How To End The Autism Epidemic Breaks Into Amazon Top 100
Deportation and Autism And Double Trauma

If A Book Catapults to the Amazon Top 100 And Media Refuses To Acknowledge Its Existence Is Autism Still and Epidemic?

JB number 84

By Kim Rossi

Stop the clock!!! It’s at rank 55 at 6:30am!!


We are delighted to report that JB Handley's book How to end the Autism Epidemic has crossed the Amazon 100 line. THIS. IS. HUGE. Any book in or below the 100s is selling out fast. Now, Chelsea Green, the fine publisher, and JB's personal publicity team, fine people, have worked like DOGS to send press releases, secure broadcast appearances from coast to coast.




And the book broke into the top 100 on Amazon DESPITE the cold shoulder from the media. It's a sad thing really. Autism is one of the fastest growing and most difficult, yes difficult, epidemics facing families, schools and now, adult programs and employment in the USA.


There are people who do not like all of the messages in this book. For some, it's too pro-vaccine.  I respect that message. For others, they make the leap that ending the epidemic means you HATE ALL PEOPLE WITH AUTISM! Like the three I just tucked in. Weird. And totally untrue. Our systems can not handle 1 in 50 or more Americans being disabled by autism. That's the truth. From the most severe to the highest functioning Asperger's - autism takes away from tax coffers and puts a new unheard of burden on social systems. We're facing a monsoon of debts and families crushed under the care for their loved ones the likes of which we've never seen. We NEED to end this epidemic. If that means going back to 1 in 10,000, I call that a GOOD THING. If that means going back to 1 in 2500, that's progress.

JB, Jenny McCarthy, Robert Kennedy Jr and Rolf Hazelhurst were on Del Bigtree's Highwire. Watch the video and share it please. Like it on YouTube. The tide is turning - these Amazon numbers say much more than how many books were sold.

The book by JB Handley they don’t want you to read; Jenny McCarthy’s fight for truth; RFK Jr., along with Rolf Hazlehurst, reveal unprecedented fraud in the Department of Justice that could save future generations. #JennyMcCarthy #JBHandley #RobertKennedyJr #DelBigtree #TheAvengers #Autism #Vaccines #TheAutismBook #ReadTheBook #Science #EndAutismNow #VaccinesCause #PutKids1st #HighWire #ICAN #TheHighWireinNYC #BeBrave #TheHighWireEpisode77


Susan Welch This is probably the best interview I have ever watched

JB has the ability to make complicated information understandable to people like me. He covers so much, some that I was not aware of

Gary Ogden

In Chapter 1 J.B. talks about "Denial." He quotes, "Back up a bit more: how many people have ever lived on Earth?" "Back up a bit more" is pure Dan, and it makes me so happy to read those words again. One of the most gifted writers and humans we've known, if only through his incredible research and writing.

Gary Ogden

My book just arrived with a knock at the door. Hooray! Don't bother me for two or three days; I'll have my nose in it.


But NPR today has a broadcast about a "new" book, published in July, informing us that vaccines have saved billions of lives and have always had irrational "haters."

Even water and oxygen can be dangerous, don'cha know.

Gary Ogden

British Autism Mother: This is actually good news. The demand is so much Amazon ran out, despite Chelsea Green receiving the largest order from them they've ever gotten for a book! I'm still waiting for mine, too.

British Autism Mother

FYI I’ve had an e-mail from informing me that my copies will be delivered to me 2nd - 4th October. I don’t know how this will affect overall sales figures.

Hans Litten

Another Victory when Kaplan is afraid to force unvaccinated nurses to wear masks.
Medical staff all know the truth about vaccination and fail to speak out.

A precedent has been set here.


@Michael. Talk about corporate and special interest money! Get some of those letters going to Trump and his crowd as well. He has time to tweet 20 times a day sometimes on subjects including football, but vaccine safety? Hmmm. Mums the word.


Benedetta, that ped didn't do anything to my daughter. He proposed a vaccination regime so extreme, I think he knew I would head for the hills. That being said, I don't think he and his practice are unusual so no reason to name him.

