decisions about this vaccine. Written in plain language, The HPV Vaccine on Trial ultimately is about how industry, government, and medical authorities may be putting children in harm’s way.

About the Authors

Mary Holland, M.A., J.D., is on the faculty at NYU School of Law, directs its Graduate Lawyering Program, and lives in New York City.

Kim Mack Rosenberg, J.D., is a lawyer in private practice and lives in New York City.

Eileen Iorio has practiced in the financial and health fields and lives outside New York City.

To request a review copy or to arrange an interview with the author, please contact:

Nick Magliato / (212) 643-6816 x 225 / [email protected]

The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed

By Mary Holland, M.A., J.D.; Kim Mack Rosenberg, J.D.; Eileen Iorio

Skyhorse Publishing paperback, also available as an ebook

On Sale: October 2, 2018 / $19.99

ISBN: 9781510710801


Sophie Scholl

The Ian Frazer effect ?

We have fewer children, if we have them at all
In the decade since the recession, American women had 4.8 million fewer babies than demographers were expecting.
No, that isn't a typo.

"Every year when I look at the fertility data I expect the number of births to go up and it hasn't," says University of New Hampshire Professor Kenneth Johnson.

Prof Johnson says part of the fertility decline is attributable to women in their early and late 20s having fewer children than expected - in other words, my classmates and those who came after us.
And it's not getting better. The gap is getting wider - which is why he brings up a historical parallel.


Thanks AoA .Too mangy good books to read and not enough time to read them?and need seperate piggy bank ,bank book to go buy them all ! why are these books not in the local library?
Is HPV ,Flu and other vaccines in "Big Serious Trouble"

Doctors who turn down flu vaccine could be redeployed BMJ 12 Sept 2018

Margaret McCartney Mandatory flu vaccination won't fix the NHS BMJ 6 Feb 2018
Does the flu vaccine comply with the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act ? I think NOT!

"Dangerous Machinary" Conspiracy Theorist as a Transpersonal Strategy of Exclusion ,Wiley online Library 2011 by Gianna Husting and Martin Orr.
Bush laughs at no WMD in Iraq youtube .
Vaccines being deployed as "Safe and Effective" couldn't laugh their way out of a brown paper bag !

Angus Files

HPV is the cancer AOA is the cure.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes


You wrote, "I may get fired for my stance and if I do it will be for a good cause."

Praying more in the medical field will follow your lead!

Thank you for speaking up and out as you warn and support, for standing firm in your convictions despite opposition, and for doing right, knowing that doing so includes personal risks.

Laura Hayes


Not sure if this is the documentary to which you were referring or not, but here is HPV documentary "Sacrificial Virgins":

Cherry Misra

Tracey RN , I salute you ! Vaccine- education work is critical at this time in history. The pharmaceutical industry is so hopeful of legislating vaccine mandates in the entire nation, and in other nations as fast a possible, before the awareness of vaccine dangers becomes well known. Even people who are so aware on other fronts of modern day life, think that vaccines are a small issue that just means preventing cases of measles in schools.

Tracey RN

A few years ago I met Kathleen Barrett (her son Colton was horribly injured from the HPV). While we were talking she realized I had raised 6 children without vaccines, and I’m in the health care field. I am ALWAYS putting in my 2 cents on the evils of vaccines. Her statement haunts me each and every day . “ I wish someone had warned me”.
I may get fired for my stance and if I do it will be for a good cause . I will continue to “warn” and support those who have made a educated decision to not vaccinate....

Laura Hayes

I hope the vaccine-related corruption and associated propaganda exposed in this book will be generalized by readers as relevant and applicable to all vaccines. Not one vaccine has been properly or ethically studied, approved, or recommended...not one. Therefore, not even one should be on the market. In fact, it should be illegal to prescribe or administer any vaccine at this point in time.

I also hope this book will state the facts boldly, without equivocation, and that unacceptable compromises won’t be offered up as solutions.

Sounds like a powerhouse team of authors. Hoping for a powerhouse of a book!

Deborah L. McGrath

I'm wondering if anyone here can send me a link to a short documentary revealing researchers explaining all of this above info.? I viewed one while Googling around, trying to gather info. for a paper I was writing for a college course in the last year. It succinctly explained all of this articles' info, including a "Skyped" interview with researchers involved with actually "testing" the vaccine, or, reviewing their peers' work. I can't remember if it was an English or Dutch investigative reporter.... She clearly explained the faulty testing/reasoning behind government's mandating this vaccine.
New question: does anyone know the estimated percentage of people who are "at risk" of developing lessons or cancer who might be screened and so, NOT coerced into this vaccine? The governments know this vaccine will harm a specific percentage and still they lump everyone into mandated vaccines? Abhorrent.

bob moffit

From article posted by Sophie Scholl:

"Physicians diagnosed Christopher with ADEM—a disease that causes inflammation of the central nervous system and. ADEM “typically affects children and may be preceded by a viral or bacterial infection.” It can also “occur after a vaccination, with symptoms ranging from confusion, drowsiness or coma, unsteadiness, vision issues, trouble swallowing or weakness of the arms and legs.”

Odd they describe injuries that can occur following vaccination .. but .. not among the injuries listed is DEATH.


Sophie Scholl

GardaKIL in all its glory.
Christopher Bunch, 14 years old, died on Aug. 14, 2018 RIP
The Daily Mail is a disgrace in how it has covered this story.

The FIGHT WILL GO ON, & INTENSIFY ! (despite the censorship)

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