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Autism’s Emotions

Theatre_masks_mattlxBy Cathy Jameson

Fall down seven…get up eight…

Late Thursday evening, I took a few minutes to catch up on some autism and vaccine news I’d seen earlier in the week.  FYI:  A lot has happened over the last few days!  Two groundbreaking books debuted, one on the autism epidemic and the other about the HPV vaccine. Live interviews with several prominent advocates in the autism/vaccine community took to the airwaves, and jaw-dropping discoveries and demands were made by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense.  While I’m elated that more information is being shared worldwide about vaccines and autism, reading through last week’s news crushed me. 

Recently discovered evidence provided by Kennedy and Hazlehurst details obstruction of justice and appallingly consequential fraud by two DOJ lawyers who represented the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2007.  These actions led to a denial of justice and compensation for over 5,000 families who filed claims of vaccine injury leading to autism in their children.

It’s not the first time that that sort of news has left me reeling.  Our community’s learned other things too late before.  That happens when we find out that someone didn’t do their job or that something that was done years ago didn’t have to happen.  I’d love to hear that we’re only making progress but have sometimes been left feeling defeated instead... 

Like when an article published in the Pace Environmental Law Review revealed that the VICP has compensated “83 cases of acknowledged vaccine-induced brain damage that include autism”.   That’s only documented cases that made it through the system.  How many more are out there??

Like when Nancy Grace, a well-known lawyer, learned on air from Becky Estepp that families cannot sue vaccine manufacturers for vaccine injury or death.   How could she not know that??

Like at the end of a fear-mongering vaccine morning news segment when Dr. Nancy Snyderman arrogantly demanded everyone to “get your damn vaccine”.   Um, thanks but no thanks!

Like when one Congressman took the floor and begged his fellow members of Congress to do what they said they were going to do. Please! Listen to the people!!

Like when the Department of Human Health and Services didn’t do their job for the last 30 years. What else have they neglected to do??

Even with all the frustration those sorts of news stories bring, I admit that there is bit of a silver lining.  People are seeing this information go across their newsfeeds, they’re reading it and also talking about it.  That part is thrilling!  But in the same moment, my emotions will sometimes take a hit.  It’s just so heartbreaking to know that we have been let down.  I always hope that these stories won’t consume me, but how could they not?  The autism journey I’ve been on has had countless ups and downs.  I’ve gotten used to that, but I never expected the pitfalls I’ve encountered to have stemmed from organizations Risk Demands Choice Age of Autism Vaccine Mandatesand leaders I was told to trust. 

So many families have been misled by the experts.  Too many still are. 

Call me naïve, but it still hurts to know that people in high places have never, and will never, have my child’s best interest in mind.  It’s a shame that I had to learn that the hard way, but thank goodness I learned it when I did.  From that unfortunate experience, I learned how to be a better advocate not just for my son, who regressed post-vaccination, but for all of my children.  These kids of mine - they are my pride and joy!  God help anyone who tries to get between them and me.

By the weekend, I dug myself out of the doom and gloom that the news had put me in last week.  Brave souls are helping validate what so many of us know, and I want to shout to the rooftops.  How many times have heard or read that vaccines don’t cause autism when we parents know otherwise.  So often.  Too often!  It’s taken awhile, but lies made by our government and their representatives are being revealed.  Data that supports our children’s poor decline post-vaccination is being discovered.  All of that is being shared with the masses.  It may not be on the mainstream news yet, but these latest books, these live interviews, and RFK Jr’s discoveries are good.  The more he and his crew dig, the more we can teach future generations what to avoid.  If families can avoid the atrocities some of us were unable to, imagine the possibilities! 

While some of this week’s news weakened my spirit, thinking about those possibilities lifted it.  I’m anxiously waiting to see what will happen next.  I’d love to be completely optimistic about whatever next week’s vaccine and autism stories will bring, but I’ll guard my emotions just a tad.  I can’t afford to be too down in the dumps like I was late last week after reading the news.  No matter how many times I fall down, though, I will always get back up.  I have to.  My family needs me to.  Ronan needs that as well. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for writing, Cathy. I keep coming back here trying to think of something pertinent, positive, and pretty-much-as-poignant (though-not-as-articulate) as you have been to comment with, but I'm on the crazy wild part of the emotional roller coaster (or I just don't belong on a roller coaster), I guess, and this will have to do.