British Autism Mother

@Benedetta, in the UK some years ago it was known among autism mothers that the name of Dr XYZ was NOT to be mentioned in print/internet. This was to protect her/him and ensure that she/he was able to carry on treating children without interference.


To those who have requested that their local library systems buy books that challenge the dominant vaccine paradigm and have met with resistance. Know that there are many librarians who feel strongly about one of the essential purpose of a library, which is to offer a variety of perspective on controversial topics. Librarians true to their profession understand that they must not curate collections according to their own favorite viewpoints and ideas about what is ethical, true, or of value, but must go about the task of ordering books, while setting aside subjective views. The American Library Association funds an Office of Intellectual Freedom. Those involved are intensely aware of the need to avoid passive censorship in the name of curation. If you feel your library is refusing to order "How to End the Autism Epidemic" due to explicit or implicit viewpoint censorship, you can contact the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom and ask for help. Here is the website:


Oh Carol I am so sorry.

Put that ped's name up here and let us all see it. We are just a group that is just too sweet aren't we.


Great stuff, that's a sensational success for ordinary families !
The systematic failure of vaccines ,vioxx, and now "Off Label" use of viagra in The Netherlands .
Demonstrates the architectural design, planning and infrastructural implementation, of basic health and safety standards, of health and social care leadership, is looking like a line up of condemed buildings . Held up only by it's own denial of failure and some very shoogly and flimsy scaffolding.
Health and safety risk assessments are in the season of "The Grenfell Tower Effect"
Not getting accepted or tolerated .
"The Good Science" is more than capable of giving "The Duff Science" a medical thrashing straight back into the middle of last week .


Bob: Thanks so much for telling me about it. I am so envious. I never want to travel or go anywhere, but for once - I so wish.


I've known that Mr. Handley and I shared a pediatrician at one point. This book helped me better pin down the timing. Shortly before Mr. Handley's son Jamison was born was when I interviewed Dr. _. I asked him if MMR could cause autism. He said that it wasn't MMR because kids sometimes became autistic before they'd had it, but that it could be hep B or Hib. He said hep B vaccine should not be given to children. Sometime during the time the doctors at that practice were turning Mr. Handley's son autistic was when I was "fired" by Dr. _ for delaying my daughter's vaccinations. (A bit of luck for Carol.)

If Dr. _ thought that some vaccines might cause autism (as he did), shouldn't Jamison's eczema and chronic infections have set off alarm bells about how they were running their practice?

Mr. Handley's love for his son absolutely blazes from the pages.


And furthermore--NPR--National Pharma Radio and PBS are the worst!! I know Dan Olmstead wrote an excellent piece on "what happened to my beloved NPR?" I can't find it, but NPR and PBS should get no funding from taxpayers since the get so much money from the corporate and special interest and those two networks are a disgrace.


Now is the time for good Age of Autism readers to come to the aid of all those who have been denied justice by the Department of [in]justice. Kennedy talks about writing various Senate Committees, but I can't find a link. I'm sure it will show up.

Nhokkanen: "The journalism community is an incestuous band of altruists and opportunists." This so called journalism community can best be described as the ones who pushed women and children aside to get on the Titianic's life boats as it was sinking. They have blood on their hands.

Gary Ogden

Best Highwire episode ever. Pleased to hear Rolf Hazelhurst. He knows the law, and he clearly knows that the only way to break this dam, and let the sewage flow, is to put the truth before a jury. Let us hope that this trial is the beginning of justice for the millions of children injured and families wounded and broken by the most evil cabal of amoral thugs in human history, the pharmaceutical cartel, and their lapdogs like PrOffit and Pan. I have nothing but contempt for our institutions of governance, but juries are real people like us, little people, and they always take the honorable path in regard to those who knowingly harm children. Bottom rung of hell for the DOJ and its Court of Special Masters.


only through part 1, but the deposing of Dr Plotkin is worth the price of admission.

