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Deportation and Autism And Double Trauma

Take-care-of-each-otherNote: At Age of Autism, we of all people, know that turning real humans into caricatures is folly. It's easy to create scapegoats and boogeymen/women/children.  Imagine the trauma of autism and deportation. When does human decency prevail?  The autism epidemic is wrapping its tentacles around families across the globe, just as David Kirby predicted in his book over a decade ago.   We need an "autism asylum" in addition to political asylum. It's the right thing to do. What wouldn't YOU do for your child? From The Guardian UK:


'Our lives are in danger': mother with autistic son faces US deportation

She gets to work at 4am, puts on her boots, hard hat and respirator and goes straight through noon. Drywall finishing is demanding labor but it pays better than housekeeping ever did. More importantly, the hours are better for her three children.

After 3pm, two of her children get on with their day’s homework and a few chores, as Blanca expects, and as she needs them to do, because in the afternoon her full attention must turn to her middle child. Alfonso, 11, a US citizen by birth, is autistic and lives with severe motor, speech and emotional impediments. Together, the single mother and her son tie the knots of his shoes, regrip his fork as he eats. If a seizure strikes, she’s there to hold him. But in a week’s time, she may not be there.

Blanca waded across the Rio Grande in 2005 initially to escape poverty and after 2012 stayed away to avoid the growing violence in her native El Salvador, and settled successfully in the US.

She had been allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds, presenting herself to her local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) office annually and always routinely being rubber-stamped to remain in the US. But something suddenly changed.

In late July 2018, she walked into the Ice office as normal, but there was a new officer overseeing her case. He refused even to take her usual reapplication form for a stay of deportation out of her hand. Instead he told her to report back with a plane ticket to El Salvador by Wednesday 26 September.

“In El Salvador, me and my sons’ lives are in danger. And Alfonso wouldn’t receive any of the therapy and help he gets here. None of it...."

Read more here.


cia parker


I regret the crimes committed against the Indians of the Americas, we studied it in our homeschooling through the end of the nineteenth century. I am the namesake of a Cynthia Ann Parker kidnapped by Indians in the nineteenth century. When she was finally rescued as an adult, she preferred living with the Indians. All I can say is that it was many years ago, centuries even, and there's nothing we can do to change it now. It's also true that most of the Indian tribes committed brutal acts against other Indians, slavery, torture, human sacrifice, conquest, war, rape, murder, on and on. We visited several Aztec sites in June, also Teotihuacán, where human sacrifice figured prominently. I'm reading a book about the Cahokia mounds near St. Louis now, and, again, terrible acts of violence, rape, murder, and so on, against other Indians. And then there are the Maya (I started to watch Apocalypto, but really just couldn't watch it) and the Inca, and related groups. Child sacrifice. That shocks me so much that I'll have to stop there. Still happening now in some places. You read Daniel's article.

At this time I think we have to say that our current societies are a fait accompli, and that those of us living in them have the rights of indigenous people, having been born and raised here, many of us with centuries of ancestors having done the same. But we must be careful to preserve what we have, the heritage of Christianity and the Enlightenment, which is really unique in all the history of the world, not at all automatic, not at all the natural trend of all people to develop. I admire generosity and kindness, but we have to be careful not to be so generous that we are swamped with poverty and violence which will take us down too. We could lose this heritage.


Cia, you make my brain hurt or feel heart pain from Daniel Greenfield's article. "immigration policy often leads to extremely serious, negative consequences for the indigenous population". I couldn't help but think of the negative consequences to Native Americans when Europeans arrived. I have no good answers, but thank you for making me think!

cia parker


The Salvadoran constitution says that any child born abroad to a Salvadoran citizen has Salvadoran citizenship. Paperwork is required to get acknowledgment of that. I translate a lot of Mexican birth certificates, and the first time was surprised at the line which said Child presented Alive __ Dead __? I wondered if they wanted the mother __ father __ both ___ other party __ to physically bring in the newborn, or his dead body if that were the case, and apparently it is. That's probably the case for many Latin American countries.

It looks as though there are 200,000 Salvadorans who will lose their temporary residence status under this new enforcement of an old law. Originally it was because of a severe earthquake in 2001, but the damage from that has largely been repaired. Honduras is expected to be next. The Mara Salvatrucha violence is not part of the reasoning for their temporary residence, and I don't think it would be a good thing to make coming from a country with endemic violence grounds for permanent residence here. I support refugee camps where needed, and giving advice where asked for as to how to improve unstable or dangerous conditions in any country, not that I think it would do much good.

In the article, Blanca says that she has three teen-aged sons, two typical and one disabled. She thinks that the autistic one would lose the speech and occupational therapy he receives at school which promises to make him independent as an adult. I don't think they are going to do that, as they rarely or never do any good at all. They have done nothing at all for my autistic daughter. I don't think the boy is going to be better off here than there.

