Autism, Wandering, Drowning. Another Sweet Soul Lost. RIP Maddox Ritch.
Ma: One Syllable, Two Letters, A Thousand Grateful Tears

#BelieveWomen. #BelieveAllWomen. #MeToo. #VaccineInjury causes #Autism. #InvestigateFrankDeStefano #FBI!

by Ginger Taylor

Our country has spent more than a week drowning in a "Who Do You Believe?" duel to the death, which continues to become increasingly raw, painful and divisive.  But there is one bright spot... we suddenly have legislators who, after lugging centuries of baggage of treating women like their testimony counts for half a man's, FINALLY have freed themselves, and are...  EVERYWHERE... echoing the cry, #BelieveAllWomen!

Sober conversations about sexual assault and the lack of women's ability to be simply taken seriously so that earnest and proper investigations can be undertaken are taking places in corners of Capitol Hill and State Houses that have previously been bereft of such talk.  And those who have supported women for many years have become aggressive advocates for women's voices this week.

We now have very powerful individuals and groups demanding that women be not only taken seriously, but that they be believed in their claims of harm, and even for the FBI to investigate serious claims from more than 30 years ago.

In fact, in our own State House here in Maine, a bipartisan group of male legislators came forward as a coalition to say that women should be heard and believed.  And it was led by our former Democratic Senate President, Justin Alfond (D), who said, "I believe men need to do a lot less talking, and a lot more listening."

You can imagine how happy I was to hear that, as Mr. Alfond has not listened to Maine moms who have tried to tell the legislature about their vaccine-injured children.  I personally, face-to-face, invited him to meet with Maine moms (AND Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on his visit to Maine) to hear about our concerns, and he declined.  He didn't want to hear.  Or believe.

I can't express how excited I am that he is now ready to do more listening!

And apparently, that is true of legislators all over DC and the country, as Senator after House Member who have previously been closed to hearing vaccine injury moms are now grabbing every camera they can find to declare that it is now time to #BELIEVEALLWOMEN!


So if you see one of your legislators who have finally decided to believe you, get to their office pronto and tell them that you are ready for them to call an FBI investigation on vaccine corruption, beginning with 20-year vaccine fraudster and head of the CDC Vaccine Safety Branch, Frank DeStefano.


Of course it was silly for him to even make the claim that, "it's hard to predict who those children might be," because only the year before, the New York State Department of Health found the newborn blood biomarkers for autism, and they were associated with toxic and inflammatory vulnerabilities.   Houston We Have Autism Biomarkers.  If he doesn't know how to predict which children are at risk, it is because he is incompetent and not doing his job.  Or corrupt and not looking on purpose.  In either case the FBI needs to step in here.

Here is a short list of scandals to get our female empowerment officials going ... the whole list is so long, let's not overwhelm their newly-listening ears:

Gosh...  That is a long starter list.  And I didn't even mention the fact that CDC has been violating the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act for more than 30 years by not doing its statutory duty and assessing vaccine safety... and sending those reports to Congress.  

Those legislators have just had a heck of a time trying to decide what is true in a case going back more than 30 years with almost no documentation whatsoever on which to make their decisions.  They are going to be THRILLED that this 30-plus year-old case has more documents (and lack of documents where there are supposed to be documents) than they could dream of!

So join me in getting in touch with your newly-woke legislators (quick before the election comes and they get de-woke) and tell them to get the FBI on the horn!  It is time to #BelieveAllWomen who report vaccine injury and corruption, and for hearings and investigations into get underway!




I think it is very sad that there needs to be comparison of these two unfortunate situations. It is unfortunate that this group has not been stronger in uniting and getting the vaccine concerns across. For a group who wants to rally other women to their concerns....I don't think this is a very respectful way to go about it.

Grace Green

From what I've been hearing it's going to turn out that "that woman" has discredited the BelieveWomen movement. Not all women are to be believed all of the time, just as not all men are to be disbelieved.