David Weiner

Regarding the HighWire episode, it is pretty mind boggling that one doctor's opinion about one case of autism could be exploited in such a way as to deny justice to perhaps a million plus families.

Catherine C.

Greg, JB's book is now ranking at 47. So he's beaten Offit for sure. Now to beat Stormy. Not bad for a publication that hasn't received any press like Daniels and Offit. It's now not a secret any longer what we've done to an entire generation of children based upon a lie perpetrated by the US Government. May we keep fighting until the lie is known as the truth we've lived watching our children suffer.

Angus Files


Yes same here in our library.If I don`t ask for the best vaccine books they don`t appear .The kids at our secondary school have no librarian due to council budget cuts,how mad is that.The school library is not available to anyone but the English Department and only during class time.Strangely my daughter who has just turned 12 won a bursary to attend Chethams music school playing Classical piano.I was very privileged to see the oldest public library in the English speaking world(below).But I wonder,would they have a copy of JB`s book, well they do have a first edition of Samuel Johnson, `A Dictionary of the English Language` To much to ask I suppose but I will check it out next time.

Pharma For Prison



I just want to tell everyone that today is the last day to see the documentary "Generation Zapped" for free at Dr. Mercola's site. Dr. Mercola has hosted the free viewing for the past week.

Worth you time. Features many scientists, including Dr. Martha Herbert explaining the role that EMF plays in autism causation and exacerbation.

If you miss it today, worth a couple of dollars to stream on Amazon and definitely worth buying the DVD.


I agree with Shelly Tzorfas. Journalists should be hiding their heads in shame for blacklisting the topic of vaccine injury. Their cold silence for decades has cost this country dearly in health, wealth and reputation — all the qualities that vaccination was supposed to enhance.

The journalism community is an incestuous band of altruists and opportunists. This 2009 column shows that the vocational revolving door isn’t limited to the government/pharma nexus. Not that MinnPost is a paragon of ethical virtue: their “health” columnist, Susan Perry, is blind to vaccine criticism, and writes for medical publications.

To Angus: Minneapolis Public Library ordered a grand total of one copy of J.B.’s book, at my request. They also purchased only one copy of local PhD psychologist Sarah Bridges’ book A Bad Reaction. I requested Vaccines 2.0 and the documentary Trace Amounts, but library staff refused.

I don't understand how these modern-day censors can think they are protecting the public, when their actions and inactions show they haven't performed even a modicum of due diligence in investigating vaccine injury evidence.

bob moffit

@ Benedetta

Yes .. JB and Jenny were extremely gracious and patient not only signing all who asked … but … posed for pictures for them as well. Small talk with store owner and mentioned how everyone has a camera these days .. so book signings are now both .. signing and photo shots. Adds a lot of time to event .. but .. obvious the people thrilled to have photos of themselves with JB and Jenny.


Right now it's at number 50, just a few slots behind Stormy Daniel's book at number 42. Amazing, considering the relative amount of media attention.

Jeannette Bishop

Currently #50.

@bob moffit, thank you for relaying your experience last night! Not that I can ever think of responses in a conversation, but I have a follow-up question for that reporter about what percentage of adults are now ready to significantly change course to stop the brain damage?

Shelley Tzorfas

The news media has simply become one large advertising agency on every channel every hour.

go Trump

Great work JB.

Does CHOPS get a copy of the book for reference ?

With the Offit books, the drug lords will buy up enough copies to place a few in every AAP office.


The video was incredible. To have everything clearly spelled out is disgusting to realize how twisted those in power are. They should have a running counter in the upper corner of the video with the amount of children that have been diagnosed on the spectrum since the omnibus hearings were shut down. Kind of like that movie about AIDS. Of course, they knew much earlier than that. They did not discuss Simpsonwood 2000 when Tom Verstraeten wrote to his co-workers in an email titled "It just won’t go away." I hope the book continues to climb, but I am really looking forward to the Hazelhurst hearing/trial. I completely agree that until a court of law holds those in power accountable, it will continue to be "better diagnosing," "autism has always been around," and "autism is just being different." It is so sad to look back on the craziness of our lives with autism and really know that this did not have to happen.

