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Who's the Russian BOT and Who's BOUGHT?

Russian troll

Are YOU a Russian Trollbot, set forth to sully, dirty, infect and poison American minds with anti-vaccine lies?  If you can believe the latest media nonsense  (Weekly World News is looking very credible these days) Russian trollbots are being tasked with anti-vax information.

Bruce Lee (NOT the martial arts idol) of Forbes Magazine wrote That Anti-Vaccination Message May Be From A Russian Bot Or Troll and honestly? Most of us wanted to fall over laughing. The Russians do not control my message. I am not a troll - although I have been confused for a Flatsy doll, but that's getting rather personal. 

Just how low will the media go to prevent average Americans from getting truthful information about vaccines, safety, side effects, deaths, the lack of informed consent, autism, developmental delays et al? Russian Trollbots.

I wrote a limerick in honor of Mr. Lee.

There once was a man from Forbes
Whose writing he thought was adorbs
I'll protect each vaccine
From the trollbot machine
So their knowledge no one absorbs



Actually, I made a mistake. My previous link is the US schedule translated into Russian, not the Russian schedule. Apologies.

However, this is the correct information - yes, they do give Hep B at birth.

Sorry for the confusion.


This link at Health impacts news

Del Bigtree says Trump set up the meeting with the heads of the HHS and Del Bigtree got to look them in the eye.


Responding to go Trump, yes, Russia does use Hep B at birth. Also influenza, annually, starting at 6 months. Can't comment on the mercury.



I also want to thank you Benedetta for posting the information about Del's Aug.30th show.. He covers so many important, current topics & I thought his discussion at the beginning of the show regarding the Russian bot nonsense was excellent!!

Of course, ALL of the mainstream media is completely BOUGHT....they have so much blood on their hands in this vaccine holocaust, it's truly sickening, and should be called out! .But, the so called "liberal" alternative media should also be called out for being just as complicit as the mainstream media. RFK,Jr wrote a terrific article on this...


@ Morvern
You hit the nail on the head!

Aimee Doyle

Hi Benedetta - Just realized that there's more than one useful link out there.

I watched the recent All New: Ask Del Anything show at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq6oOuhSx7ESreh6m9LGy6Q

Your link at Health Impact news takes a slightly different tack and has a different clip. But a lot of the same material is covered.

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta - thanks for pointing me to the right spot on the show. I found it really interesting and learned quite a bit. I started listening at 1:22:00 and listened for about 20 minutes. Del Bigtree doesn't talk about anything Trump did or didn't do. He does talk about recent developments with HHS. I took extensive notes, and I'm going to summarize them, because I think others might find it as interesting as I did. He basically talks about three topics.

1) HHS Notice - a coalition of about 50 groups (representing close to 5 million people) submitted a long list of questions regarding the vax program to HHS. HHS provided an extensive response, citing over 6,000 studies. Del Bigtree said that his team are still going through the studies, and that he will have a future show on the HHS response to the Notice and his team's conclusions.

2) HHS Lawsuit - this was a FOIA lawsuit (Bobby Kennedy was involved with this), covering the period from 1986-present. According to the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, HHS is supposed to have a meeting with Congress every two years to describe research they've undertaken regarding the safety and efficacy of the vaccine program. HHS has never done any such research and they provided a signed stipulation which essentially admits that they have not done their legal duty.

3) HHS Task Force - according to the 1986 NVCIA, in a separate part of the law from the mandate to meet with Congress every two years, HHS is supposed to set up a task force to examine the safety of vaccines (by looking at vaccine science) and study ways to make them safer. The head of the Task Force is the head of NIH, and it includes the head of the FDA, and the head of the CDC. Although NVCIA went into effect in 1986, no Task Force was even assembled until 1994, and only one report was ever published, in 1998. Then the Task Force disbanded. Del Bigtree's team is putting together a FOIA request to get that one report. However, they have also done a recent FOIA request from 2009 to present, since Francis Collins has been head of NIH, to find out what he has done. He has done nothing; although he did provide some non-relevant documents from HRSA (different thing entirely). Del Bigtree said they are waiting on additional info. Note: This Task Force, mandated under the 1986 NVCIA, has nothing to do with Trump's meeting with Bobby Kennedy , or the vaccine commission he promised to set up.

Then the discussion turned to possible lawsuits against California's SB277 and why that is tricky.

