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Good morning family and friends. GR founder and Age of Autism founding Editor JB Handley has written a striking book called "How to End the Autism Epidemic," that we think will reach the moveable middle - those parents, grandparents, providers who have a niggling feeling "something" is going with our children, but haven't yet come to terms with possibility of vaccination as a cause. These folks are legion in numbers. They are smart, curious, concerned - but haven't taken the direct body blows that so many of us have with our kids JB drawingin terms of critical health and developmental status. These are not the full pro-vaxxers in the media and on social media who will not budge. Nor as they they full anti-vaxxers who believe no one should ever accept any vaccination and want a complete moratorium. Both sides are entitled to their spaces on the bell curve. 

Many loyal, appreciated AofA readers are staunchly against all vaccination, and we are happy to educate our readers with their knowledge and promote and share their work, views, etc.  We acknowledge that MOST of the nation simply is not there.  Folks will not leap from "Wait, there's a problem," to "OK, let's end the program."   That said, we can speak to the moveable middle and push them toward vaccine choice, safety, full denial for their families if they so choose - and away from mandates, punitive laws and piling on more vaccines. 

100% of proceeds will go to autism charities. Already ranked #1 in new books on Vaccinations, Autism & Asperger's Syndrome and Immunology, J.B. Handley’s book “How to End the Autism Epidemic” is an eye-opening revelation and a must read! Pre-order your copy today:

#defeatautismnow #cureautismnow #endautismnow #myautism #berniewasright #readthebook #theautismbook why would you #boycotthandley ?

JB's publisher is a Vermont company called Chelsea Green. They have been fearless in taking on this book and making it shine. And their publicity efforts rival the biggest publishers in America. They have gone full out with a series of memes, a "book a signing" program and much more.  Jenny McCarthy is lending her time, talent and voice to the campaign to make How To End the Autism Epidemic a New York Times best seller. The book has to sell X copies in a finite time to make the list. And WHEN it does - the book goes on the list or we raise holy hell if they try to squelch its success.

So, head over to Google Drive to pick up a meme and start sharing!  Contact JB via Facebook to participate in a book event at ANY bookstore in your area. Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Independents.  ALL of them.   Here's his Facebook page.

Make sure you check out his blogJ.B. Handley is the father of a beautiful child with Autism. He and his wife co-founded Generation Rescue, a national autism charity, in 2005. He spent his career in the private equity industry and received his undergraduate degree with honors from Stanford University in 1991.

His first book, "How to End the Autism Epidemic," will be published in September 2018 by Chelsea Green Publishing and is available for pre-order on Amazon.





It's 2018 ,and you're still on about autism as some evil disease caused by vaccines? It's part of genetic diversity. It's heritable.


By heritable you mean, it's inherited. From parents and/or grandparents.... who never had it.

Yeah, because that makes total sense.

Grace Green

Sarah Longstaff,
Your point of view is not that of adults with autism. There are many such people who write for and comment on this website and others like it, who like me, have read a great amount of science and discovered that autism is brain injury caused by vaccines. Nobody wants to believe that they have a brain injury and could have been spared much life long suffering. But your assessment of autism has no scientific basis, rather it is pure wishful thinking. We are not free from inflammatory conditions, which are not mental-stress related, but chemical-stress related, and which are the cause of much of our suffering. Many of us are barely able to manage daily life, never mind running the world. One deficit studied by Uta Frith and Simon Baron-Cohen, whom I suspect you agree with, is a propensity to take language literally. This makes us very gullible and easily duped. I'm afraid you've been fed a fairy-story and believed it. Please look into some of the science.

Aimee Doyle

@Sarah - "It's 2018 ,and you're still on about autism as some evil disease caused by vaccines? It's part of genetic diversity. It's heritable. And not only that, neurodiversity is maintained in the human population because it's under selection by evolution, in other words, it's useful."

Have you ever spent substantial time with a large nonverbal adult male with autism, who is aggressive and self-injurious?

Tell me again how that is the next step in human evolution. Steve Silberman pretty much ignores severe autism in his book.


Well, as someone once famously said -- as regards Laura Hayes' comment...

..."what she said."

Agree wholeheartedly. Only the unadulterated truth will move this mountain. Trying to maintain 'credibility' and/or not wanting to be seen as anti-establishment or anti-vaccine, is not going to end this madness. Del Bigtree utters the words "be brave!" during many of his speeches.

I would argue that being brave is speaking the whole truth and not watering down ANY of the known facts/issues we now have at our disposal, as more and more information comes forth via safety studies, etc.

Speak the entire truth on this subject. Only when that truth fully resonates will the masses truly hear what needs to be heard.

Sophie Scholl

Laura Hayes read this GOOD NEWS :

Is the game nearly up Pharma Harma ? 30% militant voters is plenty to burn this house down.

