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Prevnar May be Increasing Resistant STREP Strain

DominoesNote: Is the resistant strep appearing as a result of the pneumococcal vaccine the strain that causes PANDAS, a previously unheard of infection that presents as severe OCD and often violent "mental illness"?  The article says "effect," not side effect. After all, vaccines work except when they don't. Save lives except when they kill. And have no side effects except occasional swelling and redness at the injection site except when they do.


A vaccine that has dramatically curbed pneumonia and other serious illnesses in children is having an unfortunate effect: promoting new superbugs that cause ear infections.

On Monday, doctors reported discovering the first such germ that is resistant to all drugs approved to treat childhood ear infections. Nine toddlers in Rochester, N.Y., have had the germ and researchers say it may be turning up elsewhere, too.

It is a strain of strep bacteria not included in pneumococcal vaccine, Wyeth's Prevnar, which came on the market in 2000. It is recommended for children under age 2.

Doctors say parents should continue to have their toddlers get the shots because the vaccine prevents serious illness and even saves lives. But the new resistant strep is a worry.

"The best way to prevent these resistant infections from spreading is to be careful about how we use antibiotics," said Dr. Cynthia Whitney, chief of respiratory diseases at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Avoiding antibiotics when they are not needed is the best way to ensure they will work when they are, she said.


If the new strains continue to spread, "it tells us the vaccine is becoming less effective" and needs to be revised, said Dr. Dennis Maki, infectious diseases chief at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospitals and Clinics.



He was picked by big pharma and government agencies "pic" he was a ignorant or wanted to be about the true effects of vaccines "hic" and yet he did heroic work on the matter "Hero" Then Pichichero came up with the wrong conclusion that Prevnar helped reduce ear infection when it was in fact less mercury in Prevnar was helping.


Thanks for highlighting: Michael Pichichero!

Shawn Siegel

When lab analyzed some years ago, Prevnar, ostensibly thimerosal-free, was found to contain mercury, as was Merck's Comvax, a Hib/Hep B vaccine, and those were the only supposedly mercury-free vaccines sent for analysis. Long story short, unless the specific batch was lab analyzed, no doctor can validly claim a vaccine is mercury-free. Not that you'd ever want to vaccinate anyway - not only do vaccines come with risks that arguably could be relabeled certainties, but there are no benefits.

Grace Green

Pietro, thank you for a timely reminder of what should be obvious, but keeps being missed!

Cherry Misra

@ Kate C. , Yes, Michael Pichichero does seem to be the person who studied Thimerosal in infant Vaccines and at that time, and later, the respected Dr. Boyd Haley, mercury toxicologist, had this to say , " The only thing they proved, is that they dont know how to measure anything" . Even more of interest to me, is that I have spotted that Pichichero also seems to be the person who "found" that Prevnar was preventing ear infections. You see, during the years of severe autism, there were also so many kids who had constant ear infections and took antibiotics for months and months. When the mercury given through vaccines was reduced circa 1998, the cases of otitis began to fall. Notice that now we rarely hear of it. This was not surprising because mercury is so damaging to the immune system . Reduced mercury equalled reduced ear infections..
However, "research" showed that it was the Prevnar that prevented the ear infections and doctors all over America were delighted to hear that. As I recall, this research was done very quickly, before any doctor had time to think, "Hm, the mercury is gone from the vaccines and the cases of ear infections are down"
Now if anyone on our side were to make a similar claim to Pichichero 's claim for Prevnar, we would be sneered at and told " Your research has not been replicated yet!!!!!!"
but it looks like Pichichero was not held to that standard.

Jeannette Bishop

This is off-topic, but I'm disappointed that I missed out on seeing the bunny sooner, so sharing just in case...

Peggy Jaeger

This was discovered in our ASD kids about 20 years ago. Of course, it was still an ignored and forbidden subject because it was solidly placed under the vaccine reaction damages category of Regressive Autism. So the possible diagnosis of ASD kids was also ignored. But when diagnosed by one of our caring ASD community doctors,, it got treatments. Soooo...maybe an epidemic notice is about to be flagged over this .... infection. Hope so.