Susan Welch

jennifer clemons.

The Supreme Court ruled, in 2011, that vaccines were 'unavoidably unsafe'. Science is proving, more and more, that vaccines do cause encephalitis (brain injury a.k.a autism) although I would be happy to see a link to the studies you mention which say they don't.

If you were a regular reader of this page, you would know that parents love (and accept) their children passionately. They do not, however, love or accept the injuries their children have suffered as a result of the toxic overload in vaccines

They do not want to 'take over' your movement - they just want the same recognition of injustice that you are demanding, i.e. the right to be believed.

I am sorry you are so angry, but I believe families with children whose lives/health have been damaged, have the right to speak out and be believed too .


@ Jennifer Clemons,
re: your comment: "Your "vaccine injured" child IS NOT THE SAME AS RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT" may be right. Every day, twice a day, I have to drive past the office of the guy who sexually assaulted me/attempted to rape me back in high school, and the office of the pediatrician whose reckless vaccine schedule launched my son into autism (yes, autism, and yes, I know how science works even though you think I don't).
I can tell you which person's office causes me more trauma, grief, regret, and anger as I drive past. Hint: it's not the rapist's office.
So yeah, as you say, it's not the same. Actually, it's much, much worse.

Managing Editor

Congress has NEVER investigated vaccines. Science and the vaccine court of proven that they can cause the injury that leads to an autism diagnosis. Thank you for commenting your POV and using your name. I appreciate that. Kim Managing Editor.

jennifer clemons

Your "vaccine injured" child IS NOT THE SAME AS RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT. Congress DID investigate claims that vaccines cause autism, they found they don't, along with dozens of other studies. Just because you don't know how science works, doesn't mean some medical condition is caused by something it absolutely has been proven to not have been done. How about learning how to love and accept your child AND not take over a sexual assault movement over some made up correlation.

Cherry Misra

Hey, Ginger and all friends, Just throwing out an idea here: I know that many, including myself have never liked the term "autism" , so I propose that we all rename it DeStefano 's Disease (or Disorder) . When people ask us what that is, we just say that it was named for the person in the government who "covered up the truth about autism being caused by vaccines, so that thousands more children could get this disorder"

Jeannette Bishop

A possibly not pertinent point... I'm trying to decide if this is a trivial aside or more worth paying attention to: the CDC released a flu deaths estimate for last year of 80,000 (compared to the 36,000 or so we usually get) I think on Wed the 26th, and I almost missed it for all the focus on the Kavanaugh hearings. Was that part of the goal (inflate already exaggerated flu stats all the more whilst everyone is looking elsewhere)? Or is the CDC trying very desperately to hype up the flu even earlier this year?

More to remember from last year:

Grace Green

There is also the point that girls/women with autism or Aspergers find it much harder to get a diagnosis than boys. This, too , is a form of sexism, because the way autism presents in girls has not been studiedwhich is why it's not recognized. We are so easily labeled as hysterical, emotional, victims of abuse, and all the other excuses they make instead of giving us the correct diagnosis. It would be great to be listened to at last.

Betty Bona

I think this is all about power. Women still don't have the power that men have. We women are an easy target for marginalization that those in power have used to dismiss the vaccine/autism link. It is a piece of cake to portray us as angry and emotional, wanting someone to blame. People (even some women) still believe that men are much better at setting emotions aside and examining the "science". Women, they think, are not to be believed when their emotions are involved, and what woman would not be emotional when her child is injured by an unnecessary vaccine. It's harder to marginalize men, though it is done all the time - just harder. Many women have husbands (or ex-husbands) who marginalize their views because they think their wife is being too emotional or looking for something outside of herself to blame. If you look at the movement to expose vaccines, it is usually men who have had the biggest impact, despite the fact that women are generally the first to acknowledge a vaccine injury. Thank goodness for all the men who have taken action to expose vaccines, but I still hate being marginalized the way Benedetta describes. In our society, women are still expected to shut up and sit down when their opinions are challenged by authority and the status quo. When I argue with some of my scientist friends, or even my family, I almost always get that marginalization of my opinions that shuts down the conversation before I even get to the science. The pity part is hard to take. I have not been very successful at pressing past the shut-down maybe because I was not brought up to feel comfortable challenging the status quo. I'm older, and that was not a common way for women to act in my day or in my mother's day. I think Ginger is just pushing for women to take advantage of a slight change in the power women can expect to have.


