Open Letter from International Organisations to the WHO on the Issue of Vaccine Safety
How to End the Autism Epidemic: Tell the Truth.



Regarding will's comment, above. The "Illuminati Satanic" angle may be a bunch of nonsense, but a "tracker" can also be a "locator", and it could be hacked by predators or pedophiles. That needs to be considered in the design and function of any such device. And, once it's used on "nonverbal autistic" kids, it will THEN be used on WHO?.... The solution is not so simple as it seems....


There are many disabled advocates who are suggesting a electronic GPS tracker for those with autism and other high risk disabilities that causes wandering from safety like Alzheimer's. The far left is opposed to this tracking legislation because of "human rights" issues and the far right are also opposed because of some "Illuminati Satanic" nonsense. This tracking could have helped in this case above but no the people in congress do not want the device used.

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