South Dakota’s numbers for vaccines is now well below the national rate for early-childhood immunizations. And now health officials in the state are concerned.

The goal for immunizations in the state is 80%. The number tanked to 70.4% in 2016.

Laura Hayes

Faulty premises lead to faulty conclusions.

Faulty premise/faulty conclusion:

"Folks will not leap from "Wait, there's a problem," to "OK, let's end the program."" So, let's not stop vaccine mandates and vaccines outright, let's continue to permit mandates that people be injected from fetus to grave with that which we know is causing grave harm and premature death. Not to mention, let's not address the fact that a government program prescribing pharmaceuticals for the entire populace, or any portion of it, is wrong in and of itself!

Folks WILL make the leap if leaders in our movement would stop:

focusing on just one horrible aspect of vaccines (e.g. mercury in vaccines) when the list is seemingly endless, and continuing to grow as evidence mounts and knowledge increases;

putting forth the notion of "greening vaccines" (e.g. simply remove Hg and Al and all will be well);

putting forth the notion that there is a spread out/delayed/friendly schedule that is "safe" for children to receive (common tactic based on nothing other than personal opinion, perpetuates the vaccine propaganda);

putting forth the notion that vaccines should remain on the menu of choices despite the fact that not one vaccine, nor the myriad, haphazard combinations in which they are regularly administered, has ever been tested according to the scientific gold standard, and no vaccinated/unvaccinated comparison study has ever been required, commissioned, or consulted by government regulatory agencies;

putting forth the notion that more studies are flash...the needed studies needed to be done BEFORE any vaccine was ever approved or recommended...and it should go without saying that no vaccine should ever have been mandated; furthermore, the evidence is in, vaccines cause injury, both in the short and long term, and across generations, and they cause premature death;

putting forth ideas that won't fix the problems with vaccines, or stop the vaccine carnage (e.g. pre-screening before vaccinating, as though there are some for whom it will still be acceptable to inject with the health-and-development-destroying ingredients in vaccines);

putting forth half measures as acceptable (e.g. advocating to fight to keep and/or expand exemptions, instead of advocating to demand the banning of mandates, as nothing other than a simple "no thank you" should always suffice when one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for oneself or one's child, most especially in a free and ethical society);

and, not admitting and promoting the full truth of the matter (which results in defending the indefensible)...i.e. that vaccine "truths" have been manufactured since the inception of vaccines, that situations are contrived to promote both the further sale of vaccines and the increased mandating of them, that vaccine whistleblowers have been silenced in various ways since the inception of vaccines, that corruption exists at every turn with regard to vaccines, from manufacture, to mandate, and beyond...and, perhaps most importantly and obviously, that health does not come by injecting heinous ingredients made in heinous ways into human beings from fetus to grave.

What would happen if ALL the leaders in our movement demanded an immediate ban on vaccine mandates (since they violate a most fundamental human right, not to mention they make both the ethical practice of medicine and informed consent impossible), and an immediate moratorium on vaccines (since not one has been approved properly or ethically, and therefore should not be on the market)?

What would happen if ALL the leaders in our movement stopped trying to find some way to placate both sides...i.e. past, current, and future vaccine-induced-injury-and-death victims and their families, and at the same time, vaccine supporters, promoters, and profiteers? Why are they doing this in the first place? Who is actually benefitting when this tactic is taken?

We must reclaim what is rightfully ours...specifically, unfettered medical choice freedom and unfettered parental rights. That won't happen if we don't demand them, and/or if we are willing to accept anything less. Compromises in either area are not acceptable, and should not be promoted as such, advocated for, or accepted.

Analogies of faulty premises leading/faulty conclusions:

Folks will not leap from, "Wait, Pintos are exploding upon impact" to "Let's stop driving Pintos right away." So, let's not stop their sale and use outright, let's continue to permit the selling and driving of them.

Folks will not leap from, "Wait, thalidomide in pregnant women is causing miscarriages, severe birth defects, and premature deaths" to "Let's stop prescribing thalidomide for pregnant women." So, let's not stop the use of it outright, let's continue to prescribe it for pregnant women.

Folks will not leap from, "Wait, we found dangerous levels of lead in our drinking water" to "Let's stop letting our kids drink that water." So, let's not stop the lead-laden water supply outright, let's continue to let if flow from the taps.

Folks will not leap from, "Wait, that person is a known pedophile" to "Let's stop letting our kids go play at his house." So, let's not stop the playdates outright, let's continue sending the kids over to his house.


People WILL act on truthful information. Truth RESONATES. It might have to be repeated numerous times, and by numerous people/sources, but it does resonate.