I haven't actually listened to where Del BigTree talks about Jason Chaffetz's meeting with Dr. William Thompson. Will take a look at that soon.

Thanks again for turning me on to this.




And this one is the older one were they are talking about the meeting that Trump set up with the heads of HHS .

Let me complete the thought of what Jeff Chaffetz turned out to be. He maybe is very naïve, and perhaps easily snowed. He was then very out of place on the committee he was on; and good that he quit.


That is August the 30 tape. I don't know if my post went through. Del Begins to talk about it in the middle of the program around 1:23.33 It was Francis Collins, they meet with, or one of them.
He also spoke of Jeff Chaffetz and I finally go it; about what happened with Dr. William Thompson. Jeff Chaffetz met him in private and Jeff has not a clue just how deep and dark it all is. He needed to quit.

Here is the other program where Del speaks of it from an earlier date.


half way through; Aimee around the 1:23.33 it begins That is about right in the middle.

Some where in there he talks about sitting down and talking to Francis Collins.

He also talked about what Jeff Chaffetz had to say about a private meeting with Dr. WIlliam Thompson.

Jeff Chaffetz is not a sleaze or a bad guy; he is just

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta -

I've been scrolling through the August 30th show and I can't find the part where Del Bigtree talks about the HHS meeting. Do you know when he said it? Or do you remember any of the specifics of what he talked about?

I'd like to listen to just that section, without listening to the whole 2 1/2 hours of his show.


Just put into the search engine Highwire Del Bigtree. The latest show is at the top of the face book.


Del Bigtree has a weekly show on called HighWire every Thursday.
The first time he mentioned it was a way while back and then there was nothing else for a while about those meetings.

It is toward the end of the program, when he speaks of it.


Aimee Doyle

Benedetta - Cool! No, didn't see it.

Could you send me the link?

The head of HHS is pro-vax, so I'm surprised. Do you know who the meeting was with or what it was about? When was it held?


Aimee; Did you watch Del Bigtree yesterday on his weekly Thursday program? Toward the end he talked more on the meeting with some of the heads of the HHS; that Trump set up.


Aimee Doyle

I think we can blame all the media - liberal, conservative, independent, for its lack of appropriate vaccine coverage and analysis of the issues. Yep, the Washington Post, NY Times, are pro-vax, but what has Fox News done for us lately? Forbes - certainly not liberal, but definitely pro-vax. So how about some conservative media bashing here? Don't they deserve blame too?

We can blame all the politicians - both sides of the aisle - too. The President (despite promises and promises) has done nothing (in fact, he's put pro-vax people in place at HHS, FDA, CDC); the Congress, despite being Republican controlled, has done nothing on the vax issue; the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee (Republican chaired, dominated, and controlled) has done nothing. You'd think, given the Republican position on wasteful government spending, that they would be tad upset about the IACC.

I wish the commenters who say "they want this" and "they want that" would explain who exactly "they" is.

Yes, Democratic Senator Pan is terrible, but the majority of states have Republican governors and Republican legislatures, and I don't see any transparency or progress on vax issues in those states. How about spreading the blame a little? Why aren't we seeing progress in the red states? And if not, why isn't there are outcry? What about Republican Bill Posey, who has done NOTHING with the whistleblower documents? How can he sleep at night, knowing what he must know?

I'm angry at the liberal position on vaccines. Certainly not letting them off the hook. But at least Democrats vote for funding for IDEA, SSI, Medicaid - all stuff that our vax-damaged kids need.

Angus Files

Anit -its more complex than that I blame the soap Dallas we, never objected enough..When the powers that be, realised they never liked where the story line was going in the 1986 Dallas after they had Bobby dead for a year being killed via a pick up truck(usually does the job me thinks)..They just decided to bring Bobby back from the dead and making his return via Victoria Principals shower...(as you don`t)

After they pulled that off, they thought they could write anything they want and have..

-loved the Dancing way to go...


Pharma For Prison



Hey how about less complaining about the "liberal media" --Forbes? Ha!--and more about the non liberal president and his non liberal senate and Congress and how they have 1. Done nothing about vaccine safety despite promises. 2. Want more environmental pollution that is not good for anyone, let alone people with disabilities. 3. Got rid of most medical tax deductions but helped out the billionaires --surprise! 4. Plan to cut Medicare and social security to pay for said tax cuts....
Dance and sing but don't notice what is right in front of your face. And then complain about fake news. Reporting on vaccine safety is horrible but check out news from your dear old White House with its flag at full mast because McCain was not willing to take away health insurance from people with pre-existing conditions. Got cancer? Diabetes? Autism but can work? Some day you may need that coverage.