I think Trump's policy is a valid one, but I don't care if a special exception is made in Blanca's case. If they let her stay on humanitarian grounds, that would be fine, but it's also important to consider how many such cases you can accept without severely damaging the safety and material well-being of our citizens. And the huge presence of MS-13 here now is a big problem which has resulted in the deaths of many Americans.


Hi Cia,
He is not (yet) a Honduran citizen.Maybe he will be, maybe not. Right now, he was born here, his birth certificate is American, He has American citizenship.He will have to apply for El Salvdor citizenship, and if he can't produce all the paperwork, he won't get it. Once you get into citizenship by descent, the country you are applying to ( any of them) has a bueraucracy that has the right to give it, or to refuse to give it.
On the link I sent several people with one El Salvador parent talk about how hard it is to meet the requirements; apparently this includes some very specific paperwork where names have to be identical, for example.
To quote from some comments
"Go the consulate and they'll guide you through the process. They can be real a-------about it though.

It'll be easier if your parents registered your birth with the Salvadoran government.

If they didn't your parents need to come with your birth certificate and their Salvadoran IDs. This is where they can get a-------, my mom's Salvadoran ID didn't match her American ID since she had changed her last name when she got married, so they refused to recognize her as a Salvadoran citizen and thus refused to give me my papers."

They also go on to talk, on the same thread, about needing a new birth certificate for both parents, and country of origin details on the father, as well as the mother. If no info on the father, or not enough info, it seems like this is also a reason to deny. In some countries ( don't know about El Salvador) both parents have to sign or the application is denied. It is definitely not a case of land in the country and suddenly you are a citizen.

By the way, how do you feel about the many cases of married couples, mostly in the military, where one parent in the couple is American, one is foreign, and the child is American? As the new rules on public charge state, if that child is disabled, and requires support as an adult, the child cannot get any benefits from the U.S. government. That disabled adult counts as a member of the green card holders household, even though he or she also has an American parent, and therefore any disability benefits will result in their parent being kicked out. In that situation, what are the families supposed to hope for? Hope that the foreign parent dies young, so the disabled adult can get benefits? Hope that the new country will give citizenship to an adult who is a "public charge" and not a citizen of theirs? Not many good choices, and no fair ones.

cia parker

Sorry, I meant El Salvador, not Honduras.

And I don't think it's as simple as saying that humanity demands that the US (etc.) accept as permanent residents everyone who thinks they would benefit from it. As Daniel Greenfield pointed out in the article I linked, generosity in immigration policy often leads to extremely serious, negative consequences for the indigenous population, in his article the horrendous murder of many minor children and adolescents.

When justice comes for our children severely damaged by vaccines, in the first chapter of Handley's book he estimates that it will take (I've forgotten how many) trillions of taxpayer dollars. I have to admit that I have no conception of how much a trillion is, can hardly fathom a billion. Even if we bankrupt all the pharma companies to get a little more money to distribute, the taxpayer is still going to see his standard of living plunge as a result. But I am in favor of that, that's what happens when you insist on see no evil, hear no evil, for decades.

What I'm saying is that there are limits, and we are running up against them now. If you were to ask me if I would be willing for the sake of generosity to live on half of what we live on now, to share with the less privileged, the disabled, from every developing society in the world, but at the cost of great deprivation for ourselves, I would have to say no, I wouldn't. Most people wouldn't. And I also don't want to see our society become any more violent than it is now, and would really prefer to move in the opposite direction, toward more stability and less violence.

I think the traditional paradigm is changing. I'm waiting to see how the current paradigm change in eastern Europe, Austria, and Italy is going to work out, but I think it's going to become an avalanche.

cia parker


He has to apply through his mother because he is a disabled minor. Wherever he goes and whatever he does, his mother will have to do paperwork on his behalf. He is, because of his mother's Honduran citizenship, a Honduran citizen. He is by birth an American citizen, but his mother is not. He needs his mother's care, and I see nothing wrong with sending both of them back to Honduras. The child's dual citizenship is not an issue, but a fact.


Hi Cia, actually, not quite, He has the right to apply for it through his mother. Kind of like people can have the right to apply for social security. Doesn't mean they already have it, or are even certain to get it.

This discussion talks about how the paperwork has to be in order for El Salvador citizenship, or the application is denied.

As it stands though, an American citizen is being effectively pushed out of his country and has to rely on hoping another country will grant him citizenship, if he uses services needed for his disability.
Green Card legal immigrants with American children cannot have their disabled children get benefits like medicaid etc if they are still part of their household..That means that a disabled American adult with a legal foreign parent is not entitled to receive what every other American can receive, without risking potentially having their parent forced to leave the country.

cia parker


He already has Salvadoran citizenship through his mother. I found this.