Partial truths, misleading statements, and propaganda perpetuation, PARADED as truth, unfortunately, also least initially, until effectively countered and corrected. That is why speaking the unadulterated, unfiltered truth at every opportunity is imperative. Propaganda, especially with today's many means of mass communication, can become pervasive. It must be fully and forcefully countered and corrected at every opportunity, not timidly or partially addressed, nor placated at any level.

Some things in life are black and white, no room for gray (e.g. teaching your children not to run out into traffic). An immediate ban on vaccine mandates and an immediate moratorium on vaccines are both black and white issues, with no room for gray.

Who of us has time or desire to wait for this Vaccine Holocaust and medical fascism to end?

Sophie Scholl (For CIA & Eindecker)

For example, GAVI offers “subsidies” to entice governments in underdeveloped countries to include vaccines of questionable health benefit. Once these vaccines are added to the country’s national immunization program, GAVI withdraws the “subsidies” putting the entire cost burden on poor countries. This “bait and switch” marketing strategy has been developed by vaccine stakeholders masquerading as “Advocates.”

In 2013, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded an Immunisation Technical Support Unit; it was set-up (supposedly) to help India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) in its decisions. The Gates’ funding came with a binding confidentiality clause aimed at stifling and controlling the previously independent Technical Advisory Group. According to Dr. Puliyel,

“the confidentiality clause is not limited to proprietary matters; and NTAGI members are prohibited from divulging discussions, opinions or decisions for 10 years after leaving the committee that decides on the new vaccine.” [Doctors Resist Deadly Vaccine, IPS News, 2014]

Dr. Puliyel is in the forefront challenging the powerful vaccine lobby with evidence negating their false claims about benefits of vaccines whose value for Asian populations he questions. These include: the Hib Influenza vaccine, HPV Human Papilloma Virus vaccine, and the pentavalent vaccine aimed at five viruses.

The Hib vaccine was promoted jointly by the World Health Organization and GAVI; their press release misrepresented the finding of a Hib trial in Bangladesh which found the vaccine to have no benefit for those stricken with pneumonia or meningitis. Dr. Puliyel’s rebuttal to a fear mongering article in The Guardian (Oct 11, 2010) is specifically aimed at the Hemophilus Influenza type B (Hib) vaccine; excerpts are posted below.

Sophie Scholl

Posted by: Sarah C. Longstaff | August 28, 2018 at 02:25 AM

Seriously ..... William Thompson Aug 2014 ?

We have the science Sarah. You have a load of complete lies !

Sophie Scholl

Posted by: Paul Thomas | August 27, 2018 at 12:47 PM

With all due respect.
We know the truth.
No further research is required. All the work has been done.
Vaccination extermination.
Every Vaccine Harms, Every Time.

How to End the Autism Epidemic ? really (if anyone here doesn't know how to do this then I give up.)
No vaccines No Autism

Sarah C. Longstaff

It's 2018 ,and you're still on about autism as some evil disease caused by vaccines? It's part of genetic diversity. It's heritable. And not only that, neurodiversity is maintained in the human population because it's under selection by evolution, in other words, it's useful. Sensory processing issues? We are the canaries in the coal mines. Need to move and rock and not stay still? We're less likely to die from modern diseases of evolutionary mismatch. Nonverbal? Who cares! It's 2018, and technology has given us so many other ways to communicate with each other. After you conformists die off from stress-related inflammatory diseases, we'll be the survivors. Change the world to accommodate us, and maybe you'll survive, too. The bottom line is, the more you try to "cure" your children, the more you're harming them. Please check out the point of view of autistic adults. They're the future of your children. Oh, and read this book, too:

Paul Thomas

I had the honor and privilege to read this book before it hit the stores. It is very well written and JB speaks the truth, it is easy to follow, a great read and an important book that every prospective parent and parent now should read.
Too often the vaccine debate is cast as controversial. Too often we are pushed into pro- and anti-vaccine camps by those who seek to divide us.
Why not unite in the search for the truth.
Why not unite behind the precautionary principle?
Why not demand better research and bring to the public's awareness all the research that exists both in favor and against the current vaccines and the current vaccine program?

People neeed to open their eyes and this book has a chance to do just that!

Hans Litten


MF59 squalene in the gardasil vax & other new vax. Gary Matsumoto GWS Anthrax vaccine A
Who knew this ?

Hans Litten

Has Finland gone mad ?

Schools To Administer HPV Vaccine Without Parental Consent

Schools are now set to to go ahead with the dangerous vaccinations without parental consent, with other countries due to follow in their footsteps.

Dr. William H. Gaunt

Order two of this great book- one to read and one to share.


You know you’ve arrived when you have your own hashtag! Way to go J.B.! As always thanks for your tireless efforts to keep children safe!

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