P.S. I thought it was a very important point that Jenny made - People came out of the woodwork to criticize and malign her, etc, but no one in authority ever asked what she had done to recover her son. Really shows what they were worried about - not about possibly helping other children recover from autism, but to totally protect the vaccine program.

David Weiner

Excerpt from Amazon review written by Samuel Ravenel:

"I am a pediatrician with a career including private pediatric practice for 31 years, 11 years as a major university Department of Pediatrics Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics in a community pediatric residency training program, and most recently, 5 years practicing pediatric integrative medicine. Over these past 5 years I have worked with a large number of children who have autism and with their parents. I have found them to among the most courageous, inspiring, and determined parents I have ever encountered in my 47-year career.

In the process of becoming educated about environmental causes of various chronic health problems that are common in an integrative medicine practice, always looking for pathways to correct underlying causal pathologies, I have read some 18 books about vaccines and about biomedical treatments for autism. This book, by a parent of an autistic child, and another recent book by pediatrician Paul Thomas, The Vaccine Friendly Plan (2017), have led me to reconsider much of what I had been taught and read in the area of vaccine effectiveness, safety, and especially about Informed Consent – a long-held foundational precept in the field of medicine. In fact, these two books together, along with prior exhaustive study of relevant scientific articles and other books on both sides of the issue have led me to the conclusion that standard practice of information provided to parents of children about the vaccines that are recommended fails to qualify as Informed Consent. It would more accurately be described as Uninformed Coercion."

Uninformed Coercion ... sounds right to me.


This is truly distopian! As Panem continues to silence the people, I sure hope Mr. Handley bones up on his archery.


Bob; Did you get your book signed?

Angus Files

In the old days libraries were really screwing authors one book bought and hundreds would read the one copy ..but who needs a book when you have autism in your house ,well I do because it just gives me ideas and reaffirms what I think especially when JB writes.Thank you JB.

Pharma For Prison



By way of comparison, here is how well JB's book is doing...

Stormy Daniels' salacious kiss-and-tell, 'Full Disclosure', about her affair with Trump is at 42. Paul Offit's 'Bad Advice' slamming celebrities for their 'bad' medical advice to parents, after receiving much props from 'controlled' media did reach 49. I would say for a book that no media is discussing, 'How to End the Autism Epidemic' is doing awesome! Looking forward for it to keep going and beat 49.


If a book catapults to Amazon Top 100 and media refuses to acknowledge its existence is autism still an epidemic?

Maybe not, if an argument can be made that it's just Russian bots buying up copies to sow discontent about vaccination and autism!

bob moffit

Attended JB & Jenny book signing event last night in Northvale, NJ. I would estimate somewhere between 150 and 200 people gathered shoulder to shoulder … in a small book store .. some patiently waiting in line for about 2 hours to meet and have photos taken with JB and Jenny.

Heard some in the crowd identify themselves as RN's and Spec Ed teachers … one saying to JB there were many in the audience that had reasons other than autism that caused them to attend and buy his book.

(Talked to father of two Spec Ed teachers who he had bought books for .. telling him of recent "local newscast" on television in NYC .. where the Dept of Ed received thousands of complaints from parents who had experienced difficulties in getting their child picked up or delivered home by buses. Normally .. first week of school is always chaotic but this year the number and serious nature of complaints seemed excessive. What struck me was an "off-hand" comment by the "reporter" who said .. "There were 53,000 enrolled in school this year .. and .. TWO/THIRDS OF THEM ARE SPECIAL NEEDS".

(The CAPS are mine .. because the "reporter" offered this observation as if it were NORMAL that TWO/THIRDS OF CHILDREN ARE SPEC NEEDS. Sorry for the CAPS .. but .. if anything .. that comment deserves far greater examination and explanation than he gave it)

As for myself … I found the book signing event very encouraging for both … the reception and enthusiasm of the gathered crowd and personally meeting JB and Jenny to thank them for all the have done .. and .. continue to do .. for our hurting families. God bless both of them ..

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