Italy's Vaccine Policy Changes Again
This Year’s Flu Shot: Would I Ever?

Infertility as a Cure for Autism

Old sperm and eggThanks to Ginger Taylor for sharing this story from GQ Magazine. Sperm Count Zero.

A strange thing has happened to men over the past few decades: We’ve become increasingly infertile, so much so that within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely. What’s causing this mysterious drop in sperm counts—and is there any way to reverse it before it’s too late?

The target in the article appears to be plastics - phalates - affecting both men and women.  Other chemicals are given a "pass" (that's an oversimplification, do read the article) as the industrial revolution raced forward for almost 100 years before the drop was seen. However, 1995 comes into play as a date where the slope (rate of change) steepened.

Levine was ready with an answer. “So that's one of the reasons we also conducted a sensitivity analysis,” he said from the stage, “with studies with sample collection only after 1995—and the slope was even steeper. So that could not explain the decline we see after 1995.”

The pediatric vaccine schedule had hyper-bolus doses of mercury in it in 1995 including 12.5 mcg in birth dose Hep B alone. My first thought, and perhaps yours too, was "What is the science on mercury levels and sperm count and motility? 

Hair mercury (Hg) levels, fish consumption and semen parameters among men attending a fertility center.

Chronic exposure to low doses of mercury impairs sperm quality and induces oxidative stress in rats.

There are many such studies at our fingertips. Mercury continues to be a problem for infants as doctors routinely administer flu shots to pregnant women, and children over age 3 are not considered as "must" for mercury reduced vaccinations.

Mercury remains in dental amalgam. Sushi is as common as Ritz Crackers in grocery stores from California to Maine. Other chemicals like glyphosate and certainly phalates are taking their toll.  It adds up to a toxic burden of never before seen proportions. And our boys, for those readers who have sons, and whose sons not so severely affected by autism that they might be able to father children one day, are losing their fertility. 


Gary Ogden

Linda 1: Great George Carlin quote! Truer words were never spoken.


Sorry for the late response. Don't know. Maybe a bad link?
I've heard mixed reviews about the Stetzer filters. Some say they can cause problems. But those filters are for EMF - "dirty electricity" aka high frequency transients, escaping from the wiring in the walls into the living space. Per Sam Milham MD (retired Wash State epidemiologist), and others, leads to all kinds of disease, including cancer. (Dr. Milham does recommend Stetzer filters, unless he changed his mind). His book is worth reading if you haven't already. That the Amish traditionally do not have electricity is probably one major reason for the differences in their health compared to the rest of society - in addition to not vaccinating - no or less electricity is a big factor.

Re our inventions causing our own extinction - I was thinking how humans are just as smart as we are stupid. We have the intellect to build nuclear power plants, but aren't smart enough to know that we shouldn't put them in the path of a hurricane.

Thinking of George Carlin lately too. There was a point where he just threw his hands up and resigned himself to being an observer of the idiocy around him. He said life is a freak show and when you're born in the US, you get a front row seat.

Brian James

February 24, 2015 Autism Rates To Increase By 2025? Glyphosate Herbicide May Be Responsible For Future Half Of Children With Autism

By 2025, half the children born in the United States will be diagnosed with autism, says Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


Jeannette Bishop! LOL! Maybe!
But then again, so far they got to plug all of these things up to recharge in a electric plug that comes an electric power plant, and all that entails. Bill Gates might find out how big the world really is.

Rebecca Lee

Mercuy messes with pretty every biochemical process in the body. Once you get enough of it built up in your system, it keeps you from being able to detoxify anything else. Andy Cutler once told me that he thought "the elephant in the room" with all these sexual issues is all the fake estrogens all over the place. People might be able to tolerate them better if they weren't chock full of mercury from the get-go.

Andrew Cutler, Phd's book "Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment" explains all the ways mercury can interfere with the metabolism. You can purchase this book at

I am an administrator on a mercury detox group with thousands of mercury toxic members so I am a tad preoccupied with mercury. Still, I think that if you don't take mercury into consideration when looking at all the chronic illness that plagues our children and adults, too....then you are missing one huge elephant.

Jeannette Bishop

Adding to the discussion about wireless tech risks, I linked to Truthstream Media video, "They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us" sometime in a past comment.

Melissa Dykes recently posted further reflections on what's been said by some in the social-media-tech arena:

"The Real Wealth Gap"

Jeannette Bishop

@Benedetta...I'm always the purveyor of doom.... I think the likes of Gates plan on having drones and robots do most of they need/want.