Don't see the inherent conflict or 'schism' between Hans' and Ginger's points. Indeed Hans is right that prominent women too are leaders
in peptuating the vaccination holocaust. Still, the common narrative that serves that end often involves dismissing mothers reporting their kids' vaccine injures as 'emotional' , 'ignorant' women not accepting the 'science'. Take note of the slaps at the '(Dr)inking Mom Revolution'!
Perhaps it's because women in our society are still largely responsible for childrearing why they are easier targets, but the potency of such sexism cannot be denied.

Yes, women too can aide and abet sexism, but that doesn't make it not so.

Hans Litten

Now this is interesting !

“The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday placed the head of its Office of Children’s Health Protection on administrative leave, an unusual move that appeared to reflect an effort to minimize the role of the office.

Dr. Ruth Etzel, a pediatrician and epidemiologist who has been a leader in children’s environmental health for 30 years, joined the E.P.A. in 2015 after having served as a senior officer for environmental health research at the World Health Organization. She was placed on administrative leave late Tuesday and asked to hand over her badge, keys, and cellphone, according to an E.P.A. official familiar with the decision who was not authorized to discuss the move and who asked not to be identified.”

Hans Litten

Gloria Steinem’s acknowledged tenure with the CIA resulted in a number of high profile connections with individuals involved in various CIA operations.

I dare you to read this.

Hans Litten

Thanks all for your polite and restrained comments & replies to my comment.

I'll reiterate my position just to be absolutely clear.
We have all been fooled & duped (mothers and fathers together).
We are all in this together, women might be disproportionately affected by it, granted !
But please do not underestimate the impact of the fathers. Because I am livid about it.
This is an industrialised poisoning by governments against their own people.
They know full well what they are doing, there are no excuses, they know.
The doctors (male & female) , the politicians (m & f), the lamestream media (m & f).
Beatrice Lorenzin is the head of the global vaccination policy isn't SHE ?

I couldn't be any more afraid (sb277) & angry at the same time for what is going on.
I campaign with several aims in mind, firstly to bring the guilty to be held accountable ,
secondly to fully expose the fraudulent technology of vaccination, and lastly when we win (as I am certain we will if people keep on attacking and voting correctly) then we will get the full resource of government to help the vaccine maimed (& their mothers). Imagine the financial resource available to us if we get governments to admit what they have done, the power of all that taxation they collected from us to pay for our own poisoning, but now its given to the doctors and scientists who can actually help the vaccine injured children (& their stressed mothers - & fathers).


Two things: First, the two women who cornered Senator Jeff Flake in elevator got my attention. Second, what if men and women cornered the 37 House cosponsors of H.Res.327 Yes look them in the eye have them tell you it didn't happen.

11 of 37 are women (about a third) and are D's (Deniers)
4 of the 37 are Republican. (Maybe these R's flourish in the swamp?)
The majority (33) are science deniers.
Yes confront them in the elevator--ask them to look you in the eye and tell you it didn't happen.

david m burd

Sharon Kistler,
Your comment strikes home - thank you.,

There are countless brain-washed, indoctrinated, "professionals" of both genders that perpetuate the vaccine carnage, such professionals at every level from pediatric doctors, nurses, and to every level of Government Health Institutions.

Thank you again Sharon for your succinct, accurate, ironic Comment. This ongoing carnage does NOT bear a Gender Label.


There is good news here. Even if Kavanagh is confirmed we still have the democrats on our side now as far as believing women about vaccine damage.


