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British Medical Journal Finally Goes Over The Top On HPV Vaccine Safety

image from upload.wikimedia.orgby John Stone

After months of infighting and latterly outright war in the scientific community - and particularly within the Cochrane Group, formerly Collaboration - British Medical Journal have finally published  a paper questioning the safety of HPV vaccines. This represents a major step forward, because they had previously backed away from publishing a review by the same authors of European Medical Agency data, preferring in May to report the official Cochrane whitewash of the products by Aubyn et al, and only reluctantly reported the paper in July by three of the present authors in its cadet journal BMJ Evidence Based Medicine criticising their Cochrane colleagues - also now defended. All the present authors are historically associated with Cochrane but matters came to a head the weekend before last when the Group sacked one of the co-authors, a founder member board member of Cochrane - Peter  Gøtzsche -  on the basis of  vague and unsubstantiated allegations of bad behaviour, followed by the resignation of four other board members.

While the Cochrane Group is now widely considered to be a sinking ship, it has been frustrating to see weeks of politics overshadowing the incredibly serious criticisms of HPV vaccine safety made in BMJ EBM in July, and this is now somewhat rectified by the new paper which documents the painful and unsatisfactory process of extracting vaccine data from the European Medicines Agency: -

Challenges of independent assessment of potential harms of HPV vaccines

After three years of trying to access trial data for HPV vaccines, Lars Jørgensen and colleagues find current transparency policies unfit for their purpose

Lars Jørgensen, Peter Doshi, Peter Gøtzsche, Tom Jefferson 

Key messages

Public confidence in interventions such as vaccines relies on comprehensive, independent, and accurate assessments

Clinical study reports contain more information than journal publications but are harder to access

Only half of potentially eligible reports for a systematic review of HPV vaccines had been obtained after three years, and these were incomplete and contained redactions

Regulators did not have the full data and the manufacturers place restrictions on the dissemination of data

The process for releasing clinical study reports should be improved to make it faster and more complete

Though it is disappointing not to have finally published the authors' full assessment of the EMA data, and the paper is not perhaps as dramatic as the one published by BMJ EBM in July, the issue of whether these vaccines are safe is finally presented to the assembled British medical profession in a way that may be difficult to avoid.

Also, of a great interest, is Peter Doshi's new report "Pandemrix: why was the public not told of the early warning signs?", which is presently open access.

John Stone is UK and European Editor of Age of Autism




Hans Litten

I wonder could the 5 members of the Cochrane Collaboration (who were ousted in the GAVI purge recently) go on a reform a new truly independent panel on their own ?

Hans Litten

Posted by: roslyn ross | September 25, 2018 at 09:04 PM

I have also speculated whether long term use of the contraceptive pills leads to permanent or lowered fertility ? What do you think ?

roslyn ross

How many people pushing the HPV vaccine have read the data regarding the role the contraceptive pill plays in predisposing women to Cancer, particularly Cervical and Breast Cancer?

Doctors have always known this but gaily push their pills on children, for the insane reason given, to regulate periods. No, the pill does not regulate periods, it stops them and creates an artificial state in a female body which can only be destructive.


For years we’ve speculated about what power struggles might be going on behind the scenes in national and international vaccine policymaking groups. How gratifying to read tangible evidence of such ethical division within the ranks. And see that at least some decision-makers wrestle with their consciences instead of prioritizing career and money.

If only they all would feel emotionally moved by tangible evidence of the miserable suffering and death caused by vaccine adverse reactions. And feel humanely compelled to institute preventive measures such as genetic screening, or to end legislation that forces vaccine mandates on everyone.


Thanks John, very good article ,yet folk refusing HPV vaccine can expect to be viewed and perceived as some kind of "Typhoid Mary" or irresponsible Luddites needing a perception adjustment /manipulation?
What's next in the vaccine pipeline ? and how is the process passing a basic health and safety risk assessment?
Read History of Tuberculosis -Wikipedia
Read Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis- Wikipedia
[MDR TB] is a much bigger problem and issue than measles or flu !
See Review Paper Progress and Challenges in TB vaccine Development -F1000 Research [version 1,referees 2 approved] Gerald Voss, Danilo Casimoro ,Oliver Neyrolles ,Ann Williams ,Helen Mc Shane ,Mark Heatherall .
Interesting insights ,with fast-track -factory farming -production line approaches in respect of basic health and safety risk assessments ? Vaccine factories with empty warehouses and cargo planes on stand- by -at 2 to 8 degrees celsius ? cosy refridgeration required to produce red hot profits for industry economics ? Billy Connolly -The Welly Boot Song / If it wasnae for your Wellies -Youtube

Angus Files

I think to get professors/doctors to speak out is near impossible as any suspicion of who they might could finish their career and worse.Its near impossible to get people to speak out when they have nothing to loose these days.Thanks to the ones who do.

Great article thans John.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Are people losing their nerve ?
Are people at the BMJ becoming fully aware of what they are involved in ?
And more importantly are key people at the BMJ aware of what WE are saying ?

Again I refer to the Gayle De Long paper which to my mind is the blue touch paper.
This is the allegation that will bring the vaccination extermination program to an abrupt and final end.

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