Gary Ogden

Linda1: Dr. Mercola has an article today about EMF. He mentions Stetzer filters, and when I click the link, it says it is forbidden. Do you know anything about this? Part of the current wave of censorship?


Bob: You have not heard of any hint that we will not be able to reproduce at all' is because Bill Gates wants to be alone with his millions, and no one bothering him for a job and such.

Once we are all gone and Bill Gates actually has to get out and dig and grub for his own food , then he will miss the masses that worked together in perfect organized ways to bring canned tuna fish, and bread (I have not had a piece of gluten, wheat filled bread in years) but Bill is going to really miss it.


The possibility that "within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely," as Bob Moffit quotes is a real possibility. The other great threat to the extinction of people on earth is the fact that so many countries have nuclear power now that it is possible that these weapons could wipe out the earth's entire population.

Shelley Tzorfas

Great article Ginger. We know that vaccines from multi-dose vials have more deadly adjuvants and chemicals but how long do single dose vaccines sit in syringes made of plastic and estrogen contaminated vessels? How long does it take for those chemicals to disperse into the vaccines? We see some of those toxic vaccines in refrigerators at doctors offices but where are they stored before arriving? Are they in temperature controlled storage units and trucks? What about their journey in third world countries where refrigeration is limited? What about the trucks that travel on dirt roads to somewhat remote villages?

Angus Files

Pine pollen(tree sperm) boosts testosterone which you need to produce sperm.You can get it in powder form or tincture alcoholic and non alcoholic or if your lucky pick it yourself from the pin trees.Men and women can take it and I would say with all the oestrogen mimics kicking about its a good one to take daily for men and women.Non-binary is what more and more people are ticking as sex status glad to say I never had that.

Pharma For Prison



Let's not forget the contribution of the aluminum adjuvants in vaccines:

"The observation of "significant contamination of male semen by aluminum must implicate aluminum as a potential contributor to these changes in reproductive fertility"
Aluminum content of human semen: Implications for semen quality

Then there's lead in our drinking water:
How does lead induce male infertility?

Reuters finds 3,810 U.S. areas with lead poisoning double Flint’s



Well, we know it's radiation from cell phones, lap tops, wifi and "smart" utility meters, etc. We know that this radiation damages and kills sperm. In research, the 5th generation of exposed animals were completely sterile - when only the first generation was exposed.

Scientists are screaming, frantically waving their arms, jumping up and down, writing to WHO, the UN, world governments, appearing before Congress, publishing and youtubing, making documentary upon documentary, and the public will still blame anything else but their beloved gadgets. It's really pathetic and incredible to witness. Addiction and denial and the limitations of the arrogant human brain are a bitch. I will keep speaking out because I feel I have no choice, but I have resigned myself to the reality that after decimating so many other species on this planet, that we are now causing our own extinction.

Rebecca Lee

I used to say that if stupidity and venality could explain a phenomenon then why go with the idea of a conspiracy? But if the lowering of the world population by poisoning everybody is not a conspiracy, then it is as good as.

Aimee Doyle

It seems to me that either scenario is pretty bad - either losing the ability to reproduce completely, or overpopulating the earth so that either natural or human disaster decimates humanity.

Both end up with the end of humanity. And on days when I'm feeling cynical and sad, both scenarios seem depressingly possible.

Mom 4 Truth

“The epigenetics are the scary bit,” he told me, “because what we're doing now affects the future of the human race.” Truly terrifying! And vaccines going back to the 50's could certainly be a factor. Though I don't understand why the 1995 hyper-bolus doses of mercury in childhood vaccines would be connected with the decline in sperm count in the study that began in 1995. Sperm cannot be measured in infants and toddlers!

bob moffit

It's probably just the cynic in me .. but … I suspect if the opposite were true .. and .. instead of "men becoming increasingly infertile, so much so that within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely … men were reproducing at levels never before in our history of mankind and within a generation our ability to reproduce will greatly over-populate the world


In other words … I think there are far more powerful and influential global interests who prefer shrinking population growth … which means as long as population growth is SHRINKING .. THEY ARE SUCCEEDING.

Odd that I can name some very powerful individuals .. such as .. Bill Gates .. who have championed reducing population growth for decades ..yet .. I don't know ONE individual I can name who has said anything regarding the possibility that "within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely"? Not one.

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