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Italy's Vaccine Policy Changes Again

Italy mandatesItaly has changed policy again. Italy Does U-turn on compulsory vaccine law... again

From Local Italy: Children in Italy must be vaccinated before they start school, it was announced on Wednesday, reversing the government's earlier decision to scrap the requirement.

Amid confusion over the rules as the new school year begins, the governing Five Star Movement (M5S) presented parliament with an amendment that effectively halts its own reform and reinstates the previous vaccination requirements.

The new administration, a coalition between the M5S and the League, had promised to drop a law adopted by the previous government that banned children from starting pre-school unless they had received jabs against ten diseases, including measles, tetanus and polio.

One of its first moves after taking power was to propose an amendment pushing back enforcement of mandatory vaccination to the 2019-20 academic year, pending a complete revision of the law after the summer recess. 


Hans Litten


In Veneto, the governor, Luca Zaia of the League, has promoted a “personalized” approach to evaluating vaccinations. Families have organized a secluded “school in the woods” for unvaccinated children, while others have met in private homes.

Ms. Lorenzin (barely a high school finisher in charge of global vaccination policy) said that if she were still the health minister, she would send police to break up the illegal schools. “It’s a chemical bomb,” she said.

Grace Green

thanks for that clarification. This is astonishing - the mandate still applies, but parents must self-certify. Governments are rewarding those whose conscience tells them it's OK to lie to save your child from torture and possible murder. An already slightly autistic parent could find that a huge dilema!


Still mum from the SR front on the exact Lower House vote upholding the earlier Senate vote to scrap the mandates. But, we do have this....

Update – 9 September 2018 The Italian Parliament relaxed its change of direction – self-certification will be allowed during the current school year. The mandate, however, is still in force, at least until March 2019.
Brian James

FYI-Aug 21, 2018 Death by vaccinations from the CDC

How to get the information from the CDC about vaccines and damage done


Brian James

This is how you get all the info you need from the CDC and how to locate and print it.

Aug 21, 2018 Death by vaccinations from the CDC

How to get the information from the CDC about vaccines and damage done


This article, in short, is of very poor quality, and it's hard to know what to believe, Personally, I would have thought it would be impossible to change the law at this stage for this year's school intake. (Our schools in UK have already started.)

You're absolutely right Grace that the articles reporting this story are confusing, and I would say it's deliberatey so. They want to give the impression that the government did a U-turn on its pledge to reverse the mandate that's applicable for the 2019/2020 school year. You must remember, however, that the point of the Government reconvening in Sept was for the Lower House to vote on whether they would approve the Senate's vote in Aug to scrap the mandate. It appears the Lower House did just that, and the articles are attempting to bury this news. Instead they seek to confuse with the news of the ammendment that made it clear that the rescind won't apply for the 18/19 school year. Still, not a very satisfying ammendment, but far from being the case that a U-turn occured. What I am intrested in is the exact Lower House vote, and I have appealed to my 'friend' Skeptical Raptor for this. So far things have been mum.

Grace Green

PD, originally when they said they wanted to change the law enacted by the previous government, the plan was to allow parents to "self certify" for this year until the law could be properly changed by next March. However, the article you've linked to makes it very ambiguous, and it seems to suggest that that is still going to be the case, so perhaps nothing has really changed. I also believe they have quoted the figure of nearly 5000 cases of measles as that number of deaths, in the space of one year! This article, in short, is of very poor quality, and it's hard to know what to believe, Personally, I would have thought it would be impossible to change the law at this stage for this year's school intake. (Our schools in UK have already started.)


"Anyone have an idea as to why "until March 2019"? (http://tinyurl.com/y76yodz6)"

PD, how I am understaning this is back in Aug the Italian Senate voted to delay implementation of the bill for mandates for the 19/20 school year until they come up with new legislation. There was an issue whether the vote would be applicable for the 18/19 school year since it was pending the approval of the Lower House. It would appear that the M5 ammendment on Sept 5 makes it clear that the delay won't be applicable for the 18/19 year. Still, I am reading things as the Lower House did approve the delay. Technically not a U-turn but a veer.


I don’t know enough about the League, however it’s rumored that it has fascist leanings. Shouldn’t it concern people that we are providing would be fascists with a legal mechanism through which they can do massive harm to whatever population they choose? This is precisely why vaccines can never, ever, ever be mandatory.


Anyone have an idea as to why "until March 2019"? (http://tinyurl.com/y76yodz6)


Of course they reversed it, we should have seen it coming. Yet, I am stunned. We fight against powerful, and unseen forces, of the most corrupt human beings, with the most evil of hearts that walk among us; they lie about what little science that is done on subject, and they do it for the money. They are beast.

2,000 years ago; In the very same region; the Apostle John, being held in a prison by the Romans, on an island surrounded by the blue, sunny, Aegean sea; saw visions of everyone having to receive the mark of the beast. In his visions people could neither buy or sale without it. The Bible has been translated many times, and in so doing only further deepened already mysterious revelations. The wording in the King James version said the mark would be on the hand or forehead, and ever since people have been looking for some kind of visual mark when it fact it is something that affects thinking and muscle control. That kind of mark is a more sinister, heart breaking, and significant.

So we are fighting something of Biblical proportions, and of course when the people protested; the evil behind the scenes did as they pleased.

I am so very sorry. It will take a great many people awake and angry. When I look around me, I see people that should be awake, but are not; it is so frustrating to see my own family members take the next generation, that barely squeezed through, and continue to vaccinate. After all the other horrible vaccines those babies have received, they continue to get a yearly flu shot, all the while those poor toddlers are already not speaking, their eyes are all crooked, and one is celebrating it's anniversary of one year of being a diabetic, and still alive. Meanwhile; the family is squeezed between the health problems of these tots and the health problems of their 32 year old twin uncles.

Sometime: well pretty often; I think God has been merciful to me, to have two adult unmarried children with no next generation on the way. Who will continue to run our farms? My vision does not extend over 2,000 years just only the next short 30 or 40 or maybe 50 years because the marking of human race is escalating and they are now receiving not just a mark or two, but many marks; plural marks from the money hungry beast.

bob moffit

Is this what stands in Italy as … PROMISES MADE … PROMISES KEPT?

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