Vaccines Can Kill Billboards A Cautionary Tale Not a Fairytale
KPVI's Matt Davenport Interviews Leslie Manookian about the Issues Surrounding Vaccination

Autism Up By 24 Times Over 21 Years in US Schools; Autistic 3-6 Year-Olds Up By Times 4.6 Over 15 Years; Social Security Cases Up By 4 Times Over 11 Years

Data compiled from government sources by Ray Gallup

US Department of Education 
Ages 6-21  Nationwide
School Year Students Increase
1994 22,780  
1995 28,813 6,033
1996 34,082 5,269
1997 42,487 8,405
1998 53,561 11,074
1999 65,391 11,830
2000 78,717 13,326
2001 97,847 19,130
2002 118,603 20,756
2003 140,920 22,317
2004 166,302 25,382
2005 193,481 27,179
2006 224,415 30,934
2007 258,095 33,680
2008 294,302 36,207
2009 335,199 40,897
2010 369,664 34,465
2011 406,957 37,293
2012 443,562 36,605
2013 478,684 35,122
2014 513,171 34,487
2015 549,851 36,680
School Year Students Increase  
2000 15,581    
2001 17,032 1,451  
2002 19,017 1,985  
2003 22,724 3,707  
2004 25,902 3,178  
2005 30,276 4,374  
2006 35,071 4,795  
2007 39,434 4,363  
2008 45,166 5,732  
2009 47,602 2,436  
2010 49,213 1,611  
2011 51,252 2,039  
2012 58,252 7,000  
2013 62,394 4,142  
2014 66,665 4,271  
2015 72,274 5,609  
US Department of Education Source:          
Part B Child Count and Educational Environments files from 2012 on per:
US Social Security
SSI Nationwide Figures
 Year  Under 5 to 64   Increase 
2006 84,217  
2007 97,455 13,238
2008 112,414 14,959
2009 130,772 18,358
2010 151,260 20,488
2011 173,946 22,686
2012 199,445 25,499
2013 223,523 24,078
2014 246,415 22,892
2015 275,740 29,325
2016 301,783 26,043
2017 327,442 25,659





I do think the message is sinking in. A friend told me someone asked on Facebook if she should get a flu shot. About two thirds of the people said no or expressed doubts and this was not a wholistic crowd. It is sad that the coverage of this issue is so pathetic but still, I see progress.


It's not fake news kids. The Republicans intend large cuts to "entitlements" after the midterms including disability payments, Medicare and Medicaid. The only people, apparently, who are entitled are the one percent, billionaires and the Presidents golfing buddies. Tax cuts for private plane owners. It would be funny if it wasn't very worrisome for the autism community and others who depend on some services and deserve them. It is true that the health care sucks but I feel better at least having it as a backup. Once they wipe out the protection for preexisting conditions, that will really devastate some people able to work but perhaps not getting health insurance from a job or only able to work part time. This is serious.


The Disappeared--this how they will make the great poisoning disappear. Manipulate and deny the numbers.

Jeannette Bishop

OT, but in the realm of CDC priorities and responses, has anyone seen the headlines saying the CDC says that 80,000 died from flu last year?

"The flu typically kills by triggering other deadly conditions such as pneumonia, stroke and heart attack. "

So now they are factoring in heart attacks (and of course never mentioning that thimerosal is a heart poison) and blaming 'the flu?' Are they desperate in some way? Need more NVICP taxes on those shots coming in?

Jeannette Bishop

Del Bigree's statement, something to the effect that, we're creating cities of individuals with autism (every year?) comes to mind. That 36,600 thousand increase in 2015 is about five times the size of my home town and several thousand more than the population of the city where currently residing. So I guess that doesn't sound at all like hyperbole.