As a woman, and mother who cares for a son with vaccine injury, I agree with Hans!

What is the anger in their success in getting their voices heard? They are doing an effective job. There doesn’t need to be anger about that, and I don’t understand the need to hijack their mission for your own cause. Maybe there needs to be change in the current approach of those dealing with vaccine concerns.

I don’t understand this thinking.

Jeannette Bishop

Hans, can't speak for Ginger, but I think this is another attempt, this time trying to use a politically promoted (IMO at least) reopening of #metoo, to see how far it gets the ever-dismissed topic of vaccine injury. I personally greatly (maybe to the extent of being sexist myself) appreciate every male voice who speaks out about vaccine risks, as I fear they are more likely (than females) to attract serious flak beyond demeaning dismissal (not that there isn't danger for everyone who is out there on this issue). I also personally hear a bit of sarcasm (? not quite the right word) in every line of Ginger's post, and suspect that if a groundswell of mothers of the vaccine injured started using these hashtags and lobbying with these they would disappear with breathtaking speed and maybe even the #metoo movement would go dark (if it can...I personally think it went a bit beyond it's intended scope early on). And I further see great danger in the presumption of guilt (which maybe is somewhat being called out by Ginger here) and public trials and presumed convictions without due process associated with these events...but p[ossibly something like this will hit home with some of our political leaders regarding their treatment of vaccine injury, if they are sincere about any of these issues?


Hans; Perspective here.
Try living through "it is refrigerator Moms" that one was really hard.

Or the "Helicopter Moms/parents"

or being a " mistaken mom, and your lying eyes" .

Oh, that mom is just over protective, as she shows up at the school trying to get a handle on what is going on.

The laughing behind a woman's back about her 30 year old son still living in her basement; she must sure be one over controlling b-word that sure made him needy.


My Mother turned 89 this year. Her good friend and fellow teacher who is now in her mid 90s is still alive too.

This good friend wrote an article in the paper, about her life. She talked about growing up in the depression, cracking walnuts with her sisters before bedtime, meeting the love of her life at a small local college, of how lucky they both were to get great jobs as a post master and a teacher, her deep joy of having three kids, even losing her husband in death. But the theme that ran through out her thoughts, the one that hurt her heart the most, that she still talks about with the greatest of sadness and distress was a sick child. He did survive, he was able to get a job carrying the mail, lives on the farm his parents gave him, and manages it very well. However; I know her struggles. She took him to extra educational training after she finished the day teaching all the way to Lexington. The principle of one school was out to get her during her career but she managed to get transferred and that did not seem to bother her as much as this sick child. She still is not over it. She is Still not over it.

Now, I have never been sexual assaulted, although I have had to endure some uncomfortable moments, even recently Lol at my age too, amazing. But I walk around with an anger in me, I know it is there cause it rouses way to easy when I have to deal with medical personal. I have to be careful not to show it and I am afraid I have just recently did just that. I know they are innocent puppets of their education, but it just does not seem to help curb my temper.

I would dare put forth a theory that having a sick child, a damaged child that will not live up to its full potential that its, genes and destiny had preordained it too, a dead child is far worse that sexually assault. At least the same. Then the revictimization again and again that so many of the human society assaults us with by saying it did not happen, you are mistaken.

Hans Litten

I am a father of a vacccine injured daughter .

Julie Gerberding
Colon Boil
Anne Schuchat
Tanya K
Marsha YA
Margaret Stanley

And many more GUILTY women. So many of them. Men too .

Are you trying to cause a schism in our protests ?
This is NOT about gender.
This is about a deliberate biochemical attack by government against their own peoples.
Ginger I have always been a huge supporter of you but I am not happy with this.


Sharon, her first name is Christistine, not Mary. Rosalind, how ironic, your opinion is why you made a commen. Peace to you both!


