Utah 2nd District Debate Interrupted by Vaccine Injury Comment
Doctors Paid to Overprescribe Humira Despite Deadly Side Effects. Sound Familar?

Debut Day!! JB Handley's How To End the Autism Epidemic

  End autism Blaxill Meme

It's DEBUT DAY for JB Handley's new book, How to End the Autism Epidemic. Check out the Amazon stats from last evening.  Order your copy today!  Don't forget to use Amazon Smile to support Age of Autism.



Hans Litten

Try not to Laugh. In the journal of immunology (proVax I would suggest !)


Autism is caused because of the Mothers microbiome.
Doesn't this rather support some of the Wakefield 1998 findings ?
So presumably a mother with one autistic child will have only autistic children ?

InterLeuken -17a

Jeannette Bishop

Amazon no longer says "temporarily out of stock." Instead it say "usually ships in 1 to 2 months." Is the first printing completely distributed?


Bob; wonderful.

Susan Welch


In addition to the release of JB Handleys book today, we have Cochrane losing credibility (no matter what lame excuse they have given for their blatant sacking of a truth teller) and now the above letter 'Open letter from International organisations to the WHO on the issue of vaccine safety'. It is a powerful letter. (If the link does not work, just Google the title)

The 'powers that be' must have their hands full playing 'whack a mole' with truth popping up all over the place today.

go Trump

Thank you and best wishes JB !!!
My book just needs a signature...

One of my favorite JB clips, still relevant today.



I just went to buy a second copy and it's out of stock on Amazon.

Susan Welch


For those of you who have to wait for your copy to arrive in the post (as I have to) here is an excerpt. I have just read it. It is long but, as well as fascinating reading, it is explosive! No-one could read it and still believe the 'no link between vaccines and autism' propaganda.

I've also sent it, via Twitter, to our Health and Education Departments and asked them to read it and then deny a link. Of course, they won't read it or respond, but they must be getting just a little bit 'jittery' now.

bob moffit

Have purchased two copies for myself and mom of my beloved 19 year old non-verbal grandson .. we are attending a scheduled "book signing" in Rockland County NY tomorrow night .. where we hope to meet JB and Jenny McCarthy in person. Greatly looking forward to both .. reading JB's book and meeting them.

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