CITIZENSHIP: Salvadoran citizenship law is based on the Salvadoran Constitution.
BY BIRTH: Child born in El Salvador, regardless of the citizenship of the mother or father.
BY DESCENT: Child born abroad of a Salvadoran mother or father."



Cia, I am very sorry for all who have been killed by immigrant violence here, including the little girl, and also for the disabled American citizen, being forced to leave his country, and to go to a country where he may or may not even be able to become a citizen. America is sending an American boy to a country where he may never become a citizen. If El Salvador treats foreigners ( which is what he is) the same as America does, why would they provide him with any health care? He is not a citizen of theirs.

Maybe he can get citizenship through his mother, though if the paperwork is not in order, he may never get El Salvador citizenship. He is no less American than you , your daughter, or any other American, and should be no less entitled to benefits than anyone else,, regardless of the nationality of his mother. The choices right now seem to be abandoning him in the US, or taking him to a foreign country where his mother says their lives are at risk.
It almost seems like a way to force American disabled children to go to other countries, since any child with a green card parent, can have their parent forced out of the country if the American child gets any benefits.

cia parker

For a minute I thought the video with the little girl who was killed a few months later by an illegal alien had been taken down, but I found it. She could have been one of the children described in Daniel's article.


cia parker

This is the article I referred to. I think it's very important for everyone to be aware of and grieve for these children as well.


cia parker

I support more stringent immigration policies. We now have tens of thousands of gang members from Latin America doing business here and killing and terrorizing a lot of people. There have been thousands of Americans physically attacked, raped, or even killed by them. It is not the fault of the US, and it is denying independent agency to millions of competent adults all over the world to say that it is US policies which forced them into lives of crime and acts of violence.

I looked up my old elementary school in Las Vegas, Halle Hewetson, and found that it is mostly Mexican now. I have no problem with Mexicans who legally immigrate, I love Mexicans and lived there for several years. But I found a video on Youtube of a little girl on her second day of kindergarten, a little Mexican girl, and I was elated to see that it was the same kindergarten room that I had been in for a year. Her father had come to pick her up and was shooting a video of her as he asked what she had done that day. She was answering very cheerfully, and I was amazed at the changes to the school: it had never had a parking lot before, and the playground used to be just dirt and rocks other than the asphalt which had rings to swing one, swings, and four-square patterns painted on it. In the comments I saw something about RIP Aila (or something like that). I was stunned and googled it. Little Aila, in March a few months after the video was made, was standing with her grandmother at a bus stop when a young, illegal Mexican immigrant high on drugs crashed into the two of them, who died of their injuries shortly after.

I saw a sarcastic, but very moving article by Daniel Greenfield about separating children from their parents. He described many true cases, with names, of American children being killed by illegal immigrants, and ended each description by saying, And at this point X was permanently separated from her grieving parents.

Defensible borders are necessary for a stable, prosperous country. I know that there is a lot of crime committed by indigenous Americans, but it is still the case that for the victims of crime by illegal aliens, it would have been better to have kept their killers out. The numbers of legal immigrants must be limited to sustainable ones which do not reduce the prosperity and safety of indigenous Americans. AMLO in Mexico said a few months ago that ALL Mexicans have an inalienable right to come to the US legally or not. He said that EVERYONE from anywhere in the world has a right to come to the US to benefit from our system. I do not agree, and the majority of Americans do not agree.

I don't care if this particular woman is given permanent residence on humanitarian grounds. However, her skills would get her a job in El Salvador as well as here, and all the drugs she gets for treating her child's condition are also available in El Salvador, at greatly reduced cost compared to here. She would have her extended family network available for helping them. But HUGE numbers of Salvadoran boys grow up to join Mara Salvatrucha, an EXTREMELY vicious, sadistic gang which has created a large and violent presence in the US. And the more boys of Salvadoran background that we let in, the more their numbers here will grow. And I'm against that.


With the new rules under discussion, as it is being discussed right now, a legal green card holder, married to an American, with American children, can not allow their American children to get any benefits, such as medicaid D. If the American family member ( for example , an American disabled child, or American disabled adult) still lives with the family, they count as a member of the household, and the family has the choice between getting benefits the American is entitled to,or their completely legal, green card holding, family member potentially will be kicked out of the country,


It shouldn’t take an act of inhumanity to shed light on another.

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: The gangs, such as MS, which are so deadly in El Salvador, were born in Los Angeles. The great wave of deportations in the 80's sent them and their thuggery back to El Salvador. The wars we waged against the people of both El Salvador and Nicaragua in the 80's simply added to their suffering. Little Alfonso is a victim of Washington stupidity, incompetence, arrogance, and malfeasance.


The gangs are following their victims up into the United States. There are some wonderful, hard workers that come here. However; it is the gangs, as well as the numbers of people coming that has caused the the push back. There will be no easy answers, except that a bunch of governments and authorities to our south needs to change their ways and help their people. I do so hope they review her case and let her stay.

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