I have to say again that we need research, research, and more research into how to reverse, correct the damage done to our children due to vaccines. We have the technology now and we have researchers all over the world trying to find the answer on how to save an entire generation of children and adults from the lifetime condition of autism. I believe if the right people commit themselves to do the research with the technology we have today we will be able to save an entire generation of children and now adults from the autism condition.


Excellent article Cathy. Thanks for making this important list of things that have happened in the law. It helps me keep up.

Barry Stern

How many of us have had our children lose their childhood because of the corrupt vaccine industry and their governmental enablers, viz. members of Congress and high officials of the executive branch. Same happened with the tobacco industry until true science put them in their place and fined them billions that went into state coffers. What we have now is fake science bought and paid for by Big Pharma as well as other industries (e.g. chemical, food, medical, etc.). Add too many vaccines too soon to pollution caused by chemicals, drugs, pesticides, etc. in our food, water, air and soil, and you have a cocktail that has made us in a mere half century one of the sickest populations in the industrialized world despite spending far more on health care than anyone else. And now we have the telecommunications industry that wants to introduce more electromagnetic radiation (EMR) into our communities and keep the citizenry from knowing that EMR in sufficient dosages prevents our cells from detoxifying these poisons. Time to expose all of this with true science and see to it that those who claim to represent us do their jobs!


I think there's a point that needs to be stressed. I'm thinking about all the "pro-vaxxx/anti-vaxxx" arguing I've seen on various other comment sections this week. It's too easy to get into a pointless, un-winnable argument over "Vaxxes DO cause autism", vs. "Vaxxes do NOT cause autism". Nobody, not even AoA, is saying this, for example: "All vaxxes cause autism every time, in everybody who gets them." That's the problem with making oversimplified statements like "Vaxxes cause autism". Or, "Vaxxes don't cause autism." So I think we really need to be very careful in choosing our words when we write and speak about what we know to be true. Try this:, "Sometimes, in some people, vaxxes DO cause (or "result in") autism." And, pointing out the VICP, and the $3Billion+ they've paid out for vaxx injury, INCLUDING Autism, is an effective education strategy. I think most folks here at AoA are more interested in education about vaxx dangers, and letting people know the truth.

Susan Welch

Thanks, Cathy, for this post which contains much useful information.

I was truly shocked by the revelations in JB's book about the the 5000+ families who were so fraudulently cheated of recognition and compensation. (Read this chapter online as my copy not expected until October).

However, I do hope that 'How to End the Autism Epidemic' will bring this dreadful injustice - and the so many thousands who have been injured as a result of this cover up - to light and that, finally harming will stop and healing can start.

bob moffit

"Recently discovered evidence provided by Kennedy and Hazlehurst details obstruction of justice and appallingly consequential fraud by two DOJ lawyers who represented the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2007. These actions led to a denial of justice and compensation for over 5,000 families who filed claims of vaccine injury leading to autism in their children."

I have begun reading JB Handley's EXCLELLENT new release .. "How to end the Autism epidemic" .. and .. was very encouraged to read JB's reproduction of SWORN TESTIMONY of Dr Stanley Plotkin .. described as the "godfather of the modern vaccine industry" .. testifying as an "expert witness" during a child custody battle between a mom who did not want her daughter vaccinated at all .. and .. dad took the opposite position. Here is a short excerpt from JB's book:

"This would be a high profile case, and Dr Plotkin's testimony would set precedent for how these matters are adjudicated in the future. This was the first time Dr Plotkin had agreed to serve as an expert witness on the subject of vaccines. It was also the first time Dr Plotkin would have to testify under oath in a wide-ranging deposition conducted by the attorney for the mother in the case. ….

(the transcribe deposition went very poorly for Dr Plotkin who was successfully challenged on many of his "expert" opinions)

"The deposition lasted eight hours. The next morning, Dr Plotkin RECUSED himself from being an expert in the case. In between, attorney for mom exposed more truth about vaccines and the vaccine industry in one document than ever seen before."

In my humble opinion … this single excerpt from JB's book defines for me the ONLY way our community will ever get a just and fair hearing of vaccine damage will be in a COURT OF LAW … where the vaccine industry "sock puppets" .. like Plotkin and Offit .. are required to testify UNDER OATH with someone well qualified to dismantle their carefully constructed 'plausible denial" narratives that work so well in well-established UNINFORMED .. COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION ..

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