Aluminium and multiple sclerosis
Houston We Have Autism Biomarkers


Hans Litten

Laura . This situation is ridiculous.
We cannot carry on as we are !
Begging uneducated politicians to please listen to us .

Brian Hooker, as much as I appreciate your FOIA genius, please find a way into politics !

Joshua Coleman, yes , wonderful TV production, but you must try entering politics.

We all must thrive to run for elected office.
The existing politicians are uneducatable !

Angus Files

Great Laura very informative as always.

Pharma For Prison



Here's the latest pro-vaccine propaganda, looking for tactics to market to the vaccine hesitant, GSK are looking for ideas of how to use video games to convince people to vaccinate. Fortunately there are a few good comments mixed in below.


There is lots of thoughtful discussion on this and related websites,
but only a small subset of people that tend to already be very
skeptical of vaccines are reading here. Meanwhile, websites like Quora
are being dominated by those who tow the CDC line on vaccines. Lots of
people come to Quora looking for information and typically only look
at a few answers to a given question, the ones that appear first are
the ones that are upvoted the most. If you look at vaccine-related
questions, there are a few answers by those with our mindset but they
are buried far down toward the bottom of the list. That could change
if enough of us went over and upvoted the answers we think are closest
to the truth and downvoted those that tow the pharma line. And some
more well-written, coherent answers to the questions would be helpful
as well, both discussions of research and personal experiences tend to
go over well on Quora. It seems like a good place to spread the word
about the research that JB Handley has compiled, Suzanne Humphries'
historical research, William Thompson's whistleblower revelations, and
personal stories of witnessing vaccine damage.

Here are a few of quora threads on vaccines, currently dominated by
the pro-CDC-schedule side of the issue,

Michael S.

@ John Stone - Well that explains that. Thanks for the heads up.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Laura and Kristen for a very knowledgeable discussion! Also, thank you Joshua and Olivia for making a high quality recording available!

Kathy Sincere

Excellent! Thank you again, Laura, for all you do. As you have said so many times, there are no "do overs" with vaccines. And thanks for mentioning that link "special reports" on the home page of AoA.

John Stone

Michael S

Ginger’s article is scheduled for tomorrow - I think I might have published it accidentally for a moment due to a technical hitch.


Laura is doing a first class job, I'm very impressed! This is a useful video to share around.

Michael S.

Where did the article on bio markers by Ginger Taylor go? I read it an hour or so ago and was hoping to read some of the comments. Has the website been scrubbed?

Susan Welch

This is a brilliant interview Laura and Kristen.

Thank you so much for all that you do.

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