Ray Gallup

A point of information, our 33 year old son, Eric gets SSI and Medicaid benefits for these many years and his residential group home in NJ uses it for him as well as reimbursement for their expenses.

cia parker

My daughter got SSI a couple of months ago, $775 a month. An incredible amount of constant paperwork is involved. But her application for Medicaid has been pending for almost five months. Medicaid, like SSI, demanded proof by two days from the time of notice of the existence of a third-party special needs trust that I copied with personalized information from a Nolo book, so that she have a more comfortable life. The woman at SS said that their GOAL was to keep them under the poverty line. So I gave proof of the existence of the trust at my bank MONTHS ago, but nothing has happened. They said they wanted to see if it were a "liquid asset," but the whole point is to CLEARLY establish that the disabled person has NO right EVER to ANY of the money. A third-person, not a first-person, trust. And I'm sure they're working even as we speak to figure out how to make third party trusts for the benefit of a disabled adult child illegal.

I hope we continue to never see a doctor for any reason, but if we were hit by a bus (and I was hit by an incompetent driver with a LONG record of traffic violations, who totaled my car, almost three weeks ago: it can happen), she'd need medical care, and so far the state is withholding the recognition of her right to it.

I obviously despise the whole system.

Dawn Crim

How many people out there have had this happen to them? Their child goes to a well known medical facility to be evaluated for Autism and the diagnosis of Autism is confirmed. Child receives speech and occupational therapy for over 5 years for their Autism (insurance covered the services btw)....only to have the original medical facility who gave the diagnosis LOSE the diagnosis from their system?? In other words, at their end, they show that he never had it? If it could happen to us, I am sure it has happened to a lot more people. Those in power are desperate to skew the real numbers.

Anna Quandt

I've heard very little about how social security is dealing with the skyrocketing numbers of young adults with autism. I'm guessing officials are puzzled if they have swallowed the "there is no epidemic" kool aid.

My son has been deemed too high functioning for SSDI (we are suing.) He went before a social security judge in Iowa in 2014 who failed to act for over a year. His case was transferred to a judge in Kansas and my son was interviewed by phone in September 2015. The new judge made the ruling in January 2016 and cited new 2016 regulations which allows social security disability judges to ignore the opinion of the claimant's treating physician. So the judge ignored the opinion of the primary care doctor who treated my son for 8 years and the therapist who sees my son twice a week for social pragmatic therapy.

I wonder if social security is making new regulations to exclude the large numbers of adults with autism coming before them. Does anyone know more about this?


Awful numbers! But hey -- here is the current deputy director of the CDC, Dr Anne Schuchat, once again denying the vaccination link. If there is anything positive from the interview, she actually described autism as a 'terrible condition'. I am sure the neuro crowd will take exception to this demonizing of autism, and her not seeing that it can be a 'gift'.

Ray Gallup

Thank you very much, John Stone for printing out the statistics I had from the US Department of Education and Social Security. The video, The Naked Gun - "Nothing to see here!" is right on the mark about the autism epidemic which increases year to year. One thing I wanted to say about the US Department of Education statistics is that after 2015 their online data has become jumbled to the point that one can not get the information. Why they do that I have no clear answers from the people I contacted via email at the US Department of Education. They should provide tables like Social Security that are easy to read and like they did up till 2015. If I am able to get clear data from the US Department of Education from 2016 on I will provide it.

Hans Litten

And yet Gerberding and Colon Boil et al are all still in their positions ?

Top U.S. scientists forced to resign over allegations of corruption and false studies

One of the most respected scientists in his field, José Baselga, chief medical officer at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, is the published author of hundreds of articles featuring the most cutting-edge cancer research. The New York Times called him “one of the world’s top breast cancer doctors” and “a towering figure in the cancer world.”

On 8 September, two mainstream media publications – The New York Times and Pro Publica – revealed that Baselga had failed to disclose the fact that he had received millions of dollars from Big Pharma and medical corporations.

Scientists and researchers are expected to reveal this type of conflict of interest, since links between pharmaceutical or medical companies and scientists can bias a researcher’s methods and results. Unfortunately, scientific journals do not investigate to establish these types of ties, relying on the scientists themselves to be honorable and reveal them. (Related: Scientific fraud published in reputable medical journals has soared more than 1,700 percent since 2004, says report.)

Having failed to disclose his links to Big Pharma and being outed by the media, Baselga tendered his resignation on September 13.

Hans Litten

Autism Parents are cutting edge science Parents :

Taking out the (life-threatening) garbage: Bacteria eject trash to survive

Just letting the controllers know - we see no barriers now !
Stop trying to poison us all.

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