Apparently this discussion refers to the "old" Prevnar/Prevenar, the 7 strains version.
The problematic strain was the 19A that was later included in the 10 and 13 strains versions of the same vaccine.
But this is not the point.
The Point is that whatever you remove from the nose of the kids will be replaced by something else.
And unless you "sterilize" that nose, some bugs will make it their house, no matter what.
You can remove all of the strep strains and something else will jump in
and occupy that nice humid warm and cozy place full of nutrients.
Cohabitation of bacteria on human membranes are delicate but balanced situations.
You break that balance and the system will find a new equilibrium.
With a new different population of new different bugs that otherwise would have not been there.
Replacements do not necessarily take place only within the same family of bacteria
(as if the bugs were concerned with how we humans call and classify them!).
In particular the discussion now seems to be on RMSA - which is a nasty thing
and was found to have negative association with the strep strains contained in Prevenar:
The situation does not seem very clear but not very reassuring either.
I expect the answer to this might be a new vaccine against MRSA too,
which they seem to have tried to find for a very long time without success.
In case they find it it will be interesting to see what new replacements will take place
and what new vaccine development this will trigger.. (besides the adverse reactions, that is).
This race at including more and more and more strains of just everything that
you can find a vaccine against is a total nonsense, a never ending madness.

John Stone

These are of course not the first red flags for Prevnar:

Another hugely expensive vaccine which does not seem to have any benefits.

Kate C.

Is Michael Pichichero the same person who did all the research into thimerosal, exonerating it, a few years back?

Laura Hayes

“Wyeth anticipated this and is testing a second-generation vaccine.“

Indeed they did. No doubt, they are also profiting from the antibiotics being given after the first-generation vaccine has failed, and after the first-generation vaccine has destroyed children’s immune systems rendering them both acutely and chronically ill.

Ironic, criminal actually, how vaccines are forever touted as being safe and effective, yet “safer” and “more effective” remakes of originals are the norm. In other words, the vaccine profiteers lie through their teeth each and every day.


Bob: when our kids were growing up back in the 90s; 20/20 had that older segment on PANDAS. Did you see it too? In that segment they interviewed some parents and showed a little boy that after a strep infection came down with the new phenomena of PANDAS. His Dad reported that when he was getting better, he went up to his room and found him obsessing over organizing his drawers. His Dad came down from his room and informed the boy's Mother that he was a mess.

Oh, that quote bears quoting again cause we all have never, ever heard that before have we! Oh, the irony!

"The best way to prevent these resistant infections from spreading is to be careful about how we use antibiotics," said Dr. Cynthia Whitney, chief of respiratory diseases at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

Yeah; that ain't never been said before either. LOL. Lets us reduce those antibiotics after giving them all a super bug!

It is like this; Prognosis on our dog. Poor Dog. She had tumors cut off last fall, and they gave her the Now, yearly rabies shot: without permission, or asking.

Well anyway. I have never seen anything like this summer. She has been sick all summer, and yes she is 12 . She lost every bit of her hair and looked like some starving stray. All of our friends look at us like we are neglecting her. My cousin said she needs a bath. She was getting a bath every other day. My daughter ordered 100 dollars of additional shampoos and we used them all. She has itched none stop. Finally total diet change, more prednisone and "ANTIBIOTICS" Three go arounds until she started getting better. Then last week after all of that; she took a turn for the worse. She disappeared and we finally found her under the hay bailer, running a fever, with a slight cough, and really out of it. . I figured she would be dead in the morning. Except we called the vet, and asked for more "Antibiotics" She is now healthy again. She is still on antibiotics, and doing pretty good.

I told my husband that this ordeal with our dog took me back to the time I was raising my kids. Always after vaccinations for many months afterward would be a constant barrage of office visits and "Antibiotics" prescriptions after "Antibiotics" prescriptions; cause they had some serious infections going on just like our dog.

bob moffit

Here is link to 20/20 on PANDAS .. I highly recommend viewing it.

bob moffit

"The best way to prevent these resistant infections from spreading is to be careful about how we use antibiotics," said Dr. Cynthia Whitney, chief of respiratory diseases at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

(So .. the best way to prevent resistant infections from spreading is to be careful about how we use antibiotics? Really? How about we prevent resistant infections from spreading by being "careful about the vaccine found to be promoting new superbugs that cause ear infections?)

"Prevnar, however, is losing its punch because strains not covered by the vaccine are filling the biological niche that the vaccine strains used to occupy, and they are causing disease."

(Whew .. thank God our legislators have given HHS the critical responsibility to monitor vaccines
and will surely keep our legislators informed when HHS "discovers" a vaccine is "promoting new superbugs .. making recommendations to cease using the vaccine until it can be proven completely "safe and efficient")

Again .. I would highly recommend recent 20/20 ABC prime-time show on the highly controversial subject of PANDAS .. what may be causing it .. (Strep throat) .. how to treat it .. (some treat it as autoimmune disorder/others treat it as purely a neurological phenomena). The interviews of parents who put their perfectly healthy, happy child to sleep one night only to have that very child awake the next day with a completely different .. often extremely violent behavior .. were positively frightening to watch.

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