Gender is both a biological AND social construct. How else to explain unequal pay in the same offices for the same jobs, documented time and again. All the way back to David Kirby's book Evidence of Harm you can see that women were patronized and treated as second class citizens when they came to Washington to speak about vaccine safety. The situation has gotten worse with these mandates. Keep talking ladies and be loud and be angry. I for one support you. How did it ever come to a school being able to vaccinate your child without your permission. Outrageous.


Fuck you

Grace Green

I think this is a very pertinent parallel to draw, and it could really make people think about their attitudes. If they recall the attitude there used to be against women who reported personal crimes, and how that is now changing, it may occur to them that it's time for the ignoring of parents of vaccine injured children to change also. As Dr. Wakefield said, doctors should first listen to the patient history. Having said that, I'm of the opinion that, having listened to cases like the one under consideration, in the absence of any corroborative evidence there should still be a presumption of innocence.


"It's hard to predict who those children might be [whose autism is triggered by vaccines], but certainly individual cases can be studied to look at those possibilities." -- Frank DeStefano, CDC Director of Immunization Safety

Wakefield pointed out some of those individual cases and look what happened to him.


And what about all the dear children, and our darling elders, did a sexual violence accusation?as equivilent ie brutal abuse and maltreatment on emergency admisssion fight for life itself twice Feb 2013
against forced /reccomended/morphine pump set up for my dear mother Donalda
People have a right to be listened to and a right to be believed as well .
I hope the folk who think they don't need their paperwork medical evidence on paper rather than in a fluffy paper apology with back handers galore for playing the profit game we have all the evidence required to the high hilt !
Their evidence is only wishy washy and is therfore totally stuffed north,south,east and west.
Ordinary folk are not putting up with and accepting their tosh and political mush any longer .
Get their work settled and sorted and in order !

Rosalinda Lozano

As a loyal follower of this blog and the grandmother of a vaccine damaged child, I do not come here for your opinion on politics, I come here for your personal expertise on Autism. Can we just focusand keep our unity in tact as a a collected body of concerned family members!?

bob moffit

"It is time to #BelieveAllWomen who report vaccine injury and corruption, and for hearings and investigations into get underway!"

I wholeheartedly agree that we are long past time to Believe All Women who report vaccine injury and corruption and for hearings and investigations to get underway. But then again .. as the proud grandfather of my beloved 19 year old non-verbal autistic grandson … I would suggest it is long past time to Believe All Men on the same issues.

in any event … while I fully understand how encouraging it must be to hear someone who has willfully ignored the voices of women trying desperately to tell him and his colleagues about their vaccine injured children .. such as .. Maine's Democratic Senate President, Justin Alfond (D), apparently in response to the Believe All Women movement .. say: "I believe men need to do a lot less talking, and a lot more listening."

Unfortunately … I think it naïve to believe that Maine Senator Alfond's comment that men should do a "lot less talking and a lot more listening" .. is going to be an indicator he will suddenly begin listening rather than talking down to women .. or men .. when the subject is vaccine injured children.

And so … I suspect the desperate voices of parents with vaccine injured children will REMAIN UNHEARD by all those prominent politicians who have suddenly embraced hearing voices of women who have been sexually abused.

It is what politicians do .. has nothing to do with what is "right or wrong". Nothing.


Watching advertisements on tv for the Malala fund. A wonderful organization that promotes the education of girls in places where young girls are not allowed to go to school because of the economically deprived, sexist culture that they live. I can’t help but be struck by the irony of the aniexty I feel regarding how my daughter will no longer be able to go to school should vaccines be mandated where we live.

Rebecca Lee

That was a great piece, Ginger! Thanks so much. They say, "The pen is mightier than the sword," and I hope that will turn out to be true.

Sharon Kistler

Since in our current times, we've been led to believe that gender is a social construct rather than having a biological basis, perhaps CDC scientist William Thompson should switch his gender to female. Then, perhaps, Congress will call William Thompson to testify before Congress, just like Dr. Mary Ford because he is now a WOMAN and we must #BelieveAllWomen!

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