Has the vaccine industry reached it's Bot-tomed out zone, in panic, if they are behaving like Bam-pots trying to "Trip the light fantastic " on the vaccine safety failure, with clear evidence and info available of same, on the public plinth.

Scot Squad's Chief explains his groundbreaking "Pre=Bam Policy " youtube .
Scot Squad Bamoflage youtube .

The Bot's must be Bam-pots in dancing camoflage ?
Flashmob Moscow [Russia] Puttin on the Ritz 2012 youtube

Anit Donnelly

Also i think pharma invented the techniques used by russian bots to spread false nareairived and division.

Anit Donnelly

The first version of the story said BOTH sides were russian trolls. I believed that they might be repsinsible for the meannneas of the provax messages and the refusal to listen. I tweeted that out hoping to help a few provaxxers see they had been played. Within hours the story was twisted that only the antivax were russian .


Forbes can hardly be called "the liberal media"--it is known as a distinctly conservative publication. So get your facts right folks or you are the fake news.


Liberal media...Forbes? I think not.

Not an MD

A question:
If Russian trolls are spending their days dancing crazily like that in the video, when do they have the energy, or the time, to post their anti-vaccine rants and/or write the algorithms to do so?

"Blame the Russians for everything" is apparently the modus operandi of the establishment. How arrogant, and ignorant, and obnoxious they willfully are with their eyes shut tightly. What they don't understand is that by repeatedly saying such idiotic things, the masses will soon open their eyes to reality and see the obvious vaccine carnage in every direction as far as their eyes can see. It will not be a pretty sight, and it will open their minds even further so they can look critically at everything else, too.

go Trump

Thanks Sophie, for the Dr. Pan statements ...

I believe we are still looking for the first / any doctor who will take the “two-month CDC infant vaccines” adjusted to their body weight, only about 40 doses.

Do the Russians use the hep b at birth ? Any mercury in the Russian flu shots ?

Angus Files

Toooo much fruit and nut in the Waldorf salad,I suspect..

Pharma For Prison



They want to banish anti-vaccine views from the internet. This is their excuse.

It amazes me how authoritarian these vaccine-pushers are. They will not tolerate any dissent.

susan welch

Brilliant! Just about sums up the absurdity of this latest Pharma propaganda.

Thank you so much for making me laugh.

Sophie Scholl


On California Senator Richard Pan’s website—Pan sponsored the mandatory childhood vaccination bill in CA that became law—we find this:

“Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician and state senator representing the Sacramento region, responded to the study, ‘Weaponized Health Communication: Twitter and Russian Trolls Amplify the Vaccine Debate’, published in the American Journal of Public Health.”

[Senator Pan states] “This research provides evidence that foreign and domestic agents are manipulating social media through bots to discourage vaccination to promote their own agendas; Russian trolls for sowing political discord and commercial and malware distributors for marketing. In addition, the researchers concluded that a significant proportion of anti-vaccination messages are organized ‘astroturf.’ Manipulation of social media to promote anti-vaccine messages by outside agents poses a serious threat to the health and safety of Americans…”

The devious implication? There is no serious anti-vaccine research, it’s all bots and Russians.


The video was actually funnier the longer I watched it! Thanks! And that's one of the best "amateur" limericks I've ever read! (But I'd change "I'll" to "He'll" in the 3rd line. Or maybe put the last 3 lines in parentheses.)
Hey, you know I read your post carefully!
It's funny how the liberal media wants to complain repeatedly about "Russian trolls", but we have a Soviet-style mental health system where so-called "mental illness" and psych drugs are concerned.
And really, a Russian bot would want to be pushing BOTH pro- and anti-vax messages. Their goal is to spread confusion, not simply push a particular point of view. It's the PRO-vax crowd which is authoritarian and dictatorial, wanting to FORCE people to get drugged. The "anti-vax" crowd is the more freedom-loving and AMERICAN. Pro-vax by force/mandate is UN-AMERICAN!
(c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

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